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Report: Arsenal and Liverpool interested in Villarreal’s Pino

According to Spanish publication AS, Arsenal and Liverpool are both sniffing around Villarreal winger Yeremy Pino.

The 19-year-old Spain international has a buyout clause of €80 million and is under contract until 2027 having signed a contract extension at the Estadio de la Cerámica last November.

Unai Emery handed Pino his debut in October 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. By May of the following year, he was the youngest Spaniard to ever start a major European final and, courtesy of Villarreal’s win over Manchester United, he became the youngest player to win the Europa League, eclipsing the record set by Robin van Persie when the Dutchman was a teenager at Feyenoord.

To date, Pino has made 77 appearances for the Yellow Submarines, scoring 14 goals and making five assists.

He also has a goal and an assist to his name at international level having played two friendlies and two Nations League matches and probably would have added to that tally had he not suffered an ankle injury that sidelined him for a couple of months at the start of the summer.

Marca reported the other day that a lack of financial liquidity has hampered Villarreal’s ability to recruit players this summer and that as a consequence they are weighing up the sale of arguably their brightest talent.

While the player’s entourage has gone public with the Premier League interest on Radio Castellon, it’s difficult to verify how serious Arsenal might be. At the same time, following the pursuit of Raphinha, it’s not a secret that Arsenal would like to sign a winger.

Asked about the possibility of signing more players, Arteta said on Friday: “We are going to try. There are a few things that we planned that if we can do them, it would be great.”

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Where is the Poo-O-Meter?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Wouldn’t this be the Pin-O-Meter.


Last time out, Blog had tossed the damn thing out in disgust over Torreira’s latest transfer link, saying (or implying) that he didn’t give a shit.

Bossman Bill


King 14enry

Him and Tielemans in, Pepe & a few other fringe players out, and I give this window a 12/10.


Can we send Pepe as a makeweight? Romour has it that Emery is keen on Zaha but Villarreal can’t afford him…


That would be great but they can’t afford Pepe’s salary.


Please, please, but IMHO we need Tielemans more urgently than a tricky winger.

Public Elneny

If we consider Pepe a fringe player, and we’re buying Pino to replace him, won’t that likely make him a fringe player too? With his competition like Saka, Martinelli, ESR, maybe Vieira too in need of regular games, and likely to improve over the next few seasons Would be an expensive buy for a small squad role, and probably bad for his development when he’s already getting regular games If we do sign a winger, it should be one who can be used as an impact sub, a bit more direct and less of a system kind of player, who… Read more »


I think there have been several games where Saka, Martinelli and ESR all looked either off the boil, tired, slightly injured or just having an off-night and rotation was sorely needed last year. Saka especially seemed gassed near the end of the year. Remember that most of these guys can play all along the front 4 so if a new player is for instance a RW he could sub in for any of the front 4 and we just adjust the positions of everyone. Bernardo and Mahrez were on the bench Sunday for City, and that’s the kind of depth… Read more »


Yep, that might just be the perfect window.

  • Pino to Arsenal.
  • Tielemans to Arsenal.
  • Cedric to Walkabout Creek FC

Emery just fuming at the idea

Mayor McCheese

He’ll ask for Zaha as the replacement, and get Pepe instead. Win win for us.


Poor ol’ Emery was preparing for battle and asked for a broadsword and got handed a broken club with a rusty nail in it. Needless to say he was mortally wounded…


Oof cruel! Not that I’d mind such a deal, would be amazing for Arsenal!


Sorry Mayor. Great minds think alike. 😉


Imagine if we set up a part exchange of Pepe with Villarreal’s Technical Director!

“Look who I signed, Mister Emery! Pepe! I think he is better than Zaha, no?” 😂


If we are not gonna buy a top winger .. then we should stop this bull shit and keep nelson.. we also have maquinhos. This dude isn’t better than nelson. Nelson, nelson was the best youngster in Wenger’s last years.
Gabriel Jesus can rotate on the wings as well and Eddy is great. If we re not gonna buy a top winger.. we should keep the money for a midfielder and spend the rest in January.
I don’t see anything special in this yeremy guy


Nelson is as good as Sancho. Problem is Sancho is shite


I’m sorry but you’re giving Nelson far too much credit. He’s 3 years older and his stats are rough to say the least. I wish him the best but he’s not good enough to be in an Arsenal shirt.


3 years? Nelson is two months older than Sancho..


Huh? I meant Pino.


Boehly probably just saw this on his newsnow feed so Chelsea will be readying a bid then.


Smoke screen to get another player…..perhaps! !!

Mayor McCheese

Perfecto! He and Saliba can bond over their petite goatees!


£80 million buy out clause. Sounds a little bit on the high side for the sort of recruitment we’ve been doing doesn’t it?

Mayor McCheese

The article says it’s 80m Euros, not £ (so £67m, still a shitload), but — I think I’m right in saying this — it’s not always the case that a release clause has to be met in full to get a player. That would be a lot of money to pay for a 19-year-old. On the other hand, wingers are always hugely expensive, even young ones. Apparently Bayer Leverkusen want £60m for Moussa Diaby, for example.

Chipper 49

Cheers Mayor. Pretty much every base covered there. 😁

A Different George

If you meet the release clause, the player’s club *must* sell. But they are *allowed* to sell at any amount they want, including zero. (The player has to agree, of course.)

Mayor McCheese

Thank you, Different George. You’re so much more helpful than Similar George.


Nuno Tavares was named man of the match after a great performance for Marseille Ligue 1 debut.

If we continue this trend we might very well become good buyers AND good sellers.


Tavares is a really good player. Sure he’s young and makes mistakes, but sometimes I’m surprised by the trash people throw at him. Defensively, if I’m being quite honest, Zinchenko looked pretty weak against Palace – they were tagetting him in the second half. Not saying Zinchenko isn’t a good player – he’s bloody excellent, technically incredile, but defensively he’s not great. Tierney is the better LB/LWB. Who knows, Zinchenko could be the one to usurp Xhaka in midfield.

Teryima Adi

Tavares is a diamond in the rough- there’s a great player in there, we just need to be patient with him and coach him very well, and that’s the job of Arteta. We might let him go the way of Saliba at the end of the day where he comes back refined through the baptism of fire in less intense league than the EPL. The EPL is a cauldron.


Nuno’s talent and potential really shouldn’t be in doubt. Let us not forget, he came into the team last year and actually made us question whether Tierney would come back and even get a look. Its consistency that is his issue – both from match to match, and within a match itself. He switches off or gets a little over zealous at times going forward – but there is SO MUCH he does well in flashes. When forward players are inconsistent, they don’t score, when defenders are inconsistent, they concede goals. So naturally a young defender gaining consistency is harder… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Spot on


Said it a number of times, I think Tavares should be a winger. His attacking play is great, his speed is a terror and he’s had one or two sharp goals here and there. His defensive positioning is hopeless, though. Hoping Marseille move him forward as they did with Cornet and he comes back to us as a winger.


If Tavares became a winger, I actually wouldn’t have a problem with him returning, provided he was clearly back up for Martinelli and ESR.

But a LB? Forget it. The lad cannot defend for toffee. That’s what Marseille have got to try and instil into him – although he should already know about positioning and holding a line when out of possession; it’s a basic at any level, never mind the Premiership.

Chuck Felsea

And Balogun scored for Reims in that game, didn’t he?


We don’t need a winger FFS! If you include Pepe and exclude Nelson, we already have 6 players that can play the two wings. What we need is a midfielder or two!! What happens during AFCON? What happens when Partey gets injured or has more “family problems”. Have they not learnt their lesson from last season!


Yep, top post. The priority HAS to be getting some DM and box to box player reinforcements. The middle of the park is so important, especially for a team like us who play out from the back. We seriously need a box to box back up for Partey who can play quick incisive passes, get forward to support in possession and has a good enough engine to get back and defend when we’re out of possession. Sorry to keep harping on and on about it, but the T dude from Leicester is a bargain buy we can’t afford to turn… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Doesn’t Mikel read the Blog? It’s so obvious what the team needs and you nailed it.

The Beast

I don’t think we intend on including Pepe or Nelson, which is why we’re looking for a replacement on the right wing that’s also an upgrade. Strength in depth & all that.

Also, the next afcon is in 2024. I’ll never get the hysteria around African players playing for their country. Literally every good player does that on occasion.

Teryima Adi

Family problems, eh?🤔🤔🤔


Boehly saw this and already put a bid in. Should have kept this in the patreon discord, guys.

Salibaba and the 40 thieves

My immediate reaction was absolutely not. I thought his beard looked like Jafar from Aladin, then realised it was a stripe on his shirt. I now feel much more comfortable signing him. There is only so much villain style facial hair one club can take and Josh Kroenke fills that role on his own

Mark Hazelwood

Never heard of him. We should definitely buy.


I’m not sure if this is credible tbh. Ultimately I will be happy with any player arteta and edu want but, our last target for winger was 25yo premier league proven raphinha. This is a big deviation from that profile.


This window just keeps on giving. Emery deserves to give us something.

Emi Rates

Don’t know this lad but I reckon he’s valued at 80 million for a reason. If we have the money then why not?

However, what’s had me full of anticipation today is the rumour of Arnautorcovic to Man U. After their laughable display yesterday they really think he’s the answer? It would be the shit transfer to end all shit transfers and I hope to God it happens!

djourou's nutmeg

i already thought they were quite desperate when they tried to sing arnautovic, but if they’re now after his hungarian evil cousin arnautortovic, that’s truly end of the barrel

Teryima Adi


Scott P

Doubt he’s really valued at 80m. The kid probably signed his contract before even playing for the first team. In La Liga they are required to put in a release clause, so clubs often make it quite high just to fulfill the requirement. If Villareal need cash, they’d be likely to sell cheaper than that.


That’s not how it works – Kounde’s buyout clause is a billion euro !

Emi Rates

My point is more about that while we could possibly be bidding for a young player with an 80 million release clause Man U are bargain binning it to buy an OK at best player who also happens to one of the biggest cunts who ever set foot on a pitch.


It doesn’t read like that at all. Your two paragraphs seem to be two completely different points & I was responding to the first one.

Emi Rates

That’s because I attempted to stay on topic while cramming in my Arnautovic to Man U schadenfreude. I may have failed at that but I still think it’s incredibly funny that they are actually trying to buy that average orc of a player.

Master Floda

We should offer them 8m + 72-million-Pepe to match that release clause


Who drew his head on?

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