Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arteta crowned manager of the month again

Mikel Arteta has been named the Premier League’s manager of the month for a third time this season after scooping the award for January.

The Spaniard previously won in August as well as November/December. Since he became Arsenal’s head coach in December 2019, he’s won five of the awards in total, more than Jose Mourinho.

He’s also the first manager to win consecutive awards since mentor Pep Guardiola achieved the feat in November and December 2021.

Victories against Sp*rs and Manchester United were the bedrock for his latest success after a 0-0 draw with Newcastle in our opening match of 2023.

The boss will be hoping to continue the good form into February. The Gunners face Everton on Goodison Park tomorrow and follow up with matches against Brentford, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Leicester City.

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Love this guy!


Hope Gary Neville’s taken this news well.


We have an individual and collective chant in our house – any shout of the word ‘MUTE!’ – from any family member – denotes as a message to the rest that Gary Neville is yet again spouting crap and implies a request to whoever is within closest reach of the tv remote (be it the kitchen or the living room) to kindly do the honours.


So proud of this man. So proud of myself for seeing what most couldn’t see. I hope he goes on to be our undisputed managerial goat. I’m taking 3 peat UCLs. To shut down all those noisy neighbours cos London is red and will forever be. COYG!!!

Man Manny

“So proud of myself for seeing what most couldn’t see.” Was that when you signed him or recommended him to the board?


What a muppet thing to say 😂

The Optimist

He’s just in a good place, as are we all, pick on those Chelsea wankers instead mate.
Let’s be proud!!!
I’m so proud of the way I just ate a bowl of nachos & guacamole in a record time…


We are so good that we can bet the jinx


Congrats Mille.

Another big yellow candle for his collection.

I’m sure Richard Keys’s tits are in the wringer again.


Mikel, FFS!!

The Optimist

Richard Keys & his big hairy turd-bod getting all angry… What another wonderful reason to love what is going on at the moment…

Emi Rates

Trodd Bollock last seen throwing random bids in public saying “Gee he must be good, I want that Arteta and I won’t take no for an answer!”.

Boy Bastin

Potter may not last very long so let’s hope he really doesn’t say anything like that, of course. The last thing we want is an attempt to upset things in any way by unwelcome advances (rebuffed though they’d be) from Stamford Bridge.

Emi Rates

Bulky doesn’t know Arteta is a manager. Bowely doesn’t even know Arteta has retired from playing. He just wants him because he heard someone say he’s good at something. The fat greedy cunt.

Teryima Adi

£500 million and you can have him, Todd.😀

Emi Rates

In fifty years!

Boy Bastin

Well deserved. It’s getting to be not that great a surprise given our run in the first half of the season. Long may it continue.


Wow, despite him having the gall to be passionate and move around in the box a lot during games, look at that. They really got overthemselves for once

Man Manny

I pray we clinch the title; that would be a fitting crown for the wonderful work he and Edu have done these three years.

Arkansas Gooner

I can honestly say when we were on that dreadful run of form in late 2020 and only a few spots above the relegation places, I didn’t think Arteta was long for the job. Shows what I know! Proud to have a manager with ties to the club leading the young core on a title charge this year with hopefully more to come in future years.


Giving a standing slow clap right now for the Boss. Well earned.


I believe he will be the manager to kickstart our long awaited European pedigree.

I truly believe! #COYG

Brady’s bunch

Have to say I had my doubts but happy to be proven wrong. He has to be the best young manager in Europe and Arsenal is the best proving ground for him 🙌


Here’s a little song for Richard Keys:
🎶You’re so shit it’s unbelievable 🎶


Throw away the Keys.

In this instance, into the Thames. Although not very eco friendly, I’ll grant you.


And a hazard to shipping

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Boss. This is just the beginning. Continue to soar to greater heights. The Lord is your strength.👊🏾💪🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

Aleksander Włodarz

It looks as though Mikel has the Keys… to the Highway 😍

Can you hear the drums Patino?

The trophy looks like a shampoo bottle. In which case he is even more deserving, his hair is the best of all managers

Eric Blair

He’s gonna need a bigger trophy cabinet.

Chinedu Kenneth

Arteta is doing a great job at Arsenal and I hope it goes on like this till end of the season and beyond.
He is proving every bookmaker wrong, because non of them have us chance to even be among top 4 in the EPL table before the league started, but now they are talking about Arsenal’s chances of winning the EPL title which must sure be actualized by the grace of God.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Hope FA don’t put him on a charge for winning it too many times

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