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“I have to do it my way” – Odegaard on being Arsenal captain

Injuries, poor form, disciplinary problems and protracted transfer sagas.

In the last 15 years, they’ve been the hallmark of Arsenal captains, the majority of whom have left the club inside three years of being handed the armband.

It’s a curse that Martin Odegaard will be hoping to avoid now that he’s been handed the responsibility by Mikel Arteta on a full-time basis.

After leading his teammates to a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, it’s so far so good for the Norwegian, even if he didn’t have his best game in Gunners colours.

“I don’t feel any special pressure with it,” he told the Evening Standard on Friday.

“Obviously there’s a little bit more responsibility, but I think I will do a lot of the same things.

“I always try to do my best for the team. I’m not going to change too much just because it’s a permanent thing now.

“I will do the same things and obviously when he [Mikel Arteta] wants me to be the captain I’ve done something right so keep going in that direction, maybe learn and grow a bit with time.

“But I have to do it my way and that’s what I will try to do. I enjoy the responsibility and hopefully I can do it in a good way.”

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Martin throughout the season and making sure bad habits don’t start kicking in.

That means no weird on-pitch tantrums, no days at the Formula 1, no statements referencing ‘you guys’, no w*nker signs at supporters, no traffic jams, no ‘let me join Bordeaux, please’ and no nice things said about Barcelona, ever. Also, no bad hamstrings, calves, quads, backs, ankles or suchlike.

We’ve been burned too often.

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Ebuka Nwaokeke

Step it up

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m guessing you didn’t see the stat that he ran further than any other Premier League player this weekend.

Arsenal fans demand that every single player plays exceptionally every single game. Why can’t we accept that some days some players will do well and others not so much?

I can guarantee there will be games this season where Saka and Jesus have off days and Ødegaard saves our skin.

Johnny 4 Hats

Also, we always say “You know what, I can forgive players having off days as long as they give it absolutely everything.”

12.52km in 90mins. More than any other player in the Premier League.

El Mintero

Who gives a fuck how many fkn miles he ran in 90 mins?!!!! He had zero impact on the game. And if he’s going to be skipper this season then he needs to be waaaaaayyyy more tony adams than late contract era Ozil!!

Seriously, these fkn ridiculous stats mean absolutely fck all…!


Zero influence?! Man, come one. He was really good in this game. Literally everywhere. 7.5-8/10 IMO. The only thing stopping him from hitting 9 was the fact he wouldn’t shoot.

If he gets a bit selfish at times (because he’s unselfish to a fault) he could be worldclass! Not far off now…


Oh dear. The lights are on, but there’s clearly no one at home yet again, eh Minty?


Haters gotta hate.

Johnny 4 Hats

It would be hard to run that much and not have an influence on the game.

Just because you can’t see what they are doing, doesn’t mean it’s nothing.

A Different George

When I watched the game live, I thought he was good early but had little impact later. (I also thought Saka was below par, despite the goal he forced.) When I watched it again, I changed my view about both. Odegaard was very good all game, though Palace were much better defensively after the first 25 minutes. Arsenal–with Odegaard and Saka playing important parts–*controlled* much of the second half, certainly until past the hour mark. BTW, on the American commentary, both Graeme Le Saux and Lee Dixon were full of praise for Odegaard.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)



For me its not about his workrate which is great. Or not scoring that can happen to anyone. What i had an issue with was how poor he was on the ball. In games like the one against Palace, he needs to help us keep the ball. And he didnt do that. He was constantly dispossesed easily and made poor passes. Why not check the stats for what he did with the ball? He does without a doubt need to step up, because it is exactly his job that we dont get under pressure like we did against Palace.


One of my favorite players in the team, but he was awful against palace. When he plays poorly so does the rest of the team, as he is essentially what links our midfield to our attack. We will meet several physical teams in the pl who will constantly try to wrestle with him for the ball, and he needs to be better at imposing himself.


Just checked. He had 72% pass success. The lowest of any midfielder on the pitch by some. Eze (palace n.10) had 89% in comparison.


Did you also check the final score? He didn’t have the best game, I think everyone can agree with you on that. But he also led the team by example, pressing hard and running his socks off, even on an off day. It’s the first game of the season so of course he will get better.


I checked your stats on for this article. 3 posts. 100% success rate at whining.

Seeing as this is only one article – a small sample size – it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge you to be an asshat just yet.

Merlin’s Panini



So you feel the rest of the team played poorly against Palace? Must have watched a different game to you


To say he was awful is a bit of a stretch, he wasn’t at his best, no, but he was hardly awful.

Didn’t hide in the game, was involved throughout, but didn’t quite click for him at times.

That said, first league game as Captain, away at Palace and led the team to a win.

Heavenly Chapecoense

When they win, I do not criticize them. Football is a result business.


Oh the irony here….😂


Captain, my captain!

Johnny 4 Hats

Red poets society


Big season ahead El Capitan. Lead us into good times.


He played utter rubbish against palace and it’s not the first time he will play poorly in an intense, physical game. Had the chance to score and close the game .. but he was too weak, his mentality is unfortunately very poor. In those kind of games, u need ur captain to lead the team and try something. Not once he had opportunity to shoot he just played rubbish. He’s a technically excellent player and we will need dat on display when things get tough for the team. He needs to man up, begin to take responsibility, begin to shoot… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I usually try to be respectful to other peoples opinions on here but this is utter garbage and divisive bollocks.

Giuseppe Hovno

Welcome to 1970


Anderlecht in the second leg of the Inter City Fairs Cup Final at Highbury…?


Oh, ok, as you were. 😉


Jason……Or Should say Freddie vs Jason.

Stop typing absolute Nonesense please.

Thank You.


This isn’t Spursblog.


Sp*rs fan, much?

Clock End 20

“Mentality very poor”, what are you on about


You are referring to another player that is a Jason to our team, A? My reply here could well become rubbish somehow, but definitely not Martin’s performance last Friday, not at all

house of goons

hahahahahahahahahaha – this is so fucking dumb!!!

Martin R

He probably worked as hard as any player on the field. He did fade in the second half as some others did too. However he was immense in the first half and to say his mentality is weak shows how much you are embarrassing yourself. He’s a good captain who is showing all the right qualities. If by some chance you are an Arsenal supporter than please stop being so toxic

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

All of the “utter rubbish” is what you’ve posted above


Are you Jason Cundy?


Hi, you are obviously entitled to your opinion, but please see our comment policy about the use of English. It doesn’t take much to type ‘you’, not ‘u’, etc. Thanks:

Teryima Adi

English 101


That’s the first time I’ve seen the comment policy and I think it has to go into top 10 of the many 100s of reasons I love this blog. Brilliant.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

My first time reading the comment policy. The link for the womens policy doesn’t work though.


Dat? Try ‘That’

It’s an English thing.


jason you are no argonaut


More of a Harpy or skeleton warrior whose attack crumbles at the first blow!

El Mintero

Best post on here. Odegaard is the golden child on here who must never be criticized else you’ll be banished to kingdom come. Fact is he is Ozil all over again and not necessarily “good Ozil”. He is easily bossed off the ball, goes missing for long spells of the match and for all his silky skills and 120 miles run in 90 mins bs is completely impotent in front of goal. Captain? Nope. We all know Granit is still the captain of this team.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Please reread the comment policy, it clearly indicates not to be a dickhead.


Stop whining

Guns Up

Imagine it’s just a typo, but first time I’ve seen “Mike Arteta” – adding it permanently to the options, along with Mikel and Super Mik!!!

George Charlie

I still believe he is the best choice for captain, as he has the experience of the role with Norway. The only issue is when he possibly should be subbed and MA leaves him on because of it. (maybe why he stayed on a few minutes too many on Saturday).
Overall, he will only get better and not let the responsibility get to him.

Eazy Deezy

I don’t think Arteta is the kind of old school manager who will keep his captain on the pitch just because he’s the captain. He always talks about having a whole group of senior players who share the responsibility

That said, the fact that Arteta has made him captain means he expects him to be a key part of the starting line up this season


Not being subbed had nothing to do with him being captain and everything to do with not having ESR or Fabio to replace him with. Once we get a strong bench you will see all manner of subs to help change pattern of game or close it out

George Charlie

Maybe not, and I appreciate the fact there are not ready made replacements at the moment. I just got the impression that as he had run himself into the ground (the stats back that up) he was knackered, but MA may not have wanted to remove him in his first official game as captain as early as he might’ve otherwise. It certainly isn’t a criticism of his ability or of MA.


Yep. Well said.


I wonder if this is the reason sambi seems to be further forward recently,or has Arteta seen something that makes him think he’s more suited to an attacking role

Teryima Adi

Mikel should have subbed him off earlier than he did- he was obviously having a bad day at the office last Friday. There’s no room for sentiments in a game of football. Odegaard is a great player but there are some games he needs to man up in the middle of the pack when the going gets tough not bullied off the ball. He needs to add grit to his guile and workrate.

Granit(e) hard!

Hear hear hear! While we are here, no fancy sports cars too


Too late.

He’s got a brand new Captains Car – in third kit pink.


What’s wrong with a day at Formula 1. Get in there Lewis is Arsenal.

Teryima Adi

Odegaard was poor last Friday truth be told. He needs to step up.

Bill Hall

It is clear that there one or two *fans* (and I use the word loosely) on here who would find something to complain about even if we put seven past the Spuds.
We won the first game of the season for the first time in how many years. An away game at a team who beat us 3:0 there last year. We scored 2 goals, kept a clean sheet and the team were not playing at their best, understandably!
You have absolutely fuck all to be complaining about so quit the whining!


🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵 Regrets He’ll have a few But then again Too few to mention. He’ll do What he has to do. And will see it through Without exemption. He’ll plan Each chartered course Each careful step Along the byway And more Much more than this, He’ll do it His way.. For what is a man? What has he got? If not himself Then he has naught To say the things He truly feels! And not the words Of one who kneels! Let the record show Spurs won fuck all And Ode did it His way Yes It was The Arsenal Way….… Read more »


I was about halfway through doing the same but then I saw yours and it’s way better


If we are looking for a central midfielder I would put in a bid for De Jong.
Barcelona have not been able to register their players for la liga because they are struggling to meet the FFP rules and are currently negotiating a fourth “deal” that will see even more of their future income taken from them.
A cheeky 50 million bid may secure De Jong

Junior hectorsdoodoowater

You’re smoking that good stuff brother , puff puff pass!

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