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Report: Leeds 0 – 1 Arsenal (incl. goals)

Result: Leeds United 0 – 1 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 16 October 2022
Venue: Elland Road

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Jesus

Subs: Turner, Tierney, Cedric, Holding, Lokonga, Vieira, Nelson, Marquinhos, Nketiah

A high energy game at Elland Road finished 0-1 in Arsenal’s favour through a first half goal by Bukayo Saka.

Arsenal were made to work hard for their win as Leeds battled bravely and could have at least took a point from the game were it not for their profligate finishing.


The Gunners were unchanged from the big win against Liverpool with Takehiro Tomiyasu retaining his place on the left side of defence after a collosal display against Mo Salah.

Up front, Gabriel Jesus returns to lead the line after being rest from the mid-week Europa League adventures in Norway.

First Half

The game at Elland Road started inauspiciously with a power outage affecting the referee’s communication devices which delayed kickoff by a good 40 minutes.

Upon coming out of the locker rooms, Arsenal looked cold and required a jolt to their senses to match Leeds’ energy. Leeds allowed Arsenal to progress the ball up to the halfway line before pressing and snuffing out Arsenal’s attack.

There wasn’t much space for our midfield trio to dictate the game, even with Tomiyasu drifting in to provide an option in the centre. Leeds, on the other hand, played hard but fair and were quick to break for a counter with Rodrigo dangerous with his direct dribbles.

The first big opportunity from the tactical battle came to Leeds. A point blank effort from a corner was pushed away well by Ramdale on the line. Arsenal responded immediately with the best opportunity of the first 30 mins. Martinelli crossed from the left and Xhaka dummied for Odegaard to strike. The captain couldn’t get a clean contact on the ball and it dropped for Jesus on the right. You’d have expected the forward to score with his chip but it landed on the roof of the net.

Arsenal had to be sharp, clean and crisp with their passing to get out of Leeds’ tackles. And they were just that when they went ahead. Arsenal pressured Rodrigo to wildly lash the ball towards Saka from the other side of the pitch. Saka headed down for Odegaard who returned the ball with a perfectly weighted pass down the inside right.

The winger lashed the ball into the roof of the net from an acute angle, surprising Meslier who looked to cover the far post. 1-0 Saka

Second Half

Leeds came out strong looking for an equaliser. Within the first couple of minutes, they looped in a cross for Harrison at the far post. The ball was scuppered for half time substitute Bamford to strike but he was penalised for a foul on Gabriel in the lead up to the goal.

Leeds continued cutting Arsenal through the middle and the pressure was felt by Saliba who handled the ball in the box. The referee didn’t catch the moment but was called upon by VAR a minute later to double check on the error.

The referee called to the spot but Bamford could only shoot the ball wide and low.

The match continued to be played at a frantic pace. Sinisterra ghosted in to the box and shot from around the penaly spot but Gabriel was on hand to block it from close range. It wasn’t long until Bamford was put through on goal against a recovering Saliba but had Ramsdale to thank for running off his line to smother the attempt.

Arsenal couldn’t get out of their half nor regain possession as Leeds piled on the pressure looking for the equaliser. With 10 mins to go, Arteta switched to a back five, Holding joined the central defenders flanked by Tomiyasu and Tierney.

The change in formation took the sting out of the game as it enabled Arsenal to regain and retain possession again. The drama was far from over though as it all culminated during injury time where Gabriel was red carded for impeding Bamford’s run in the box. Though in honesty, it looked like Bamford ran into, and pushed Gabriel down instead.

VAR had the referee reassess the incident on the screen and he correctly rescinded the card and foul.

The Gunners, and their fans, were relieved to hear the final whistle after 9 minutes of injury time as they were on the ropes but their never-say-die attitude saw them through a nervy second half.

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Phew! Lucky stuff, Leeds very good in the second half and should have had a goal (or more) from the penalty plus other good chances. Though second penalty decision was weird. Not sure why we were so bad.


Kavanaugh oh Kavanaugh, there’s no way you’re going to steal our 3 points. He is a scandal!! Now let’s watch the Anfield game….


Rooting for Liverpool, whichI never thought I would do.


To be fair he did overturn it…




Linesman gave that, no idea what the hec he had seen there. Im not even sure of the yellow to Gabriel. But who gives a toss, 3 points, fingers crossed Liverpool takes something from City


Still a bit daft from Gabriel. He really needs to cut that side from his game. 3 points is 3 points though! Let’s go.


I couldn’t agree more. so far if there were question marks on any of our first 11, i would place it on him. He needs to control his emotions, we do not need red card disruptions.

Dave Cee

Yep, it gettingbto be almost every week there is an incident involving Gabriel, a bit concerning.
Good 3 points tho


agreed… he’s fouled… go to ground and roll around clutching your head… don’t lash out! he has always had this in his game… Mikel give the lad a chat!!!!

A Different George

Gabriel kicked out at Bamford, though he made minimal contact, or maybe none. But that was not apparent from the touchline.


Two of the bottom three are the next two matches! Fingers crossed we can recover our form and keep our run going!

Mr positive

Happy 3 points, but Gab will cost us points at this rate .

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Gabriel was our man of the match on both whoscored and sofascore – just saying


Big Gabi had a solid game, although abit rash to kick back. Saliba and Tomi not so much. Big 3 points but boy was that 2nd half draining. Ramsdale Motm for me.


Well, if you think hes a risk at the back and that its time to say that after his performances so far and that we are top of the table maybe you should look back at our back four the last years…


But he needs to take that stupid stuff out of his game… when Holding is erm holding him back then you know you have a problem… Saliba nevers gets involved in the stupid stuff… take note Gabriel


Oof! I think I need a new heart.Welldone Arsenal F.C.


I don’t wanna hear “it was only Leeds”

Obama Young

Leeds played like men possessed today. That was their best effort possible, except for that wild pass that led to our goal and dirty Bamford choking on the penalty.
They played really well, pressed us like maniacs and beat us to almost every loose ball. I doubt they play that well again this year, even in wins.
So glad we escaped with all 3 points.

Brady’s bunch

Partey had his head up his hole today but all over we were poor, looked tired but big result Leeds we’re unlucky


Ted Lasso agrees with you!

Boy Bastin

I think the pressure of the frequency of games, and the inevitable tiredness/ fatigue that results from it is beginning to have an effect. Unfortunately, it won’t get easier any time soon though. We can hope that Liverpool will do us a favour against City and provide us with a little more space at the top.


There might be better performances, but these are the points that make a difference. Brilliant!



Fuck the performance, you win titles and qualify for ECL with points. Not by opinions or being gallant losers.

Fuck the media.

We won. 😊👍


Agreed. It is almost forgotten that Odegaard and Saka conjured up a fantastic goal in the fist half though. That was the difference and Leeds couldn’t take their chances.

Trixie Popsicle



European Champions League?

Boy Bastin

You’re right. The concern I have is that fatigue looks to be having an effect now with the particularly busy schedule we’ve got. However, this young team are full of surprises, so we’ll see.


All major teams will experience fatigue


Holy shitballs. my finger nails are gone. That was horrible.


COYG. Top. Of. The. League. Cmon Liverpool


Draw please. I don’t want Liverpool recovering.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

But we don’t want city going the season unbeaten.

Alexander Nikolov

Dont worry, they will meet Saliba 😉


I’d prefer it is us that stops that record. You have to accept City will be in the the top 4, I can see Liverpool slipping if they keep dropping points.


You have to accept City will be in the top 4

Are you hearing yourself?




Good point! We dont want them lot being invincibles too. 😀


Not going to happen.


They won’t. They got up for the game today, but by and large this current Liverpool side are becoming a busted flush.

And Klopp knows it – he’s already written them off for the title this season.

I foresee a period of transition and rebuilding for them over the next two or three seasons. They’ll be third or fourth at best.




Breath fat Gunner, 2nd half was a hard watch. Hectic schedule catching on.


Said the actress to the Bishop.

Bleeding gums murphy

Lucky your not in charge fats, we would just got on with it without var 😜



Beelzebub Asmodeus

Only positive thing Fa*gooner has written all week

James Jarman

That was painful but so happy with the result. COYG


Terrible performance. But we won! So, yey!


Don’t think it was a terrible performance, just not as good. Leeds played well.

Salt and pepper

It’s about time we have some luck. having said that gabi is becoming a liability at the back to be honest


He’ll have Trusty for competition next season. The left footed American lad making a name for himself at Birmingham this season- might even have an outside chance of a WC spot..


He really needs to control his emotion. Not first time saw him like that this season.


or last… needs a chill pill… or be more like Saliba!


I wouldn’t call him a liability. But he needs to keep his calm a bit more.


Gabriel is the kind of defender we could only dream about a few years ago. We lost momentum in the 2nd half and it is hard to regain.


Well said.

When I think of all the clowns masquerading as centre backs that we’ve had since the Invincibles, Gabi is a breath of fresh air.

Get off his back, those of you slagging him off.

He’s a far better player than Mustafi and Co ever were.


I’d almost forgotten Mustafi and his bizarre antics:-)


His cock ups (and blaming everyone else on the pitch for them) cost us precious points time and again. It’s no coincidence that after he joined, we dropped out of the Champions League and stayed out. He was a disaster in the cups too – he came up with a stunning own goal in one particular league cup tie just seconds into the game. Needless to say, we lost the tie. I’m eternally grateful that Rob Holding was available for the FA Cup Finals against Chelsea in 2017 and 2020 to ‘deputise’ for him – otherwise it’s odds on that… Read more »

Obama Young

Not many people would have been able to keep their cool with that bastard Bamford ramming into their back with a dirty cheap shot like that.
In an ideal world, he would have just taken it without retaliating physically, but it’s a very human reaction that hit. At least VAR got it right in the end.


go to ground and roll around clutching your head… don’t lash out!


far far better


better than Mustafi? That’s a very low bar you are setting 🙂


I mentioned he’s been a breath of fresh air in terms of the centre halves we’ve had since the Invincibles.

In other words, Saliba, Gabi and White (along with Holding and Tommi) are – in my opinion – easily the best group of centre halves we’ve had at the club since 2004 when Toure, Campbell and Keown went an entire season undefeated.

That, my friend, is the highest bar.


*league season


Is it time to consider moving Ben White to cb and starting Tomiyasu and Tierney?

House of Goons

It definitely feels like it should at least be considered. Not sure if it’s the right move, but he is worrying me at times.


I’d like to Gabriel rested, Tomi at LCB, and White and Tierney L and R. I have to think Gabriel is not getting any sleep with his newborn…


we’ve won 9/10 games and we’re top of the league. Why the hell would we change anything?


In a word, no.


agree rest Gabi get Ben White in there… he’s been amazing and should be in England squad

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Except sofascore made Gabriel man of the match on an 8.2. The second highest rated defender was White on 7.2.


Calling him a liability is gross exaggeration. He’s in my opinion one of the best defenders in the league. He’s had some shaky moments, mostly because of his temper and the super high line we play, but a liability? Are you kidding me?

I’ve noticed in the past 2 or so years that some fans have become incredibly entitled and impatient. Player has a couple of not perfect games? He’s trash and needs to go! Absolutely juvenile attitude. I know the comment is a bit rude, but this kind of attitude pisses me off


“ I’ve noticed in the past 2 or so years that some fans have become incredibly entitled and impatient.”

lol, just the last 2 or so?


Exactly! This has been going on for many years now, unfortunately.

C’est la vie.


Yes! Yes! Yes mate! Exactly this!


we’re top of the league, no liability anywhere in this team.

He’s also really good.


Excellent article.


Really good find, that. I can’t understand some people’s desire to find scapegoats, nor why anyone would scapegoat Gabriel.


He had a better game than Saliba, other than that one incident. Lazy narrative about Gabriel forming within the Arsenal ranks. Even top of the league we need someone to bitch about.

Leeds played very well in the 2nd half, we looked tired and couldn’t hold on to the ball. First full half of football this whole season we didn’t look in control. Yet, 3 more points in a tough away fixture.


A liability….?!

Are you having a fucking laugh….?

Cedric is a liability; Gabriel is a top drawer player.


One CB gives away a handball penalty and a breakaway that should have been a goal and all anyone can focus on is the other CB that did nothing wrong, strange!

Martin Ø’Nelly

Ugly win. How sweet!


Sooooo happy to get out of Ellen road with 3 points.
Shame we haven’t elneny, Smith Rowe zinchenko to rest legs on Thursday nights


Our toughest game so far, Thursday football catching up I guess. Even the gods are favoring us this season. Upwards and onwards boys. 3 points in the bag, COYG!!!


Is it me or has Gabriel not been up to the standard for a few weeks now

Lord Burton-Howell

I think he has been good just a few lapses in concentration that luckly haven’t cost us.

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

As I pointed out above, Gabriel was man of the match on sofascore with 8.2. Our second best outfield player was Odegaard on 7.5, so Gabriel was our highest rated outfield player by some distance


Are you going to point it out again?

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Is that a pointed question


He’s been more than up to standard. I think some people just have brains that can’t help but exaggerate the negatives and belittle the positives. He is for me one of the best defenders in the league! We play a very high line, and those little mistakes come with the style of play, especially if the opposition decides to press up the pitch.


He hasn’t been & it was so poor to lose his head like that, when there was no need but then he also played mid week and Saliba is lucky that Bamford didn’t score so he’s flown under the radar! This was late Wenger-era defending and not sure why we couldn’t even keep the ball. White got roasted in 2nd half that there was so much of space on his side for Leeds, Partey had a mixed half, some nice interceptions but bad passes and Tierney was just lumping it instead of maintaining possession – heck even Ode couldn’t keep… Read more »


It’s you.


Hoo boy, squeaky bum stuff there for sure.

Good thing we waited for the VAR.


Holy shxt. I have never experienced a game quite like this. My nerves were in tatters. I went from quiet resignation to wtf every second. Also, wasn’t that an offside in the buildup to their goal???
I’m glad we won. But please Arsenal, never do this again. 😭 Leave it for Spurs to win like terrorists.
Onwards and upwards. Mayhaps it’s really our season. 🌚


Which of their goal? Dd we watch the same game?


Buildup to their penalty I meant to say.


You are correct. It is very clear how far back one go back and review. The shorter the better imo.


Not very clear.


I thought it was an offside on the build up to their penalty not goal, the little mutt shot wide.

Mr positive

Spurs will never win even playing as terrorist.

djourou's nutmeg

it’s a gap in the rules. var can only tell the referee about an offside if the play ends in a goal. as it didn’t end in a goal but in a penalty, var can’t intervene. hope they change that for next season, because it would’ve been obviously very unfair if they tied the game like that


Thanks, buuuuuut if they scored from the penalty then the play would have led to a goal no?


I warmed up to leeds recently mostly because of Marcello. But I really despised their antics. Fair play to their very aggressive attacking game but they really did not have to be so cuntish about it. While I hope they give everyone a hard time later in the season, I won’t they don’t get relegated. I’m south African and Lucas Radebe is a legend there.

Massive 3 points. Gargantuan Win.


What about Philomen Masinga!

Man Manny

Below par second half. 3 points. Clean sheet. File it away. Next game.


Gabriel will do well to keep his emotions in check, he is soon becoming the weaklink in the defence and teams are going to exploit that.
Leeds definitely gave us a game there, and the team did well to dug out points – and all 3 of it.


he has been making costly mistakes lately


Yes we’re also top of the league and used to have mustafi starting for us


Mate, we are four points clear at the top.

It would be seven, had Martinelli’s opening goal stood at Old Toilet (If that goal stands, Arsenal go on to win, no question).

Save your moaning for Cedric. If anyone in the current squad is going to cost us points, it’s him.


Fucking brilliant result. Well done boys. I couldn’t care less if we were lucky or this or that or any of the fucking shit they’ll spend hours pouring over in the media. Fortunately, common sense prevailed (for once) and Leeds’ second penalty – and Gabi’s Red – were overturned. I couldn’t give a shit what Jamie O Cunting Hara or Ratfink Neville say. We won. We got the points. And that, boys and girls, is all that matters. Said We Are Top Of The League!! Cheers! 👍😊 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 👍 🍺 🍺 🍺… Read more »


My heart literally in mouth most of the second half. The win was absolutely crucial. The Thursday football is taking its toll on the boys. Took every ounce of strength and some good fortune to get the points in. Happy we have this behind us, but what on earth was Gabrielle thinking


If I was Eddie i would be somewhere between questioning and being furious. If he doesn’t get 30 minutes, when will he ever? Jesus offered nothing today that Eddie wouldn’t.


to be fair, the whole team was terrible and I don’t think anyone really offered Jesus anything all game.


Agree. But changes needed to be made early in the second and that is the most obvious one to me, especially with Jesus coming off an injury.


If there isn’t an Eddie Nketiah News site then I think you should start one.


Because i have made one comment about Eddie in my entire life on a webpage? Gabriel Jesus is an amazing player, just not today.

Mick Malthouse

How did Eddie play midweek?


Mate, it’s a squad game now. We’ve now gone up a level.

Thankfully Eddie understands this.

Walter White

So pleased that Bamford didn’t get away with clear simulation. Stuff like that should earn you a red.


Too stressful by half – BUT you’re not going to stay at the top only with easy wins. These are vital points. Well done SAKA and RAMSDALE

unclenched buttocks

I would say this was our best win of the season. Something beautiful about shithousing your way to these wins


And pissing off people like Gary Neville into the bargain.

Winning Ugly is thing of beauty, my friend, a thing of beauty.


Need to find a way not to play our best players on Thursdays. White, Saliba and Odergaard all clearly suffering mentally and physically out there. The stupid delay at the start didn’t help either.


Thank heaven we don’t have Citeh to play midweek!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I doubt any of them will start PSV as all three also played last Thursday.

The Far Post

Don’t think we can afford that unfortunately; we want to top the group, and PSV are right behind us.


Fucking phew


Big 3 points, rode our luck but these kind of wins will give the team so much confidence. Gabriel’s reaction to being pushed was shocking, there’s no need for that. But the linesmen was seriously crooked and incompetent. Well done VAR & ref for making the objectively correct calls.

Guns Up

VAR actually worked as intended today, thankfully.


Nah, missed the offside in teh lead up to their first pen.


What a game! I thought Thursday night football caught up with the boys a bit. They tired out in the 2nd half strewn with lots of individual errors. But what I really like about this game is that it was a great test of Arsenal’s resilience. Few years back we would have lost this one surely. But we won. Secondly and probably more importantly it’s a great and timely reminder that we’re not a finished article yet. Lots to learn and apply as we go to another tough away game at So’ton. COYG!!!

K gooner

Nice to get the 3 points. Previously in such situations, luck used to F*** us. Now, luck luck luckety luck favouring us.


Haha. You’ve just reminded me of Hugh Laurie as potty Prince George in the Regency Black Adder III.

Emi Rates

Very bad second half performance and beyond lucky that Bamford was too shit to put his penalty away. What was Saliba thinking when catching that ball? Fucking hell! Lucky Leeds were too shit to put any of their chances away. If they hadn’t fluffed it we’d have lost 4-1 or more. Hats off to the ref for taking on board Arsenal’s objections and VAR’ing the second penalty.

Glad we won! Onwards, upwards, COYG and up the Liverpool!


We ran out of gas for this one. Thursday game and then travel back to London and then to Leeds. Plus Leeds were pressing like crazy. Ugly win but an important one. Gabriel Mag got lucky this time. Fella definitely need a break from first team for a game or 2 to recharge.

That second half will be an excellent learning experience.

Hard to pinpoint why we couldn’t keep the ball. Xhaka, TP, and Jesus just couldn’t stamp any authority like they usually do.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Best Leeds have played all season, when you are top of the league people are gonna up their game when you come to town.We knew October was going to be tough, no mid week game for Leeds and we have been to the Arctic Circle and back.


At least our midweek game this week is only PSV instead of the planned game.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

And it’s at Emirates, you’re right wouldn’t have fancied City

They beat Chelsea 3-0 which makes today’s result feel even better.

Man Manny

Best Leeds have played this season? No way. They played better when they tore Chelsea to shreds in a 3-0 win.


The players were very tired in the second half. The way we play requires intensity, which requires players to be in top shape for the whole game. Which is why I find it mildly infuriating how little Arteta rotates his players. He needs to trust the bench a lot more if we’re going to get as far as we hope


Rotated lots for Bodo games but players didn’t really look good enough as starters tbf

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Most of the bench played three days ago and will start against PSV.


Isn’t it strange the our best CB last season is becoming so poor when he got the best partnership this season? Gabriel needs competition at the back. He’s too comfortable. Anyways good result. CoYG


Trusty the process


🎵Was a jolly happy soul…🎵🎅🏼🎄


Terrible performance, very tired legs in the 2nd half after the Bodo game and the disrupted start. And we still won. Very happy with that.

Zadok the Regular Dishwasher Salesman





Terrible second half we were quite lucky. Gabriel was lucky as well, easily a red despite the barge. Gabriel’s temper is a liability.


3 points are 3 points. At the end of the season when the points are totalled up there are no bonus ones for artistic impression and none deducted for getting away with a ton of good luck. We. Are. Top of the league!

Boy Bastin

Points win prizes (if you get enough of them). I remember particularly in AW’s latter seasons we played the good possession football, lots of passing etc. but usually got diddly squat to show for it. We really needed, and got, the three today and that’s what counts.

Mr Manager

Id love to (I wouldnt) have been in a room full of sp*rs fans watching that game

Anteneh Ademe

I think we need reinforcement in January. A striker and defensive midfielder.

Boy Bastin

I agree that we need reinforcements, but clubs rarely sell their quality players in that window because it weakens sides at a time when many are involved in top/bottom table fights, in European competition, domestic cups etc. That’s not to say Edu won’t look to bring someone in, but I don’t think it’s certain by any means. I’m sure he’ll only try if it’s the right player(s), otherwise it’s the summer window.

Partey gonna shoot

That was one ugly win! Hope the VAR gods continue to be in our favour for remainder of the season.


i dont think people realise how much these metabolism/energy packs affect you.

these guys would of been on the comedown from the ones taken before the starting kickoff late into that second half.

crazy performance, but one needed!

Paul Silk

So would Leeds, but they had the benefit of a quiet night in on Thursday.


1-0 to the Arsenal, top of the league, no dropped points in Europa, played well in the only defeat !!! Err c’mon guys give the boys a break & get off big Gabi’s back ! He was better than Saliba today, he was fouled & he hardly kicked out ? A rest would do him no harm but he’s part of the reason we are sat at the top looking down ! Some tired faces all over the pitch but we won !!! I’ll have that all day long Gooooners !!!!

Boy Bastin

I agree with you. Very few players play at a consistently very high-level game in and game out and the high frequency of games doesn’t help, so it’s natural for players to vary a bit in performance. I don’t think we need worry about any of our defenders.

Paul Silk

Very few play every game at a high level…even Man City strikers, as it happens

Jean Ralphio

Feel like sometimes we need to start with 2 up front and Lokonga in midfield to support Partey


Clinged on! Why the fuck are we having to watch shit streams while the rest of the world doesn’t?

The argument that grounds wouldn’t be filled in the PL is nonsense.

Can’t comment one the game as was constantly looking for new shit streams that worked for more than 30 seconds 🤦‍♂️

Paul Silk

Watching it live in Oz wasn’t particularly easy. I might have enjoyed a break to find a stream last night. Watching the whole thing non-stop was mentally bloody exhausting.

Boy Bastin

All The Fun Of The Fair – and then some! Setting aside the on and off pitch drama, it was a must-win game for us particularly with Sp*rs and Chelsea winning and possibly City (although let’s hope Liverpool can do us a favour) and we did, just. It was hardly the big win that some Gooners thought we’d get – but it’s these types of game than can sometimes turn out to be very difficult, and different, from what the form book suggests. That said, our youngsters showed resilience and held their nerve despite a penalty and a “phantom” penalty… Read more »

SLC Gooner

The second half was poor from us, probably the worst half in the PL this season. We were better at Utd in the loss. But credit to Leeds, they worked very hard.

And while I’m not a fan of VAR, but it basically did a very good job today, aside from taking a long to correctly identify the Saliba handball.


I wonder if the FA investigation is helping us with VAR. If an England player gets found guilty of something just before the World Cup it would upset Gareth’s preparations.


its 3 points no matter who you beat and I hope that Arteta puts that point across to the team, awful performance but we got away with it. We won’t always and sadly no matter how well he plays there’s a mistake in Gabriel. Good thing is you can always learn.


Short turnaround against a fresher team who play at a high intensity. No shame in playing badly and winning that one, potential banana skin avoided. Great to see.


Bamford.. that penalty miss served him right hehe.

Great win, if a bit more nervy then one would like 😉

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