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Arteta: This was a big win, but we can be better

Mikel Arteta admitted there were things his side could do better after the 4-2 win over Brighton, but insisted this was a ‘big win’ for his side.

It’s two from two post-World Cup now, and scoring four away from home against a team that have caused us a lot of problems in recent seasons, is an impressive day’s work for the Premier League leaders.

Speaking afterwards, the Arsenal boss said, “This was a big win.

“It’s really tough place to come here. They are a really good side, they are extremely well coached and they made it tough for us. We made it tough for them as well.

“I think we were excellent especially in attacking phases when we had the space and the way they defend they make it very open and we made the most out of it.

“We had moments that we discussed before where we were going to suffer and defend deeper.

“There were moments where we should have done better and we put ourselves in trouble, but that’s the learning part and every game is a huge test.”

Brighton 2-4 Arsenal player ratings

Reflecting on the 7 point gap at the top, Arteta was pleased about his players’ reactions to the things that didn’t go as well as we’d have liked.

“It’s still a long way to go,” he said. My excitement comes from going into the dressing room when the players are talking about what they should have done better today.

“That means that they know that we can still player better and be better and against Newcastle we have to be better.”

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Happy New Year everyone!!!
And happy season so far, mind-blowingly good, so far! Fingers crossed we don’t get injuries and can keep it going! COYR!!!


come on you, erm, runners?


Happy fucking New Year! HMS piss the league is well on course (lols).. Seriously though huge result last night, if we get our player acquisition right over this window I truly believe we can get over the line. Just need one or two additions in, to bolster those key areas up front and in midfield. As I think we all saw the drop off in the latter stages when Mikel made those changes, although no doubt there was some fatigue involved too. And fuck me, what a ball by Odegaard for Martinelli’s goal. His performance last night was Bergkamp like,… Read more »


Read saliba will extend until 2025

That doesn’t sound right. His current contract runs until 2024. Why would we only offer a 1 year extension.


The Athletic reported that we activated a 1-year extension clause in his existing contract. Clubs generally prefer not to do this as they’d rather give the players better terms on a new, longer contract which maintains a better relationship with the player.


I also thought it was a bit weird


Happy New Year Gooners. Lots of cause for optimism for 2023 – yes we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground, but all I want is to support this crop of players to the absolute hilt and help take them as far as they can go. Ooh to be a Gooner!

Naked Cygan

We can definitely improve defensively.

Naked Cygan

With the defending, for some reason we are horrible at defending very deep. Even with 5 at the back we were very sloppy. Maybe it’s better we don’t sit deep and just put the pressure on and push them back. When we invite pressure we fall apart.

The Arsenal

I think Brighton are one of the better attacking/footballing teams in the league. Seen them go toe to toe with every big team consistently for a while now. The days of just dismissing any team are over.
Cant expect us to dominate the entire 90mins. Cant expect Brighton not to have some type of pressure at home. I did think we got a bit complacent having gone 3-0 up and seemingly put Brighton in their place for beating us last time and doing consistently well against us for seasons.


Agreed. I think there is room here to see how Brighton had done well, while we should still look at how Arsenal could have done better.
In tests before, the final score could have been:
*2-2 (we not scoring when we’re on the ascendancy)
*4-4 (once we let the 2nd goal in, the self destruction button is pressed fully)
*2-3, 3-4, 4-5 (once we lose control, we are never able up regain it. And eventually, we lose)


I never relax unless we are 4 goals up… great to see team see out a tricky fixture, Miki subbing 2 defender’s at same time wasn’t his best decision as we looked all over the place after, got the job done in the end, Geordies have had a good run but not taken on a side in form, if we take 3 points at spuds i will start to believe..


And when we are 4 goals up, no doubt commentator will keep the butterflies alive with mention of the 4 goal lead squandered at Newcastle!


Today is my my BDay.
Happy BDay to me!

Why yes, yes it certainly was is! 🎂🥂🍾🍷🍸🍻🍹🍺


Happy Birthday jw1! Certainly a good gift from Arsenal! Cheers


Happy Birthday May this be an exceptional year for you

May we keep proving random ‘punters’ wrong. Sutton predicted a Brighton win, and Richard Keys reckons Newcastle will finish above Arsenal.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Fuck that insufferable wanker Richard Keys.

The Arsenal

Why even mention Keys. The guy is the Ceo of bellends.
To be fair Sutton has been one pundit i have seen who has been pretty positive on Arsenal and Arteta since last season. While he predicted Brighton win he didn’t do it in that hoping we would fail way like the rest of the cunts. i think alot of Arsenal fans were worried about htis fixture, Brighton are a very good side and have had our number for a few seasons.

Billy bob

Chris Sutton’s dad was a PE teacher at the high school I went to!! But yes, Chris has been one of the better pundits for sure!!


Sounds like Sutton’s skills as a clairvoyant are as reliable and consistent as his skills as a footballer.

Cranky Colin

Meanwhile…… Ronaldo to Al Nassr.
Who gives a double monkeys?
Side show Bob.

We are Arsenal.

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