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“It’s not great” – Blackpool concerned as Patino picks up injury

Blackpool and are facing an anxious wait to learn the full extent of an ankle injury sustained by Charlie Patino in last night’s 1-0 win at QPR.

The Arsenal loanee was impressive in the centre of midfield during his first league start for the Seasiders but could only make it to the break after rolling his right ankle after 15 minutes while pressuring QPR’s Jimmy Dunne.

After the game, manager Michael Appleton couldn’t hide his concern, telling the Press Association:

“We went ahead in the game, we looked comfortable and then the injury to Charlie (Patino) was a big blow because he was having a big influence on the game, he was playing his part.”

Patino’s injury was exacerbated by a muscular problem sustained by fellow loanee Lewis Fiorini.

Asked for an update on the young duo, Appleton added: “It’s not great if I’m being honest. Obviously we’ll know the full extent over the next 72 hours I’d imagine.

“Lewis has definitely done his hamstring. How badly, we won’t know until it’s been scanned.

“Charlie, his ankle is quite badly swollen and it was badly swollen at half-time, so it’s something we’ve got to control and get the swelling down. Once we’re in a position where the swelling is under control we can go and get it scanned.”

We’re not medical experts, but swelling after a rolled ankle could well mean ankle ligament damage. That he then played on for 30 minutes is also concerning.

Fingers crossed it’s not too bad.

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Why did they let him play on for 30 mins ffs.


Because they’re ignorant lower league dickheads.

The last time they had anyone remotely decent – Sir Stanley Matthews – was 1961 and we all know that was the last time that lot up the road won the league title and Cliff Richard was in the charts singing about how young he and his mates were.


This gives me nightmares. I did both ankles both ways multiple times in my short and not illustrious 5-aside career. One of those was a life changing experience in a positive way. But I can no longer play for fear of a repeat. Fingers crossed for Charlie who has age on his side. Guessing he will also get top top quality treatment. Whereas I spent a month rolling my first one on bits of gravel and kerbs until I starting blacking out before I sought physio.

Zadok the Regular Priest

Hi could you elaborate as to how repeatedly rolling your ankles to the point of unconsciousness is a positive life event?

A Different George

Depends on who the physio was?

Mayor McCheese

Look up “masseuse porn”.


It was 2003. What I call the year of everything. And the injury was just one event of many that interwove to fundamentally change my outlook on life . I’m afraid it’s too long a story to write here. Would make a rambling pete post seem like a glib and curt retort. I did fall a bit in love with the physio but I kept that to myself. She was fresh out of college and kind of laughed out loud when she first felt my lower leg so shocked was she at the state of it. ‘They didn’t teach us… Read more »

Zadok the Regular Priest

Ah man that’s sweet. It takes a wise soul to nurture happiness from pain.


Isn’t fast swelling a good sign of a quicker recovery?
Hope it is, patino looks a real gem and this could have been a breakthrough season for him.

The Beast

Faster swelling means there is usually greater damage (due to a disruption of the joint capsule) i.e. decent ligament tear.


well…sh!t 🙁

Lord Bendnter

Story of every arsenal loanee

Johnny 4 Hats

Someone needs to sit him in a room with Jack Wilshere who can explain what happens to your career if you play on when injured.

Really feel for the lad. He was absolutely killing it.

Get well soon Charlie!


I always thought Jack’s problem was that he released the ball so late, which invited a lot of tough challenges.


Fouls mate, the word is fouls.

Cranky Colin

Disgusting challenge by utds mc’nair was the nail in the you know what for Jack


Way to victim-blame. What you mean is his ‘problem’ was his close control was so good opponents often horribly fouled him after thinking they could get the ball when they couldn’t, or pretending they gave a shit about the ball when really they were just after kicking him.

A Different George

I know we don’t care about them the way we did about Jack, but really the same thing happened to Eden Hazard and now to Grealish (the latter carries the ball far less for City than he did for Villa, so it’s eased a bit). And Zaha, for all his endless moaning, really does get fouled a lot.

One Beat Off

So, again, the game has gotten too fast for one ref. Right. Basketball for example, and I am only observing here, started with one ref, then the governing body realised, as did most people, that the game was too fast for one set of eyes. Much smaller ‘pitch’ and 5 a side.


What you mean is that he got taken out and hacked down incessantly, because, nine times out of ten, that was the only way the skill-less Neanderthals playing against us could stop him.

Jack’s problem was the ignorance of our opponents and the protection THEY got from the so-called officials.

Forrest Moore

Big Willy disagrees.


If the ankle was swollen like that and the manager sent him back on then he needs to be brought back. What the fuck? Take one of Arsenals gems, wreck him and send him back ruined? To hell with Blackpool. Any player can pick up an injury but he shouldn’t have been allowed to play on even if he wanted to, Appleton should know better and Charlie should be properly assessed at Arsenal before he’s allowed to play again. This is very concerning.


I doubt very much it went down like that. Manger will rely on the doctor /physio who gave any attention in the moment, who in turn would be relying heavily on the word of Charlie himself. I’m guessing a young kid pumped on adrenaline said he was fine, but felt the pain and swelling more at halftime.

Cooked Patino

The coach or anyone from the coaching crew must have seen the replays and hence the seriousness of the injury. And they should have withdrawn him immediately. Anyone who saw the replay would have done the same thing.
Can’t blame Charlie as there’s no way he could have seen it and since he didn’t feel it immediately. I hope he’s okay but this is definitely on the coaching crew.


I doubt it was swollen immediately after rolling it. He said at half time it was swolen then they took him off. This is on the player if anything.

Boy Bastin

Let’s hope he makes a full recovery and that he only plays again when fully fit. With the on-going nightmare that is, unfortunately, Tierney’s injury record and was Wilshere’s we don’t need another talented player’s prospects set back or even curtailed through injuries.


Loving the name.

My Grandad used to refer to Cliff Bastin as ‘Boy Bastin.’

Man Manny

I ran into the match on TV midway into the first half. I spotted him running rings around QPR boys. I was settling down to enjoy him in the second half when the commentator announced his imminent substitution.
He reminded me of a young Wilshere at Bolton those many years ago.
Speedy recovery Charlie.

Teryima Adi



If the lad is injured, then he needs to be ‘returned’ so that Arsenal can provide him with the very best medical care at their disposal – not two stalks, a stretcher and an orange bucket, which is all they’ve probably got up at Blackpool.

And fish and chips, candy floss and a Magnum is hardly the way forward in Sports nutrition.


Guys, really sorry for the rather bad tempered humour (sarcasm?)

It’s just that I’ve absolutely had it up to HERE with other football institutions, be they international or other clubs, misusing our players.

First we’ve had Steve idiot Clarke handing us back a woefully injured KT and now this….

When it’s down to so-called professional people, trusted to look after our players. continuing to play a clearly injured player due to their own ignorant stupidity, it makes my blood boil.


Again, sorry guys – just annoyed at Blackpool for the way they continued to play him when he’d clearly sustained an injury.

Mind-numbing stupidity.


Sucks but he’ll be back stronger, and it will be a valuable lesson for him I’m sure

Cooked Patino

Definitely not what Arteta meant when he said he wanted to cook Charlie.
I hope he’s fine and I hope Jack and KT have reached out to explain the consequences of playing with injuries to the lad.

Forrest Moore

If he was able to play on for 30 minutes, I’d say it can’t be too bad.
The swelling after the fact was probably what caused him such discomfort that he needed to come off.
Take it from me, I’m a tree surgeon.

A Different George

Yew certainly sound like an expert.


Take a bough!

Cranky Colin

And Ballard is rumoured to be out for two months


If it’s bad, terminate the loan get him back, and protect him as we did to Martinelli after his knee injury. he is young enough to heal well but what we do not want is Blackpool rushing him back because they are desperate. There are always clauses about injuries and who gets to treat them.


Ankle injuries are not a big deal. I played with too-narrow cleats for a couple of years and would sprain my ankle mid game every game. You can always run off an ankle injury – always. You just can’t stop moving or else it swells and locks up. I’d say 4 weeks max for the injury I saw from my experience.


Read a Blackpool fan forum and they’re all impressed with our lad Patino but even they were wincing and calling for him to be taken off long before half time. Maddening to leave him on, they’ve got a whole season for the boy so long as they don’t banjanx him!!


Looks like they already have……

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