Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Chelsea or Man City await Arsenal (or Oxford) in FA Cup

Arsenal will face a trip to Manchester City or Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round if we beat Oxford United tomorrow.

It’s all a bit ‘meh’ but we can worry about it another time.

Update – it’s a trip to the Etihad Stadium if we’re successful against Oxford after Pep’s men routed Chelsea 4-0.



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We beat them both the last time we won the FA Cup and there’s no reason why we can’t beat them again if we get past Oxford.


I’m willing to bet that City will win.


Against Chelsea, just to to be clear.

Johnny 4 Hats

Call me negative, but…

If Arteta was going to put out a semi strong side against Oxford, I’d be more inclined to weaken it given the draw.


Why are you called Johnny 4 HATS?

Do you wear four hats at the same time? Or do you only own four hats?

Just wondered…

Heavenly Chapecoense

He holds four different opinions is my guess.


He loves hats.

Merlin’s Panini

I always assumed it was a reference to Johnny two Hats from the Mighty Boosh.

Wenger's idol

I have been following Arseblog consistently for over a decade but I have to admit Fatgooner is the number 1 fan here, always here all those years, yes he is negative and toxic but he should be awarded Arseblog fan of the decade 😁


Nothing to write home about really, there’s always a fat gooner about. It’s one in all my gooner circles.

Kentish Gooner

Easy win either way, c’mon you Gunners!!


Man City would be challenging. Chelsea at this point are a mid-table club and trending downwards, I’d rather play them than Fulham or Brighton


Unfortunately a mid-table, downward trending club don’t offering much of a challenge to Citeh.
No surprises there.

Granit(e) hard!

Feck!, talk about poxy luck of the draw, but this team can play scintillating football, and so can beat anybody on its day, so bring whoever on!


Indeed, and just means if we can get through these two rounds we’ll probably be slight favourites to win the cup, assuming at least one or two other top teams will fall by that time

Hlebs socks

hot ball cold ball. that old chestnut


Cedric v Haarland.

This I have GOT to see….



Which one has a international trophy?

Gunnar Eli Sigurjónsson

Norway will never win anything international.

An Icelander


Very clever.

I do love peripheral stats that have no bearing on an argument.

Now let me ask you a question, a little closer to ‘home.’

Which one would you rather played for the Arsenal……? 😉

Red Fred

Would prefer to beat them a couple of weeks later in the league.

Brady’s bunch

Was thinking the same, happily lose the cup game to beat them in the league


Although I always want us to win every game and a cup run is always lovely, considering our league position and with Europa League starting again in March I wouldn’t be too upset if we lost (narrowly) to Man City. Would allow us to streamline our focus and have fewer rearranged/midweek games during the rest of what is already a hectic season.


I had the same thought. I don’t think we have a big enough squad to compete on all fronts yet.
Winning FA cup only gets through to Europa League, so for that reason it’s not a priority for me.


That’ll be Citeh then as they’re blowing the Chavs away 1-without Haaland!!!!


Chelsea and City are probably very unhappy with this draw

Boy Bastin

Assuming that we get past Oxford (not quite a given as our untimely exit from the League Cup against “lower” opposition should remind us) and City don’t throw away a big lead against Chelsea, it’s the worst draw we could have had, isn’t it – no point in pretending otherwise. Yes, we’ve beaten City in the FA Cup in the past but I think it will be very difficult, not impossible, but very difficult.


Assuming they dominate every domestic cup like they always do, we’ll have to play that awful football club eventually. Let’s get it done early and move on.


I wonder who Oxford will play in the 5th round?


Probably Stevenage

Woolwich Tiern time

Genuinly let them have a second pay day. I love the FA cuo and love that Arsenal and Arsene have their respective records for it. But we could do without the fixtures when there is an undeniably bigger prize in the offing.
Get the title this year. Can go for the treble next year


Just watched the Chelsea City game. What the fuck is with the ginormous, strobing advertising hoardings at the Etihad? So insanely distracting.


They need enough advertising space to sell to the owners’ other companies to make it look like they’re not shitting all over FFP.


Great chance to injure KDB, Foden and Mahrez then. Way to get back at the dirty oil money that’s been greasing the incompetent FA for far too long. 11 minutes stoppage time, penalties for just about anything. Meanwhile Arsenal can’t get a penalty to save our lives, 5 mins injury time seems to be the limit and we get a fine for complaining. What even do defenders have to do to get a yellow for repeatedly fouling Saka?


Anyone else watch the draw live, and when the Man City/ Chelsea ball came out, muttered “not ball 16… not ball 16… not ball 16… not… ah fvck. Well thanks a lot, Heskey”

Blackpool Albert

Assuming we prevail against Oxford, I think City provides the perfect litmus test for us. I’d rather play them for the first time in the Cup. For a squad as youthful as ours, the experience will put us in good stead for the massively important league matches.

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