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Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal: By the numbers

Three goals, a clean sheet, and a catchy song that will be stuck in your head for days.

It was a wonderful trip to the south coast for Arsenal.

Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal: By the graphics

Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal: By the numbers

43 – Shots for Arsenal in their first three matches this season

29 – Shots for Arsenal in their first three matches last season

22 – Shots allowed by Arsenal in the first three matches this season

55 – Shots allowed by Arsenal in their first three matches last season

9 – Goals for Arsenal in their first three matches this season

0 – Goals for Arsenal in their first three matches last season

5.1 – Expected goals for Arsenal in their first three matches this season

1.8 – Expected goals for Arsenal in their first three matches last season

2 – Goals allowed by Arsenal in their first three matches this season

9 – Goals allowed by Arsenal in their first three matches last season

1.9 – Expected goals allowed by Arsenal in their first three matches this season

8 – Expected goals allowed by Arsenal in their first three matches last season

9 – Points for Arsenal after their first three matches this season

0 – Points for Arsenal after their first three matches last season

It is not a perfect comparison (there never really are tho) because Arsenal’s strength of opponents is very different than it was last season but the results and the performances that have led to those results could hardly be more different.

Arsenal was in last place after three matches and deservedly so. This season Arsenal have maximum points and they have deserved all three wins they have this season.

There is still a long season ahead and it won’t always go as smoothly as this but this team is off to a hot start and they are not doing this with smoke and mirrors, but rather playing as good or better than any other team in the League right now. It is an exciting time to be an Arsenal fan.

Do Do Do Do Do SALIBA!

A wonderful addition to my pass map by Will Harris @HarrisFreePress

73 – Pass Attempts

73 – Pass Completed

100.0% – Pass completion percentage

484 – Progressive Pass Distance, fourth among all players

1 – Shot, 1 shot on target, 1 shot placed in the top corner, 1 goal

270 – Progressive Carry Distance, second among all players

3 – Progressive Carries

2 – Tackles

0 – Dribbled Past

2 – Interceptions

6 – Ball Recoveries

3 – Clearances

1 – Wonderful song that filled the Vitality Stadium

It feels like I can write something good about Saliba every week because his impact on this team has been immediate and very noticeable. His calmness on the ball is second to none. It is interesting that he doesn’t necessarily pop on things like progressive passes or final third entries but he is very obviously a major factor for Arsenal’s buildup play and ability to control the ball. I am so happy that he has been able to integrate into this team after a successful loan spell.

Martin Ødegaard comes alive

56 – Pass Attempts

80.4% – Pass completion percentage on an expected completion percentage of 78%

4 – Final 3rd Entry Passes

3 – Progressive Passes

2 – Box Entry Pass

4 – Deep Pass Completions (within 25 meters of goal)

3 – Shots

2 – Shots On Target

0.60 – Expected Goals

1 – Dribbles Completed

5 – Progressive Carries

Odegaard had been relatively quiet at the start at start of the season but in this match, he stamped himself all over it. There has been a little concern about Arsenal’s right-hand side’s involvement in attack but in this match Odegaard and Saka were the main men. Before this match Odegaard had been more of a buildup player than a final third player but here with Arsenal spending so much of their time in the Bournemouth half he got to spend more time around the box. It is nice to see Arsenal have so many different ways that they can cause problems to an opposing defense.


Sources: Opta via whoscored, statszone, my own database.

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And Chelsea got spanked!


And City is not in good share…
And…. who’s french Ligue 1 golden boy with a goal per game ratio at 1??? 🤗 🔴 ⚪️



Mayor McCheese

It looks as if Newcastle and Leeds away will not be fun fixtures for any team. Goodness me.


Back to the future😅

VAR will solve all the problems

Was hoping the petroleum derby would end with both team and backroom staff joining a battle royal with 30 points deduction for city and a demotion to the championship for New Castle! Needless to say was bitterly dissapointed.


We’re the only team with perfect start so far 3/3
Long may it continue 💯

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Can’t remember the last time we were the only team in the running to equal the invincible season. That’s progress. Usually looking at the table hoping one of the perfect teams would stumble. Life is better at the top of the table.

One Beat Off

Three games in and the Arsenal invincible record is safe for another season. Job done. 🙂


Gone a bit early on this


Its nice to be able to look forward with real optimism.
We haven’t been able to do that for a long time.
Also, on a separate note Balogun is doing very well in France – first player in 47 years to score in his first three games in the French league.
Not even Mbappe, Benzema or Zidane managed that…


Think he is top scorer this season in Ligue1 before tonight’s PSG game


I have to say you didn’t pick the best examples…

Mbappé made is ligue 1 debut at 16, Benzema and Zidane (who was never really a goalscorer) at 17. Same for players like Platini, Cantona, Trézeguet, Henry or Hazard.

What is astonishing is that Weah, Ronaldinho, Drogba, Ribéry, Zlatan, Neymar, Cavani, Falcao and Messi all failed to do that and they were at least the same age, if not already in their prime.

Let’s not get carried away but that’s great news. And Nuno Tavares is also playing great at Marseille.


Thanks. Love by the numbers! My favourite post match articles! Keep up the good work.


Top of the league on points and goal difference can it get any better!
playing football the Arsenal way COYG


If it’s still like that at the end of the season, that would be better…!

Boy Bastin

Interesting stats. There’s obviously a big improvement over last season as well as underlining the fine performance against Bournemouth. However, I think we’ll get a better picture after ten games or so when the strength in depth of the squad, which will be a vital factor over the season, will begin to be tested with inevitable injuries (and, maybe, the odd suspension). One test will be to see how the players react if we go behind in a game (like City did today) – something that hasn’t happened so far. Whichever way you look at it though, it’s clearly a… Read more »


It would be interesting to compare how we did against the same teams last year. In place of Bournemouth we can use Norwich.


When we compare the results we have had vs the same teams as last year (substituting Norwich for Bournemouth), the main difference is in the Palace result. But overall the performances have been much better too. I hope we keep adding points until we reach October. October will be much more challenging and tell us a lot more about where this team is. But so far so good!

Boy Bastin

Yes. Fully agree with that. We certainly don’t want to underplay the fine start we’ve made but that’s just what it is, the start.


How we reacted when we conceded our 2 goals this season Is my indicator of our growth in attitude. It’s going to be a really interesting season and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


From the match report of the Bournemouth v Arsenal game…”and we’re temporarily up to top spot in the Premier League”.

This hasn’t aged well.


Only 1.4 xGoals?! We were better than that

Walter White

I don’t gerne that stat. Both Eddie and Jesus had two big chances with minimal pressure and just the keeper to beat. As well we had 3 goals (1 being a stunner).
How is that only 1.4?


Stunners are often low xG cos they’re really hard to execute so a low chance of pulling them off. Hence low xG.

Walter White

Yes that is why I mentioned it.

Naked Cygan

If Wenger was manager he would say with good mental attitude if we win all our remaining games we will win the league.


Mathew Lionnet

Main concern this season was Thomas Partye’s influence and how we’d fair if he was out. But with how fluid this team is and the quality added, I think there would be another way to play even without him. Obviously prefer he stays fit, but there are players that can switch positions so easily all over the field.
Also, I thing only a few players will play group stage Europa, considering the talent added, so less of a concern until we reach knockout stages. Gather points like a squirrel getting nuts in the summer until that time comes 🙂


I wonder if Zinchenko could fill the role, at least the going forward role. He certainly looks composed on the ball and able to avoid pressure.

A Different George

I thought Partey was our most important player–not our best (Saka, certainly and Odegaard and maybe others), but the one we had the most trouble replacing. That was because he was by a long way the best at receiving the ball from the keeper or the centre halves under pressure, and turning quickly to advance the ball, either with a good pass or a run. And that was a very important part of our game–we were in trouble, or relied on Ramsdale’s long passes to get out. (Odegaard could play that role okay, but that meant we had no one… Read more »

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