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Arteta: Jesus can cope with expectations

Mikel Arteta says he’s surprised by how quickly Gabriel Jesus has settled at Arsenal but feels the striker will need more time to get used to his new surroundings and responsibilities.

The Brazil international has hit the ground running since joining the Gunners a month ago, whetting the appetite of supporters with seven goals in five pre-season friendlies.

It’s just as well. As Arsenal’s marquee signing of the summer and a player of considerable experience, Jesus faces a different kind of pressure at the Emirates compared to the Etihad where other members of Pep Guardiola’s squad hogged the limelight.

“When you bring top players, they are coming from top clubs and they have been extremely successful over the years, they’re going to expect that,” said Arteta in his pre-Palace press conference. 

“The role that Gabby has here is going to be very different to the role that Gabby had in his previous club. That needs some adaptation and some time.

“He’s done it fantastically well and we’re all surprised how quickly he’s done it, but we have to share that responsibility and he’s an enormous talent, a player with a mentality that is so contagious and he’s going to give us a lot, but it’s a team contribution at the end of the day.”

Collective responsibility? You could say it’s not just Jesus’ cross to bear. Badum. Tish.

This time last year, according to a poll in The Athletic, only 42% of Arsenal supporters felt optimistic heading into the new season. The publication recently ran the same poll and that figure had jumped to a remarkable 97%.

While positive vibes can only be a good thing heading into a new season, the boss was quick to acknowledge that Gooners aren’t the only ones feeling optimistic.

“It’s great that people are excited,” he said. “But there is a big excitement across the Premier League because a lot of clubs have done a lot of business, getting stronger and stronger.

“The competition is really big, we focus on what we can do, what we want to do and we want to be at the top of the table.”

He added: “You try every day to be more excited and love your players more and feel more privileged of where you are.

“The more things you do that are related to the way you feel, and you share that feeling with the club like we do, then it comes a common thing.

“At the end it’s not about me, it’s about how we all feel about what we are doing, we all feel an integral part of it, especially our supporters, when we do that, I always say it becomes very, very powerful.”

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He is a class act so bound to hit the ground running.

Lots of optimism, let’s hope we have a great evening versus Palace!

Brady’s bunch

Even if they crucified him he’d ok 👍🏻


Jesus, enough with the puns already!


Hot cross puns

Heavenly Chapecoense

Absolutely, well done Sparky!


A good start tonight boys and 4 more wins after that. I know games are never won on paper but I feel optimistic that come end of game week 5 we will have 15 points in the bag and top of the league. COYG!!!


I predict 20+ from him – this season alone.

Next season 25+

Easy. 😉


And if not, the Lions are always hungry…


At 7 goals every 5 games, I make that 53 in the premiership alone.
20 would be a massive drop in form… 🙄


Talk is cheap. It’s time for all the bullshit to stop and the action to begin. This time last year we had our worst-ever start to a PL season: this mustn’t happen again. We have five winnable games to start the season: we should win them all and lay down a marker for the rest of the season. We still need to sign players and the club need to get on with it. This is a massive season for us and nothing less than top-four will do. No more excuses; no more bullshit. We need to get the job done.… Read more »


“Talk is cheap.”

Strong words from the waffle purveyor.


Some people like waffles, I’m a bit on the fence. They’re not half bad with a good maple syrup. Hardly a decision worth getting so personal about though…

Man Manny

Arteta has been backed for the second season running. The team has gone up some notches in quality. The room for excuses is shrinking; he must deliver the minimum, namely: CL football. A trophy or two would be lovely as well.

Billy bob

Wayne, cut the waffle and negativity!!!


I’m pretty hyped and optimistic about the season, but there is nothing fats is saying that ain’t on point. I’m sure his mum probably disapproves some of his language choice, but without doubt this statement reads as true as you can get: “No more excuses; no more bullshit. We need to get the job done. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!”
It’s time for walking the walk!

Emi Rates

I like waffles and I like Fatgooner too. Even if he moans a lot he does genuinely love Arsenal and he’s not wrong in what he says above.


Moaning and demanding success on the internet is easy to do

Genuine insight and exchange of ideas not so much


Just like this contribution I guess. Insightful.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arteta last season: “Not at the start, not at the end of the process, in the middle”, we might be at 66.666666% right now.

Man Manny

Gabriel Jesus in place of Lacazette in the team of last season, we’d be playing CL football this season.
Edu said in a recent interview that would be a season earlier than the plan. Now we have him (Jesus), Zinny, Saliba (LNS), Fabio Vieira and a better Nketiah.
One or two more might still arrive.
I can make bold to say we will push for a local cup and EL, and make top 4 this season.

Mohd Fauzan Salleh

I like the word “better Nketiah”. Sounds like some game character has levelled up.

Eric Blair

With such a grumpy, vindictive, overbearing father I’d bet he’d be able to cope with almost anything.

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