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Partey set for scan after injury scare in City defeat, Caicedo alerts suitors

Mikel Arteta has confirmed that Thomas Partey was substituted during Arsenal’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Manchester City as a precaution after feeling something in the rib area.

The specifics of the problem and the extent of the issue are unclear but it’s a concern given Mohamed Elneny is also currently sidelined.

Asked in his post-game press conference why he opted to switch the Ghanaian with Sambi Lokonga at half time, he said: “He had some discomfort and it was getting worse and worse. He could not continue and he was not comfortable to continue.

“No initial diagnosis. Tomorrow, or the day after it will have to be an MRI scan and we’ll see what he has.”

Arsenal face Everton in the early kick off next Saturday meaning the player has a week to recover. By that point, the transfer window will be closed.

Earlier today, the Gunners saw a £60 million offer for Brighton’s Moises Caicedo rejected. However, this evening, the 21-year-old midfielder has taken to social media to plead with club chairman Tony Bloom to allow him to leave the Seagulls during the current transfer window.

It remains to be seen how that plays out. It could work in Arsenal’s favour but it will also alert Chelsea who’ve also had a bid rejected.

Pressed on whether he still has plans in the transfer market, Arteta said: “We’ve been pretty active. We have some necessities and if something else is available, the club is willing to try to do it when it is reasonable and hopefully it’s a player that can improve our squad.”

Asked if Partey’s potential absence highlights a need for more depth in midfield, he continued: “Well we have the injury of Mo at the moment and it’s not been possible to get him fit. Sambi’s come in and I think done well. That’s what we have. It’s true Thomas is a big influence and is a big personality and player in our squad and in the second half we didn’t have him.”

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Per Sash on Twitter:

Arsenal lost 4 games all season.

United (A) – TP didn’t play

PSV (A) – TP came on when losing 1-0

Brighton (H) – TPdidn’t play

Man City (A) – TP went off HT when it was 0-0

It was true last season that we did a lot better with than without TP. We need him fit for the whole of this season…

Brazilian gooner

Am I the only one traumatized by Mudryk saga fearing the worse here?


Strange times


Nope. Chelski have become Chel$ea. Only hope is the Brighton owners feel a grudge over Potter but at the end of the day, money talks.

It was always a risk playing Partey but Arteta did not have much choice. Hopefully the injury is minor.

Johnny 4 Hats

We have to trust that, if the player wants to play for a Europa league spot in a side that is really struggling because they pay more, then he isn’t an Arsenal player and never will be.

As Arteta said, we shouldn’t have to convince players to come to arsenal.

Brazilian gooner

The only problem is that there will be no time left for secondary targets

Santi’s Thigh Grab

This and only this. We are The Arsenal.

Brady’s bunch

Wheel out the Chelsea gimp there’s a transfer to hijack.

Martin R

No need to be. Trossard looks like a very good signing. Relax as we’ve missed out on players before


We have Bowelly ruining the market and even more Gulf coast country money on the way depending on Pool, Utd and spuds ownership. Glad we have a clear plan and at least some restraint in our spending. Pepe taught everyone a lesson I think.


thats how i feel. its like someone made a mean script for us.


I hope Partey is fine. Just precaution


Oh fuck me no


Partey’s face in that picture


Looks like vieira


It’s that lanky freak of nature with his studs up in a dangerous position that’s annoying the shit out of me.

The refs are currently letting him get away with murder.

Brady’s bunch

Is he any good?? I’ve not seen much of him.


if we are trying to buy him it’s a fair bet he is


Unless Turd Bowelly beats us to it, which case he’ll be shit.


Check out his stats. His tackles won and pass completion are right up there with our first XI

Holdings New Merkin

Tbh if its bruised ribs and not broken you can carry on..

Mayor McCheese

I didn’t see the game, but did this occur because he landed awkwardly on his side, or are we talking about an abdominal strain?


weakened at the moment though. wouldn’t risk him against Everton especially is their manager is a defensive hoof ball specialist.


If he’s fit, play him.

Everton will be no walk over with a new manager to impress.


I hope he’s OK. With Mo injured, I think that Sambi is an OK midfielder, but not in the defensive role. Maybe we ought to consider Benny Blanco, Tomi or Olex as a DM.


Sambi time. Time to make yourself brother! #prove’em!


Sambis looked lost in midfield every time he’s played a mid table side or better. Now is not the time to be relying on him. Fingers crossed it was only precautionary as I think he is our most important player.


I think you’re writing him off way too early. He was great in the second half against city too. If this is his chance there is nothing to say he can’t step up just like Eddie did!
I’m backing him!


It’s not a question of backing him or not backing him – he’s simply not up to speed yet with the rest of the team.

He needs more time from the bench or the reserves.


He was ok the other night, but ok isn’t good enough for a Premiership title challenge.

He needs to be given more time to develop from the bench or the stiffs – or even a loan next season.

Good player, but out of his depth in this side at the moment.

Edu Gaspar

For Everton sans TP I’d take KT in the LB roll and Zinchenko at CM. we should still have plenty to beat them, though the new manager effect always puts the fear in me


If Partey is fit, you play him.

Old bloke

My biggest worry this season is an injury to Partey as he is vital in that Viera/Gilberto role in midfield. We looked weaker without him tonight so hopefully it’s not a serious injury. Would be great to get quality cover before this window ends.


Zinchenko will slot in and run the show. Him and Odegard in the middle will be unbelievable


Remember that cross field pass from zinny 2 mins after he entered. pass of the night. Zinny had got us!


Him, ødegaard and Xhaka is 3 left footed midfielders. I don’t think the profiles balance properly.


That is certainly an option, but I would much prefer him in that free role from the left back position. He keeps the opposition guessing and is the perfect midfield foil for Odegaard and Xhaka.

We need to get this Caicedo deal over the line.


I don’t like this. Way too much for a player that just doesn’t seem all that worth it from what I’ve seen. It’s rather not spend so much on him. Surely there are other options. How about that Adams fella at Leeds? Would they get him cheaper?


pretty sure tyler adams can’t move as he’s already completed a transfer this year

Pepe The Frog

Leeds won’t sell him and even if they do they won’t quote below 40-50 million. Any good DM will cost a minimum of 50 million this window. We don’t really have a choice. I would love Zubimendi, but it doesn’t look like he wants to leave till the summer. Caicedo would be good too though. Combative, and his passing is frankly underrated.


Tyler Adams is a fair shout.

But Caicedo is better. Much better.

Boy Bastin

We’ll, it seems we could yet have another battle with Chelsea over a player. Perhaps we’ll win this time but all other things being equal (which they rarely are in transfers) I still think Chelsea have the financial edge. We’ll see.

Emi Rates

Arsenal make a bid for Caicedo – Cue Tadd Bollock urging him to lie back and think of Ecuador as he sprinkles him with money and readies himself for his droit du seigneur.


Nice image

Emi Rates

He does this with all the players he recruits because he wants a close working relationship with them.


Ah to be an asenal fan….


Mate, enjoy what’s happening at the moment.

Some of us have waited 20 years for this.


Partey makes the whole team click, we are less of a team without him in the side. All my finger, knees and toes are crossed right now, praying that it’s nothing serious…


Amen to that. 🙏🏻


At the price quoted, wouldn’t it be better to stretch a bit and try to get Declan Rice? I have a feeling that West Ham could be more inclined to sell than Brighton.


They’re fighting relegation. Staying in the prem is worth more than any transfer fee we can offer. No way they let him go in January.


Why not get both?

Caicedo now and Rice in the summer.

They could easily play alongside each other and allow Arteta to mix and match with Partey and Xhaka for next season’s Champions League campaign.

Think Big! 😊

We’re The Arsenal! 😉


Please no injury to Partey….I pray. Can Kiss Our title Party goodbye if Partey is out for an extended time.


Early days at the moment and no official confirmation as yet, but the rumours circulating are that he’s going to be ok. 🙏🏻


Which is now why we may have no choice but to overpay for Caicedo.

No one player guarantees the title, but if Thomas Partey picks up a long term injury between now and the end of May (highly likely with his track record) and Caicedo helps us get over the line and win our first Premiership for nearly two decades, no one on here is going to give a flying fuck about the extra 10 million we may have to fork out in the next 48 hours. Fact.


I saw a 5 minute highlight of Caicedo after an underwhelming 2nd half from Sambi. Looks strong, fast, and aggressive on the tackle. Makes tackles that he has no business making, wins a lot of duels in the middle of the pitch. Looks promising to me. Whether or not the price quoted is worth it depends on our point of view. Is it worth to spend 60-70mn to boost our title winning chance, especially when we are in a great position to do it? I hope we go for it full tilt, no regrets. 18 years is quite a long… Read more »


Top post, well said.

🍺 👏 😊


Not sure if i want players who act like that when they want to leave. Not especially a sign of a good character tbh. That‘s why i was never really upset about the Mudryk thing.

Billy bob

I had to laugh at the chav fans in that twitter thread, making out he’d wanna come to them coz they “won” (purchased) trophies more recently!!! Did they not notice that after their £55m bid he said nothing lol then we bid £60 and he is asking his boss to let him go!!! Tells chav fans all they need to know – arsenal have and always will be a class above!!!


Also Brighton are effectively competing against Chelsea for a place in Europe…they are not competing with the Arse to win the thing!

Emi Rates

Everyone has more class than Chelsea. Even spuds. I’ve had runny shits with more class than Chelsea.


All the imagination and ambition of a Dickensian miser.


This is all getting messy again.

Improved offer £70m tops. He’s not worth any more than that.

Chuck in AMN or Sambi if needs be, but for God’s sake Arsenal, get this deal over the line.

If Partey’s injury is long term, we are currently fucked.

Brady’s bunch

Or both of them in just to be sure to be sure


I see Graham Potter has gotten involved.

Man, I’d love to take a match to that earnest looking cunt’s beard.

Othman B

Forget this guy for the amount Brighton are demanding go for AMADOU HAIDARA(Leipzig) with him been less expensive and yet similar. Koopmiener,
kone, no need to wastes this opportunity for a league title after all the heartache we have been through edu gasper do something dont just bid for unrealistic Target then say we tried getting players


Does Haidara have Premiership experience…….? 😉


Roberto De Zerbi has all but admitted that Brighton have legislation in mind for moving forward without Caicedo.

Edu needs to get on the phone pretty damn fucking quick and get this done and dusted before Todd The Cunt comes wading in flashing stupid money again.

Come on Arsenal! Make this happen and the title run-in will become a whole lot easier.


News today suggests that Partey is actually OK.
No problems on the scan, so it’s just muscular pain (basically, he got a stitch, but did the right thing rather than running the risk of fucking himself up in a cup game).

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