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“The heat of the game takes you” – Arteta admits difficulty curbing his enthusiasm

Mikel Arteta accepts managers have a responsibility to set an example with their behaviour while admitting his own behaviour on the touchline probably crosses a line in the heat of the moment.

The behaviour of coaches has been in the headlines since the weekend when Pep Guardiola flamed the crowd at Anfield with his antics before Jurgen Klopp was given a red card after castigating a referee’s assistant when a foul was not given for a challenge on Mohamed Salah.

While Arteta is yet to receive his marching orders from the dugout, he’s known for being an animated figure during games often prowling inside (and outside) his technical area to register complaints with the fourth official.

“If I have to watch myself on the camera after a match then there are probably things I would do differently,” he told his pre-PSV press conference.

“But when you are there in the heat [of the moment] and the way you talk even to your own players, a lot of time you would do it differently. It’s something that we have to learn, I think we are all conscious of it but the heat of the game takes you to behave in certain ways.

He added: “We do have a responsibility, not only with the referees as well but with the game. We want to get this game played and respected. Obviously to talk about any managers, I have enough just looking after my own behaviour and trying to do the right things for our club.

“But yes it is very intense, you get heated, there are moments like in the last few games. You’ve seen many, many incidents when VAR has to step in and there is a lot of controversy and a lot of moments where the result is in the air.

“It depends on a decision and it’s not easy to manage, but of course, we have a huge responsibility.”

By and large, the players seem so focused on what they are doing that they probably don’t register their whirling dervish of a manager. All the same, he was asked if his actions in any way affect his men on the pitch.

“That’s a question more for the players, I don’t know how aware they are with what we do. I’ve always said a team is a reflection of the manager in many ways. That’s why we have a responsibility in the way we do things.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

There’s many reasons that I love watching Mikel jumping up and down on the touch line.

But none make me happier than knowing it really annoys Richard Keys.

Boy Bastin

I’m sure we all applaud his enthusiasm – except Mr Keys of course. However, it’s a question of not getting too carried away in “the moment” as he’ll be less effective if he has to watch the game from the stands.

VAR will solve all the problems

I think manager antics are part of the premiere league show. You can’t just tell them to curb it and take away all the fun. How could we ever find a meme like Jurgen Klopp gnashing his teeth and about to bite off the fourth official’s head, if we were to discipline them out of the game?

Trixie Popsicle

You surely have seen Fergie in action back in the say? How he never choked on his chewing gum is beyond me.


He never fully loses control though because he always manages to keep his sweaters respectably over his waist line. He adjusts his shirt after every gesture to the players, every arm windmill towards the 4th ref, every fist pump to the crowd. Don’t want the midriff exposed I guess, would it show up other tubby managers? Either way he won’t be making headlines for looking disheveled on the sideline.

Guns Up

Ha ha, I was about to say Arteta pulling down his sweater is the new version of Arsene fiddling with his zipper. Bound to happen at some point.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

I love passionate managers. The passion gets on to the fans and the players definitely feed off the energy. Klopp, Pep, Conte and Mikel are fun to watch unlike emotionless statues like Ten Hag and the Nottingham Forest manager

Andrew C

I imagine when Mikel was a toddler he was always over the baby gate.

Trixie Popsicle


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