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Arsenal trio excluded from Brazil squad

Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Magalhaes have not been selected by Brazil for upcoming friendlies with Ghana and Tunisia.

The matches, which are scheduled to take place at the end of September, represent the last chance for head coach Tite to run the rule over candidates for his World Cup squad so their exclusion has raised eyebrows.

Tite visited Emirates Stadium to watch the Gunners’ Brazilian contingent in action against Fulham in August and it may well be that he used the trip to London to communicate his plans either directly or via his close friend and former colleague Edu.

Given the hectic schedule that Arsenal faces in October, the fact the trio will be staying in London to recuperate is definitely a good thing for us.

Martinelli is a relative newcomer to the Brazil senior squad. He’s featured in three of their last four games as a substitute having impressed with the under-23s at the Olympics.

Jesus has 56 caps to his name for the Seleçao, dating back to 2016. He broke a nine-game run without an international goal in June when he scored in the 5-1 win over South Korea. He’s seen as a dead cert to be on the plane to Qatar.

“Gabriel Jesus, specifically, is having a great time and in contention. Absolutely, yes,” explained Tite when announcing the squad.

Things are less clear-cut for Gabriel Magalhaes who is yet to make his Brazil debut despite being included in squads for World Cup qualifiers against Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Full Brazil squad

Goalkeepers: Alisson (Liverpool), Ederson (Manchester City), Weverton (Palmeiras).

Defenders: Alex Sandro (Juventus), Alex Telles (Sevilla), Gleison Bremer (Juventus), Danilo (Juventus), Eder Militao (Real Madrid), Roger Ibanez (Roma), Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain), Thiago Silva (Chelsea).

Midfielders: Bruno Guimaraes (Newcastle United), Casemiro (Manchester United), Everton Ribeiro (Flamengo), Fabinho (Liverpool), Fred (Manchester United), Lucas Paqueta (West Ham United).

Forwards: Antony (Manchester United), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Matheus Cunha (Atletico Madrid), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), Pedro (Flamengo), Raphinha (Barcelona), Richarlison (Tottenham Hotspur), Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid).

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Mayor McCheese

I guess they’ll be disappointed, but I couldn’t be happier they’re not involved in these pointless friendlies. We’ll have enough fitness concerns during and after the World Cup.


All three are rubbish, not a surprise…

But, a lot more seriously, a very strange decision given our start to the season and the quality of those three. Strange, but great for Arsenal!


Hopefully it’s as simple as Tite doing Edu a solid. Maybe his mind is made up already and he decided better in the long run to grant them a break so they are on top form come December


Probably more a case of he knows what he gets from the trio so has chosen to rest them & see what the fringe players can do in their positions, not that I’m complaining cause it’s brilliant news that they get time off ahead of Spurs


I treble that Mayor McCheese, if only our other international players could get the type of ‘injuries’ Ryan Giggs used to get just before meaningless international friendlies also.

Woolwich Tiern time

Giggs was also very effective at not getting his national side to major tournaments so that he could have summers iff too.


Excellent news, from a fitness and Arsenal perspective


Also it will give them extra motivation


Looking at that brazil defence it looks like gabriel will need a couple years for those big names to retire before he can make an impact.

Bleeding gums murphy

What wonderful news.. watched the cricket earlier and saw a lovely tribute to the queen by all at the oval. The directorate was you do not have to postpone. It’s seems the FA acted really quickly again and missed an opportunity. That doesn’t surprise me.


Apparently they were afraid fans would boo because they must’ve seen the booing on Thursday in our game & even though it was the Zurich ‘Ultras’, probably thought it was our fans even though it clearly wasn’t but what’s done is done, just look forward to Thursday now & hope that next weekend isn’t affected


If people wanna boo because they’re not cool with the concept of royalty, why shouldn’t they? Isn‘t that one of the most valuable democratic values, to be able to speak your mind? Something that wasn‘t allowed when royals actually had something to say btw.


It’s disrespectful, and I disagree. I’m utterly anti monarchy, but you have to be some sort of dickhead to boo during a tribute to an old lady who has just died. Still, we know the world is full of dickheads, but don’t make it easy for them by saying it’s OK.




You can also say taking the joy away from the people that have funded your and your families very expensive lifes, because you have died at the age of 96 is quite a dickhead move.
People shouldn’t celebrate or moan monarchs. Monarchs should celebrate or moan the people as they are the profiteers of this concept.


Actually mate, it has been consistently proved that the money that the British Royals have generated over the years through tourism – people coming in from all over the world to visit Buckingham Palace and London in general – has more than accounted for their income from the taxpayer.

Got any more anti-Royalist myths?


So what do you think who has paid for the palace, its maintenance and the guys who guard it? Let alone the jewels and the other precious stuff that hasn‘t been stolen from other countries. The royals by working so hard? That‘s probably the most stupid argument I’ve heard in my life.


Which part of ‘The British Royal Family generate more revenue each year to the British Economy than the British Taxpayer pays the British Royal Family’ do you not understand….? According to a top US journal, in 2021, the British Royal Family cost the British taxpayer 120 million dollars. Let’s call that £240 million pounds. Or shall we be generous to your argument and round it up to a cool £300 million…? Brand Finance estimates that in 2017 alone, the British Royal Family generated a Gross Uplift of £1.766 BILLION pounds for the British Economy. Now you do the maths mate.… Read more »


Why would I give credit to the royals for having shiny things that people from other countries wanna visit, if they haven‘t done anything for it?
They have either stolen it or let the public pay for it. What‘s not to understand about that, when you‘re not having your head stuck in some monarch‘s @sses?


(Based on an average of two US dollars normally being the rough equivalent of one English pound, the figure generated by the US magazine was therefore £60 million pounds – but I quadrupled that to £240 million and then rounded it up to £300 million to give your argument a fighting chance.) 😊


2 dollars the equivalent of 1 pound? Lol. Are you living in the 50s? Current rate is 1 to 0.86.


Does it change the fact that the British Royal Family generate more revenue for Britain’s Economy than they cost the British Taxpayer?

Erm, nah.

Woolwich Tiern time

That is the biggest myth going pal. You think people dont go to Paris, situated as it is in the Republic of France. Greater numbers head there, probably because they can tiur around tbe entirety of the Palace of Versailles


When did I say people don’t visit Paris….?


A lot of people seem to be ignorant of the fact that although Royalty may, like everyone else, have political opinions, they aren’t permitted to publicly express those opinions. Consequently, they may appear, to those ignorant of this ruling, to appear indifferent at best to the economic aspirations and desires of the people the reign over. Despite this, Her Majesty, during her 70 year reign, took every possible opportunity to publicly speak positively about the good that mankind can bestow and championed an incalculable number of charities and organisations throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. She did this without question during… Read more »


Don’t go near Reddit mate, got al sorts of abuse for calling out the disrespectful comments on there.


I can well imagine.

Well, you have a kindred spirit here mate.

Pour yourself a large one and stand tall and proud 😊🥃🥃👍🇬🇧


Based on your comment, I threw away my Arsenal coffee cup and bought one with the King’s face on it.

It looks very similar to the Champions League cup. I will polish it daily.

Long live the King and fuck regressive AFC driven shallow robot consumerism!


Say what you like mate.

The last time I looked, Britain was a free nation, where people fuckwits are free to mock it’s Royals without any fear of reprimand.

Good job Arsenal are a British club after all, eh?


‘Disturbing the peace’ or ‘inciting violence’ might be the crime here.

If a guy was handing out that sort of abuse to our players, you would hope that the stewards would have a quiet word and maybe eject him – and if things got tasty, then the Police would rightly get involved.

Sorry Blogs, I’m perfectly sure, even if you’re not.


You are a farking twat.

Just voicing my views. Democracy is good eh.


Voicing opinion and abusing people is not exactly the same but I guess you need more than 2 working brain cells to realise that so I’m not taking it personal.

Billy bob

Loving the reply!!! I can’t understand how people go on about all the hard work the monarchy do but how hard can it be being lavishly fed and watered at others expense? I’m sure there are plenty of people that would happily do the former queen’s “job”!!!


I had an idea that this was the case.

Arsenal have always had a big Irish Republic following – especially on the road – but they always respectfully kept politics out of the equation when following the Gunners.

And of course, that support is far more cosmopolitan nowadays, but, unlike Liverpool, I still don’t believe that any Arsenal collective would boo a British monarch.

The Away Boys have class, if nothing else.


No arguments from me. Happy that they’re staying here & will be rested up for Spurs rather then traipsing back at 1am on the morning of the game

Merlin’s Panini

We owe those cunts a kicking too.


If Martinelli doesn’t go to the world Cup given his excellent form and having being involved with the squad before, I fear he may think he needs to move to a bigger team to achieve his national ambitions. Seeing him go to Liverpool to youthen-up their aging declining team would be really sad.


There are players that play for smaller clubs than Arsenal included in that team, including players that play for South American clubs.

Boy Bastin

Whether he makes the final selection or not for the World Cup, I think it’s a tad premature – to say the least – for that kind of comment. Life’s too short so let’s be sad when we need to be, not beforehand.


That shouldn’t be a problem. See out your contract or tell “liverpool ” we will only start negotiating at 90M pounds.

Do you realise that we couldn’t get that Villa guy with one year on his contract for amounts bigger than what he’s realistically not worth even with a 5 year deal? We won’t keep cancelling their deals so Barca can have them for free forever.

Naked Cygan

I respect the Brazil coach. He knows how light our squad is and there is no point risking or getting players who are already going to the world Cup fatigued. The 2nd string Brazil team can play the friendly games.

El Mintero

Lol. Some big names in that “second string” squad…just sayin’…

Naked Cygan

Even if they don’t go to the world Cup that is great as a selfish Arsenal perspective given the number of games this season.


If the Brazil management are aware of the fixture crush there’s going to be in the EPL, and they want them to be available for the World Cup, they don’t really need to overwork the three Gabriels in the meantime. Common sense really. (Oh dear I’m starting to sound like Al Murray).


Can we ask Ghana leave out Partey?

Seems like a mad risk and he’s in their squad…..

Bleeding gums murphy

I don’t understand it. I get platelets want to represent their country but if he ain’t fit enough for us has a recurring injury then stop him going. We pay his wages.

Bleeding gums murphy


Jesus of Sao Paulo

He’s not a mere player for Ghana. He’s their captain!


Are you a haematologist? Lots of references there, blood!


I’m pretty sure it’s in their contracts that they can go.


Heh. Good luck with that.

If Partey was covered entirely in bandages, on crutches with a sign around his neck saying ‘I AM NOT FIT’ Ghana would still want him. And play him.

Boy Bastin

As others have said, at least they remain available for selection with us so that’s good. It doesn’t mean that one or more won’t be in the Brazil World Cup squad, but we’ll have to deal with the consequences of that if/when it happens.

El Mintero

From a purely selfish perspective, we don’t want them in the World Cup squad. However, that would then raise questions on their current value in the broader international market. And some would then suggest we overrate them etc etc. I would not be surprised if Jesus does not make the squad. He’s been on the outs since the last one…


sickos be like ‘ha ha ha yes’ when none of our players are picked for the pointless friendlies- now if we can also get the ghana coach to not select thomas partey…

Merlin’s Panini

Please let Weverton sign for Everton. That would be fucking hilarious.

I remember Everton (and Arsenal) were linked with Gremio’s Everton Soares – think it was after the 2019 Copa America. In the end he went to Benfica.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

My wifi once asked if Arsenal was named after Arsene Wenger. It was fking hilarious.


When I started supporting Arsenal in the early 2000s watching Henry tearing teams up and the beautiful Wengerball, I thought Le Prof Arsene owned the club and it was named after him. It hit hard when I saw him struggle during his last years, the booes and the Wenger-out brigade. I did also want him to go by the way but felt he deserved better from all, for his selfless dedication to Arsenal, I wanted him to be given good money to build a team after the Emirates’ construction and move I felt he was under served with quality signings… Read more »


It’s simply experimentation.
Personally, I would be delighted if all three players were dropped – but I cannot see that happening,,


I still can’t quite believe that Newcastle & West Ham have players in the Brazil squad. The times are certainly changing.

El Mintero

Exactly. So, are we overrating ours?


Jesus will be there. Gabriel is very young and on the fringe. Martinelli plays the same position as Neymar and Vinicius Jr. If anyone rates Martinelli above those two, then yes they overrate him. But he’s still extremely good and only 21.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The Premier League is the place to be.

The list of top 20 richest clubs in the world feature 10 English clubs. That’s even without Newcastle yet but they will surely overtake Zenit who don’t have UEFA income anymore.

Also Brazil are not the football world power they used to be. Lots of countries have caught up, especially in Europe.

Forget about it

You could add Sp*rs to that list…

Unfortunately I don’t think Magalhaes will make the World Cup squad. There can’t be many players who make their International debut at a World Cup. Perhaps he will become a pub quiz trivia question in the future.

Jesus 100% will.

Martinelli is probably 50/50.


Martinelli won’t.
He has neymar and vinicius ahead of him.
Big Gabi has more chance.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

That would be good news for Arsenal.

Still a couple months away but the World Cup may actually only take less than 10 of our squad;

Likely; Ramsdale, Turner, White, Saliba, Tomiyasu, TP, Saka, Xhaka, Jesus

Not (or likely not) going; Hein, Cedric, Holding, Tierney, Zinchenko, Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Vieira, Elneny, Nketiah, Nelson, Marquinhos.

Maybe; Martinelli, Magalhaes, Lokonga.

Cranky Colin

Thankyou Lord

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