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Odegaard: Someone makes a mistake, we lift him up

Martin Odegaard and Gabriel spoke to Sky Sports after the 2-1 win over Fulham.

Here’s what they had to say…

On having to dig in…

MO: Yeah, it was brilliant. We knew it was going to be a tough game against this team. They are a strong team, so it’s brilliant we get three points, we fight and showed great team spirit. It’s an amazing feeling.

On whether it would be Arsenal’s day…

GM: After I lost the ball, my head was down, but I looked at my brothers they said ‘Gabi, let’s go, let’s go’, and I put my head up, I scored, and I’m very happy to win.

On his winner being emotional…

GM: Yes, of course. When I score, after the ref said ‘handball’ I just asked to god.

On getting the chance to celebrate twice…

GM: Yeah, I celebrate, did you look at my celebration, you like? Thank you. I’m so, so, so happy that my team enjoys three points, it was a big fight but this is the Premier League, but I’m so happy now.

On what he’s thinking after going 1-0 down…

MO: Yeah, I think we played a really good first half, we just missed the goal and then we were a bit unlucky. That’s football, it happens and then it’s just the team’s job to lift him [Gabriel] up again. Also he shows great character to come back and score the winning goal. I think it shows the team spirit, you know. Someone makes a mistake, we lift him up and we take responsibility and we strike back.

On his goal underlining the importance of trying your luck…

MO: Yeah, yeah. I was going to shoot a few more times actually but then I decided to pass in the end. I’m glad I made a decision to shoot with that one.

On whether people should get excited about Arsenal…

MO: As I said, we have to stay calm. We have to take it game by game, work hard and go for the next one. That’s the mindset.

On the rapport between the team and the fans…

MO: Yeah, it’s a great chemistry. We made a mistake, we went 1-0 down and they keep supporting us, it helps us a lot in the end, we’re grateful for all the support we get.

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Cliff Bastin

We have to remain calm but its really hard though do do do do do do do SALIBA

VAR will solve all the problems

If he signs a new contract, fans in the stadium should get 10% agent’s fee! If he needed anymore convincing, that song was it!

Man Manny

Some wilt and flounder under the weight of the band, but Ødegaard seems unleashed by it. What a performance tonight; vintage captain’s performance.
Long may it continue.
Speaking about Gabriel, he needs to cultivate the calm of Saliba. He is given to some rash play here and there. Saliba tends to predict where danger might pop up from, and nips it in the bud.

Guns Up

Odegaard’s first attempted through ball was overhit and I thought, “maybe one of those days where he’s just off,” then he proceeded to completely dominate the game the rest of the way. Pressing, winning balls back, churning possession, and acing “key passes.” Up there with the best I’ve seen from him in an Arsenal shirt, in my opinion.


Helluva captains performance. Willed the team to victory.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Saliba is Saliba, no use wishing others can play w his composure, he’s one of a kind and he’s ours. That is the type of CB that every title winner needs to have at the back controlling the game. Gabby is still improving and on balance he offers something different than Saliba, so they make a good pairing.


Whatever about the interview, anyone questioning MO as Captain should watch today’s match from the 57th minute on.

Credit to Eddie too, lightning when he came on. Clearly working on his weaknesses too.


MO10 has been one of my favorite players since he first joined us on loan. I just love the way he plays. And now he’s growing in confidence. I think he will break into double figures in goals this season. So glad he is a Gunner!


MO8 not MO10!


He’s ozil with a defense workrate, ability to head the ball, and ability to make a tackle.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

So nothing like Ozil then. 😂


Keep calm every one!!

Because we are going to need a shed load of energy when we celebrate winning the quadrupole.

Habu Abdu Esq

I’m impressed with the captain’s support of his players. Keep it up


Thank you guys. I love you.

Tom 007

To win in a comeback fashion is always a necessity for a top team. Kudos to the young lads. They really deserved the uplift..

Guns Up

This was my favorite win of the season to date. Others were more fun as they unfolded, but this was the one that would have been lost or ended in a draw in so many previous seasons. This was the time that things don’t go your way and you figure out a way to win – like champions. Even if it’s premature to set those expectations for this team, the mentality is there and the talent level is damn near. I’ll be disappointed with anything worse than third.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

One game at a time. To say we will win the title places too much pressure on the team and to say at least 3rd inadvertently sets a limit on achievement. The one game at a time mantra allows for no ceiling and no required minimums, which reduces pressure. Arteta has the whole squad on the one game at a time mantra, we as supporters should join in and support the team by reducing pressure. Trust the process.

Henry Lee

Honestly, I didn’t expect Arsenal to bounce back. Great job guys.
Thanks for not letting us down.


Late as always to join the party, but wow. What a win. Bad error, but cracking fight and comeback. Odegaard is playing at some level this season. One thing about our centre backs, maybe others have noticed. They pass the ball so crisply. We’re at such a higher tempo all game long, they move the ball swiftly and precisely. Love it! This is some team we got here! Classic Leno, looks great most of the time but always has that tendency to not finish it off. Weak keeping for the winner, otherwise he was really good. That’s the difference between… Read more »

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Some else posted on here they thought Martinelli’s crosses were all floaters requiring Leno to come forward and grab them, our coaches targeting a perceived weakness, like Brentford did last season. The CB’s finished the job once Leno was pinned in his box. Glorious stuff from the coaching staff who know his weaknesses better than anyone.


Besides the squad depth/breadth, everything is now in place to achieve the maximum possible this season: unity, fighting team spirit, and the unconditional support from the fans, in good times but especially in difficult moments.

Bill Hall

Totally the right attitude, all players make mistakes, even the best ones.

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