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Arteta: Saliba and Gabriel have a happy marriage

At the end of the 1-0 win over Leicester at the weekend, there were some reports of what looked like a bit of an argument between William Saliba and Gabriel.

The Frenchman jumped on the back of his central-defensive partner, before they began a discussion with some pointing and gesturing. It’s the kind of thing that happens in football all the time, but with the Gunners top of the table, every small thing can become a big story.

It was something Mikel Arteta was asked about at his press conference today, and as you would expect, he played down any drama, insisting the relationship between the two was a good one.

“They have a happy marriage,” he said. “They love playing with each other! But they are really demanding of each other, which is good. Everything is fine.”

Expanding on it a bit further later on, the Spaniard continued, “I don’t want robots, I want players with feeling, with passion.

“That they demand more from each other and that they have a chemistry, and those two certainly have that chemistry on and off the field.

“I love that even when winning, they want each other to do better.”

The duo have started in every Premier League game so far this season, building the most consistent central defensive partnership since Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker.

There are storms, and there are teacups, but this was hardly a light breeze.

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Cliff Bastin

It’s true I’ve seen the video.

Johnny 4 Hats

That was Randal Kolo Muani.

djourou's nutmeg

even if close up pictures didn’t show they’re actually laughing, they pushed each other twice. that’s all. anyone who has ever played football knows it’s nothing.


Hope they are our CBs for many years to come!


+Kiwioir. I guess he will take some time to acclimate but can’t wait to see him in action for us, and for us to hopefully have THREE centre backs we can rely on and rotate in coming seasons, imagine that? Not even sure in our glory days we ever had that


Adams, Bould and Keown!


oh yeah, that was when I first became a Gooner and still barely knew anything about football. Quite a long time ago!

Master Floda

I guess the first thing you learned was what a proper defense should look like

Tomaury Bischfeld

He hasn’t played yet, steady on


Looked more like that type of angry celebration. A bit like when Thierry used to score or when Eric Dier successfully eat’s soup without spilling any on his top.


😂 Eric Dier. I now have an image of him sat at an adult high chair with a barney the dinosaur bib covered in soup and conte trying to force feed him campbells while making airplane noises. No Eric, it doesn’t go in the ear. Harry Kane is sat in a HC next to him beating his fists on the table shouting ‘bwoccoli!’ Incoherently


That reads like a Jim’ll Paint It request!


Has it ever been documented that Dier can accomplish that feat?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Tottenham do love a bowl of that well known brand, (Sol) Campbell’s Soup.


Apparently he tried it once in front of the all or nothing cameras. It was a disaster. There was soup fucking everywhere.


Eric Dier reminds me of Big Baby from Toy Story 3


Or the soup dragon from the clangers

Eric Blair

Get their kids signed up to the academy!


Big Gabi is the most underrated footballer in the prem.


Agree, often gets left in that left channel totally on his own, defending a high line, the odds of being caught out from time to time for any CB playing like that are incredibly high.

Eric Blair

I don’t think that’ll be the case for much longer. In the past he always had a clanger in him, a rush of blood, but so far this season he’s really ironed that out.


This explains explains the Snapchat video then


All gunnerblog’s doing!


Arteta is following his mentor Arsene Wenger in coining memorable catch phrases


Everybody thinks they have the prettiest wife

karl g

With respect, I’d say this pairing is way beyond Koscielny & Mertesacker. We just need to tie up that deal for Saliba.

Eric Blair

I’d agree, as fantastic as they were for us it was a double-act that really worked well rather than them being arguably the best defenders in Europe. Now, we have both. They just have to go and show it consistently with us and bring home all the trophies!


More like having two peak Koscielnys


I don’t want Robots – we won’t see Haaland play for us



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