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Report: Arsenal table increased offer for Mudryk

Arsenal have tabled a second offer for Mykhailo Mudryk as Edu looks to close a deal for the Ukraine winger in early January.

The editor of the Ukrainian site Sport Arena, Yehor Danylov (backed up by Fabrizio Romano) says Shakhtar Donetsk are now weighing up the terms.

It was reported last week that the Gunners’ initial bid, a €60 million package, had been rejected. Not long after, Serhii Palkin, CEO of Shakhtar Donetsk, confirmed talks were ongoing.

While Mudryk remains the club’s priority target, The Athletic claims we’re also keeping tabs on other players, including Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix.

The 23-year-old Portugal international is available on loan, albeit with a steep €21million asking price. That consists of a €15m fee plus €6m gross salary.

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Thierry Walcott

If Shaktar don’t accept this after the player’s recent Instagram performances then they’re clearly taking a piss.


Take it or leave it i say


I don’t like his Instagram shenanigans. I wouldn’t like if an arsenal player did the same.

Jackie's Willy

His club is being unreasonable


I agree, but he’s not an arsenal player so I forgive him.
Seriously though, he’s clearly desperate for the move which would transform his and his family’s lives forever.


This same club was getting ready to bite Brighton’s hand off for 30m a few months ago. They are being unreasonably greedy and the player knows it.


I like very much players who want to come to the Arsenal.

Johnny 4 Hats

This is getting into silly money for a guy who is from the Ukrainian league.

I think he’s going to be absolute class, don’t get me wrong. And I fully trust Edteta. But I personally don’t think we should go much higher.

I’m still reminded of Pepe and his ridiculous YouTube compilations.

This is not a dead cert. And the price should reflect that.

Johnny 4 Hats

Adding to this, we are the only ones bidding.

We shouldn’t be afraid to walk away and play a little game of chicken with a club in serious financial problems.


This is insane money demand from Shakhtar Donetsk for a player that almost Joined Brentford fir €25 million last summer.
I know the guys us class and has great football potential and will be a great addition to us but Shakhtar Donetsk is trying to rob us.
We shouldn’t be made to pay for United and City stupidity for Anthony and Graelish, respectively.
If Shakhtar Donetsk continues to be unreasonable, please walk away.

Johnny 4 Hats

I suppose it’s good to remember that our other two major targets – Ndicka and Tielemans – will both arrive on a free.

So maybe we can afford to overpay on this one. But I agree. Anything more than £50m is mental IMHO.


I heard today from an itk that Tielmans has signed a new contract


Unlikely, irrespective of Arsenal interest, signing a contract at Leicester now wouldn’t make much sense.


Just saying what I heard from someone well connected at Leicester.

Apparently, nobody showed an interest in T – the media reports were all agent led.


rumours are that Tielemans is currenly talking contract extension. wonder how true that is.

Johnny 4 Hats

That would be mental.

But I thought that when Douglas Luiz resigned.

So anything is possible.


That would break the players heart, plus he’d have to remove that tattoo.


What about Artedu?


Vinchard Artedu?


Maybe we could bring back David Dein in an transfer advisory capacity and hire Samuel Eto’o as an assistant technical director.

That would mean that our four decision makers would be Arteta, Edu, Dein and Eto’o, or for short, Art-u De-to’o



Eric Blair

The Pele deal looks bad because of how it turned out. If he fulfilled his potential it would have been a solid deal.

I trust our transfer guys a lot more now than then. There are no guarantees of course, but if he develops as we expect 60mil will look like a steal.

Johnny 4 Hats

The Pele deal looks super bad right now…

Johnny 4 Hats

P.S. Is your name a George Orwell reference? And if so *tips cap*.


I wonder how much prime Pele would be worth in the current market! Any offers?


You’ve hit the nail on the head there, paying a bucketload of money for a great player would’ve been a solid deal, and it’s only because of the small issue of him not turning out to be a great player that it wasn’t!

Eric Blair

It might be obvious, but the outcome dictates how successful the transfer is, not the money paid! This administration seems far more competent and honest than the last so I’m relaxed about the cost of a transfer and if they blow a lot on one player I’m sure he will be the one to take us to another level.


this won’t get huge praise as he’s not a high profile player for a big foreign club, but imo bryan mbeumo at brentford would be a great addition to our forward line if we cannot get mudryk. here’s why: PL proven/London based (no adaptation period for the league), used to working in a high press/tactical system, has plenty of stamina and works well off the ball, good pace and can play comfortably on the counter, wouldn’t command huge wages because he plays for brentford, and can play anywhere along the front line. he likely also wouldn’t kick up a huge… Read more »


“Silly money”…lol. Are you new to football Johnny?


I dont get the hate/disrepect for Ukrainian football. andriy shevchenko went from that league to world beater. a lot of things has to happen or not for a player to succeed.

in any case, EPL is hardly known for signing superstars unless mostly at the end of their careers. EPL makes stars who invariably later move on. I agree that the fee might be high but goodness chill with the disrespect.

Johnny 4 Hats

Well, yes, I don’t know much about the Ukrainian league. But my guess is it’s somewhere around championship quality with a couple of Europa League sides thrown in?

And if we were paying +£50m for a championship player, that would be a cause for consideration.

Eric Blair

And who could forget ‘The Horse’!

Interestingly, he seems to have postponed his coaching career to head home and join the army and the fight for freedom, what a guy.


I’ve not perceived any hate/disrespect for the Ukrainian league. For this money you want a sure thing, and irrespective of current league and very evident potential, Mudryk represents a gamble, hence anxiety.

Bottom line for me is Edteta have earned my faith, so fingers crossed they get what they want.


For me the difference with Pepe is that a light breeze could unbalance Pepe, whereas Mudryk gives the impression that if he ran into a headwind the headwind would get tired and turn round first.

Horse breath

Maybe the Joao felix deal could be an 18 month loan with the option to buy for £1

Teryima Adi

Kroenke should sign them both- Felix and Mudryk. Just splash the cash, it’s worth it.

Lord Bendnter

Mudryk, yes, as we need a pacey winger option off the bench. However, Felix is not worth it. That’s just too expensive for a player with a 50:50 chance of surviving as a possible false 9 in a very physical premier League. Better to look for other more sustainable options for striker.


no thanks to felix, he’s a fine player in the right system, but the money involved, the player’s lack of workrate, and the adaptation period are all sticking points for me (as they should be for the club). he’ll likely end up at wolves


On the other hand Felix has definitely higher ceiling so we could do another MØ loan deal first to sweet him up and then buy him.
Both fees are extremely high for me btw


Lack of workrate??? Have you watched him?? I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those lazy false narratives.


Agreed, I think “lack of workrate in general” and “lack of workrate as judged by Diego Simeone” are two distinct things. I think something very weird has happened to him at Atletico and a lot of his issues are to whatever extent unique to the circumstances at that club. Once he leaves and is put into a team where he is allowed to flourish, I think we’ll have a much better idea of who Joao Felix is. Which isn’t to say I think Arsenal is that club, but honestly I trust Arteta and Edu as judges of character. None of… Read more »


A “lack of work rate”….?!!!


Emi Rates

21 million euro for a guy we’ll hire for half a season is ridiculous.


Totally agree. Too light, too expensive. Money better elsewhere.


Jesus, Martinelli, Balogun, Saka, Smith Rowe, Mudryk, Vieira, Odegaard…

It looks like when Arteta talked about the impotance of creativity – he wasn’t talking bollocks indeed…

Thierry Walcott

Have you written off Nketiah, Flash?


No, not.
You’re right.

Paul Whitelaw

How important is an ‘r’ when it’s written as ‘impotence’..



Yes, yes!
You’re right! 🙂


“The impotance of creativity” sounds like it could be the title of one of those last few Wenger seasons

(meant as a lighthearted jest, Arsene is my favorite sports person ever)

Olawale Olayemi

The only way Felix makes sense is if it comes with a clause to buy him for 20mil. 15 mil for half a season translates to 30mil for a season and 120mil for 4 seasons. Just cuz Benfica got one over Atletico doesn’t mean we have to be suckers too.


Totally agree. No one is paying for our Pepe mistake, why should we pay for theirs. Sure we can get alternatives or price the deal down


I think Felix is trouble and we should stay the hell away from him. The way I see it Atletico have made a huge mistake by paying a fortune for a guy with talent but a massive attitude problem; now they’re trying to offload him and looking for a way to recoup their losses.

We should tell them to get lost. They are better and cheaper options.


Well he probably is a product of his agent. seems like players work for agents and not the other way. Mendes went for the big big money and Felix didn’t fit the managers system. Now Mendes is desperate to get him out while maintaining high salary, commisions etc. So I agree, it could be a toxic deal but the player I think is good.


Am seeing the price been too high because Arsenal always made everything public when I compare other clubs like Liverpool, it makes it difficult for us to get a better player with minimum price


you’re leaving out that liverpool basically had a player that made the deal for gakpo happen for them. look at what they paid for nunez and tell me they’re better run than anyone else


But then there is Lisandro that we looked liked married to him only to use him as bait to buy Zinchenko cheeper


Exactly how does Arsenal “make everything public” when chasing transfer targets? You’re simply confusing media reports and speculation with Arsenal FC.


I don’t know why Arteta should be looking for striker while Balogun is doing very good strong 9,
I remember Saliba issues before he comes back to the squad,
It’s wrong for Arsenal to push any player to sign than the player himself to make that he loves and likes to play for Arsenal, we need hungry players and not just money.


There’s no way we could bring him back is there? If something happened to Eddie, this must surely move up as a possibility…if it’s possible.


That’s why Arteta isn’t buying a no. 9. Joao Felix can play across the front line and Mudryk can play on both flanks.


Because Balogun isn’t ready yet and if Eddie picks up a long term injury then we are up shit creek.

Ok, Martinelli could be deployed as a last ditch forward, but it’s hardly ideal if you’re chasing the title.

Determination Cultured

We definitely need quality winger in, preferably a right winger. If mudryk’s club continues to ask for too high, we should look elsewhere. Maybe edu will surprise us with a top out of the blue signing?


Don’t forget, that last season Jesus played almost two times more matches on the right wing than in the middle.
(and he not only scored 8 times, but also gave 8 assists to his teammates – on par with DeBruyne)


Edu and his scouting team have obviously scouted Mudryk thoroughly and think he has something to offer. He has a great deal of pace that is for sure, and his technical skill looks very high, but this is the Ukrainian League which is not exactly noted as being particularly good and YouTube can make any professional player look good. As for Felix 21 million Euro’s does look steep and the signing of Mudryk would free up Martinelli to temporarily provide cover for Nketiah. I would look to bring Tieleman in this month myself or even Savic – just to provide… Read more »


Trust the process mate. Have some faith. 😉


The priority should be for Saka – Martinelli – Saliba to sign new contracts.
Mudryk looks good but very expensive for an unproven player.
Felix is just too small for this league – I would prefer to see Vlahovic.
Arteta and Edu know what they are doing a lot more than me that is for sure.


given the absolute mess at Juve right now you might not be able to find anyone to negotiate with when it comes to buying or loaning their players!


Vlahovic was very dismissive of Arsenal when he got his “dream” move to Juventus, he can fuck right off if he wants to come now, he’s proved himself to be a tosser and a pretty average football player. Also, I don’t want anyone who will upset Granit.


Spot on again. 👍😊

A Different George

Mudryk is a player who fits into Arsenal’s general strategy; we would be looking to buy him, though maybe in the summer and only at a decent price, if we were fourth. But we are first, and by seven points (!!). For me, that means it is worth doing something that doesn’t necessarily fit into that strategy, such as getting Joao Felix on loan (clearly not a way to build a team) or overpaying for Mudryk.


clearly shaktar are taking a page from the book of the ukranian government and demanding more huge money from americans… (i’m joking, but)
anything over 45m with incentives is too much imo for a player who plays in a single team league


Too expensive. Pepe comes to my mind. Don’t always think that big money will guarantee you good players, too many external factors to take into consideration.


Mate, you’ve gotta trust Edu and Arteta here, surely….? People keep going on and on about Pepe. One; his transfer fee was a massive Raul Sanllehi / Jorge Mendes orchestrated rip off; Edu had been in the job three weeks, it clearly had fuck all to do with him. Two: he hardly played and was never really given a decent run in the side because of the emergence of the world class talent that is Bukayo Saka. It was a deal made in hell and subsequently doomed by other circumstances – hardly a barometer to use current big transfers. Instead,… Read more »


I’m really curious, what do you guys think of Fabio Vieira ? I haven’t really watched him play this season.

Is he supposed to be a backup for Odegaard ? I imagined this would be Smith-Rowes role.


He’s ok, he is developing. Not setting the world alight but he has real potential.

Pepe The Frog

Great potential. Can be a very versatile player for us. But a tad bit lightweight. Expect him to showcase his true potential next season although I feel the world cup break may have done him a world of good too.


Your price is way too high, you need to cut it!


Yep, I just prey this isn’t a pepe MK2


The Arsenal attack is good, and there are backups. I am more conserned about the defence. White’s injury last season probably cost Arsenal a top 4 spot. We should get Mari back (he is recovering fast after the stabbing).

Kanu believe it!

Tomiyasu, White and (for the last 5 minutes) Holding seem like decent versatile back up for two positions. Or at least is fine compared to the the striker or Partey positions right now.


You first five words are spot on.

The rest of your post…..I don’t know where to start……


If Mudryk is determined to sign for Arsenal, bidding wars are irrelevant, if another club joined the auction, there’s no guarantee that he would be prepared to sign for them. Rather than go sky high, let’s see how much he really wants to be here.


I really don’t get all this obsessing over the merits/demerits of the Ukranian League. A talented player stands out in any league, and if Mikel and Edu think this young man is the real deal then I trust them totally. Also Zinchenko will know the lad well, he is clearly desperate to join us. It’s not his fault that his club is struggling to survive after the fucking Russians invaded their country, and are desperate to maximise the one big asset that they have to bring in some cash. I’m sure they’ll see sense in the end and a sensible… Read more »


Top post. Well said Vonnie. 👍


Wow, this page is turning into Penny Pinch Central. How about we all take a look at the league table and just trust the process…..? Come on guys, we’ve shelled out the best part of £400 million in the past couple of years; we are now putting in the final pieces of the jigsaw and I swear some of you wuss bags on here are almost frightened of our success. Get a grip!! We’re finally back where we belong; at the fucking top. That actually entails acting like a fucking big club if we want to stay there. And going… Read more »

Bleeding Gums Murphy


Boy Bastin

We do need to be positive but equally we shouldn’t forget that we’ve borrowed (from the owner) almost all of the money “shelled out” in the past two seasons. That’s all debt on the club’s books – not a gift. It’s a calculated gamble of course that, at this still relatively early stage in the season, certainly appears to be paying off as we can all see and long may it continue. I think most of us can agree that the squad is not strong enough currently so reinforcements in some form will be needed in the January window. It… Read more »


Speculate to accumulate. Now is not the time to be cautious. As you quite rightly say, we’re borrowing Stan’s money. All the more reason then that we do what it takes to get the job done, the title won, Champions League football back at the Emirates (I think we can safely say that bit is more or less achieved) and our global revenue increased, because that’s where we get the money to pay Stan back. You don’t set out to build a house and moan about the price of the roof tiles. One thing at a time; let’s get this… Read more »

Paul Z

Chelsea has joined in the chase of this Ukraine forward. Shaktar rejected Arsenal’s recent offer of slightly below 70m, firm on 88m. I say we let Chelsea have this guy to bankrupt them. The Blues is buying every player available. They are also paying over 100m for an Argentina midfielder from Portuguese League?? Come on! I rather we miss this chance than have another Pepe situation. Big money does not guarantee you good signing. This guy is untested and in 2nd tier Ukraine League. Not worth 80m. Dude was going for 25m to Brentford just half a season ago. We… Read more »

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