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Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

A second half goal from Gabriel Magalhaes gave Arsenal a much deserved 1-0 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this afternoon, putting the Gunners back on top of the table.

Mikel Arteta’s men were on top from start to finish, and the scoreline should probably have reflected that, but the important bit is that we took all 3 points, Aubameyang only had 8 touches of the ball before being hauled off, and the win strengthens the confidence and belief in a team which is really going places.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal report and see the goal here

Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Johnny 4 Hats

0 (10) / 10 Aubameyang performance.

Sometimes I’ve got misty eyed and thought, man, maybe Auba would have been good to have right now.

But I forgot that so many of his performances were exactly like the one today – jogging round, looking disinterested, waiting for a tap in.

And let’s be honest, since he left, we haven’t looked back.

No bad blood. See you later. I suppose all there is to say is – It’s nothing personal.

Neil Bamford

Fancy making the comment before the match about not being personal and making the game about him, and then doing fuck all. COYG!


Wasn’t he coerced by BT into saying it? Like I get that he still said it, but it’s not like it was from him.

I don’t know. I don’t want to have bad blood with Auba. I think he has a good heart, and I hope once he retires he feels welcome here because he got the club like not many players do.


I agree. Auba was great for a moment in our history. When we beat Chelsea to the FA cup, I loved him. But it was the right decision to part ways for everyone. I also hope once he retires he’s welcomed back.
But this team is much better than the one he left. COYG!!!!!!!


Agree with this. Its between Arteta and Auba. We’re a better team without him but I have nothing against him


He’s not an Arsenal legend. He could have been. He’s not on the level of RvP (really really could have been a legend before he moved to Man U) or Adebayor, but he’s still done a shitty thing going to Chelsea

Me is me

Who is rvp by the way?

Merlin’s Panini

Reverse Vasectomy Procedure


You don’t know RVP?
What the f**k you doing in arseblog ?


100% agree


It makes me wonder what Chelsea see in Auba. Haven’t they seen how little he did for Arsenal in his final 2 seasons?


Desperation move with few alternatives on the market. Potter didn’t bring him in, definitely doesn’t fit his style


Fuck him and them.


tuchel knows him from their time in dortmund. auba came and tuchel was sacked

Exit the Lemming

He’s younger and maybe cheaper than Ronaldo?

One Beat Off

He is like a lot of strikers. They need service and movement that plays to their strengths. Even Wrighty mentioned this post-game. If Potter can get him involved with better support and final balls, he will be a real danger for them.
All that said, and nothing personal, but I fucking hate Chelsky and wish them a disastrous season.

Bleeding gums murphy

Gabriel just tweeted “it’s nothing personal, London is red” 😂


Didn’t realise Aubambeyang was playing 😂

A Different George

Honestly, was he worse than Sterling or Hafertz? Or Mount or Cucerella? Or Broja? I think singling out how peripheral Aubameyang was (as nice as that is to see) misses the important thing: their whole team was peripheral. Complete domination at Stamford Bridge–who has done that in the past 15 years?

Exit the Lemming

Man City nearly every time they play them


not a bad benchmark


Got this from Troopz but funny nonetheless :

Aubama who? Aubama where? Auba ma done out here yang 😂😂

Trixie Popsicle

Huh? What does that mean in English?


google AFTV Troopz aubama bloodclot yang


Troopz can do one!


The same troopz who was arteta out last season?


Didn’t realize he’s persona non grata around these blocks 😂😂

In all seriousness, the people up at AFTV seemed to have turned a corner now the team is finally doing well. But I guess it’s not for everyone. You guys do you!


Who’s the cant who disliked this?


i’m going to give auba an 8, one point for every touch of the ball he had during the match

Sammy Nelsons Arse

That’s very generous you must be including the warm up,


just the time he picked up the ball when the ref had stopped play, he might get up to a 9 if we included the warm up


Zero for Tierney seems harsh. 😀


Must’ve been a typo


Giving every player a 10/10. Fucking love this team

Tierney's Tescobag

City whooooo??? Go on fucking unbelieveble Gunners❤️


Xhaka for mayor of London!

Exit the Lemming

He can lobby for Stamford Bridge to be pedestrianized or turned into a pot bellied racists theme park


isn’t it both of those things already?

Boe Sharkey

The way Saliba plays just makes me smile man

Naked Cygan

He was amazing today. MOTM for me.


That tackle on Borja one on one was top notch. He was offside, but still. The whole composure and nicking the ball away with ease was majestic.

A Different George

Yeah, he played his offside, then made sure it wouldn’t matter if the flag did not go up. Did not look worried one bit.


A special player an absolute must to tie down long term. Just looks so controlled and calm on the ball.

Heading into a good ebbening now.

Rowe my boat

A very good ebening!! COYG, it’s a great day 😅


Except for the goalkeeper, I generally don’t expect a defender to be considered for MOTM. After seeing Saliba plays, I start to understand why.

Brady’s bunch

We’re lucky to have him, Partey unbelievable today as was Ben white


Saliba, Gabriel and Partey were immense. Ramsdale did not have to make a save. The reaction of the team at the end says it all, they wanted the points more than Chelsea. The celebrations with fans shows there is great chemistry and spirit.

Maul Person

Yes he did. Auba would have had a tap in if he didn’t save the cross from [who cares]. He didn’t have to make MANY saves but he stepped up when needed.


Partey was 10/10 for me today, absolutely flawless display. Saliba pretty close behind

Brady’s bunch

Cometh the hour cometh the man


Partey. Wow. What a player!!!


He always seemed to have three options ahead of him to pass to. Even though Chelsea were ’blocking’ his passing lanes

He makes it look effortless


Great to have Elneny back as that extra midfield assurance. Our one touch passing in midfield today was quite a thing to watch.


As insane as Partey is I think Mo is at least solid if he has to fill in, while I think Sambi needs a loan to develop and gain confidence.

Exit the Lemming

Sambi has not delivered to date but he has a much higher ceiling than Mo


Love him coming on late and absolutely busting a gut running everywhere, that’s what you want to see from your subs

Guns Up

The sequence of 5 or 6 one-touch passes coming out of the back leading up to Jesus’ missed header was incredible. Team goal of the season had he finished it.


Damn, I wanted so badly that goal for Jesus, one inch short!

Heavy Gunner

To me it looks like Mo Elneny loves to play for The Arsenal and will do all within his power for the club. A true trooper and fighter- no spectacular mucking around – does his job with heart and soul. And of course, it always has an infectious effect on the other members of the squad. What a TEAM we have..


Yeah we have evolved from that two touch that came when we started with Mikel. Although at that time we had Mustafi and Kola…


Everyone gets 10 from me 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩🤩🤩


10/10 for the work rate shown by every single player! They fought for every ball till the end!
Mikel Arteta too, he’s always one step away from getting on the pitch, love the desire!


10/10 for the work rate shown by every single player! They fought for every ball till the end!
Mikel Arteta too, he’s always one step away from getting on the pitch, love the desire!

A Different George

You can say that again.


10/10 for the work rate shown by every single player! They fought for every ball till the end!
Mikel Arteta too, he’s always one step away from getting on the pitch, love the desire!


You can say that again.


Today I actually believe we CAN win this league ! Very very professional controlled performance by all of them including the Boss ! But (& here it comes) Saliba Jesus & Partey were Gods on that pitch today ! Icing on the cake but wow they were unbelievable !!!


If we have no injuries, with our first 11/13 fit and ready I reckon we can do it.

I was worried when Martinelli went down, who to come on and do the job he does..?
Also if God forbid anything happens to Partey, we will feel it.

This January is so so so important!


“Also if God forbid anything happens to Partey, we will feel it.”

There are rumors that the chavs will cut short Dennis Zakaria’s loan in Jan. He can do a job for us, take the pressure off Sambi (who can focus on being more of a Xhaka). He is probably the most Partey-like player that is available at the moment; in terms of seamlessly welding defensive and offensive duties into one pleasantly eye-pleasing spectacle. Hell, they even provide a similar goal threat (largely hit or miss, but still…).
Worth a punt, I think.


It’s crazy that it’s been like 3 years since he’s like this!

Exit the Lemming

If our first 11/13 stay fit we are in the conversation for top 4 is all. We don’t have the strength in depth to win the league


Except and I stand corrected if wrong. Our invincibles was made up of a squad of just 18

Exit the Lemming

For 03/04 Invincibles try 22 players (who got game time) and we had a bench which contained on occasion: Edu, Reyes, Clichy, Keown, Parlour, Kanu & Ljungberg. We’ve never had close to that strength of depth since.


After every game, I have to confirm Saliba’s age because his composure, coolness and assurance is unbelievable. World class talent!


It’s crazy that it’s been like 3 years since he’s like this!


Tierney will surely feel hard done by for being benched but even he knows technically Zinchenko is far superior and is well suited to how we want to play. The control we enjoyed today in the midfield is partly thanks to Zinny tucking in which Tierney can’t. This is no stick on Tierney but an appreciation of his dilemma. As it stands I will have Tierney as our third choice LB, which is a shame for him but also shows how much quality we have in this squad. White is a RB, he owns that. Saliba, boy he’s a beast!… Read more »


Let’s stop this. KT has played more minutes than Tomi or Zink.


I guess you missed the point entirely. Or you are not watching Arsenal games this season. Tierney is a traditional left back, runs up and down the touchline, and in terms of being a pure defender he’s definitely better than Zinny but technically and on the ball with regards to how Arteta wants the team to play Tierney is not better than Tomiyasu and Zinny, and the team plays a lot better without him. He has had lots of minutes cause Zinny has been injured and until recently Tomiyasu hadn’t been tried at left-back. Tierney hugs the touchline giving the… Read more »

Charlie George

Agreed. Picking Tomi v Liverpool was a masterstroke: a match-up with Salah who likes to come inside on his left, making it easier for a right-footer to tackle him – plus Tomi’s height and pace meant he could cut out those long crossfield balls Liverpool like to make before they reached Salah.


It’s not Apple to apples comparison for a ‘fullback’ in an Arteta system. Or Pep system. Not sure why people have so many issues. Basically whatever the formation, whatever the personnel. It is all about the combinations and the tactical makeup of the buildup (which can be CUSTOMISED to the fullback or players around them) KT has played plenty of minutes and it has an effect on the other players around him but he still tucks in. Last season he didn’t at all. He has evolved and so have the team. We should be looking forward instead of back…. There… Read more »

The Arsenal

Its almost like we have strength in depth in that area in particular and Arteta has a choice of player to suit the opposition. Defensively sound with Tomi, Much more midfield control with Zinny and a direct attacking threat and pace with KT.


Has anyone considered that perhaps the coach is saving Tierney for the second part of the season when ESR is back. In my mind they’ll mesh well together and still help occupy the 5 lanes in attack as Arteta likes – Tierney wide and ESR drifting into the LHS(with Martinelli rested/rotated)

Exit the Lemming

I thought Zinchenko was decent but looked rusty today (understandable given his lengthy absence) but to say he’s technically far superior to Tierney is just palpable nonsense. They offer Arteta a wealth of attacking and defensive options. Tierney is arguably the better defender


This is the season we are have been waiting for. Auba 8 touches how, when did he touch a ball??? Partey and Saliva is just a special gift to the club.


Excellent dribbling by Saliva.

Eric Blair

He covered a lot of the pitch


We may find ourselves in a similar situation like last season where Auba and Laca really failed to hit the back of the net. Only diff now is tt Jesus work rate and his overall contribution weigh far more than the 2 combine. That’s a big difference. Due to that everyone really worked their socks off.

Exit the Lemming

Thanks to Jesus’s contribution, others score. If Jesus is injured we have no-one to provide that same contribution

Pat Rice and Beans

10/10 – What a picture!

On a individual perspective, what White should be doing to merit a call up? From a good CB to a monster RB within weeks.

I must concur, Saka is harassed, shoved, and kicked all the time in every single game and the f*cling refs just pretend to be blind to it. Bollocks.

Alan Sunderland

He gets a bigger beating than wil e coyote. Waiting for a team to set up with an train tunnel at left back. Maybe they’ll drop an anvil of the top of the stand on to his head while the referee waves play on.


And after waving play on, the ref will then book Saka for gamesmanship.


I am convinced that White could make a good defensive midfielder too.



Exit the Lemming

Agreed (and nutmegging attackers in our defensive 3rd could be risky)


I fear he won’t get protection until some tosser snaps his leg in half.

Emi Rates

He handed it right back to Cucurella though. I know it shouldn’t have to get to that point but while refs continue to ignore him being fouled it’s at least good for those who kick him that he’s no pushover and is able to give it back.


Fantastic performance!!! I don’t mean to be negative but then…. One of ødegaards misses might cost one day. Mikel needs to organize special shooting practice for him. Big chances vs palace winning 1 0, under great pressure…created by Jesus’.. he fluffed it. Big chance vs man u at 0..0 excellently worked by Jesus’… He fluffed it again. We all know wat happened later. Big chance vs Liverpool wiining 2:1…he missed it .. few mins later they equalize. Today had the keeper to beat ND fluffed it. This is a problem that should be addressed. He can pass the ball excellently,… Read more »


Yeah. I also think he misses some chances trying to set up every shot with his left foot. Definitely can improve there.

But man, today he led the press as good as I’ve seen him. Was exhausted when he got subbed.

All in all, incredible defensive display by the whole team, keeping control of the game by shutting down every little bit of space for Chelsea to play. A real Arteta-ball performance.

Exit the Lemming

Arsenal will always miss chances. It’s what we do.


He’s back. He’s blue. He blanked. Got benched.

Anteneh Ademe

I’m just happy we are up there competing at the highest level. Can’t ask for me. We made chelsea look like a championship team. 10/10 for Arteta. Also 10/10 for Jesus for everything he does. People talking about him not scoring can fuck off.

Anteneh Ademe

*can’t ask for more.

Naked Cygan

Odegard and Saka should have put the game to bed. Great 3 points 👍

Chuck Felsea

Emotionally it’s 10 / 10 for everybody.
Even realistically nobody deserves a grade below 8, fully agree with Blogs rating.
Poor Ramsdale to only get 7.5. Goalie should start at rating 10 and get points deducted for a blunder. Not his fault if he has absolutely nothing to do and gets no chance to show his skills.

Xhaka Boom

If ramsdale started every game at 10, he’d be finishing most of them at 12 or 13 😄

Big Sheezy

Now if villa can hold on for the win, it will be a really “good ebening”. 😂😂😂


Villa 3-1 up….🤣


Chel$ki 0-1 ARSENAL
Leicester Women 0-4 ARSENAL WOMEN
Aston Villa 3-1 Man Ure
Spurms 1-2 Liverpool

What a perfect day!


Solid, assured, controlled performance from such a young team, shut down all of their players, you simply have to give it to them. Phenomenal game, especially the way we worked the midfield. Only wish we could’ve scored a few more, but we did more than enough to win. Huge result!

Zaraki 22'

Extremely impressive performance is an understatement. Specially in the light of the scoreline. It was not a 0-1 game. Stats will never show how Jesus held the game and let other function. Partey was phenomenal-a footballing orgasm. Zhaka wasting time during the added time with his fighting attitude, yet a subdued demeanor. A welcome news. The only drawback of Oody was that he did not score a goal. Saliba-sign him for the next 10 years. Despite all the tackles, Saka delivered. The raw confidence of Martinelli is contagious. Gabriel scoring for fun. White controlling his side in a nonchalant manner.… Read more »


Top of Premier League
Top of Premier League 2 (Academy)
Top of Women’s Super League
Good Times for Gooners


Oh and TA6 to win strictly come dancing – hahaha!


While our former captain had a bad day, another ghost from our past is having some fun… Villains are giving MANU an Emerying! 3-1 lead with half an hour to go!


Gunners need to start putting games to bed. We can’t go on like this the whole season.


Arsenal have won the league doing a 1 nil before, also didn’t we just put 5 past forest. Arsenal are playing like champions right now long may it continue


I’ll take it if it happens despite what it may do to my heart😊


Absolutely love Gabriel Jesus, sure he hasn’t scored much or in some time, but boy does he do so much to help us win in every match. Night and day vs last year with Lacazette and Aubameyang in there much of the year.


Suddenly I am thinking what if he gets injured. Jesus is like 2 men for this team.

Exit the Lemming

Ntekhia is hardly an adequate replacement IMO


Come again, who is back?
And I think our defense has really come out leaps and bounds.
To be so composed and tight and stable at the back with the understanding and chemistry. We really come a long way from the days of Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi .
Saliba and Gabriel anchoring is just so enjoyable


Sokratis wasn’t as bad as the others. Plus good shithouser.

Waitrose Egg for Omelette

Yeah … The wrestler :)…probably limited in playing the ball from the back…but he was a good egg, never complains and did his level best whenever he was called upon..and I can respect that in any player.


Today is when I believe we can win the league. Every match is a potential win (may be other than City at their home). City will now feel the pressure and bound to drop points.


City should not have won their game, I lost respect for Diving DeepBruyne.

Exit the Lemming

We’re in the conversation for top four is all. Don’t be a hostage to fortune


10/10 Ben White being the funniest bloke ever.
From that little chip ball onto odegaard’s head when he was celebrating to slapping xhaka in the NLD.
It happened off camera but there was an exchange between him and Mount. Mount was walking away looking miffed and there was Benny Blanco in the back just grinning cheekily watching him go. I’m sure he must have done/said something!
I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any player as much at Arsenal for non-footballing reasons as him!


And the nutmeg on Mason Mount🤣


Yeh the nutmeg was in the passage of play following that so-called altercation between the two players. At the time I thought it was a good natured exchange between them 🤷‍♂️

Exit the Lemming

Worth the admission price alone

A Different George

Great win, brilliant football–Zinchenko (until he was exhausted), Jesus, Partey, extraordinary control throughout. One probably unpopular point: this was well-refereed and showed what happens when you get a good referee like Oliver (or Taylor–the only two English referees not afraid of a home crowd). He called almost all the fouls they committed, and early on as well. Yes, he missed one on Saka, but had already given Arsenal a slewof free kicks that prevented Chelsea from stopping our controlling the match. The yellow he showed Saka was pretty clearly because he thought it was just retaliation, and he used the… Read more »


Unfortunately I missed the game as I was on a plane but I landed just as the final whistle went. I rated them all 10 because I don’t think that’s too far fetched. What a team we have. I admit I did want Xhaka out the club but what an incredible turnaround. He’s a real hero and the fact that he carried on through all the abuse he received just shows how strong he is. A slight tactical change and he’s the player he always knew he was. Who knew that football managers knew more about player quality than people… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I didn’t want him in an Arsenal shirt again after the armband strop but kudos to Xhaka for turning his career around. He’s been faultless on and off the pitch since the Palace episode but let’s face facts, he’s never going to be a world class midfielder


And Agent Emery doing one over Man U. Welcome back Unai. Hope you keep Villa up while taking more points off City, Chelsea, Sp*rs and Newcastle.

Aleksander Włodarz

Let’s Rock!!!


Prob get viewed negatively but Saka was very poor today. If stats can be found, I lost count the amount of times he gave away possession…it really hindered us on the attacking front. He got an assist which papers over it a bit today but thats the first time I was like “is he alright!?”.

But yessssssssss awesome overall performance..Chelsea were never really in the game. Deserved at least a 2-0 win but delighted with the result and points!!!

Partey, White, Saliba, Gabriel and Jesus were terrific


Much like Jesus, he scares the life out of defences and draws both fouls, and defenders out of position.


Fair call out


Perhaps you want to be viewed negatively. I saw the game, Saka was good just like everyone else, Chelsea LB had a relatively good game in addition to fouling Saka many times, doesnt mean Saka was very poor. Man’s not a robot to be expecting 100% efficiency from him every game.
That being said, you’re probably just hunting down votes since you can’t get upvotes

All Arse

I have to agree with Parteylike. I think he should have come off as he doesn’t look quite right to me, and didn’t in the midweek game either. Maybe he is still carrying a knock from that tackle last weekend, or the constant kicking he is receiving. He wasn’t trying to go past the defender today, like he would normally do, causing total panic/havoc.

Not to be negative though. What a day. Can’t remember dominating them on their own patch for over a decade. Bloody marvellous to watch.


Not at all. I’m very positive in most posts but it was just something really noticeable up to 0-0. Like it was worrying. Some had said to me he pulled up in the warm up so I kept wondering if he was injured and not playing his normal way.

Who cares about hunting votes??? It was an observation…and still said how delighted I was with the win. COYG

Exit the Lemming

Saka get’s judged by the standards he has set himself so i though he was wasteful today. Lot’s of very talented players get kicked all over the place. Saka (and Xhaka to an extent) have become unimpeachable of late. No-one is above criticism


Great display. Stuff of champions really! Now oppositions play us with fear, cos I couldn’t believe how toothless Chelsea were really I could see the fear in their eyes. 10/10 to Thomas partey whe was a general in midfield.


Great win! But I’m still mad that man city got that pen yesterday. Total dive. Also, what is the deal with refs letting players kick Saka up and down. I don’t get it. What do the refs have against him.


Am very pleased with our performance today


I thought that was one of the best away performances since the Invincibles. And how can the England manager think that Sp-rs person is better than Ben White?


Partey = boss. What a dominant performance. Chelsea could not handle our movement or tenacity. This is our best away day so far. COYG


This is the first game in which there were seven yellow cards, where Xhaka didn’t pick one up. Probably

Fireman Sam

Jesus was MOTM for me. Just so much energy and talent. Yeah he missed a good chance but it wasn’t easy and he did so much, a constant thorn in the opposition’s side. What a signing.


That Xhaka moment in stoppage time was so satisfying. Gonna return to it often 🙂

The Arsenal

Even better was i wasn’t worried about a red in the slightest. He was in complete control while displaying brilliant shithousery. wasted a good 2/3 mins and nobody realised because they thought it was just Xhaxa being Xhaxa,


Øde must put more faith in his right foot.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Unfair that Ramsdale gets paid to do nothing. He should have to work for a living like the rest of us.

Onekele solomon

It’s has been 🔥 since he (Auba)left then I realized he was the bad 🥚… Nothing personal…COYG

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