Thursday, May 30, 2024

Video: New Emirates Stadium artwork – more insights and reaction

The new artwork set to appear around Emirates Stadium took centre stage at an exhibition at the nearby Candid Arts Trust.

Not only did we see familiar Arsenal faces on the walls, they also walked the gallery halls to mix with guests and those involved with the project.

Watch the video to see who we saw, and catch Tim Stillman’s thoughts and insights into how everything all came together.

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Great breakdown Tim, thanks Andrew #COYG


No other club is doing this sort of thing. Let that sink in for a minute.

Once again, Arsenal are setting standards and implementing innovations that others can only follow.

Floodlighting? Herbert Chapman.

Numbers on the players backs? Herbert Chapman.

Undersoil heating? Herbert Chapman.

Four Four Two formation?
Herbert Chapman.

Players nutrition and supplements? Arsene Wenger.

Advanced stretching techniques? Arsene Wenger.

And now this. Stadium Artwork. Arsenal Football Club.

Johnny 4 Hats

Great post Q. I didn’t know Chapman did all that.

Why do I feel that by the time Mikel ends his Arsenal managerial career, he’ll have a few of these sorts of accolades next to his name?

Ray's ice cream Parlour

I’ m hoping it will read….

First Arsenal Manager to win the Champions League – Mikel Arteta

First Arsenal Manager to win three League titles in a row – Mikel Arteta

First Manager to achieve the quadrupal – Mikel Arteta

Johnny 4 Hats

The only hair to survive the nuclear winter – Mikel Arteta

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Actually it should read Men’s team manager – I think Vic Akers has already done all of the above with the Women’s Team


First artwork inspiration – Mikel ART’eta

Brady’s bunch

Looks great in the pictures but I think seeing it in the flesh will be the intake of breath moment

Johnny 4 Hats

I really love that people like Elliot Smith and Tim Stillman are being pulled closer and closer into the bosom of our club. It’s where they belong for the amazing work they do. Arsenal are truly embracing fan culture and really treating us like we are a tangible part of the club and it’s so fucking nourishing. I was really starting to feel more like a consumer of a franchise than an actual limb of the club. The only question I have is – where’s Arseblog’s vol au vent? You don’t invite the the godfather of fan engagement? I’ve got… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Just seen that ASMR Clive was there too.

Big up him as well man. Very, very smart analysis and always veers away from the standard punditry narratives.

We’ve got some ace personalities in our podcasting world.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

We really are blessed with the best podcasters in the business. Arsecast, Arsecast extra and all of the content AVP puts out from so many different angles of analysis is simply amazing. There is a nice friendly unspoken competition between the two that has increased the amount of content, if you subscribe to Patreon. The analysts for prematch shows are awesome. It’s really nice as you say that the club is bringing these podcasting supporters closer to the club, as it makes all of us feel closer to the club. How people support other clubs when Arsenal exists is always… Read more »


Would be interested to know if “Arsenal Fan” TV got an invite or were snubbed.

Brady’s bunch

Think they might be getting to kit out the toilets

Johnny 4 Hats

Honestly, I’d hope so.

They aren’t my personal choice for Arsenal content as it’s a little too reactionary.

But I do think they’ve come a long way in the last few years and deserve credit for recognition of their toxicity and willingness to change.


Reactionary doesn’t sound so bad when results are going well. I imagine they will return to type when the storm clouds gather. Fingers crossed we’re enjoying spring before a few years of summer with this squad


Love these banners. Really think they nailed this and the Emirates is gonna look awesome wrapped in these. Kudos to all involved. Taking my lad for a stadium tour soon so hoping these will be up and looking the business.

Dan nichols

I am disappointed that below Tony Adams they didn’t have a falling Steve morrow!

Or Keown, Lauren, Cole, Toure, and Parlour circling Van Nistelrooy.


anyone knows whether iconic fans like maria petri have been featured on those wraps? would be great to give them some representation as well

Naked Cygan

I am very disappointed that the art work didn’t have the empty sp*rs trophy cabinet. This is part of history and we should display their empty cabinet collecting dust.

Fun Gunner

This looks wonderful. Great explainer, Tim. I cannot wait to see it. There might be a tear or two shed.Well done to the club for involving the fans and acting on their suggestions. The design team took the baton and ran with it!

I was very pleased to hear about the general support for representation of the women’s side. Very heartwarming, very well deserved.

Also, speaking of the women’s team, is it just me or do Martin Odegaard and Lina Hurtig look like a (very good-looking) brother and sister?

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