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Report: Partey withdrawn from Brazil game as a precaution

Thomas Partey was due to feature for Ghana against Brazil last night but after complaining of discomfort during the warm-up he was pulled from his country’s starting lineup.

Having already missed a couple of weeks of the fledgling Premier League season with a thigh injury – an area that has caused him problems on more than one occasion since joining Arsenal – the news was not something Gunners’ supporters wanted to hear.

Thankfully, according to reports on the ground, the decision to withdraw was merely precautionary. That said, the fact the issue is related to his knee is clearly cause for concern.

Without the 29-year-old anchoring midfield, Ghana lost 3-0 to Brazil in Le Havre, France.

As we reported previously, the Seleçao did not call up Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Magalhaes.

Ghana continues their preparations for the upcoming World Cup with a game against Nicaragua on Tuesday in Spain. As things stand, Partey is believed to be in contention to feature.

If he doesn’t it may shed doubt on his ability to partake in next weekend’s north London derby at Emirates Stadium.

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Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Probably our most important player in the entire squad, but let’s be realistic. Thomas is our new RVP, Ramsey, Rosicky etc.


Agree. No one can do what Jesus does but we don’t miss him as much as we miss Partey.

He really is the base we launch all our attacks from.


Not just launching attacks. He positions himself so well to break up attacking plays. Even if he doesn’t break up plays he knows where to be to close passing lanes and avoid counter attacks. That’s what we miss the most. Elneny can do it to a lesser degree but he’s also out till January. Sambi despite all the attacking hype is far below those two in defensive output.


Unfortunately you’re probably right. He’s almost irreplaceable in the transfer market as well (realistically).


Keep an eye on Danilo at Palmeiras


I agree with the RVP – Ramsey – Rosicky comparison.
I don’t agree with the most important player in the squad comment – he misses too many games for that…


Depends on your definition of important I guess. He’s arguably the player whose absence is most strongly felt; I don’t believe anyone can do what he does with regards to positioning, interceptions, and breaking a press. We desperately need to bring someone in who can do those things at least to some degree; Lokonga is a good user of the ball, but absolutely can’t position himself effectively to stop opponents’ attacks. I’ve no idea if that can be taught either, I hope so.


He brings a lot to our game that is for sure but that can be said of so many players. It’s just a shame that he is so injury prone – hopefully it is just a run of bad luck..

Boy Bastin

It would be less “difficult” if it was, but this particular “run” has lasted years, back to his days in Atletico Madrid. He played only just over 130 games from 2015-2020 there, a total that would certainly have been higher if not for injuries. Regrettably, I think we have to accept that at 29 his injury record will not improve and, if anything, is likely to worsen.

We do seem to have bad luck with injury-prone players – both Tierney and Zinchenko also have poor injury records as well, of course.

Brady’s bunch

With him in the team we’ve a chance of winning something this season without our chances are greatly reduced

Boy Bastin

Almost “here we go again” on the Partey injury front – but not quite, thank goodness. According to the article, he could either get a run out in their next game against Nicaragua (and therefore risks injury, presumably) or he may not play against Sp*rs. “You pay your money, and you make your choice.”

His continuing injury problems/scares must now be causing serious concern at The Emirates. At 29, he’s unlikely to improve that record now. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.


Brazil would have been a stretch for him, unfortunate given his injury record.

Glad he is not playing for Ghana as long as he can play for us!

Cranky Colin

KT……playing last interlull……90 90 90 bang, out for our run in.
Now it’s gonna be 86 90 90 and guaranteed Big Bang…. again. What is Clarke on? Where is the great Andy? These are shaggin bulkshit games.

Saka, was he playing LWB, for Ingerland? Is this a joke? Have they no regular LB in the country?
The better we get the angrier I get…. apologies…. can’t help it


Southgate’s plan was to make Saka look bang average or worse. What a waste!


Robertson is conveniently injured for this break so Scotland didn’t call him up but you can guarantee he’ll be fighting fit for Liverpool at the weekend. Ghana are fucking me off, they’ve said Thomas isn’t injured but are refusing to release him back to the club till after their game on Tuesday despite saying he won’t play. What’s the point of keeping a player around, captain or not, if he isn’t gonna play?


Save your breath cos Ghana has released him to Arsenal. You have problem with Ghana who didn’t play Partey at all but Scotland can play KT 90 after 90 ? Why don’t you tell Scotland to do same?

Klopp playing the dark arts. Gave Robertson the night off against Ajax in exchange for him not having to play 90×3 for Scotland. A pretty good deal.

Then again maybe we did the same with Zinchenko.


How klopp hasn’t been called out on it is beyond me. In saying that if Mikel Arteta used the same klopp tactics I would be all for it, especially for the meaningless nation league and friendly games


The nation’s best players tend to get picked and played. it’s really nothing new


This is all beginning to get tedious now. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a world class player and the team’s performance when he’s around is markedly improved than when he isn’t. He is the old school Castrol GTX of the team’s engine. The trouble is, Arsenal currently have a very leaky Castrol GTX can and the oil invariably ends up all over the garage shelving and floor than under the bonnet where it belongs. I don’t think this is a sticking plaster job either – as Blogs quite rightly says, we need to get in another top quality deep lying… Read more »


Seven Premiership games in and one European tie and TP has already missed half of them.
I think a CM is a priority over a winger.
Sergej Milinkovic Savic anyone?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Haven’t seen much of Savic but he could cost north of £50m if he’s auctioned.

Douglas Luiz on the other hand will be available for free next summer. Of course he will have lots of suitors too but we hold the Brazilian factor wildcard. He’s also a few years younger than Savic.


Luiz would be a signing to replace Elneny and provide cover for Partey (or whomever we decide to go with should Partey prove not durable enough or be otherwise unavailable), but on a free transfer he’d likely want a salary that might break our wage structure- making him harder to move on if he’s not a success.
imo Lesley Ugochukwu is better suited to the 6 role in Arteta’s system (plus he fits our age profile and would be less of a risk financially).


To replace Elneny? Essentially you’re getting a worse player in. I’d rather keep Elneny as our back up to Partey.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Personal terms shouldn’t be an issue. We already agreed terms with him a few weeks ago. It may require a larger once-off signing on bonus.


Savic is a ball carring 8 and not a 6, so regardless of we signed this expensive player, we would still need a replacement for the 6 position.


Not the player we need. We need a DM comfortable beating the press, great dribbling and ball control required with an athletic profile to cover the large area.

Difficult to find, I mean even Bellingham who is the best young CM in world football would, in that role, have problems at this stage of his career.

Zinchenko and Sambi are decent replacements depending on opposition. Perhaps a lad from the academy can be coached to this role.

We have a very solid team A top quality midfielder and forward would I dare say complete it.


Southgate is a wasted buffoon. England are so busy celebrating 2nd, completely letting go the fact that any manager in the world would have, and should have, won the whole god damn tournament with that squad. He is shit, so absolutely shit. Imagine playing the worst football on the planet with the best squad in the world. Cant fucking believe he has got a job still.


Maybe the job that Arteta asks him to do is just too much for his body, give him a different role, say like Xhaka and he’d stay fitter for longer?
Arsenal need to find a replacement who can do the job as well as Partey but minus the injuries, easier said than done I know but Man City managed it and they’re the model we’re based on…


Long term I think that Charlie Patino has the skill set and style to fill that role.


No chance. I don’t know why people keep suggesting that. Charlie is not a 6. He offers too much to the attacking side, it would be criminal to try to convert him to a 6


Although Pirlo was converted from an attacking midfielder into a deep lying playmaker.
He wasn’t too bad, overall.

In regards to Patino, I’m sure he’ll find his best position as he plays more.
Doesn’t always happen, but usually a player’s best position is discovered through their performances.


Pirlo has Gattuso to cover all the dirty work. Don’t think we have anybody like that in our squad.


Patino is much more of a ball-carrying 6, and while he’s been asked to play in a double pivot before, its not his natural game. When I look at Patino i see Jack Wilshere

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Maybe Southgate will try Saka at DM in England’s next game.


Nah, he’s going to try him in goal next game.


According to the PL website In 52 appearances Arsenal avg 1.92 points with him in the team. That would have meant top 4 in all the 3 seasons he has been at Arsenal if he stayed fit. Especially last season, him being fit for a couple more matches could have made a big difference. Also, I don’t think Arsenal would be able to sign there way out of this. Signing a cover for your best player is probably the most expensive signing from an opportunity cost perspective. Best case would be for Arteta to figure out how to make sure… Read more »

Walter White

It is such a shame Elneny is out. Not the same level, but he can still do a decent job as a safe player in possession and is good at shielding the defence.


That’s the thing. He’s a bench player at this rate. Bring in a new starter DM and demote Partey to the bench.

Remember that season when we bought in Eduardo? RVP was ever unreliable, Eduardo came in and we almost won the league if not for that c*nt up in Birmingham. RVP, despite being one of our best players is no less than a luxury to call upon (when can). Sad thing was even after Eduardo got injured RVP was also unavailable for most parts.

Lord Bendnter

We need a Partey replacement urgently in January. There is no way TP will remain fit for more than fifty percent of the fixtures this season looking at the congested schedule.


Think it’s time to phase TP out. Sandro Tonali in January would be wishful thinking but a perfect solution.


We had a better than expected summer business no doubt. However, all the energy and time spent chasing a Saka back up especially after we signed Vieira and Marquinhos should have been expended on finding another no. 6. I just hope this mistake doesn’t derail this season. On a slightly different but perhaps related note, Tomi is back early from international duties due to “club circumstances”. Is MA perhaps considering moving BW into no.6 for NLD should TP’s latest injury scare becomes real before the game? I’d be more comfortable if he does that than risk Lokonga alone in the… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

I was thinking the same, move Ben white there see how it works out, he’s having a great season even whilst playing out of position

Bleeding gums murphy

Ben white will be a disaster at DM same as Calum chambers was.


Yep – Calum was voted best player at Fulham while playing DM. However – it was only Fulham.


It helps that it’s in Ghana’s interest to leave him out too, as they’re at the World Cup

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