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Arsenal Women sign AWFC specific commercial deal with beauty brand Il Makiage

Arsenal Women have signed a second Arsenal Women specific commercial deal with beauty brand Il Makiage, following on from AWFC’s partnership with Italian coffee brand Lavazza.

Il Makiage is a New York based beauty brand and Arsenal say that they will have “a significant presence at Meadow Park and Emirates Stadium during Arsenal Women’s games.” Il Makiage will celebrate the partnership with a campaign entitled ‘Focus on my game face’, which will feature Arsenal players.

Dmitri Kaplun, CEO of IL MAKIAGE, said, “These incredible athletes personify who the IL MAKIAGE woman is – fierce, powerful, and ground-breaking. We’re very proud and excited to launch this partnership and the ‘Focus On My Game Face’ campaign. There is no better partner to help us celebrate the power of women and focus the sports conversation on skill and elite talent.”

While Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer Juliet Slot said, “Arsenal has been at the forefront of women’s football since 1987 and the game is at an exciting moment in its development. The Lionesses’ success has ignited interest from a new community of people, and we are determined to build on this.”

Arsenal have made no secret of their ambition to make Arsenal Women self-sustaining. Currently, they are funded by the men’s side of the operation, as most women’s teams are. Arsenal, essentially, writes them a cheque every year and says they do not expect the money to be paid back.

Last year, the club began to publish separate accounts for the men’s and women’s teams for the first time. Commercial partnerships such as this, as well as the multi-million-pound WSL broadcasting deal with Sky and BBC, will go a long way to achieving that aim.

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Good for Arsenal on the money side, poor on the type of business. Our women team are fit and mentally strong, and look and behave great due to that. Painting your face is not needed, play football instead.


One question – why paint a rose?


The point is that the women are beautiful without makeup (as are roses). Up to you if you want to disagree.

Nate K

Women’s football has benefited from the fact that it isn’t as commercial and because of that maintains an image of ethical hygiene. It will be a challenge to maintain that as the sport grows. As a feminist and a fan, I hope that women’s football can learn from and avoid some of the trappings of global capitalism the mens game has suffered. Most people think, and I agree, that it’s far too late to change relationship of football and capital in the mens game. Womens football has an opportunity to be both profitable and ethical. That being said, I think… Read more »

Salvador Berzunza

How is going to grow without sponsorships, only selling tickets? if any person wants to use makeup is up to them, not only women use make up and if you hate capitalism maybe you can emigrate to Venezuela or North Korea.

Zoe Waterfield

Thats a bit harsh ?

Zoe Waterfield

Very good points 👍


Agreed, though they should be helped to think they are beautiful without painting their face (and spending time and money on that rather than other things).

I always say ‘you are lovely’ to my daughter, not ‘you look lovely’.


Why all those manscaped ads in podcasts about the men’s game? I can’t imagine pube trimmers are a product I would ever buy, and they’d go straight on eBay if I received them as a gift. But these companies (for both makeup and goolie groomers) must do their market research and know what they’re doing.

Zoe Waterfield

I sort of agree with you, l wish it was something other than make-up. I never understand why some of the girls wear false eye lashes when they are playing (always thought Katie’s were false because they’re so long 😳😊) Having said that if it means it helps them to be self sustainable then go ahead


I would rather that my daughter and all other women have confidence in themselves, do interesting things and are happy without make-up, though of course can do if they want. Making them happy in themselves rather than based on their appearance is key.


bellerin must be gutted he missed out on the free makeup goodies

Zoe Waterfield



“These incredible athletes personify who the IL MAKIAGE woman is – fierce, powerful, and ground-breaking.” — what a load of corporate bollocks. But we’ll have their money.


There’s a very high ceiling here, so much scope in the health and beauty market. Whether you believe the marketing message or not there deals to be done and cash to be made. The brands and consumers seem to have deeper pockets when it comes to women’s beauty products over the men’s. Though I guess Manscape could bring out a ladies version (there might be already).


The big crowd tomorrow must be helping to too. I’ve not been aware of any publicity for this one but the staduim map on eticketing looks nearly sold out. Makes you wonder how often the womens team could do this for weekend games. Having 3 Lionessee but probably Beth Mead in particular is a massive pull factor this season


A deal like this–specific to “AWFC” and targeted at (let’s presume) women consumers–makes sense, and I expect more will be struck.

Maybe some fans won’t want women players to become sex symbols, but the truth is, there’s money in it for them if they do. It’s not different than professional male athletes, and can contribute significantly to the commercial revenue of the club and to individual players.

It is different, though, insofar as male athletes never have been valued solely for their looks. There could reasonably be a concern of backsliding in that regard concerning female athletes hawking beauty products.


I hasten to add, there are plenty of examples of female athletes who shill for beauty products. I believe Serena Williams does, and no one seems to think she is diminishing her sporting legacy or setting a poor example to young girls by doing so. However, this deal is with the club, not individuals, and perhaps a further distinction and source of concern if AWFC players would be required to participate in advertisements in an exploitative manner. That is yet to be seen.

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