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Report: Southampton 1 – 1 Arsenal (incl. goals)

Result: Southampton 1 – 1 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 23 October 2022
Venue: St Mary’s Stadium

Arsenal:Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus

Subs: Turner, Cedric, Holding, Tierney, Lokonga, Vieira, Nelson, Marquinhos, Nketiah

Arsenal could only draw 1-1 away to Southampton despite dominating large periods of the first half. Granit Xhaka scored early on 10 minutes and the team were always on the cusp of a second without killing the game off.

Instead, Southampton equalised against the run of play in the second half and made the rest of the game a scrap which saw the game end even.


Arsenal started with the same team that started the last league game against Leeds in search of their 10th win in 11 league games.

Tomiyasu kept his place at left back ahead of Tierney alongside the settled defensive line of Gabriel, Saliba, White and Ramsdale at the back.

First Half

Both teams started at the St Mary’s at a high, intense pace but it was Arsenal who were more crisp with their passing to control proceedings.

Despite Southampton’s efforts to press high and hard, they found it challenging to wrestle the ball away from Arsenal. Jesus was only fractionally offside when he shot from the left within the first minute. Xhaka and Odegaard had chances just minutes later but their efforts were well saved.

It didn’t take long for the Gunners to make their breakthrough on the 10th minute mark. Saka played in an overlapping White who drove the ball low into the box Xhaka to ghost in and put Arsenal head. 0-1 Arsenal

The goal gave Arsenal the confidence to stroke the ball around calmly across the turf. For the next 10 minutes, Southampton couldn’t get out of their half and when they did regain the ball, they couldn’t find a way to break down the Gunners.

Come the 30th minute mark, Southampton started to wrestle back some control. They  earned themselves some corners and long throws to put Ramsdale under pressure but Arsenal stood strong.

Southampton couldn’t keep control of the game for long and it was all Arsenal again as the first half ended. Martinelli had a jinking run out from wide through the middle past multiple opponents but his shot was deflected. The Gunners almost doubled their lead but Jesus could only strike directly at the goalkeeper in injury time.

Second Half

Cruise control – that how you’d describe how Arsenal paced themselves after coming out of the break. It was death by a thousand passes as Southampton could only survive on scraps though Arsenal needed to find a second to kill the game entirely.

Perhaps Arsenal were too comfortable as they got hit against the run of play on the 65th minute. A quick counter by the home side saw Armstrong slipped through on goal and made a neat finish past Ramsdale to equalize for Southampton. 1-1 Southampton

Suddenly Arsenal were on the backfoot and they couldn’t regain possession. On came Tierney for White as Tomiyasu moved to the right, and Nketiah took Martinelli’s place on the left wing.

The game was frantic and physical, with the Southampton players guilty of grabbing onto Arsenal players a little too much without the referee calling for fouls. Players were misplacing passes all over and tactical fouls littered the end of the game as nerves crept in and no one wanted to lose.

It was a disappointing result for Arsenal who should have put Southampton to the sword when they were dominating for most of the first 60 minutes. Instead, they dropped two points after letting the home side back and couldn’t find their feet since.

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Disappointing result, sloppy at times and tired, especially for their goal. Referee poor. Didn’t deserve the win but still top of the league…


one of those frustrating games, a combination of sloppy touches and fuckall refereeing. partey’s been so poor at times, takes so long on the ball, passes it to no one, and just generally looks off it. good news is we no longer capitulate when he has an off day but, he needs to figure himself out asap. Jesus needs a lucky break and get his confidence back, then he scores all the chances he missed today.


You had me until you started laying into Partey.

He absence in April and May is one of the major reasons why we didn’t make top four and his performances this season are also a major reason why we are top of the league.


I mean I agree with you, objectively we are an infinitely better team when he plays but he’s had a fair few below par halves in the last few games. both things can be true, we play better with him and he’s not at his best. We’re great now and we’ll be even better once he starts performing to the level we know he can

Crash Fistfight

Referee poor is an understatement.


I guess we’re pretty tired. After scintillating 20 minutes we’re running out of steam, we made more back passes than forward and when chances come finishing wasn’t good. Despite his high work rate Jesus wasted seveal chances. Subs couldn’t lift our game, Eddie looked more tired than Jesus.
I guess we need more fire power from the transfer windows.


Against Leeds the team was kicked and kicked. Today pushed,pulled grabbed and allowed to do it. Yellow card that was a dead straight red for hands around neck. Saka gets a yellow when tripped.
the play that bothers me most was when Jesus fought past that big oaf was ridden like a horse pulled back and then is able to reach around. Dead penalty.
as we say out west, if you’re going to let them ride my players like that, at least let us put saddles on.

Teryima Adi

The ref was abysmal.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think everyone is right to go in on the ref. Some of the decisions (or lack there of) were laughable. No protection for our players so they just kept doing it. That number 4 was a fucking Neanderthal. Buuuuuuut, you can’t play woefully for 60 minutes and honestly expect three points. As awful as the ref was, in the second half, we were worse. We couldn’t string two passes together. Not going to pile in on Jesus but that first half volley has to go in. Simple as. Wonderful player. Not going to question that. But he needs to… Read more »

Dave Cee

I have never associated Southampton with rough housing, but today it was all I could see. Jesus literally punched twice in the back, nothing said about it. Caleta-Car, grabbing people around the neck in every challenge for the ball, nothing said. Guy aims a headbutt at Nketiah, yellow only. Just incredible what they got away with


This is a loss,considering how we played in the first half.We should be winning this if we are to compete for the epl title.I am very dissapointed with today’s second half performance.

We weren’t just poor in the second half, we were poor for the final 70 minutes.


I’d say from minute 33 onwards, when they got a series of corners and we could not come out of our half, since then we had couple of chances, but they had momentum


Mate, even the Invincibles drew every now and then.

Get your head up. 😊👍🍺

Alan Sunderland

Spurs 2 down at halftime, there’s always reasons to be cheerful. Ian dury was right all along


They really are the gift that keeps on giving.

I hope Newcastle smash the shit out of them.

I also hope a bolt of lightning hits and smashes that fucking cockerel on the rooftop of the toilet bowl.

Alan Sunderland

Some good shithousing from Wilson as he was being substituted. Conte
might throw the toys out of the pram before world cup.


We run out of steam, some players were too casual and gave way the ball too often. We are missing Mo, ESR and Zinc, lack of rotation is taking its toll


We were awful after scoring.early (missing some good chances and all), but that was absolutlely appalling refeering. Ben White shoved in the box reason… no review. We didn’t even get a.replay. Same thing in the second half with the Tierney incident. It was said before the game that Southampton hadn’t lost when the tool reffed them. I guess he was keen to keep that record

Johnny 4 Hats

I had a Spanish stream and I don’t speak any Spanish.

After the Tierney one (which looked bad on first (and only) viewing) I saw the ref jogging over to the touchline and got very, very excited. But he just booked Jover, even though Jover didn’t grab a player around the neck and throw him to the floor.

Yeah, I would’ve loved some replays. I haven’t seen any of these apart from in real time.


What was up with no replays? There were 2 possible penalty decisions that they never showed a replay. Even when they game was stopped. Frustrating.


The ref was (is) an absolute cunt.

The Far Post

Understand the players are tired, but perhaps it was a mental thing too. I was hoping to see more of a push to win it, but we looked like a team happy for a draw in the last 15 min + extra time. Unfortunately the matches are still coming up at this same rate six more times before the WC break.


Eddie should be absolutely busting a gut when he comes on, like he’s got a point to prove. But to see him lose the ball easily then jog lightly after their man is annoying to see


I think he did well and managed to unnerve them, forced a yellow card

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He didn’t force a yellow card, it was a deliberate yellow in order to waste a few more seconds.


lol, Lyanco should have been sent off,

Dave Cee

In the 1st half when he punched Jesus in the back!

Bleeding gums murphy

He’s not good enough. Many don’t want to believe it. Hopefully an upgrade in January 🙏🏻


Dude knows that playing well or not, he gets around 10 mins max every week so its hard for motivation. This is partly on Arteta.


Eddie seems rather complacent. Don’t see the reason. He needs to up his game dramatically if he wants to succeed here.

Village Green

Eddie is not a winger. If he plays at all he needs to play down the middle.


He was shite today. As was Vieira. Which is a shame because I’m rooting for both of them.


Some of the players are starting to look quite tired and in particular Jesus. There needs to be a bit more rotation, as the team looked every static in the 2nd half. At least this team know not to lose under these circumstances.


He was clean through with only the keeper to beat. That’s the moment I got that bad feeling

Arsene's Coat

Agreed, but the lack of quality of the subs today showed just why Mikel feels he has to over rely on the starters!


their CBs were killing him. chelski got a pen against manure for the exact same thing the ref waived like five times today, both in the box and outside. ridiculous.


Hey, it happens. PL is tough. A good away point and still top of the League! COYG!


It’s a measure of how far we’ve come that a draw hits us hard!



Teryima Adi



Spot on.

Ashburton Patriot

Not sure I agree. Don’t think this hit hard at all. It’s a result that’s been coming for a while. Recent performances have been lacklustre. Home game against Notts seems like just what the doctor ordered. Fans need to keep up the positive energy and transfer it to the players again. The players need to feel confident playing good football again.


Yep, well said.


We are looking really tired and Arteta needs to give some players a rest.

On the other hand with a half, half decent ref we would have won this game. What a fucking bellend that cunt was.

Emi Rates

I thought that bellend was a cunt. Funny how different perspectives can be sometimes.

Walter White

We looked leggy in that 2. Half. When you don’t out your chances in the net, this can happen.

It’s been a long time since a ref has frustrated me this much.
What can GJ do to get a free kick?
And how can you get so many throws and cornerkicks wrong?


What was the deal with sky not showing replays of any of our penalty appeals today? I really do feel like there is a serious bias against Arsenal


Howard Webb masterclass. No one can say VAR is shambles if nobody else gets to see the replays. One bad call with the Jesus foul in the box is enough for a night.

Emi Rates

Look who’s in charge of VAR. Of course it’s a shambles.


Whose the clown who downvoted this? Is that you, Neville? If so, fuck off, preferably back to your highly amusing spat with Roy Keane over Ronaldo. Mancs at war; there’s nothing funnier.



Spurs losing at home is way funnier.

Emi Rates

No penalty for Kane even in the dying minutes when they desperately needed one. Outrageous stuff!


Blatant cheating from the ref and VAR. Ref looked like he came straight from refereeing Prison FC. Jesus was manhandled all game, not a single one was called foul. Farcical, shameful, embarassing.

Several of our starters looked really leggy at the end, while the subs made little to no impact. We march on but the ref needs to go back to refereeing prison games.

Naked Cygan

Wow? Who the FK was that team which showed up for the 2nd half? It’s like they switched off completely. The Leeds performance was a warning sign. This 2nd half performance was a slap in the face. The subs were even worse. What the FK was said at half time???? Never seen such contrast in performance. Absolutely

Ashburton Patriot

I’ve noticed that arteta sometimes panics when results are not going in his favour and he makes weird subs that feel frantic and not well thought through. He did the same against united.

Eddie on the wing? Why?
Martinelli off, why? Why not play him with Tierney?
He’s a young manager and I’m sure he’ll learn how to keep composed and make better decisions in the future.


We’ve rode our luck recently and a result like this or worse was inevitable. It’s no surprise though because we’ve been flying at teams this season and the squad isn’t big enough in reserve quality in central attacking areas to change games up. Imagine having Giroud for games where we could load crosses or to hold the ball up.


Strange game. Frustrating result. I’m more inclined to believe that we ran out of steam in the 2nd half like in the last few EPL games than to think we were complacent. For all MA’s talk about robustness being in the heads, I think we have a bunch tired legs that need some rest. But the squad is not deep enough to guarantee quality and result. It’d be interesting to see what MA makes of this one. One other thing – If we’re going to the a first half team, then Jesus and Saka need to start converting these gilt-edges… Read more »

Jeremy DG

Referee bent. No surprises there. Clearly instructed to give us nothing. It was like fucking wwf out there at times. Aside from that, horribly wasteful finishing. Jesus needs a goal. Some of the decision making from players was daft. They frustratingly got every bounce it seems but we didnt show enough urgency to get a winner. I knew as chance after chance went begging, this horribly average Southampton would punish us and they did. The subs were horrible when they came on to. We needed them to show personality and they failed. Just urgh. Also fuck Southampton. What is it… Read more »

Tommy Gunner

Has Eddie hit a clean shot from inside the box? He is honestly such a journeyman player. Also, very confused at how their RB didn’t get a straight red at the end. Th rest must have seen him do something or he wouldn’t have booked him, so what did he think he saw? I’m fed up with the difference between a red and a yellow being whether the recipient drops to the floor and rolls around or not. If Nketiah had done what Mitrovic did the other night, the guy would have got a red. Why should Eddie’s honesty be… Read more »

Tommy Gunner

* The ref must have seen him do something

djourou's nutmeg

i know you’re upset because of the result and all that, but that wasn’t even a debatable red card. he barely touched nketiah, c’mon.

Tommy Gunner

Whether you like it or not, by the standard of the long-practiced interpretation of violent conduct, that 100% should have been a red card. I agree the interpretation of violent conduct is soft, but it is what it is

djourou's nutmeg

the force used in the action plays a role on whether it’s considered violent behavior or just misconduct, according to the rules. and also, like it or not, rules are applied differently depending on the situation to allow the match to be played smoothly. if that was considered a red card i’d have started watching other sport.

DB10 Forever

The red card Pepe got vs Leeds was softer than this one.


Looked spent at the end, a big concern with more games coming thick and fast.

Been hanging on for a few weeks and inevitable drop of points.

That said that is some of the worst officiating I have seen in years. Not interested in giving a penalty no matter how blatant they were. Defender elbows Jesus first half and nothing then tries throwing his head at Eddie and a yellow.

A lot of comments about Jesus not scoring enough goals but the man marking was a bit of a piss take today.


Very disappointing to have let Southampton back into it. It’s such a great opportunity to finish very high this year and it’s results like that that feel so disappointing at the end of the season. Seems like some players need a rest, we’re tiring earlier and earlier into the matches it seems too.


Frustrating second half, a bit concerning since it was the same thing against Leeds last week…multiple players unable to complete simple passes when we really needed to turn the screws…stayed in gear 1 after concedingg…Viera/Eddie awful when they come on. I have not been impressed by Viera so far as Odergaard replacement. I hate when Gabriel/defenders has the ball all the time and we need a goal!


Nketiah should be playing in the lower leagues. Those on the bench keep whining about a lack of playing time, common sense dictates that you try to influence the game and show why you deserve to be in the first team. The subs did not do their jobs. With fatigue drifting in, the boys and bench should rise and be counted. Poor ball control Eeeeesh!




Yep agree about nketiah, I worry about the fact that for a club our size he is our 2nd choice striker he is and always has been a weak forward he cannot strike a ball and his 1st touch is poor he can run and that is about it. With jesus struggling a little for form recently we need much better forward options to challenge him or replace him when needed. It will cost us this season no doubt. The likes of eddie and nelson are nowhere near the level we need they shouldn’t be at the club in any… Read more »


The silver lining might be, Arteta realizes we need to go for another striker to keep both Jesus and Nketiah on their toes. Preferrably someone a bit taller with a strong shot in him.

Ashburton Patriot

Eddie’s not the guy.
Problem is how you shift on a player on that kind of money. I worry how hungry he us right now, like he’s got the deal of a lifetime and maybe knows he won’t be able to get better than that, so he’ll just milk it… I dunno , maybe I’m to cynical, but not sure anyone looks at Eddie as the answer to any of the problems arsenal have right now.
I don’t even expect him to prove me wrong.

We could have played until midnight, it didn’t ever look like we were going to score again. Lack of urgency all round.

Subs were wrong in my opinion.

Nketiah for Martinelli didn’t seem necessary if Eddie was just going to be stuck on the wing. Eddie’s a poacher, not a winger.

Vieira on for Odegaard – when we should have taken off a defender instead and gone to a back three.


We need Martinelli as fresh as possible for the Notts Forest game, you can’t blame Arteta for trying to go steady with his game time.

Eric Blair

No need to go overboard, but that was a dire 2nd half. We look jaded, hope Arteta rotates the bollocks out of the remaining two Europa games.

I wonder what the club’s target is for the rest of the season? We find ourselves in a title race right now, should we go for it? If so then we need to look at our strikers and try to recruit in January. I love Jesus, I’m on the fence about Nkethia right now, but there is simply not enough goals in those two for a title challenge, top 4 sure.


Why was there no var review for lyancos violent conduct twice or on their CB for pulling Jesus down?


that’s right, but Lyanco was nervous and the problem was that Jesus did not foul him from time to time, Eddie stood up to him and Lyanco got a yello.

Ashburton Patriot

Cos refs like to keep things spicy.
Honestly, do referees face any repercussions for bad decisions? Like is there an actual incentive for them to make the correct decision?


Leeds and now Southampton performances are becoming below par. Horrible refereeing today


Man that was dull.

Zero pass and move in the last 30 minutes. Loads of errors.

Ref was a wanker though.


Disappointing result, but a draw is better than a loss (obviously) and in the past we’d have been far more panicked in the last few minutes

What was with all the pigeons all over the pitch?

Crash Fistfight

I’m glad it wasn’t just me that saw that, ha.

Eric Blair

They were there to watch Walcott when he dove.


Please dont forget your hat


Tierney should have come early on, substitution was a bit late and the other calls didn’t work too. Viera was a bit poor and Ode should have stayed on! anyways, the game was very physical and we were not getting any calls today!! lessons to be learned. COYG!!


The game was there for us but we were sloppy and tired.

I’m not happy with our conversion. Saka and Jesus should’ve put the game to bed. Particularly Saka was mentally exhausted… And Jesus got kicked and fouled all the time and no one cared to whistle…

The referee was not the reason we drew, but he was really really bad today.


Shove inside the box on white and the trip on Jesus which VAR would have given as a penalty. This is a poor referee.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

If the game was at The Emirates, I reckon one of those would have been looked at by the ref on the monitor.

Teryima Adi

Disappointing but we move.


A shame not to take all three points, but I’m not going to lay into the boys, because we’ve been on a fantastic run of results and had to contend with an absolute joker of a ref. Saka gets booked for being hacked down, whilst Southampton’s Neanderthal defence get license to do as they please. I fucking hate Southampton Shit club, shit kit, boring fans and only famous for a yokel back in the 70’s who swung his arm around in a shit goal celebration and couldn’t pronounce the word Lineker properly. That said, we duly looked tired in the… Read more »


need to get Zinchenko back as quickly as possible the midfield simply could not pass ball in the 2 half the warning sign were there against leeds


Hear what you’re saying, but you have to factor in genuine fatigue as well.

Partey, in particular, looked absolutely fucked towards the end.

Heavy rotation in Europe this week is an absolute must.

Dave Cee

I swear Atletico sold us an imposter. How much football has Partey played in the last year? How doesn’t play the Europa games. How can he be shattered after 70 minutes??


Anyone else feel the officiating wasn’t exactly the best we probably should have had a penalty and they seemed to get away with just about everything. Players look tired I think I would send a 3rd team to osv and give the guys a rest before Forrest as Zurich should be a breeze the following week.


there should be a heavy rotation against PSV, (and a good bunch of them should not even travel) but MA does not like to lose a game, so I fear, will be a lot of our starting 11 involved.


if mctomminay doesnt get away with it i guess someone else had to.. about 4 times.

USELESS REFEREES IN THE PL. I cba commenting on our play, we should have been 2-0 up


That ref needs a good going over. What an absolute **** apparently its within the rules to constantly hold on to jesus and throw him to the floor for practically the entire game ? Booking saka for simulation? He’s not fit to referee PL games. I admit we were lethargic and build up play wasn’t good enough in the second half but we’d have won this game if we’d had half of the decisions we should have. The referee is a cheat. Secret mank mate.


Jesus should have had a pen. I’m not sure how that can be ignored. Saka clearly didn’t dive. He was pulled all over and taken out of the match because the ref never called a foul. Jesus was manhandled around the neck frequently. No clue what this ref was thinking. After the Leeds match I thought for sure we’d play the b team last Thursday. 70 games a season or whatever Arteta said was foolish. The team needs rest even if it costs us a match in Europa league. Players back in Jan and a few new signings and who… Read more »


Agreeing with all but not winning our group because its an extra two games to play and there are a lot of teams i would want to avoid playing this early.


It has to come to an end at some point. But we simply threw this game away, and the substitution weakened us really☹️

Boy Bastin

Setting aside the various controversies (as nothing posted here will change anything now), historically this was potentially a “tricky” fixture (despite what some Gooners thought beforehand) and as long as it remained 1:0, despite our being on top for a lot of the time before they scored at least, anything could happen. Today the failure to put the game to bed cost us maximum points. One of the reasons, as others have remarked, is that some players looked very tired. The lack of real depth to the squad is having a noticeable, cumulative, effect now. For example, Arteta was forced… Read more »


The team looks tired and we were playing twelve men which is the hardest thing to do. We’re really missing ESR and Mo Elneny, there’s not much on the bench to rotate. Hopefully the players can rest up and go again, we’re running out of steam like we did at the end of last season. Southampton are a bunch of thugs, that should’ve been a straight red for the incident with Eddie, the cunt who was assaulting Gabi Jesus all match should’ve had at least three yellows, we should’ve had a penalty, that ref was as bent as hell. Really… Read more »


In an elite level league that has for some time has been blighted by poor officiating, this was a particularly awful display. Was it his first day or is this some internship refereeing program being trialled?

ESa Poutanen

Odd that there was no mension of the very one sided referee…hwo dindn’t give as anything…We should have had at least three penalties…but none was given…VAR was never utiliesed …Robert JOnes was determained not to let Arsenal win…

We looked really jaded today, but the ref had a clear anti-Arsenal agenda. Saka was clearly sandwiched and fouled and gets a yellow for diving? Saints centre-half garroting Jesus at will, and it’s not even a foul, not once!. Same defender gets a bit of that same treatment, and the ref suddenly remembers his responsibilities, and of course the bully can’t take the medicine that cunt of a ref had been letting get away with all game long. Blatant push in the back in their box, stone cold pen, and all the officials think it’s okay Again, we were poor… Read more »

Tom Banks

How can you not say more about the ref here? Yeah we weren’t great after the goal, but it must be pretty demoralising to play and know for a fact the ref is giving you nothing. Southampton clearly knew the deal, which is why they kept trying more and more ludicrous fouls… Including the constant pulling of Jesus and the obvious red against Nketiah. Never mind the complete lack of VAR checks! This game had a lot of potential and for me, it was ruined by farcical refereeing. It’s not even about the win; this is not sport


The ref was absolutely awful but that shouldn’t be an excuse – we had control of the game but completely dropped our intensity in the second half letting them grow in confidence and momentum. The last few games after scoring first our mentality seems to have been trying to hold onto the lead rather than really looking to get the 2nd and kill them off. We’re good enough to do that, and dropping our tempo so much makes it difficult to then try and go up the gears if they equalise. Obviously it’s still been a great start to the… Read more »


No mate, the ref was an excuse today. We had a perfectly legitimate penalty appeal waved away and he contrived to allow that fucking goatee bearded Orc to kick and elbow Jesus all afternoon

Whether you like it or not, a bad ref has a serious influence on the result and I do wish football fans would quit this inherent reluctance to acknowledge it, as if it’s some kind of peripheral, when more often than not it’s the sole reason.


Against Leeds we deserved to lose. Against Southampton we deserved to win. To come away with four points under those circumstances is slightly better than we deserved. And look, who is top of the league?


The only way to explain this referee performance is corruption. Absolute joke. He will be reffing next weekend of course.


I think it was more complacency than tiredness. Dominated before we scored then sat back thinking we’d won. Been a few games this season where we should have won more comfortably but we are not ruthless enough. So slow in the second half Partey kept losing the ball and the rest of the team were just poor. Jesus is a superb signing but misses too many chances. We are getting there though and I’d be delighted to get champions league football again. I’d be gobsmacked if we won the league. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Jeremy DG

‘Wrestle back control’ see what you did there Andrew


Not Andrew



There was so much pushing and shoving from their defence I half expected Dickie Davies to start commenting and Big Daddy to make an appearance.

Southampton might as well go the whole hog before their next game and get some ropes installed on the touch line for their defender cunts to bounce off.


With hindsight, 2 of 3 subs were bad decisions. Martinelli was my MOTM candidate – surprised when Eddie subbed for him, rather than Jesus. Vieira not good. However, thought Tomi looked uncomfortable on left this week and Tierney did well when he came on. Normally reliable Partey and Saliba not at their best. With both Jesus and Saliba playing with 4 yellows, I wouldn’t have minded if one or both had picked up their 5th today, serve their suspensions against Forest and return against Chelsea.


Arteta is right, Arsenal stopped doing simple things the last 20 minutes. Nketiah and Vieira tried to dribble the whole city of Southampton, without luck. Partey started playing easy passes to the adversaries. Everybody stopped making themselves playable.

Vieira’s substitution was not successful. Maybe the captain should have stayed, not the least to try to instil some adherence to the plan.

North for Short

I think saying the team were tired in the 2nd half is failing to point out that there were 2 nailed on penalties. More nailed on than the Man City ones and no VAr. How can it be ok to give a penalty to West Ham one week for a push in the box and not for us. (Oh I forgot, we support Arsenal) and the one where Saka got booked, why didn’t VAR look more deeply into that???? And the man handling in the box. I just don’t get it. Anywhere on the pitch that would be a free… Read more »


Refereeing was a disgrace, however, for two consecutive games we have come out flat against, let’s face it, relegation candidates, it’s a little concerning.

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