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Gabriel Magalhaes signs long-term contract extension

Arsenal have reported that Gabriel Magalhaes has signed a new contract with the club.

The Brazil international joined the Gunners from Lille in 2020 for a fee of around £27m, and since then he has made 83 appearances for the club in all competitions.

Describing it as ‘the best day of my life’, the 24 year old said, “I’m very happy to sign this new contract with Arsenal, because it’s such a big club.

“It’s my dream and today is the best day of my life. I’m so happy to extend my contract here.

“Every game the supporters are pushing the team in the stadium. It’s why I’m so happy to stay here. Arsenal is my home.

“In the future, I want to win games for Arsenal, I want to win trophies with Arsenal and stay here for a long time because it’s my home.”

While Mikel Arteta said, “Gabi has shown huge qualities since he joined us. He is a young player with a great work ethic and his consistent strong performances have been hugely important to us over the past two seasons.

“Working with Gabi every day is a pleasure, he has formed strong relationships with everyone at the club and we’re so pleased that he has committed to us on a long-term contract.”

Congrats to Gabriel, and here’s to much success in the future (along with some other good news on the contract extension front).

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Get in!

Wonderful news.

🥂 🍾 😊


Just give them lucrative contracts, we definitely need those fantastic youngsters!


Hopefully it snowballs and this is the first of many. Saka, Gabi 2 and Saliba are absolutely key to our future

Funsho Patrick

Yes! Combative presence…captures the essence of this new spirit… do you also see saka knock down players twice his size these days? Hoping that core extends their contracts and propel us to a proper run in the champions League..


Ya, I pray they sign too. The rumours and suspense are unwelcome


I read this as Martinelli first time I looked at it. Happy this Gabi M has signed but it would eb great to have Martinelli sign too (and Saliba obviously, I’m currently assuming Saka will).

Finsbury Park Gooner

Saka and Martinelli will definitely sign, let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Saliba too…

Alan Sunderland

I think they’ll all sign. Different club now, we’re on the up. I can understand fans having PTSD though from previous negotiations.


Good news. Get the rest of this bright young team signed up, we can’t lose a single one of these talents to a rival! COYG


Where did this come from?! What a brilliant piece of news! Did not like the sound of those Juve whisperings in the Summer one bit, so I’m absolutely delighted about this. We all know he can be quite an emotional defender and we’ve seen the downside to that a couple of times the past year. But let’s not forget how rash say, Koscielny was at the age of 24. A true imposing defender who’s ceiling is huge, and watching him develop over the coming years is going to be so exciting. Now about his centre back partner…


Definitely an emotional defender – but that pendulum swings both ways – saw the negative last week, but saw the positive of it against Fulham as he was relentless in that game after his mistake, eventually atoning for it in the perfect way.

Super stoked to see him commit, proves we don’t hear everything when it comes to the negotiation front, who knows how long this was in the works. Let’s hope the next 3 or 4 extensions come before the World Cup, and we can sit back and enjoy our gems show off to the world.

Unfettered tr...

Koscielny want that rash. Most of our fans unfairly remember him this way because of the milk cup final. We also fail to recognise how good a defender he was before his achilles gave way.


Love that he loves Arsenal

Granit(e) hard!

Yaaaaaay, well done Edu and Arteta, he is one of our team ‘s core for now and the future, next Martineli, Saka and Saliba, God helping🙏🙂


You can improve your technical qualities as a defender with time and experience, but you can’t change your physical profile, and he has a perfect profile for a Premier League defender.

(not much United can do about their new CB’s physical profile, LOL!)


That’s the same defender Arsenal wanted as well. No need to diminish someone for their size. Martinez is a very good player and I wonder if we would have been better with him instead of always injured Zinchenko.


Absolutely well deserved! He’s one of my favorite players!


100%, you can tell he’s got a big heart, and if a fight ever broke out you’d want him there to back it. Lucky VAR saved him though, a couple seasons ago that could of been 2 points dropped!

Non-flying Dutchman

Great news!

I think people forget that he’s only 24 and was basically the same age as Saliba is now when he joined in 2020. With that in mind he has done incredibly well for such a young player and it’s impressive how much experience he has gained, making him a leader of the backline already! Glad he’s going to keep growing with us 😊


Great news and with Saliba, this is the best pairing since Adams and Campbell.

Holdings New Merkin

Total domination

Mesut Ö’Neill

Adams & Campbell played together 25 times when Tony was past his best, a more accurate assessment would be the best pairing since Campbell & Toure. Now that was a prime pairing

Mick Malthouse

Happy for him but I’m going to be unpopular and say we should be on the lookout for an upgrade and have him play the role Rob Holding does today. He isn’t top drawer like Saliba. There I said it.

He’s a brilliant defender and I’m delighted with his performances, but you make a fair point, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with always looking out for an upgrade.

Most of us didn’t think Leno, Bellerin, Tierney needed upgrading. Until we signed Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko.

A year ago we were all in love with Auba. Now we have an upgrade with Jesus.

Martin R

Zinchenko is not an upgrade for Tierney. He’s a great midfielder who’s versatile enough to play left back if Tierney is injured

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Mikel signed Zinchenko to be our first choice left-back.

The 5 games Zinchenko has been fit for in the league – at left-back of course – Tierney has been on the bench each time.


I think they are so successful because they are very different types of players and it fits the system perfectly.

Having alternatives has given us flexibility even though 8/11 of the first team are consistent starters the fact the others behind them are different stylistically forces them to be either more rounded or even better at what they do

I think it is brilliant squad management and man management


seems like you’re just chattin bollocks. zinny hasn’t played midfield for us once. of course he was bought as an upgrade to tierney. if you’d been watching close enough the past few seasons, you could’ve seen tierney isn’t quite top drawer.

Holdings New Merkin

He’s the best CB in the role. Kos was a high line, aggressive ball winner. Perfect foil for Mertesacker. He is the same mould and compliments Saliba.

Boy Bastin

He’s a good defender but I don’t think he’s yet the finished article – and he has clearly made a few errors, some costly. That said, I’m sure he can improve his overall game.

As to an upgrade, I guess the club is always on the lookout for those in most/all positions. If that should happen to Gabriel sometime in the future, then his contract extension will help to maintain his market value.


There will always be drama when you play a high line. You won’t find many better players that will work in this system and score quite a few goals.


Ok if you can find any better leftside center back at 24 let us know. Gabby is doing just fine. Within a year or so he will cut out some of his mistakes which is not alot. The presence of Saliba has made people quick to critique him too harshly, not remembering Saliba is a generational talent of a center back. With time Gabby will learn how to manage is body weight better, his agility will improve and with experience the mistakes will diminish. He has a high ceiling and I am sure he will reach there. There is not… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

There isn’t too many of Saliba’s quality in world football, forming a good partnership is the biggest key to defending well and the two we currently have look like they can become a formidable partnership.

Arap Nget

Great news for big Gabi and big news for Arsenal. Its been a pleasure to watch him grow and learn and produce for the Arsenal. Hope he grows and realizes his full potential.

Eazy Deezy

Great news?! When did his old contract expire, 2025? And news ok how long the new one will be, I’m guessing 2027 is likely?

Boy Bastin

Yes, but it provides the club with additional “space”, as well as the player. You never know what may happen in the future so it’s best to have a long-term contract in place to help maintain the market value of a player comfortably into the future – just in case.


i can (grudgingly) accept arteta’s close-mouthed nature regarding fitness updates, but they seriously won’t even tell us how many years a player signed for now? uefa should give us an nba-style system where the details of the contracts for all players are public, please.



I take it that you don’t play Poker.

Boy Bastin

Good news. I suspect that Arsenal will want to try and tie up the contract negotiations for Saka, Martinelli, and Saliba before the World Cup if at all possible (although it’s down to the players and their agents at the end of the day of course). The club won’t really want the negotiations dragging on into the new year. Anyway, Gabriel’s contract extension may be some encouragement to the others, if nothing else.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I didn’t see this coming.

Great news that he’s signed long term, and middle finger to the idiots giving him stick of late

The idiots have moved on from Xhaka and Tavares, and have now targeted Gabriel.

Martin R

Idiot supporters always have to have a scapegoat. As you say Gabriel has become the latest victim.

Naked Cygan

There are idiot supporters who look for a scapegoat true, there are supporters who give fair constructive criticism based on facts, and there are stupid supporters who can’t understand the difference between the two. There is nothing wrong with pointing out mistakes and trying to improve. No one is perfect!!


Great news. Does anyone know how much he is now on and for how long?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Until 2027.

Mesut Ö’Neill

400k a week and worth every penny 😊


Get in there!

Am I the only one who thinks that Saka and Gabi have already signed and we’re just waiting for Saliba to announce a triple extension? Would be one hell of a statement!


Good for you big Gabi. Now tell your partner to the right there to do the same thing.


Great bit of business for one of the best centre backs certainly in the league if not Europe ! Get in there Gabi !!!!


Great news. Congratulations Gabi.

You are not Mustafi, Luiz, Mari or Paulista and I love you for it.

Martin R

Why mention Luiz? He was an excellent signing and despite the occasional indiscretion was great team player.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Excellent is a strong word. He was a decent signing at the time as a temporary measure.

Cranky Colin

150,000 a week?
Anyone take a guess?

He’s worth it no matter what

Euros or Sterling?!

Mesut Ö’Neill

It is documented that he was on £50k a week previously, so perhaps it’s been doubled to £100k


Good news, I hadn’t realised he was being negotiated with


What an amazing player. He had a rocky spell in his second year but he pulled through with so much determination and character. I feel as if it made him and he has never looked back

Dixie Chisanga

Well done Gabriel. Let’s the others join our crusade in making Arsenal big


Arsenal is my home. I love to hear those words❤️


Time for Rob to get a new deal too! 2yr+1 is not long enough.

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