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Saliba on Gabriel’s “old head” and Arsenal’s desire to “win, win, win”

After Arsenal beat Aston Villa 2-1 to maintain our winning start to the new season, William “do do do do do do do do Do. Do do do do do Do do do do do do do, do Do do do do do do” SALIBA chatted to NBC Sports.

Here’s what the Frenchman had to say…

On the win…

We are so happy today because it wasn’t an easy game. We won. They scored the 1-1 but we never give up and scored a minute after so it’s a good mentality about the team.

On how he’d describe the team at the moment…

Yes, we have five wins in a row, we want to keep going match by match. It’s a really good team, a young team with some old guys, we’re all close and want the same thing, win, win, win. That’s it.

On Arsenal showing character in games…

We know the games in the Premier League aren’t easy, when we score, it’s always good to celebrate. When one of my teammates scores, I’m so happy for them.

On Gabriel Magalhaes…

Yeah, he’s a very good guy. He’s young but with his head, he looks old but he’s still young and a really good guy. We are a good defence, we’re all friends and I hope we’ll keep going like this.

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Cliff Bastin

You have to specify which Gabriel in the title blogs.


Kindly check the blog again bro.

So No-Go.

He gets all the upvotes and you all the downvotes. Weird. At least some of us can read.

Arsene's Smirk

We also All want the same thing – Sign da thing thing thing


Of course – but if he wants to stay in the team ahead of the WC, the best leverage he has right now is his contract, so I expect this will drag on til then. Though to be fair, his performances so far may be even better leverage.

...and really bad eggs...

This narrative around using contract negotiations as leverage to get picked on the first team seems to have found roots, but it doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t believe it. A player should be picked because he is out rightly better or on better form than the other options on the team. And I want to believe players know this also. Cos how long can a player use his contract as leverage to get picked if he truly isn’t good enough? Also it’s even a moot conversation cos Saliba is arguably our best CB on the team right… Read more »

A Different George

I think Saliba wants to play, but knows that to play regularly for Arsenal he has to play well–and also that if he does that, he will be picked for France. Neither Arteta nor Deschamps is desperate for bodies.


Love watching him quietly usher the ink-festooned mongrel that is Danny Ings off the park.


Great player, he was very strong last night again. Hope he is here for many years to come, he is that good already and will improve more!


Yeah him and Saliba are the full package. They can both pick out a pass, are calm and composed on the ball, strong, pacey and are also a big threat in the opponent’s box (Gabi especially).


Saliba just outside the opponent’s box 😂


how about the #34 guy? What a player. Honestly, where did he come from? Usually as players age they move backwards and get worse! lol

Honestly, never seen Xhaka play so well. He’s like a completely different player


So happy for him. I- like many Arsenal fans- have always had an odd relationship with him. I’ve been infuriated by him but still had this real urge for him to do well, can’t really explain why. I thought he was going to have to move away for him to do that, but props to him for turning it around. Also Arteta- he’s so involved on the sidelines telling the players when to push and when to hold, and I think Xhaka has been the biggest beneficiary of that (alongside Martinelli). I’d really love to watch a tactics session with… Read more »


The curious case of Granit Xhaka (the box to box midfielder). Now in 4K.


Mad when a player starts playing in his proper position with better players around him what happens…


The thing is that’s his position before he joined us and also for Swiss. Just that we have never used him in that position consistently until recently.

And he have also matured in his tackling. The last game, there was a loose ball, which I thought he will goes in hard, giving a free kick and a yellow card. Instead, he stay on his feet and forced a pass which got intercept by someone else.

Word is that his mum recently relieved him of responsility for the front door key. It’s only football he has to worry about now.

Nigel Summerburn (LB)

‘He’s young but with his head, he looks old but he’s still young and a really good guy’. – Saliba commenting on Gabriel’s receeding hairline 😉


Believe Rob Holding ‘knows a guy.’


Get him a new multi year deal now!! He’s a beast!


I hope the club tie him down to a 6 year deal with option of another 2 years for the club.
This way we can ensure that he can stay at Arsenal for at least till his late 20s. I believe that Declan Rice signed a very very long contract with West Ham, we should do something similar.


Haha what is this, a dig at Gabriel’s failed hair transplant? In all honesty if he think he looks old then I’m going on 50 before I’ve hit 30.

Giuseppe Hovno

“he looks old” was v funny haha


The transplants take about 12 months to kick in fully, after that he’ll be Like A New Signing hehe


Following our tradition of hair loss centre halves Rob Bolding, Stevie Bould, Chris White (not counting Cygan never had hair anyway or Willie Young still has ginger mop to this day)


Gabriel had as many shots (4) as the entire Villa team. Not bad for an old head!


But with his head, he looks old 🤣🤣🤣


Maybe he needs to speak to Rob Holding-On.


Wisdom or hair loss?


Good two defenders we have there


Our old new signing putting it out there on our new mentality, so buzzing with vibe of our club, i hope we don’t start singing we’ve got our arsenal back, it was Emerys run when we were less convincing, lets stay humble & take one game at a time please

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