Thursday, April 25, 2024

Spurs 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal moved eight points clear at the top of the table after a 2-0 win over Spurs at White Hart Lane this evening.

The Gunners took the lead when Bukayo Saka forced a Hugo Lloris own goal, before skipper Martin Odegaard doubled the lead with a great strike from outside the box.

The home side were better in the second half, and Aaron Ramsdale was superb in goal, making a number of excellent saves, but in the end Spurs were obviously inferior and they get battered everywhere they go – even when they don’t go anywhere.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Spurs 0-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Spurs 0-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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11 for Ramsdale


A victory THERE, a cleansheet and most importantly no Kane penalty! 8 points clear on top of the table. This is AWESOME!

Joe London

Kane Who? He couldn’t even get into the box!


He really does have a face you just want to slap, doesn’t he?

Brady’s bunch

Add Richarlison to that also


Not true. I saw him clear it from in his own box lol. I don’t think it was even a corner. He was just so mad he ran back to his goal so he could kick the ball once.


Seen him making ball recoveries at LB 😂😂😂

Exit the Lemming

He’s probably the best deep lying target man in the game today


As a Frenchie who hates Kane, these last months were great for me. His missed penalty in the world cup was my favorite moment.

And now Lloris is finally retiring as France’s captain. Perfect.

Exit the Lemming

I kinda like Lloris. He seems like a decent chap and a safe pair of ears.

sir me

Somehow it felt like the ref was trying a wee bit much not to advance the arsenal siege narrative. Another day we’d have conceded at least one dubious penalty when that muppet hit the floor in the area. Plus a shit load of yellows for inadvertently obstructing their studs.


Pawson joins the list of imcomptent Twats-in-Black who allow Saka to be kicked around the pitch with impunity…


Ramsdale kept a clean sheet against a 2.41 XG. Definitely won us the game last night.


He was immense, as was Gabriel. He has improved massively since signing that new contract. Less erratic with his passing, more calm headed, and dominant in the air… and we only got him for 27M.

I am so much in love with this club right now! Long may this continue!


Dude… Gabriel today… Just… Jesus… I mean, Magalhaes… You know what I mean… Fuck spurs


Loved the moment where he told Richarliprick where to get a half-price pint after the game… no doubt in choice Sao Paulo backstreet slang!


Turn it up to 11


I cottoned on after the 3rd rating. Fuck Sp#rs


Great scores Blogs, quite right.


Fuck spurs


Fuck spurs


Please don’t swear at us.
Correction: FUCK Sp*rs!




Arteta should say something about them intimidating the ref and our players in the end.


Well the ref, very clear sp*d cants did zero intimidating of Arsenal tonight.


Fuck Spuds, Fuck Chelsea, Fuck Todd Boehly, Fuck Richard Keys, Fuck Gary Neville, Fuck the oil state teams, Fuck them all, we’re 8 points clear and we’re going to win the league

North London is Red.


Interesting sentiments; are you familiar with the work of the late Mr Tupac (2Pac) Shakur, per chance? 🙂


Fuck Mudracker


Richard Keys was on beinsports saying Ramsdale shouldnt have provoked the spu*s supporters and that if Arteta doesnt behave then the players wont have any discipline. Disgusting comments!


He’s just trying to cling to any sort of relevance. By annoying arsenal fans, he gets clicks.

Fuck Richard Keys, he’s a bell piece

Cygan's barber

Ah yes Richard Keys of Bellend Sports. He’d know all about decent behaviour wouldn’t he.🤣🤣

Tomaury Bischfeld

Richard Keys lecturing people on how to behave themselves. Smashing.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, let’s blame the victim.

Brady’s bunch

He looks like roadkill.


Fuck Richarlison

Exit the Lemming

No thanks, I’d sooner fellate a jellyfish given the choice.


An NLD at the toilet bowl without the smiling face of Kane and Son? 10/10

Fireman Sam

Kane has a face? I thought that was his arse.


He does, it just that it more resembles a squashed hedgehog than a human being.


We are winning the league…. What a time to be an Arsenal! We have been patient, we totally deserve these moments.

Giuseppe Hovno

I am loving being an Arsenal

Exit the Lemming

Yes, we must respect the right of all little hate filled twats to downvote with their alternative view of our club doing so well.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arsenal is above Chrlsea by how many points?


Don’t know. My calculator has returned an error message because of its character limit


Honestly what’s weird is this whole season we’ve been so good defensively that I feel like we’ve barely seen Ramsdale make saves, and then when Spurs started getting shots on goals I suddenly had that realisation of “oh yeah we also have a good goalkeeper behind the centre backs”. Like I don’t want to get carried away, but this team is very good.


Most of the time it’s the keeper who determines the standard of the defence


Seemed to be true for Hugo “Salty the Sealion” Lloris.


I wish this was the last game of the league season


On contrary mate… may this season never, ever, end!

Yankee Gooner

10/10 – VAR overturning the inevitable soft penalty


He should have been booked for diving.


Was there a Var call on a pen? Totally missed that.


Yes. Somebody slipped and then some cunt fell over him.
No appeal or anything, ‘cos it so obviously wasn’t ever going to be a penalty that even the sp*rs players weren’t cunty enough to try it on.
But VAR looked anyway. Make of that what you will.


He didn’t slip, he actually dived.

A Different George

Not clear that the ref had actually pointed to the spot; I think he was indicating a goal kick. Good refereeing today, which surprised me quite a bit. Most fouls on Saka were called; Spurs got several deserved yellows pretty quickly (maybe Romero should have gotten a second, but that would have been harsh–one of those “it he hadn’t gotten booked earlier, he would be booked now” infractions). Thomas Partey, meanwhile, escaped a yellow for what looked like an intentional handball to stop a counter–only Lionel Messi is allowed to do that. Add that to the recent leniency shown to… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Not often we say it, but yeah, credit to the ref. He was strangely impartial!

Exit the Lemming

Wouldn’t it be utterly hilarious if Spurs bribed the ref and they even fucked that up?


Fair comment – though Pawson should have instantly sent off all 4 of the Spuds who surrounded him demanding a yellow for Partey… led, of course, by Cunt Price Kaney of Cuntville.


10 out of 10. For spurs thinking they can win. I alwsys encourage imagination in kids. Reality however evrr is something else. London is red. Always been. Always will be.


Spurs get battered everywhere they go!


Even when they don’t go anywhere

John Thomas Sly

Blogs – I laughed out loud at this player rating, your comments for each and at Spurs! What a day! Go Gunners!!!


Up gunners


Great evening!
Looking forward to the next Arsecast also talking about the Mudryk situation in detail. I’m truly puzzled at why he would sign for chelsea when he had his heart set on Arsenal. Definitely being pressured into the move by his club, or just wants out asap no matter where (to get $)?

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Probably didn’t have his heart on arsenal at all, just we were the first premier league side interested and he wanted out.


If Shakhtar had accepted an offer from us, I believe he’d chosen us over that West London mess. Ultimately they played hardball and milked the most money they could, which is what we would do.

The Far Post

Don’t know if that is a fair characterisation because he certainly was vocal about his inclination towards Arsenal until that final sudden turn. Would love to hear some more about how it developed.


Him signing for Chelsea would have been pre determined when the Shakhtar reps went to Stamford bridge a week ago. Something along the lines of “whatever you can get out of Arsenal, we’ll better it”. Both club & player were just playing AFC along since then. There’s no way you sort out a player’s contract ready to sign (for Chelsea) in 24 hours.

Alan Sunderland

Exactly, the contract talks probably started after srna visited Chelsea last week. As soon as they offered a better deal to shakhtar they would have been pushing mudryk in Chelsea’s direction.

Exit the Lemming

This is like being surprised by rush hour traffic: footballers are shallow greedy cunts who will sell their soul to the highest bidder. It seems entirely fitting that’s Mudryk’s now at a soulless club about to undergo the same career nosedive as his predecessors Shevchenko, Torres, Falcao, Mutu, Lukaku, Kezman, Pato, Aubameyang, Morata, Higuain, Sutton and Werner (this list goes on….)




Double the salary and a contact ’till he’s thirty. It’s a mad contract


And – given his nationality, and Chelsea’s oligarch provenance – it truly is blood-money… cannot believe he could even countenance moving to that club.

Exit the Lemming

Get a clue son.Shakhtar have pledged $22M of the fee towards the Ukraine war effort and you know that Abramovich has now sold Chelsea right?


Lost a lot of respect for him – (a) he didn’t need to act like he was pressuring for the Arse move; (b) should then have actually pressured for the Arse move since he held plenty of power in that deal (c) how the hell does a Ukranian even consider signing for Chelski, given their recent history… yes, it Todd’s Toybox now, but it was built with Roman’s blood-money!

Bill Hall


Laughed my socks off at that

And fuck me a decent ref performance with no penalty for that bloke who never shuts his mouth 😉


Finally a proper ref performance . Almost felt strange being refereed fairly .

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Paulson did well should have booked Kane for scaring all the kids though


Paulson or Pawson?

Aleksander Włodarz

Let’s Rock!!!


I LOVE this ❤️


Could do with some Spinal Tap amp scores.

Mads Vinter

Sooo satisfying. What a season we are having!


I’m so happy right now.
That’s it.


EIGHT POINTS (14 above this sad lot of ref surrounding whinge merchants)


Exactly. Here’s hoping for multiple FA charges


they’ll skate with a warning because the mouth breathing penalty merchant is captain of engerland

Exit the Lemming

The Al Khor Pigeon murderer is still the anointed one in the eyes of the FA

sir me

The ref has to write them up first before FA can file a charge i think. Not sure he will want to write up the scuba captain since he actually does a truly commendable job as captain at the national level.

Partey gonna shoot

This match last season costed us UCL spot, this season it will win us the league. Mark my words.


LOL ! Anyone would think you are biased 👍


Was there a game on today?


….and again f**k Spurs!!

Hair on Ram's Tail

Goalkeeping was the difference in this match. Our is so much better than theirs, and they know it too.
That’s why Richarlison and that little rat Spuds fan tried to assault Ramsdale after the match and he just laughed them off.
They all know Ramsdale is vastly better than their comically bad washed up Hugho Laurie and we all know it too.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

The ‘Maison’ actor?


He was good in House though


Except we we went to their ‘House’ and owned it.


Bonus rating: 10/10 Kane saving himself for the NLD to break Jimmy Greaves’ record and being totally emasculated all game.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Brilliant Ødegaard and Ramsdale, love xhaka and gabriel, well done that wee spurs arsehole who kicked Ramsdale, a new years reminder how shite your club and fans are, enjoy your emirates ripoff stadium that looks like a wireless printer.

Exit the Lemming

To be fair, he was their Trophy Room cleaner bitter at being laid off in a recent downsizing


Absolutely love Zinchenko, so intelligent, so good on and off the ball and so spirited!!


F*%k Conte as well. You f*cking talk too much

NW9 gooner

Great ratings – as I fool I rated a bit differntly

Kentish Gooner

Fuck Spurs.


100 out of 10 for everyone, the lads, Arteta, staff, reserves, away fans… And the rest of us gooners… Let’s keep going like this, get fully behind the team and be humble and focussed….COYG… Let’s make it happen come May!

Tierney's Tescobag

Fuck spurs

Anteneh Ademe

Ramsdale absolutely shitted on them. Love the guy. 🤣


If anyone disagrees with the ratings, FA will charge them for failure to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion 😀


Perfect timing for 10/10 vor every player this afternoon. COYG!

Josef Debattista

Magnificent display – intense when needed, calm and composed when gameplay demanded so… This group is really taking us all by surprise – most notably Richard Keys who is so in love with Arteta…!! Maltese gooner!


Richarlison is more of a cunt than an actual footballer and I expect FA to charge spud n that stupid fan who kicked Aaron and ran away like a headless chicken… Typical spud.

Christine Juillet

Actually also gave a 10 to Saka but came up 9.5 couldn’t change it!!wanted to give Partey 11

NW Gooner

Fuck Spurs

Rising Dough

Andrew had to work real hard on this one! F*** Sp*rs, indeed!😁


Immense!! Nothing but love for these players & what they are doing this season. Mentality kings!! So fucking happy


You mis-spelt “Sp*ds” at the top of this page… twice!

Brian K.

Fuck Spurs indeed. Expecting an FA fine for Spurs though, surprised it hasn’t been handed out as of now the way we always got ours so quick


I’d be surprised if they’d receive one.

Shivam Nigam

….and fuck Toad Boehly FC too


Anoyone else shit their pants for a second, just before the half time whistle. When Hojdberg threw himself on the floor. Prick!

What. A. Win!!


Defs – even though any rational being could see it was nowhere near a pen, that means little with VAR. Hats off to Pawson though.


Love them all. Love the manager and back room staff. Love our supporters. What a club,

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