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Arsenal 3-1 West Ham – player ratings

Arsenal were back in action this evening and back to winning ways, beating West Ham 3-1 in the Premier League.

Despite falling behind to a Said Benrahma penalty in the first half, second half strikes from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah turned the game around and secured all three points for Mikel Arteta’s men.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 3-1 West Ham report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 3-1 West Ham – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I’m so happy we won, but seeing Wenger back at the Emirates was the best moment of the night for me. I hope he comes back frequently!


Hope he stopped by the dressing room after the match so the players can high-five the real Arsene. That would be awesome, I think


If he did, I’d give a month’s wages to see the video clip of that!


Blue tie was a faux pas though


Very happy for Eddie. Will do his confidence a world of good


Huge confident boost for the whole team. That was one of those moments at 1-0 you’re seeing the headlines and thinking of arsenal fading out in the second half. Then arsenal reminded us that this team is different and special! Great win!


What a performance from Odegaard – again such an energetic showing – he was everywhere on that pitch and he stepped up with that crucial assist for the first goal, and I liked how many shots he took today. He should have his own song definitely as well 🙂 Eddie was great with his pressing and also ball retention plus an impressive goal – G. Jesus must have been smiling on the bench despite the unfortunate injury. We are right back at it and the whole stadium was rocking again with Arsene finally at the ground (build him the statue… Read more »

The duck

Yes Odegaard definitely should have his own song!


I’ve always thought it would be a relatively straightforward progression from Ni-gel Win-ter-burn, NIGEL WINTERBURN! to Mar-tin O-de-gaard, MARTIN ODEGAARD! 🤷‍♂️

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

I guess it hadn’t registered with me that our captain doesn’t have a song…

This is just off of the top of my head, but what about something based off of “Oh L’Amour” by Erasure?

Scored a goal and now I’m assisting you,
What a captain is supposed to do.”


I’d go simpler and easier, to the tune of “Take on Me” by A-Ha

“Heee caaan run
Heeee caaaan paaaass
Heee caaaan scoooore
A goal or twooooo”


I love the idea but I think take on me might be literally the hardest song to chant or even sing


Obla dee, odegaard, are championship runs gooos onhan all because of Odegaard.!


Excellent call…

Obladi oblada Odegaaaa-ard!
He’s our Mar-tin O-de-gaaard.

Martin is our captain
with the dancing feet…
Mikel knows exactly what we need…
Martin feeds to Eddie
and it’s in the net…
And in the evening
we’re atop the league again…


Give him a Pythonesque twist – to the tune of I’m A Lumberjack…

Heee’s a Viking an’ he works so hard…
His name is Mar-tin Oh – de – Gard.
He leads our team… he looks so clean,
H’es our Viking Oh-de Gard.

Santi's Thigh Grab

The song people are clearly slacking.

Burlap sack

Tune of Báidín Fheilimí

Martin Odegaard score us a goal, lad
Martin Odegaard score us a goal


Thunder clap… O…Deee….Gard…. Progressively faster

Santi's Thigh Grab

That would be amazing to see the whole Emirates doing that thunderclap.


He’s scores goals my lord
O ..de..gard
He loves arsenal my lord
He hates spurs my lord
Oh lord Odegard


Slightly amended (apologies for the unasked for edit):

He’s scores goals, Dennis
O ..de..gaard
He loves Arsenal, Dennis
He hates Spurs, Dennis
Oh Martin Odegaard


A message to you Oodee….


Alan from The Tuesday Club podcast suggested using the chorus from the 1971 song “Brand New Key” by Melanie Safka.
We’ve got Martin Odegaard
Arsenal’s number eight
We’ve got Martin Odegaard
We just think he’s great
When Saka is running down the wing
He’ll put it on a plate!
We’ve got Martin Odegaard
Arsenal’s number eight!


Actually feel some of the grades were a bit harsh, especially Ben and big Gabi. Incredible game by all.

BENJI Gooner

Yeah I don’t know what blogs was talking about with Big Gabs missing a few high balls lol like what? and it’s a bit worrying?? absolute nonsense. The worrying thing was Saliba’s defending and causing the PK that was worrying I thought that was Mustafi for a sec he was so indecisive he Mustafi mode there. I hope it’s just one of those days. All game he looked shaky that was worrying for me

Cranky Colin

Don’t seee the point in rating Ben.
It’s a 10 consistently for me.
There was a twat banging into his legs in the middle of the second half, and he stopped and just looked at the distraught lad.
Thierry used to do that.


Elneny has to be a 10 absolute class. On a real note Saka with an 8 is a bit harsh, he was amazing on the wing today and absolutely teared up cresswell. Odegaard MOTM for me, amazing from him and 35 mil for him was such a steal.

Mayor McCheese

And no rating once again for Ramsey. What does Blogs have against him, ffs.

BENJI Gooner

Blogs doesn’t like Saka ever since the World Cup miss go back and look at blogs ratings for Saka no surprise there. Ben White, Saliba, and Nketiahs ratings are very generous. Ben white was solid though but not 7.5 solid and saliba 7? nketiah 8? he was anonymous for large chunks of the game the goal saved him from criticism. But I am glad he got his goal because we don’t need criticism and bad energy right now. I hope he pushes on with that goal but nketiah wasn’t an 8 today 7 at best

A Different George

Ever since the World Cup miss? Must mean the Euros–yeah, it was horrible to see the abuse Blogs rained down on Saka after that. Seriously, I undertand someone thinking White deserved a higher rating, or Martinelli a lower etc. etc.–that’s fine. But some “opinions” are so far from being based on anything that was actually seen or heard–you know, what we call “reality”–that it just depresses me.


Good Lord… there’s always one, innit?

Trixie Popsicle

Stop embarrassing yourself!

Santi's Thigh Grab

Can’t be a real Gooner.


For whatever reason, I found this comment particularly annoying. I don’t mind a different opinion – that’s what we’re all here to share after all – but I do mind a different set of facts. And because I’ve got free time due to being off of work this week, I went ahead and called your bluff and actually looked at ratings before and after THE EUROS, and the simple facts don’t support your claim. In fact, in Saka’s second start of the season (he was injured early on), against Sp*rs, Blogs gave him a 10. I have to say that… Read more »

timorous me

I felt like watching Saka in the France game in the WC we saw a player who, amongst many of the best in the game, not only played great but showed more confidence and almost swagger on the pitch–easily England’s best player that day–and it felt like he carried that forward into today’s game.

At the same time, watching him on NBC’s post-match coverage from pitchside, he was as charming as ever. It’s hard to emphasize just what a wonderful player he is and what a joy it is to have him as part of our club.


I am sure Saka’s performance on the world stage and the accolade he gets will boost his self belief. He is no longer a prospect. he is the real thing.


Yeah, that interview was class. Humble and witty.
Like always never put a foot wrong.

Trixie Popsicle

NBC…… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Agree on Saka, what really impressed me today was how physical he was. He really bullied Cresswell and Rice, they couldn’t handle him at all. The composure for his goal was excellent as well.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, at one point I was amazed to see him bump Rice off the ball (which takes a bit of doing)


The legend that is Thierry Henry made a point of that after the game, about how Saka is becoming more of a warrior on the pitch and winning these duels. He seemed to love the attitude and mentality that he’s beginning to show and I absolutely agree!


How Cres-not-so-well escaped a yellow for continually mugging Saka, I do not know.
He really wanted his shirt…


What about Zinchenko?

Emi Rates

A ten for being fit again.


Zinchenko was missing it seems lol

timorous me

But not on the pitch! Boy he looked good. He’s played so little for us for months now that it’s easy to forget that he’s an Arsenal player and just how damn good he was when in the team. Sort of feels like a hazy dream–or at least it did until he came on and so seamlessly fit in.

Santi's Thigh Grab

Agree 100%, he’s a dream state player. Doesn’t practice, always on the injury report and then appears on the sideline, enters the game and glides around like he’s never been injured. The angles of his perfectly weighted passes are unbelievable. Mentality is off the charts as well. We will really need him and ESR for the second half of the season.


Martin Odegard is ridiculous

Morrisey fan #1

I know it shouldn’t matter to fans, it’s not our money, but how much is he worth and we got him for 35 mill. He has to be worth 50 plus EASY. An absolute steal

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

50 is Chilwell money

Morrisey fan #1

Thats the English tax though isnt it, Ode doesn’t have that! 🙂


50 plus?
And the rest, mate…. and the rest!


God I love Martinelli so much

Mayor McCheese

A sparkling performance! He’s the apple of my eye, too.


Odegaard. Oh my god… absolute joy to watch him dance.


Well, you can’t spell Odegaard without G O D…


Absolutely delighted to see Wenger back and the fans singing his name. There was a brief period where the toxicity and lack of respect in the stadium was palpable, and I felt a tinge of shame at the time (I’m wagging my finger at you AFTV). But I can honestly say I feel like we’ve got our Arsenal back. The way we play, the characters in the squad, Arteta, Edu, and unity of the fans… come on the Gunners!

Santi's Thigh Grab

Glad to see there are only 4 AFTV fans on this site.


I actually cannot believe sometimes how good we have become. We are fucking good at football. And we win games, too. I am happy. I really am.


Odegaard the MTM, but thought Partey was not far behind. Great to see Eddie rise to the opportunity. Basically, the whole team was great.
Happy New Year!


If Odegaard is the turbo engine, Partey is the premium lubricant.


It’s funny that nowadays when it comes to MOTM, we can have 4-5 names in the discussion and they are all valid


I must be one of the only people that didn’t think we were bad in the first half. Sure, our final balls were lacking and we had one defensive lapse of concentration which cost us the goal, but our general play was actually really good – we were free-flowing and all over them pretty much from the get-go. There was no world cup hangover, we just picked up where we left off before the break. I didn’t feel at all worried at half time and I’m delighted that it paid off! It’s also wonderful that different people keep shining for… Read more »


Odergaards discuised shot…😂 happy Christmas Andrew 🥃


Ben White!

Baichung Bhutia

Yup was superb today. Nothing came from his side for West Ham as is becoming the case.


How does he not play for you english at wc ? He has to be on the field somewhere.


There is no way he’ll play for England if teacher’s pet Maguire is even vaguely fit.

Santi's Thigh Grab

Underrated player IMO. Just oozes confidence and technical ability. And will only get better at this position.


What a second half. Perfect. With confidence an patience. COYG


Impressive comeback and an overall performance. Especially by Ødegaard and Martinelli. You could see some fatigue in some guys like Partey especially in the second half but hey, it’s a team game and you have people to cover for you. Buzzing for Nketiah, his work rate, and the confidence he must now have. Now it’s crystal clear all the stuff about energy that Arteta was talking about from the moment he took over. What a guy!

Man Manny

Partey played 3 games at the World Cup and has been back for two weeks. Where would the fatigue come from? He would have played more games than that if the EPL had continued.


Zinchenko 8


Really liked his new role of a deep playmaker. Scared the s**t out of the hammers.


There’s only one Arsene Wenger


One Arsene Wenger!!!


I am sure his presence raised the players’ performance. It was a show for their legend Arsene Wenger.


arsene wenger only gets a one!

djourou's nutmeg

what an unfair thing ratings are for keepers. ramsdale didn’t have much to do, but he had some very good saves, was very quick and precise to set up the counter and looked very comfortable with the ball as his feet to ensure we kept the flow coming out from the back. he’s almost the same age than a certain szczesny was when playing for us, or the rival goalkeeper we faced today. can you remember how they played at that age? i do, and let me tell you, what aaron is doing is worth more than a 7!


Totally agree and gave him 8.5. Ramsdale was class all game, you can tell he’s a big character, just like Emi Martinez was for Argentina, who I always thought we should keep instead of Leno. Ramsdale reminded us all again not to worry, though. He’s one of our own.


Martinez is the kind of person who’d park on your driveway and then have the brass front to tell _you_ to fuck off.
Ramsdale seems very likeable, very good at playing out from the back, plus he’s relatively young for a goalkeeper…


Yup but Martinez was crucial to our FA cup win as well. He stepped up when it mattered for Arsenal, and I’ll thank him always for that. He moved to ensure first team football because he’s desperate to be Argentine no. 1, I don’t begrudge him that.


But by the same logic, Leno also “stepped up when it mattered” and had a somewhat less reliable defense/system in front of him.
Martinez is the equivalent of a girlfriend/boyfriend you were only with for a couple of months but you later discovered was something of a tool. A handful of fun times but now the relationship has ended, I couldn’t care less what he does now.

A Different George

Yeah, I don’t think it’s a total accident that after all those years, with regular loan spells, he was only very rarely even our second-choice keeper. He’s a decent keeper overall, obviously good at shithousing and especially on penalties (and made one simply brilliant save–as all decent keepers sometimes do–at a moment when literally the whole world was watching), but I am absolutely not sorry we kept Leno (and even happier we got Ramsdale).


If Eddie goes to Qatar instead of Kane, England win the World Cup.

Exit the Lemming

Eddie Izzard?


Get in lads!!!!
Saka and MO were brilliant today for us. Very happy for Eddie to get a goal, great confidence boost 🙂


I’ve been brainwashed for basically a month into what is classified as “good football”………..that was football GOYG


Exactly. It was like using listeren to get lasts nights beer a
put of the mouth. Very strong and does th job. I enjoyed that game so much

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

Real football is back.
There’s only one Arsene Wenger


I was there in 2018 against West Ham in the first game after Arsene announced he was going, his penultimate home match. And I was there again tonight when he returned home! What a moment when we saw him on the jumbotrons!


Partey though. Purring! So good you kinda don’t notice everything he does. Springing attacks, defensive saves, ghosting past players.


Do think it’s massive that we had Wenger back in the stadium tonight. Im sure that the owners invited him, from good advice, they understand our potential and will go big in January


Gosh fellows that was brilliant. Tierny was possibly our lowest performing player. And he had a very good game. Saka makes me happy and has since that game against Chelsea three years ago. Play play him I said just play him. Our commentator made a huge point at the end of the game regarding Eddie. He said look at that smile sometimes we forget that the point of sport is to have fun.

I think that is why I like some of these players so much, they are having fun and show it. Can’t wait to next game.

A Different George

That was Drury who, despite his occasional over-dramatisation, quite clearly loves football.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Great result, almost better that we went behind because we had to exercise some patience and test our resolve. Happy for Eddie, brilliant from Ødegaard and was impressed with Benjamin. Welcome home Arsene Wenger.

Santi's Little Helper

Normally think the ratings are pretty good but a few seem off for me. Ben White surely deserves more. The last goal (which killed the game) doesn’t happen without that silky flick. They had absolutely nothing going on all night that side and he covered a few times for Sali a (Antonio got behind him and flicked it over and he was getting ready to fire but White took it off his toes). Definitely a penalty and a silly challenge from Saliba. White was head and shoulders the best of that bunch and the second best player on the night… Read more »


All three frontmen got a goal and out attacking midfielder got two assists. Love it when a plan comes together. I’m sure Arsene is just as proud of Mikel as he is of the youngsters. They are all his developments


I don’t get this from blogs. Big Gabriel was our best player. He dealt with Antonio as best as anyone can. Deserves a 8


Emirates stadium was built by Arsene Wenger. So him returning back to see Arsenal play and win and be top of the table with a manager he coached. I am sure he was happy last night

Exit the Lemming

Excellent 2nd half performance after Arsenal struggled to cope with West Ham’s counter attacking threat in the first. Neither Tierney or Saliba could cope with Bowen on our left or Antonio through the middle and for all his fantastic gifts, Martinelli still has a propensity to be wasteful in possession. That said, we blew the Hammers away thereafter and once they went behind and were forced to take the game to Arsenal they really didn’t have anything that resembled a plan B. I’ve never rated Nketiah anything higher than a Championship striker but thought he worked tirelessly and took his… Read more »


It was a terrific game, with a lot of excitement and some truly impressive play. A couple of players were, unsurprisingly a bit slow to get going but others were right on things from the whistle. Ødegaard was superb, everything went through him and he bossed the game. Saka showed more physicality alongside his skills, which makes him even more dangerous as an attacker. All three goals were perfect examples of why this side is so good and it was great to see Eddie get his goal. He is going to blossom while Jesus is recovering. A great evening’s football.… Read more »


Well said 👏.


In a long long time, I was not worried after we went behind.

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