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Arteta on the win, Jesus and crowd’s response to Saliba

Arsenal continued their fine start to the new campaign with a 4-2 win over Leicester courtesy of two goals by Gabriel Jesus and second half strikes from Granit Xhaka and Gabriel Martinelli.

After the match, Mikel Arteta faced the Sky Sports cameras. Here’s what he had to say…

On back-to-back wins…

I’m really happy, a great game, I thought. Two very good teams, we had big moments, total control of the game and then we let it go a little bit and we had moments we suffered a little bit and then we got back on it. Overall, it was a big performance and a great win.

On Jesus’ performance…

It’s what he brings to the team, it’s that energy, that passion, that threat, you have the feeling that something is going to happen, it’s very intuitive and he’s very reliable every time you have to use him. I’m delighted to have him.

On expecting big things from Jesus…

I expect what I know of him and what we all expect from him is that he has the same level of work rate and enthusiasm that he brings to the team and then he’s going to put the ball in the net because it’s in his nature.

On twice scoring straight after Leicester and what it says…

The goal we conceded, obviously it was an own goal from Willy and a disappointing moment but I’ve never seen in football the response from our crowd, it was just incredible, I’m so proud to play in front of them. You don’t see that in football, you just don’t see it the way they supported him afterwards. They lifted the team and instead of a disappointing moment they created a very special moment in the stadium, so thank you so much for supporting our players like this.

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Well said on the response to the own goal. It was a unique footballing moment and fills me with pride. COYG


That was going to be my biggest takeaway comment from the game… then I come on here and on Twitterand everyone is talking about it. Just incredible.

That kind of thing helps a young player like Saliba and gives his teammates extra confidence as well. Credit to the fans inside the emirates for that, today!


I was there and was delighted with our spontaneous applause

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hopefully that moment is fresh in his mind when he’s thinking about signing the new contract.


I was lucky enough to be at the stadium today, the atmosphere was immense and I’m incredibly proud of the way we supported Saliba after the own goal. Shout to the world class staff at the Emirates too!

It Is What It Is

It was instinctive, I also felt very proud. Screamed the place down after Xhaka goal, all is forgiven. And Zinny got good support after his indecisive positioning allowed the second goal. Dude was almost hitting himself, clearly gutted.
Jesus and Martinelli need to be locked up. You don’t treat grown men like that.


Crowd fantastic, players fantastic and can do better, manager fantastic!!!


Honestly, thats my favorite part of the match after Jesus’s goal


Meanwhile (off topic) Man U are at Brentford 😂 OMG! 😂


Do not laugh on the dead man please!


Hope Gary Neville will be dancing with the fans after the game.

Heavy Gunner

Gory, gory, Man United. Sing along, chaps, we know the tune, right?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Nice of United to play in a lime coloured shirt to match their bitter and sour display.


Next they play Liverpool. They are just copying our start from last season…


A fantastic response from the crowd. Saliba will remember that. We have all the pieces to make a real run this year!


Martinelli is on fire this season.

Manu is 4 down in 1st half


I know it’s a results business, but this is what football is supposed to be.

Regardless of where Arteta gets us, he deserves enormous amounts of respect. To remove the level of hate and toxicity at our club is a huge achievement. Money helps, but it takes more than that.


think Edu deserves a mention, too. what’s happening on the pitch is one thing, but the whole vision and structure is there as well, and you need both to get anywhere. Mikel’s bigger impact is on the pitch, Edu’s off it.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Definitely. Apparently Edu worked for five months to bring Jesus to Arsenal.




It’s integrity mate. It shines through, agree or disgree, like or loathe the bits and pieces of the everyday minutiae, overarching all of that is a bloke who walks the walks, every… single…. step… and never bullshits, never wavers, never tries to shirk responsibility.

That’s rare. Very rare. The football will grow, the style will come. And the results will begin to speak for themselves. We will fuck up, make no mistake… that’s football. But our manager – and, by his example, our players – won’t hide.

And from that, we can go anywhere!

Walter White

Arteta really has brought the fanbase together.


Saliba made three big mistakes today. In the first period of the first half he lost the ball and we were very lucky not to concede. At the end of the first half there was the foul and the freekick wasted by the opponent. The own goal was unlucky of course. Saliba was excellent in his first game but today not so much. He is obviously a great talent and he has the right personality. But we must be patient with such a young player who has to adapt in this league. At the end he will be a consistent… Read more »


I am sure it’s not today’s game you’re referring to. Is it?


Saliba was very good today. His positioning and pace were excellent. To me, he’s a bit like Yaya Toure in that it doesn’t look like he is running fast but he is. On long passes he also has this wonderful ability to place himself between his man and the ball and just shepherd his man away from the ball. Quite impressive to see. He got to almost every ball first and you can see that his teammates feel comfortable with his ability to mop up behind them. The own goal was a fluke – I suspect miscommunication between him and… Read more »


No-one and no thing needs to ‘lead’ Vardy to dive… he’s born to it, the slimy ferret-faced cunt.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

You say we must be patient with him, yet you point out all of his mistakes?

It Is What It Is

That’s why we must be patient. Just some ironing out is all.

His baggiest mistake wasn’t the own goal. Just a little bit of over confidence in a couple of situations.

Didn’t get out of second or third gear. Effortless.


Patience is not equal to blindness. I tried to analyse his mistakes without pulling him down.


Man U



Amazing what happens when you have a coherent transfer strategy. I’d write some more but I’m enjoying Carry On Laughing too much on Sky Sports Premier League now.


Ten Hag’s interview did not convince me at all. Job is maybe too big for him after all.


Dime Bag is so far out of his depth he has to reach up to touch bottom.


Probably should have listened to Van Gaal


Wonder what Santa Santori makes of all this… he’s one of the Arteta boo-boys who was clamouring for Ten Haag. He’s been strangely quiet of late.


The „pundits“ always pull this shit.

When Ferdinand joined they were going to win the league at a canter that season according to them (they didn’t).

Last season the „godfather „ of gengen pressing arrived and was going to show everyone how it’s done, and managers like Klopp and Pep were going to shit themselves.

He left with his tail between his legs.

No we have the second coming of [whatever], and he’s starting to look like a rabbit in the headlights.

Such fun to watch these cuntflaps make complete arseholes of themselves.

Mrs. Henry

Hear, hear re the Saliba response. The atmosphere was the best for years today. My ears are still ringing from the volume of the fans , like I’ve been to a rock gig. More of the same please. So proud of The Arsenal today!


Was there, the Clock End were majestic, the North Bank imperial ( interchange if you like) Fantastic atmosphere, I think something is brewing.


Fortress Emirates – bring it on!!

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