Thursday, September 28, 2023

Arteta on Xhaka, The World Cup And ‘Invaluable’ Jesus

Arsenal won 2-0 against Wolves to secure a five point cushion at the top of the Premier League, heading into the World Cup break.

Arteta reacted to the result in an interview with Sky Sports…

On the slow start

Today it was all about being patient, we were patient with them throughout the game and in the end we got the result we wanted. They made the game difficult by closing the game and they expected us to make mistakes.

They looked for loopholes waiting for us to make mistakes, but we created a lot of opportunities to win the game against them, we did what we wanted to win.

On Xhaka

We had a few players who started to feel nauseous shortly before the start of the match. We couldn’t replace everyone but Xhaka had a bit of a hard time. It’s a bit strange that he couldn’t continue at that moment, but we managed to win by adapting to the game.

On the World Cup

Under normal conditions I would train tomorrow but unfortunately the players are not here. I wish the best to those who leave and I want them to take care of themselves. I hope they enjoy it because there is nothing better than playing for their country.

On team spirit

It’s amazing! Without these players we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we’re doing now, they’re growing every day. Everything looks pretty good.

On Gabriel Jesus

We appreciate him, the work he has done for us is truly invaluable. The love that all his teammates and coaching team have for him is very clear. I hope he shows up [at the World Cup], he feels it already.


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Don’t want to get ahead of myself, but with 37 points it looks like we are staying up.


“Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet!”


Okay Winston Wolf.

Alan Sunderland

Step aside Butch.


I’m glad a couple of you get the reference. I think there’s gotta be a place for Alan Sunderland and his hair in that movie somewhere!! “Just because you are a character Raquel, doesn’t mean you have character!” 🙂


Jesus will burst it at the World Cup and knock in the goals…I see a Brazil vs France final


But who really cares….. so long as all our players return in good physical and mental condition!


Sorry to say this for any England fan out there but the only thing that excites me about international football is that period after England drops out of tournaments and all the gazillions of “experts” (pundits) in the English media trying to make sense of it. I am always conflicted these days like I wanted Saka to win the Euros and to be honest I’d love to see Rams, White and Saka lifting that gold but I also want to see Kane breathing through his mouth with tears rolling down his face as he continues his streak of never winning… Read more »


If only for our boys in the team…have a change of

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I don’t think Jesus starts in Tite’s first 11.


Played 8 away games, only conceded in 2 of them. It’s really no coincidence that we are where we are. Can’t give enough props to Arteta for that. Amazing what he has build out of this mess of a team that he inherited. 37/42 points! What a ride!


There is something special going on……

Dave G

It’s almost as though there’s a process…


I trust you may be right 😀

Peter Cechs helmet

Let that be a lesson to us all
. Avoid ginster pasties at keel services.

Alan Sunderland

Maybe a spud chef in the hotel last night cooking up a lasagna. It’s got to suck being a spud nothing ever works out for them.

Trixie Popsicle


Teryima Adi

@ Xhaka: lasagna?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Watching Sp*rs score two late goals also made me nauseous all evening.

djourou's nutmeg

i don’t care that much about winning the league at this point. i see the team, the way the coach has respected the values of the club, the way the players together try their best every match, enjoy themselves and grow together as a unit, and i truly feel identified with everything that’s happening as the culture of arsenal has been intact all the way. i have joy supporting them whether they win or lose, and i hope it lasts and arteta and his project can be taken care of properly for years to come. title or not, i couldn’t… Read more »


At this stage of the season I am mostly concerned with enjoying our football and the wins while keeping a closer look at the teams potentially fighting for the top 4 spots. Strange Chelsea losing excited me more than city losing. I am rooting for Fulham so we can build that gap over the other teams fighting for 4th. Title fight? My main concern is securing CL football as soon as possible and if we can go toe to toe with city later on then I’d be over the moon. Obviously it helps to build a gap on them too… Read more »


Pragmatic. 😉

cereal killer

I always says Jesus is most hard working player in the premier league…..what a player we have


I truly hope he feels the love of the fans. Yes I’d love for him to bag some goals but he so clearly makes Arsenal a better team even without them that I still so love that he is wearing the red

Aka Lawrence

Nice to see my team at the top,before world cup break, glory glory Arsenal

Naked Cygan

Solid win today against a stubborn Wolves team. Hopefully Xhaka will be ok. Only negative thing today was Zinchenko and his defending. Didn’t seem to be as focused as before and why the FK does he trow the ball like a six year old? Hopefully with a break during the world Cup he will be back to his best.

Mesut Ö'Neill

Interesting fact: Every team ever leading the league going into a World Cup has won the title.

Red Cannon

Ha! Very clever.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Interesting fact: Sp*rs have never won the top flight league in a World Cup year.


WC is usually in the summer. Good call though.

Determination Cultured

Interesting to notw that with xhaka There’s,more,control in midfield, and he attacks the box while Martinelli keeps width and interchange with Gabriel. With vieira on there was less control, and he attacked the width while Martinelli played very centrally, even sometimes drifitng to the inside right Half spaces.

Ẹ̀mílỌlọ́run Ambrose

Good we won today and remained 5 points on top of our closest rival. The team needs to be strengthened with two attacking midfielders plus a deadly striker because the defence is okay now. The need for this is to take care of injuries that will come in the second half after the World Cup matches. Congratulations to all Gunners.


I just love that we can be proud again for the 1st time dance The Invincibles. And that lot from the bridge are being very quiet for a change I’m loving it!

Dr. James Gitau

I love you and the team.
Avoid too much passing of ball
Tell players to rush balls to our enemies! instead of too much passing of balls.

Tell the goalkeeper not to kick balls far but to be giving balls to his nearest colleagues.
When kicks balls far sometimes they go to our enemies!

We have the best players in the world,.

Aim for early goals always!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Jesus has helped to transform this team. I can see why he wasn’t playing much at City, they don’t need all that other stuff outside the box from their no9, they need goals, which Jesus isn’t really good at. The other stuff that he does, works for us though.

Sharon Aminat

It’s excellent performance for now and I pray that those going for world Cup will return without injuries. I love the teamwork and believe we can take premier league this season. To note is that slow games don’t favor us. So always play our game and we be there. My highly treasure all our players. Don’t over bench players as you kill morale and performance in them. Keeper rating is 8 not 2. Mike thankyou. We goooo Arsenal.

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