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FA charge Arsenal for Leeds kerfuffle, UEFA to discipline PSV

Arsenal have been charged by the FA for failing to ensure their players “conducted themselves in an orderly fashion” in the dying moments of the 1-0 win over Leeds United.

The Gunners were left incensed when referee Chris Kavanagh, following consultation with his assistant, awarded Leeds a penalty and sent off Gabriel Magalhaes for an off-the-ball incident with Patrick Bamford deep into stoppage time.

Fuelled by a sense of injustice, several of Mikel Arteta’s stars surrounded the referee and the fourth assistant pleading with them to consult with VAR because they had seen the Leeds United striker barge into the Brazilian to provoke a reaction.

The decision was rightly overturned although Gabriel still received a booking for his trouble.

Given the incident could have been avoided if the beaky lino hadn’t magicked up his own take on events, it’s slightly ridiculous that Arsenal are now in line for a fine.

We have until Monday to appeal the decision but you suspect we’ll just pay the money and draw a line under the situation.

Talking of charges, UEFA have filed four against PSV Eindhoven after their supporters got a bit rowdy after last night’s match at the Emirates.

The charges related to the throwing of objects, lighting of fireworks, acts of damage and crowd disturbances. As far as we can tell, it all happened after the full time whistle.

The Metropolitan Police arrested one man for throwing a flare and a second for assaulting an emergency worker.

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Scott P

Still nothing about the situation during the Liverpool match? Seems quite strange that everyone is so tight-lipped about it and nothing has come out from the FA or either club.


That’s what I’ was wondering. The Liverpool incident is far more serious from the looks of it. As for this one, it just seems like a bad joke to add to the FA’s many previous ones.


No strange at all, just look who is involved.


I’ve watched a few Utd games lately (been ill and little else to do)- what our players did at Leeds their awful players do at least four times in every game from what I can see.
Bruno, Mctominay, Varane, and Anthony were like flies on shit vs Spurs the other day. Really frustrating.

Naked Cygan

United get away with everything.

Alan Sunderland

Not spooning in the penalty box, but I agree. They’ve got a few hateful little cunts on that team. Napoleon syndrome gone mad.

Cooked Patino

Yes, 9 of them hassled the ref when he wanted to book Ronaldo against Spurs. It will be super strange if they don’t get a bigger fine.

A Different George

Was that the incident where Ronaldo stole the ball from the keeper who was waiting to take a free kick and “scored”? The whole United team screamed that the goal should be allowed. Pretty funny, because it was an indirect free kick (for offside, as I recall) and the referee had his arm in the air the whole time, indicating the free kick had not yet been taken. Which proves, I think, that some players don’t know the laws any more than some supporters.


It’s absolute bollocks! FA being as typically transparent as a toilet bowl full of diarrhea…

Cliff Bastin

Bruno’s role in the team is to complain to the ref basically.

Zadok the Regular Dishwasher Salesman

Bruno Fernandes has the strangest relationship with the referee of any player. He says he marks the ref during games because the ref is “always in space”. Add to that the whinging and complaining, he seems a weirdly ref-obsessed guy.

He’s like Santi Cazorla’s evil twin or something, like Santi if they forgot to give him his charm or ambidexterity and instead were like “here’s a gifted diminutive midfielder but he’s one-footed and a twat”.

Alan Sunderland

They were a lot worse today after Chelsea were awarded a penalty.


And with that, the PSV fans proved that the Met had good reason to request the postponement of this game.


There’s going to be strippers + cocaine at their Xmas party this year, I don’t know why they’re so insistent on Arsenal footing the bill though.

Dr Zebra

Cocaine eh? Hence the name, “linesman”

Never Relegated

That’s a good one. Bravo

Boy Bastin

As the article suggests, it’s “pay the fine and move on” for Arsenal.


Yeah, how dare we have the audacity to complain to the ref about situations arising from a linesman who can’t do his job properly. Yawn.

I honestly thought that now Trevor Brooking was out of the way, the FA could perhaps be expected to conduct themselves without allowing their inherent bias against certain clubs to resurface.



I hope they make them play the return leg behind closed doors so we finish them off good ‘n proper😡

Chuck Felsea

Situation might be similar to the Union Berlin fans behaviour away vs Malmö. Their penalty was just announced and they can not bring any travelling fans to their last away game in Belgium (plus 40k € penalty). I am afraid that’s the “best” we can hope for, even though it would actually benefit another team and not us.
Nonetheless, I actually hope for the penalty you describe in your post.


You know what I don’t understand? Why was Bamford not carded? I mean it is 100% intentional foul, away from the ball and dangerous because it is from behind. I realize it might not seem as violent in some ways but if you want to stop that BS behavior – red card!


I also thought the same I’d Bamford fouled Gabriel why book only Gabriel and leave out the orchestrator of the whole chaos which could have been avoided had the linesman done his work properly. I wonder why referees/match officials are not held accountable for their actions that cause controversy in the beautiful game of football.


Actually Bamford was supposed to have been redcarded for two yellow card offences in the second half of Arsenal vs Leeds

Chuck Felsea

Interesting point you make. In my opinion it was a foul born of frustration, because he was blocked from the ball. Then it seems he thought “I’m just gonna shove this fella hard.” No real fight for the ball, just against the man. Red would be too hard though, because it was not dangerous or brutal, but yellow could have been given in my opinion. But actually I am also ok if that was just a free kick. What I find interesting is that via VAR they actually corrected 2 decisions, penalty and red card, so basically the referee decision… Read more »

Never Relegated

Another thing nobody has mentioned is Bamfords delayed fall to the ground and roll around like he had actually studded! Honestly though we should be getting an apology not this jargon charge from the sweet FA. They must be running low on cash! Unlikely, but I swear I would love Arsenal to get some proper lawyers and fight the case just for how wrong it is. I don’t care if we end up paying more money in legal fees but about time clubs started standing up to this absolutely corrupt FA.


Bamford should definitely have been booked for deliberate foul play and then for the dive. ‘If that was….’ it is 2 yellow cards in 5 seconds = one fat Red.

Never Relegated

Agreed! If Martinelli can get double carded then Bamford should have been gone! It just winds me up how people (media and so called pundits) jump on Gabriel’s back but ignore Bamford’s play acting. I dare to think what would have been said and done had it been an Arsenal player. It just reminds me of last year when Liverpool asked for our League cup game to be postponed due to “covid” only for the true results to come out and they were “false positives” but nobody said a thing. Then Arsenal dare ask for the sp**s game to be… Read more »

Alan Sunderland

That only applies to martinelli apparently. Ive seen numerous instances since when only the one yellow is given. Thiago silva also springs to mind.

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