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Reports: Jesus facing 3 months out, requires surgery

The news regarding Gabriel Jesus goes from bad to worse.

After initial worries about him needing a scan, the Arsenal forward was then reportedly set to miss up to a month with a knee injury.

This evening, further information has come to light suggesting the Brazilian could be out for up to 3 months as it’s said he requires surgery on his knee problem.

It’s obviously a big problem for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, but with the break between now and the opening of the January transfer window, there is time to react.

The Gunners resume Premier League action against West Ham on December 26th, and face Newcastle, Sp*rs and Man Utd in January.

It feels like reinforcements will be required. Let’s see what happens, and let’s hope GJ can recovery quickly. A bit of Elneny DNA might be useful.

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Saliba and the Sporty Thievz

What the fuck did we ever do to ever deserve this. A player who was hardly injured for City. A player with a good injury record rocks up at Arsenal and injures himself in a dead rubber game for Brazil. As a Brazilian we have good replacements but this is the worst news for us as Arsenal fans. I can’t begin to think of replacements. I am devastated. Get well soon Gabi. Fuck this Winter World Cup

Johnny 4 Hats

Martinelli through the middle and Mudryk or ESR on the left.

I love Eddie but we can’t hang our season on him.

We have to buy and buy early in January.

So sad. Get well soon Gabi.


Glad to see you’re getting the thumbs up for voicing what is common sense.


A player that never played consistently for City, so maybe his durability is only being tested now. It shows we are still a bit light up front, as Eddie was not trusted enough to take some of the load. Also I think Eddie only really performed when given a run of games and struggles as an impact sub.

Juve will be having a fire sale soon!

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

Anybody can injure their knee, takinga hard knock


Remember he got thru 14 prem games…being fouled myriad times also a few Europa games…no injuries…plays a bit part in a BS 🌍🏆GAME and gets injured….just our bad luck


I don’t know who told you he was “hardly injured at City” but 10 seconds googling will confirm this is incorrect.


This is the main reason why so many people were against a winter World Cup. Our season could be wrecked by this tournament.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

To make it worse, a shit world cup.

To be fair, it could also have happened on a cold, wet, Tuesday evening in Bournemouth.
Well at least a month out of the 3, he won’t miss any football

Your man Eddie has his time to shine, come Boxing day


Actually as an almost total neutral I’ve been quite enjoying the world cup this year. Some nice end of group drama.


Stop following the agenda, this World Cup has been fantastic up to this point. I’m in Qatar for the France match today and the atmosphere has been incredible and respectful.


Supporting the deaths of thousands of migrant workers and helping sport wash a cruel regime. Kudos to you mate.


I assume you’re not watching the World Cup then? SMH


The figure has been mislead by the western media. The total number of migrants died in the last 12 years has been put up as deaths due to construction of stadiums of the World Cup. the figure is far less. Can’t find any fault in how the tournament is organized so people like you are just trying to hold on to anything negative because it’s Qatar. Digest it, probably better than many in the past.

Reality check

No bigger entertainment washing that our dear old Hollywood, the biggest propaganda machine together with the media.
Marvel world: shows us we are saviours and protectors of the earth and its people.
Real world: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and other endless deadly covert foreign interventions.
We love discussing football here, why not stick to that? No one is without sin here so please throw your stones.


‘No one is without sin here so please throw your stones.’

This is almost beautiful but they dont actually stone people in Qatar, they just chop their heads off.

Reality check

“They just chop their heads off”
How many beheadings in total by Qatar? Tried to look but couldn’t find any, it will be helpful if your can point to some, or did you let your bigotry and xenophobia take control of your fingers? BTW, you know how many pieces a body turns into when the bombs hit them? You want to compare?


This is like a masterclass in gormless obfuscation. It’s got everything. “But what about Iraq” “you are a racist” but methinks you need to incorporate “you are a hypocrite because your heating runs on qatari gas” to truly take it to the next level. Anyway, since my stoning joke was poorly received I have just done two minutes research and discovered that qatar does not stone people to death and neither does it chop their heads off – it shoots them or hangs them. Happy to correct the record. Though you can understand my confusion since neighbouring Saudi Arabia, which… Read more »

Reality check

It’s not really about what is bought from them, it’s what is sold to them and where they use it. And not just stopping there, but also providing tactical and technical expertise. I am sure you have seen charity apeals for Yemen on ITV too? Sounds like you’re shouting at me while also in agreement with me to some extent. The point I am making here is, human rights are not just limited to your own borders or the rights of your own citizens. Waging wars and killing inncocent civilians violates many components of the human rights. As abhorrent as… Read more »


Too easy to make judgements on others. It is the fault of FIFA and we shouldn’t be put in a position of having to choose.


I have not watched a single minute of it.
And won’t.
I hope that the welcome you are receiving from a country that has no value for human rights or freedom of speech is everything you hoped for.
Just don’t do anything to offend, otherwise you might become another statistic like the thousands of foreign workers who died so you can enjoy the football.

Jesus FlipFlop

Before you start virtue signalling you should look up what factory your phone, tablet or computer was made. Good chance it was made in a country that has a worse human rights record than Qatar.. I had the same discussion with my 13 year old daughter as she was playing on her iPhone and lecturing me about the tournament.


And yet you allow your daughter to use said phone, tablet and/or computer.

Mate, just accept it. Qatar is a corrupt shit hole where public flogging and executions are as normal as a fruit and veg stall.

Reality check

Human rights? By that measure, no international sporting event should ever take place in the UK or US. “Right to life” is one of the components of Human Rights Act, is it not? Or the collateral from the recent drone program, that killed innocent famlies in their sleep, fully adhered to the human rights? Or certain lives don’t matter? It was thanks to Trump, of all people, who stopped it. Or the human rights start and end at our doorstep, and the millions that were killed and displaced in Iraq had no human rights? Some reparations are in order or… Read more »

Eric Blair

Not you again, weren’t you here under a different pseudonym the other day?

The next time a Western country hosts the world cup and uses de facto slave labour, many of whom die in the process of building the infrastructure, you might have a point. Until then, take your abhorrent moral relativism and enjoy it in your country where I’m sure you’re free to love who you wish.


He’s right. No Western country should be getting on any moral “high horse” ., It’s not moral relativism, it’s calling you out on your hypocrisy and “Anglo-Saxon superiority”. The truth is you have no moral leg to stand on. No one is denying that human rights should be respected everywhere, but you and many others like yourself have never called for “western countries” to be denied access or international hosting rights to sporting events for atrocities they commit and continue to commit. Are human rights abuses only relevant when they are used to build sporting infrastructure? Would it have been… Read more »

Eric Blair

Can you and your pals kindly piss off and leave this site for Arsenal fans to talk about things related to Arsenal? Cheers.




Oh God, here we go again. West bashing, East absolving.

Arsenal are a Western Hemisphere club. Put that in hookah and smoke it, pal.

Reality check

“uses de facto slave labour, many of whom die in the process of building the infrastructure, you might have a point” You epitomise the point I was making; selective moral activism with a heavy dose of hypocrisy. Ms Patel sent a boat full of migrants back which then sank and killed all on board, all brushed under the carpet. Many are being shipped out to, Rawanda or, Uganda is it? Or the migrants and refugees have different human rights? Or the migrants that approach UK through Libya, which is the legacy of Cameron, are aliens? Or the paparwork has to… Read more »


Oh no. You again.

Multiple accounts and zero brain cells.

Reality check

Maybe more than one person can say the same thing genius, no? Maybe, try putting in the work and prove it. Use your braincells, go on then.


The same use of vocabulary (look it up in the dictionary) rhetoric (ditto) and writing style usually gives the game away.

With you, however and your fellow West bashing aliases, it’s a fair bet if not blatantly obvious.

Reality check

Same use of vocabulary? Oh you fighured it out. Proving your claim shouldn’t be a problem, go on then. Are saying people who learn English can’t have the same style? Do natives all have different styles? You arent very bright are you. The West bashing comes from thick racists like you, who have a false sense of superiority and feel entitled to lecture them on morality, even though your own is so fucked up that its hard to even call it that. Rhetoric could be the same as it often is on issues like this, you pick a side, the… Read more »


My gee, this self righteousness is frankly nauseating. Do you imagine thousands of migrant workers were murdered? Or perhaps suffered from hazards of their line of work? Or freak accidents?
The UK and the West and every other country also have workplace deaths in the hundreds/thousands. Perhaps you should consider not watching the EPL or Hollywood movies where stunt people accidentally lose their lives.


Public flogging? Executions? They used to at the Tower of London but, that was in 1522, not 2022.

Reality check

Naa that’s old school shit. You execute people with bombs now, blow them into smithereens. Women and children, you don’t give a shit. Shut this BS about human rights.


So much virtue signaling I almost puked out my jelly while watching France


Unlike the country itself. Every time I see people defending bigotry and human rights abuses as “its their culture” I want to die slightly. Disgrace they ever had a world cup.


World cup should not be in Qatar, but if I can watch a team sponsored by Emirates and Rwanda I can watch football hosted in Qatar.
It doesn’t mean I like where the money comes from.
I generally don’t buy arsenal merchandise, or contribute financially beyond paying for TV.


Arsenal is sponsored by Emirates and Rwanda, the hypocrisy! Lol


I don’t choose the clubs sponsors and I don’t like either of those deals either. I’ve supported the club a lot longer than its had those arrangements but they haven’t had a penny off me since making them and won’t do until they change.


That kind of comparison does not hold. First of all Whataboutery should not be used to excuse behaviour. Secondly Emirates is an airline which transports people and Rwanda is advertising for tourists so I don’t see the hypocrisy. This is not sports washing and I’d rather have these ads vs all the gambling ads which are vile.


They fucking wouldn’t be if most of us had a say in the matter, pal.



This brain dead defence of Qatar is fucking nauseous – and that’s putting it mildly.


I’ll continue to follow the ‘don’t work people to death’ agenda.

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

Shut up with this “agenda” rubbish. Aren’t I allowed an opinion on what I’ve seen of the world cup?
Quality wise, I’ve only seen 1 world cup worse than this one, and I’ve stopped watching it after the 2nd group stage games.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

We have to buy new striker now in January. This news trumps every other position. Nketia cannot lead the line for us. If we roll the dice and chance he can, then we may be struggling to make top four before season is out.

Inflamed Pulis

If the World Cup took place over the summer, he could have injured his knee then and missed the start of our season. It’s a big loss regardless.


We would have had longer to prepare for the start of the season AND it’s much easier to sign top players in the summer. Getting a quality replacement will be tough: nobody wants to sell their star players in January.


This sucks. Time for Eddie to step up? Or maybe if ESR is ready to hit the ground running he can do a Firmino type job with Martinelli and Saka wide.. At least Arteta has a little time to ponder.


I love Eddie and want him to reach his full potential but I don’t think we can solely rely on him as our forward when we are sitting 5 points clear in 1st pushing for a title challenge. Trust in Arteta and Edu but there’s gonna be some greys coming through in that beautifully sculpted Barnet of his after this news.


I fully agree. We need back up. Presumably we have to navigate December’s fixtures (and a few in January) before we can get new bodies in and integrated. At least in the short term internal solutions are required


Or he could have injured his knee away to Wolves in the league….the logic of some of you fans SMH

Eric Blair

But it didn’t, did it? It happened in the winter, in the middle of the season where we are 5 points clear and have a realistic chance of winning the damn thing.


It sounds like this could have been something he has been dealing with for a while now. If that is accurate he was always going to need surgery and the fact we are not currently playing is a good thing.


Well, crap.

Post January Blip

Curse of the number 9 strikes again


Oh fuck off.


Alan Smith did ok at No.9


And so did John Radford and Frank Stapleton. This number 9 curse is a load of bollocks.

Post January Blip

You must be new around here. This has been a running joke for a while, not a empirically observed phenomenon. You guys need to learn to relax.

Crash Fistfight

The one who played for Leeds didn’t

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

Yep, it all started with R9 and continues to this day


Ronaldo incoming!





Ah damn it. This feels like last season in January all over again. Badly need more reinforcement in midfield and striker/winger.


Martinelli has enough passing, crossing, finishing and dribbling skills to be a good replacement for Jesus. In the left we can give Nelson (LANS) a go and sign another winger.

Dr Zebra

Probably more likely ESR there before Nelson perhaps?

Eric Blair

We needed an alternative to Jesus anyway, someone of a similar level who can come in and get the goals which don’t come easily for him.

Now, there is no option but to get this player in January. If we try muddling through to spring with only Eddie as a striker the season will end badly like last year.

I say again, f*ck this world Cup.

Dubai Ham

What does the WC got to do with the fact that Arsenal only has 1 striker and he is a number 9? If we had a Van Persie we wouldn’t be panicking.


I agree.

We need to sign Mudryk to help ESR on the left wing, put Martinelli up front and sign either Gapko or Bellingham.

Edu and Arteta need to do a job on Josh, because we won’t get a better crack at the title than this season.


I don’t see us spunking cash like that, especially in January where prices are already inflated. I think Jesus’s injury will only stop us strengthening the other area’s that needed attention. Possibly a loan move on a forward and a midfielder. Anyway hope I’m proven wrong brother.


Mate, we needed another quality striker anyway; Eddie is still a work in progress. If Jesus is out until March or April, then it becomes an absolute necessity in the January window – we have no choice if we are genuinely serious about top four, never mind the title. Eddie is coming along nicely, but his influence on the team is nowhere near what Jesus currently offers and what Gapko could potentially provide. This is no time to start counting the pennies. We have to spend now or it’ll be the same top four blowing shit show as last Spring.… Read more »

Eric Blair

I don’t know about those names, but we need a striker, preferably ready to go on January 1st.

El Mintero

We needed a striker to back up Jesus back in JUNE because as a lot of us said back then it was more than likely injuries would happen and we would be in a hole if Jesus went down…



Welcome back. It must have been agony watching Jesus play so well game after game and having to keep it buttoned after you spent the whole summer slagging him off.

Now he’s injured, you’re back on here in full Told You So mode.

No one saw that coming, eh mate? 😂

El Mintero


Dubai Ham

We needed another striker, now we need 2. We have not relied on him anyway he hasn’t scored in 13 matches.

El Mintero

His value just being on the pitch has been more than sufficient so far. His lack of scoring was to be expected (by me anyway). We should have signed a big target man to accompany him back in the Summer.


The reporter said a minimum of 3 months.


Its not Ornstein … let’s wait and see. Bit of clickbaiting going on perhaps. Tomorrow it will be ”Jesus makes miracle recovery”. He has form in that regard.

Dr Zebra

Jesus is known for his miracles too..


The trouble is, he won’t be back until Easter.

Naked Cygan

All jokes aside, who the FK really thought we could go through the entire season with a world cup in the middle with two strikers, and no disrespect to Nketia but he is not the guy that will get you in the top 4, let alone challenge for the league. At some point this season Jesus was going to get injured and the time has come, and at some point this season Nketia will be injured too. So let’s just be smart and get a top with quality striker now. We have 3 weeks to figure it out and make… Read more »


Is this a reliable source? I think we were all of the opinion that the need to fly back was bad news but 3 months from what we’d heard originally seems on the extreme side. Hopefully it’s not that bad but at least Edu and Arteta are fully aware of what happened last season when Auba left and we were reliant on Laca and Eddie.


Prices will almost certainly increase when Arsenal enquire about ‘said’ players availability…


The sun sets in the west, toast falls butter side down, bears shit in the woods and clubs inflate their asking price when Arsenal take an interest.

’Twas ever thus….


I think we should still go with the originial plan – i.e. a good winger to cover for saka – like Mudryk or Gakpo….Between Eddie & Martinelli we should be able to cover for GJ….Martinelli with his tenacity & trickery is more of a like for like replacement than any short term fix (eg. Ronaldo or Depay ) & finally if we get ESR fit & firing – that is one more attacker…. with not much drop in quality on left wing (rather with his own kind of strengths) …when nelli plays up top i.e. If we think this ain’t… Read more »


Mudryk is a left winger and so not really a direct replacement for Saka, but at least you’re backing us signing him.


I shuddered when I saw how casually you mentioned Ronaldo in the same breath as Arsenal. Just stop… I don’t care what rumor mill rag printed RONALDO TO ARSENAL!!!!1!! I would need to take a sabbatical as a fan. Keep that scumbag away from our club!! I’d rather miss out on CL than watch him fill his diaper every 5 min.


Those fretting about who to buy: that’s not going to happen. This is what Eddie was signed for. Let’s get behind him.

Eric Blair

When we’re often playing twice a week can we really afford to have Eddie as our only striker?

I like him, and would love him to come in and bang away the goals, but this is totally unrealistic.

This (like Partey’s position) has always been a weakness in the squad which a bad injury would expose. The silver lining, if there is one, is that we might only have to play a couple of PL games before we can register and play a new striker.


i’m sorry but Eddie Nketiah will not be anywhere close to a good enough replacement. He has been average every time I watched him.


“That’s not going to happen.”

You’ve discussed this with Edu, Arteta and Josh already, have you…..?

Mikels Arteta

Looks like we’re buying a striker

Get that prick vlahovic in

Tomaury Bischfeld

The Serbian John Terry? No thanks


Alexis Sanchez loan time.

Mikels Arteta



Gives Arteta hair competition. Don’t see it.

Frank Bascombe

Fair play.


Hair play.

Emi Rates

The way Sanchez left us? I don’t see how he’d pass Arteta’s “no pricks policy”. Plus he’s shit now.


Edu will really call Ronaldo at this rate…


giroud back! Not a bad idea!

I know bad idea

Dare I say …… r7?


Martinelli up front and we now HAVE to sign Mudryk. Eddie cannot be relied upon to get the goals on his own.

We seriously now also need to sign a top forward. If I were Edu and Arteta, I’d be pleading with Josh to smash the piggy bank and get in either Bellingham or Gapko.

With Jesus out until March or April at the earliest, we simply cannot afford to let this opportunity of a title charge slip away, never mind top four.


Even though he’s a good player, I don’t see how Bellingham would solve this injury problem.


Wow, so many of you turning your noses up at Martinelli up front and signing Mudryk.

If you’ve got any better ideas, then pray spill the beans.

And before you start a rhubarb chorus of Eddie this and Eddie that, he isn’t going to be able to play up front for every game between now and April – that’s before you consider whether or not he can put the ball in the net on a regular basis.


I am thinking why not go in for Vlahovic now ? Juve are in financial trouble and he’s the sort of big striker alternative to Jesus we needed. I think if we went all out for Vlahovic and Mudryk (because he would be good in the future and seems to want to come ), we could either get Tielemans on a free in the summer and one cheap backup for Partey in the summer so it would be like we took funds from next summer to push for the title. Even if we don’t win it, we should get UCL… Read more »


He didn’t want to come here last season, why would we want him now.


Funny this is not being reported anywhere else.
Not on BBC or Sky..


It’s Arsenal related; it’s not important enough for Sky or the BBC.

If Jesus played for Man Utd, Spurs. Liverpool or City, you’d get regular bulletins every five minutes.

For three months.


I know a certain Portuguese striker who might be available 😂🎅


I know a certain Portuguese striker who might be able to destroy a dressing room faster than Keith Moon.


It’s pointless speculating about who we can sign in January, and we have games before then. In the short term, we have Eddie, and it’s time for his last chance saloon. He’ll be getting full games with our best players around him. Time to grab his chance with both hands.


I think this will be his final downfall. I like the lad but I don’t think he’s good enough. Prove me wrong Eddie!


This is why I hate international football.


really bad news, but it could been worse. We got a bit of time and a Jan window to take care of this, and club has to take care of this. We are in a glorious position in the league and double down on a move or two.

Darren C

Memphis Depay? Cheap and can also cover the left hand side

Emi Rates

So who should we target in January? I like Mitrovic but I don’t see that as very likely. Ditto Ivan Toney. Any good ones in Europe who have passed me by?


You are right my brother…to tell the truth Eddie is mid table Championship level. We have to get a proper striker in…we do that and we win the title.. CITEH ARE scared of us and are rejoicing now …but we’ll wipe the smile off of their faces come May

Scottersaurus Rex

We clearly need another striker, but it’s going to be a tall order getting someone better than Eddie who knows he’s going to have to compete with GJ for mins in 3 months time. Someone like Gakpo is probably ideal, but his price has probably skyrocketed after a good season & tournament… I’m wondering if Saka could do a job up top. In terms of energy and pressing from the front, he’s probably the closest to GJ’s profile. Scores more goals too!


When is ESR expected to return? I assume Jesus has an MCL type of injury (vs ACL) with a three month recovery timeline. Hopefully he can be back playing sometime in March for the run in. At least knowing he is out for a long time should make recruitment of a striker a bit easier to sell to that player, but of course the clubs we are doing business with will know how desperate we are and will surely jack the prices up big time.

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