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Zinchenko returns: Man Utd v Arsenal team news

Whatever happens today, Arsenal will remain top of the Premier League, but a win would extend the lead over Man City to four points – so there’s plenty of extra motivation for Mikel Arteta’s team.

Here are the official line-ups.

Man Utd: De Gea, Martinez, Fernandes, Rashford, Malacia, Eriksen, Varane, Dalot, Antony, Sancho, McTominay

Subs: Dubravka, Heaton, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Casemiro, Fred, Elanga, Ronaldo

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Sambi, Xhaka, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Jesus

Subs: Turner, Tomiyasu, Cedric, Holding, Tierney, Smith Rowe, Vieira, Marquinhos, Nketiah

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Let’s go!!!!!!!



Let’s go!!!!!!!
Also I feel physically sick…


Yes!!! Zinky, starts after all. Let’s do this. COYG!!

Teryima Adi

I hope they didn’t rush him back.🙏🏾


My money is on they didn’t. KT is fit and available. I think it’s a tactical choice.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Does this mean he’s Mikel’s first choice lb?
The team is more fluid with him involved. Bring him off for KT after mins when we’re 3-1 up.


Think it makes sense with Partey missing to beef up midfield with Zinky

Yellow Ribbon

Exactly. Whenever Xhaka goes forward, Sambi needs support. Come on you gunners. Let’s rip them a new one.


I guess their new boy Anthony will be instructed to attack that vacant space though.


Yes. It means that.

Bleeding gums murphy

What fantastic news. Now if the ref ain’t a bias cxxt who happens to live in Manchester we can win this. We are better team. COYG

Paul Tierney is from Salford – two miles away from Old Trafford.



A Different George

So maybe it’s a mistake to start Zinchenko instead of his cousin.


We know the answer now. Never a foul on Eriksen.

That being said very stupid of Lokonga to lose the ball in a key area when we have all the momentum. I hope Arteta stops putting him at 6 and plays Zinny there instead.


A win I sense in the one.


COYFG!!! 3:Nil to the mighty Gunners. Hope Sambi puts on a show


Why the f*ck are you guys obsessed with him. Especially not at number 6, a bloody liability there. We saw glimpses of it against Villa and today against a quality midfield we know his level.


It’s good – hope they’re all fully fit

Teryima Adi

We pray they are.


Zinchenko is BIG news 🙂


Let’s fucking goooooo


VAR performances over weekend are worrying – Manure usually get away with them, especially McTominay

Nainsley Aitland Miles

There was another shocking VAR decision today in the Brighton game. It’s getting worrying.

Man Manny

What is shocking about a correct offside decision apart from the fact that it lingered for minutes?
I suspect the VAR team may have been affected by the controversies of the weekend thus making sure they had it spot on.


Agreed, but we all can pretty much tell in a couple of seconds if someone is off or on so it is frustrating that it takes VAR officials so long. Frankly, I think that VAR officials should just eye the freezeframe like we do and decide based on that.


Totally. Should be something like the clear and obvious rule. No need for faffing with lines. If it looks clearly offside give it, if it’s too marginal to call give benefit to the attacking players


its the narrative that pgmol has pitched to the league for the “drama.”
no sport should have every fan after every game talking about how poor the officiating was- shambolic


This is a poison chalice game, if we win they will frame this as United are a shambles, if we lose then a reality check and we’ve had an easy start. Desperate for the win!!!!

Martin R

Does it matter what the media or anyone says? Let’s just win and to hell with them.


It’s 3 points whoever it’s against This lot ain’t any exception even if they think they are !

A Different George

Well, if we win we stay first and are guaranteed top of the league after 7 matches.

Bleeding gums murphy

If we lose we stay top of the league after 7 games.



Teryima Adi

COYG!!! We can win this.

Man Manny

Ramsdale, Zinchenko and Ødegaard fit to start? Great news.
The bench is strong too.
Get 3 points here and it might just be the tonic this team needs to do the unexpected.


Yes, a great bench.


Scared to bits! Would have let Tierney stay in the line up (don’t fancy Antony vs Zinny… especially since he just returned from injury). Would have also taken White to 6, with Tomi starting. This is a big game where midfield will be key and I still think Sambi is still learning to control games.

Anyways, I am yet hoping it all comes out well and we get something from this one.

Jeremy DG

Anthony’s not all that.

Bleeding gums murphy

I admire the positivity, we are going there to win and with Zinchenco we are so much more controlling and threatening with the ball. We are a far better team than them. Believe

Living stone

Perfect opportunity to open a wider gap on City.We need sambi and saka at their best today.COYG.Let’s win this!


The butterflies are back. I miss this feeling. COYG!
Sambi needs to have his “coming of age game” today.

Mad Mick Madison

I’ve not been this confident about our team in years!
I’m looking forward to us letting the OLD Trafford crowd see how good we are right now. COYG!…

Bleeding gums murphy

I like it Mick. That’s eased me terror im feeling right now 🤓


Get in! Let’s do this!


Given all the injury scares, that’s not a bad starting XI at all – with the exception of Sambi, our starting XI at Palace on the opening day.

If Sambi keeps it nice and simple and moves the ball as quickly as he did the other night, we should be ok for a least a point against these clowns.

Here’s to all three points and Gary Neville wetting the bed.



The fans need to protest the standard of officiating to the same degree as they did for the Super League. This is completely unacceptable now.


What a feeling to feel this optimistic & confident again !


Pretty surprised to see KT om the bench. Was expecting KT to play LWB while Alex replace Partey

A Different George

I think we can overwhelm them in midfield; Eriksen intelligent and a fine passer, but not pacey; even more true of Fernandes, who can lose the thread. The danger is their pace on the wings and with Rashford; big test for Ben White as a fullback, Sambi as a 6, and Saliba in his first big English match.


Tough game, don’t doubt ref and VAR will be on their side. Be great to stuff these though.


And there you go Saka thrown across an area last match no foul erikson outmuscled no goal.

Boy Bastin

Getting all three injured players back will give us a fighting chance for the three points. I still think it’s going to be quite the toughest test our youngsters have had so far, but we’re back in the game.


Michael Owen already providing great insight before the game’s kicked off on the India stream.
Literally asked Wilshere and Scholes “assume you guys will be supporting Arsenal and United respectively”?


Here we fucking go. You c conspiracy theorists were right again.


SKY should save themselves some money. Stick a penis in a cheap suit and replace Gary Neville.


He might be having a year off from “commentating” if he is found in contempt with his social posts regarding the Giggs case…


it would be nice, if for once when playing at the old toilet, we didnt have an entire match officiating team from greater manchester. unbelievable corruption


Nice to see completely unbiased commentary from Sky Sports as usual.
Need to see more from Jesus.
Terrorising defence is one thing scoring goals is another..


Haha I switched to a french stream, got no clue what they’re saying but it’s better than listening to Gary Neville.

Man Manny

Is there any clear cut chance he has missed yet?

Naked Cygan

I called it before the game. Have seen too many games like this where there ref or now VAR fks us over at man utd. Proud of the team clap 🙌.


I think VAR was correct to disallow the goal.
I also believe we gonna win them!!!


I think so too. Everyone does after the 50th slow-mo . But is this the spirit of the game?
I’m pretty sure there are other games where this would be unpunished.

Boy Bastin

True, but if the positions are reversed in a future PL game and we had conceded such a goal I’m pretty sure we’d all support VAR overturning it wouldn’t we?


We absolutely would!

Boy Bastin

The youngsters played well – as they usually do – in the first half. However, there are unlikely to be many real chances in the second half so we’re going to have to make it count when we do get one.

We’re in unknown territory going behind in a PL game this season but we can pull it back from 1:0. Should they score again though I’m not so positive.


Gabriel pinches twice, they score.


This mod under Tan Hag is turning into spu*s, Park the bus and counter, they don’t play any football..

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