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Everton 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s search for a first win at Goodison Park since 2017 continues, as a second half James Tarkowski goal condemned the Gunners to a 1-0 defeat.

Mikel Arteta’s side struggled against a home sided fired up by new manager Sean Dyche, and despite some occasional moments, never really threatened the way we have for most of this season.

Disappointing, but these things happen. It’s all about bouncing back against Brentford next weekend.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Everton 1-0 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Everton 1-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Funsho Patrick

Zinchenko is a true leader….appears for every single pass….don’t see jorginho for half an hour….2consecutive losses in all competitions… should take complacency away and refocus us for the run in…

Actually thought Zinchenko lost his head in the last few minutes instead of keeping his cool. Two wild shots over the bar which he wouldn’t normally attempt, and getting drawn into Maupoo’s time-wasting.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

Agree. The crowd got to him as well. Could see him waste energy mouthing off when he should’ve focused to get us back in the game.


100% agree. Zinchenko’s been great but seemed to lose his head there and made some uncharacteristically poor decisions


I saw him come on. And i hope thats the last time in an Arsenal shirt.


Come on bro, he’s a gunner now, give him a chance


yeah i know we bought him but i will never ever see him as one of “ours”.


Mate, that feels like emotions talking. How did you feel about Sol Campbell? We need to see the bigger picture and get behind the players, irrespective of their past employers. Great result for Sp*rs today to boot, ha!

Exit the Lemming

Zinchenko was wretched today and no leader runs the risk of getting red carded for a petulant piece of retaliation against a serial cunt like Maupay


Poor performance overall but in these kind of games, do not play xhaka for 90 minutes switch it up with trossard or even vieira instead of Xhaka. We need fast players that can carry the ball and create movement and disrupt their defensive lines, yes xhaka has been better this season but he can’t keep being untouchable! The change of trossard for martinelli was a huge mistake and we gave up movement, pace and threat for crosses only with nketiah in the box.. am I the only one thinking this? Please release our attacking threat instead of thinking they have… Read more »


Actually liked the change of Trossard for Gabi. Gabi, like most others today, looked off the pace. But I agree with you about changing it up with regards to someone more mobile and with more attacking nous coming in for Xhaka in games like today.

Also, we missed Jesus today. Remembered how he unlocked Leicester and Wolves earlier in the season by dropping deep and linking play when we faced those low blocks.


Agree on Xhaka, thought he should have come off against Newcastle as well in similar circumstances. Can only think Odegaard might have been feeling an issue, he suffered from a couple of physical fouls.

Reality check

Not the first time Ode has gone missing from physical game.


It’s ridiculous how quickly people start turning


“Odegaard might have been feeling an issue” – White might have been feeling an issue, Partey might have been feeling an issue… it doesn’t matter, if they’re not fit to perform they should ask to come off. They were poor today, need a reaction next week


Marinelli odegard and Partey were not up to scratch today

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Agreed, Trossard should have replaced Xhaka, not Martinelli.
Martinelli was quiet but is the type of player who can spark into life in the 80th minute. Not sure why Mikel brought him off so early.


Agree and martinelli is so physical, will do 200km/h for 90 minutes, also would be a lot more dangerous with a more dangerous player inside him, like trossard/vieira instead of xhaka!

Saka have both Odegaard and white on overlap to help him, martinelli has none…

Holdings New Merkin

You can’t keep a passenger on all game in hope they spark to life. He started badly and finished badly. Should have gone at half time with white


Get the feeling we’re going to see that a lot (Trossard for Martinelli around 60th min). Not the worst for Gabi to feel competition, but I agree that today I would’ve preferred to see him stay on, he was getting doubled up wide every time and would’ve been nice to see something different in the left mid role supporting him. Then again, what the fuck do I know. Thought Eddie looked unsure of how to cause problems with a low block. He should’ve gotten that first half shot on target at least – that’s my frustration with him, he often… Read more »


totally agree!
i think martinelli was off the pace because he was not used effectively. he was constantly waiting for a thru ball in the first half. i dont know why no one was releasing the ball quickly.

borginho- i hope it was an off day rather than what to expect. is it once again a chelsea player undermining us?

Brazilian Gooner

People are criticising Martinelli so unfairly tbh, EVERY ball he received there was no passing options besides Gabriel, and 3 Everton players at him. Trossard came in and was more of the same, showing it was not a player issue, Xhaka and Zinny were isolating him and not giving him the ball fast enought


100% – Granit has reinvented himself this season but he has to be the one sub’d when we’re looking to inject energy through the attacking midfield.
He’s not the fastest horse in the stable at the best of times, and his new role means he covers a lot of ground. His fighting spirit means he’ll keep going but was defs fading a bit in the last 30 vs the Toffees.
Trossard interplaying with Martinelli would definitely run a tiring opposition right flank ragged. Everton were sucking in air from 70 mins yesterday so it could have worked a treat!

Exit the Lemming

I love Martinelli but thought he was awful today: out-thought and outfought by a man whose best years are behind him and 13 years his senior (Seamus Coleman) He had a similar experience against Azpilicueta of Chelsea this season so I’m sure he’ll learn from this.

malcolm alden

Thank you. I was screaming at the TV all day, thinking Trossard could have come in for Xhaka at half time. We needed to be faster down the left as it clearly wasn’t happening on the right with Saka/White.


Btw stonewall penalty when Gabriel was fouled by Maupay in the box

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Gabriel went down looking for it.


And what would you expect him to do after being fouled in the box?

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

Feels like most of the time you need to look for it… even with VAR in place.


Irrelevant – his legs were clearly taken out. It was inside the box. End of…

Besides anything else, since it was the cuntiest cunt ever to cross the toughline of a football pitch, it was without a doubt a pen!

A Different George

I think we would be very unhappy if an opponent were awarded a penalty for that.


They have been awarded against us… plenty!

A Different George

And we have been unhappy about it.


I can’t remember a time when I’ve been happy about a penalty being given against us

Charlie George

It was outside the box.

Emi Rates

If Maupay is involved it’s a penalty and a red. Always. Little annoying cunt that he is. I hope someone gave him a boot in the back down the tunnel after the game and that it was hard enough to send him flying into something sharp and potentially lethal.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, he’s an irritating player that we always allow to get under our skin but I’m just amazed that your vile post has been allowed to stay up.


Poor performance all round. Hope the team bounce back. Need to figure a way how to counter the double up on our wingers otherwise we will not find the rhythm. Ohh maupay is a cunt….

Reality check

Overlapping runs from fullbacks kills doubling up, something our system or White is allergic to.


White was off, and KT not on the pitch


It’s just not his role, he is in nature more of a centre half and functions that way in our system too, while left back is the one allowed to go forward, If the right back does it too, well you saw the result of that back in the mid to late Wenger years (even though RB was usually a lot more conservative than LB under him too, it’s not enough)


I’d like to see Tomi get a run now… Ben is solid but just doesn’t really add much in attack. In matches like yesterday, where teams are sitting in a full block, we have to find ways to stretch ’em – and Ben’s go-to is to square it or reverse it as soon as he hits that squared-off, packed defence when he crosses the halfway line.
Tomi has more pace and is more inventive in his runs – less nervous about getting forward.


Agree. Overlap the wingers. But when zinchenko is so far forward White is supposed to slot in the center to give us 3 at the back. Since Everton were so effective at shutting our wingers down I thought switch them from time to time. To confuse the defense or bring on tomi and Tierney for overlaps.

No plan B today. But if we win our next two matches we will win the title.


I can see why we were linked to Onana. Like the look of him.


Yeah – wish we’d gotten him instead of Jorgie-girl.


Borginho Out!


yes please. the sooner the better


I fear his coming may affect harmony within the squad. Was the palling up between him and Arteta for the cameras really necessary? I also suspect Kiwior could have done a job in deep midfield.


yes x 1000000000000


So disappointing! We didn’t match them in several key areas. Why was that Maupay’s challenge on big Gabi not a foul🤨?? Lessons learnt I guess. Onto the next game, please.

Crash Fistfight

How come Maupay didn’t get 2 yellow cards for that incident? (that’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment for anyone wondering)

Crash Fistfight

*incident in stoppage time

Doctor Perceptron

Looked just outside the box, so I don’t think VAR can ask the ref to look at it unless it’s a penalty.

Man Manny

One of those days. If there is one thing about this team, it’s recovering from adversity. Brentford next, City 4 days later. We can get 6 points from both.


Starting to look like beating the Bees and then Citeh will pretty much kill off City’s chase.
Big fortnight coming up lads!


Fuck off Maupey


Why do you day Vieira is not on long enough to rate? With injury time he must have had 15 mins on the pitch and did absolutely nothing. Too many players had a bad day at the office, but I,like many others saw this one coming. We got lucky earlier in the season when we played Brentford away on a Sunday lunchtime the day before the queen’s funeral and their usual atmosphere was understandably lacking. But today was always going to be 10 times as hard as soon as they sacked Lampard. We are still top of the league, keep… Read more »

malcolm alden

Vieira has done nothing in the PL of note so far. Starting to look like 50m wasted.


Blog has been very generous today by marking up at least by one point. should have been a lot of 4 and 4.5 in there


I gave Borginho 0.5.It was his fault. Everything, includet the tame 1st half.

Exit the Lemming

Bigoted infantile nonsense. There’s a place for you at Stamford Bridge.


We didn’t deserve anything and to be honest as soon as Dyche was dragged out of the 1980’s to manage them I knew we would struggle.
You have to step up when faced with situations like this and as long as we can learn from it then today isn’t a compete write off.
When we lost to Utd our next fixture was Brentford.
Who is our next opponent?
Brentford at home…


I had a really bad feeling when he got the job, was really hoping it wouldn’t happen until after our game


Maupay has to be one of the most annoying people of all time. Very punchable face. Chalk this one off and make sure that we beat Brentford.


Tumnus and zinchenko don’t work together, they both want to take too many touches in the same part of the pitch.



Crash Fistfight

Jorginho, cos he looks like a faun

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

OMG hahahaha Tumnus for Jorginho 😂😂😂 😂




Take your pick.


Terrible. Don’t want to say much else. And Maupay can fuck the fuck off. Fucking cheating cunt.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, but we fall for his shithousery every time. He’s played against Arsenal 6 times, Won 3 drawn 1 and lost 2 with 2 goals scored (both winners). Got Guendouzhi sent off (which isn’t hard) and injured Bernd Leno with a sneaky mid air challenge at Brighton, which he wasn’t even booked for.

Frog In Ze Room

Tomi is better than Ben and deserve his chance. Eddie is decent but not good enough. Disappointed but what a great season we’re having. Looking forward to Brentford.


To be kind, i cant say i was too happy to see Jorginho on for Partey.


I might get some stick, it was a difficult game for Vieira to get into, especially with the minutes he played today. But overall, I’m not a big fan of his, I’ve not seen enough from him to feel me with confidence to rely on him.

Hopefully this is a one off blip and it’s out of our system.
We’re still top by 5 points, and will have a game in hand, a Luxury we’ve not been used to in recent years.


2 points and a game in hand after man city beats spurs tomorrow


Arteta needs to be less rigid with his style of play and man-management. Kieran Tierney and Tomiyasu would have been much, much better suited to the game than Zinny and White. We all knew that Everton would concede posession to us, quickly double our wingers, and snap at the heels of our midfielders. The only thing that White and Zinny do better that the other two is that they help us maintain possession. But we didn’t need them to do that, since our opponent were happy to not have the ball. What we needed today were overlaps for our wingers… Read more »


“The only thing that White and Zinny do better that the other two is that they help us maintain possession. But we didn’t need them to do that, since our opponent were happy to not have the ball.” This is outdated thinking, it’s much less about maintaining possession than about being able to pass the ball out of pressure into attacking positions, and Everton were pressuring us like hell at times, especially in the first half. They weren’t happy not to have the ball, they were maybe happy to concede the possession % statistic but they were very much trying… Read more »


Our passing out of pressure admittedly wasn’t at its absolute best today but we did ok on that front thanks to Zin and co. It’s mainly the fact our usually stellar front 4 all had a bad day that lost us the game imo


Our front 4 had a bad day for a reason. They were easily neutralized by the opponent doubling them on every opportunity, and not having anyone overlapping to spread out their defense. That’s what I meant by we have to be more flexible in our system and with our style of play


I don’t disagree with that (except I think only Saka and Martinelli are relevant to this doubling/overlapping argument, the middle two just had a bad day full stop). Mainly pointing out you don’t just lose the ability to dominate possession if you take out Zin and White, there’s a much more significant cost here against a team that presses


Yeah – but the earlier point about Tross replacing Granit rather than Gabi is very well made. Instead of injecting pace and trickery out wide as their block was tiring, Mik removed our fastest, most direct player!
Xhaka had run his bollocks off by that point and you could almost see the Toffees breathe a sigh of relief.


I don’t disagree with that (except I think only Saka and Martinelli are relevant to this doubling/overlapping argument, the middle two just had a bad day full stop). Mainly pointing out you don’t just lose the ability to dominate possession if you take out Zin and White, there’s a much more significant cost here against a team that presses

Exit the Lemming

Too many sloppy passes out of defence, midfield and attack today. Yes, Everton pressed us relentlessly but we also gave away possession far too cheaply when under zero pressure.


Agree! Thought the game was won and lost in the corners. They doubled up on our wingers at their end and also seem to control ours, winning 7 corners. KT operating wide might have helped spread their defence and allow more entries into the box. Could have been worse, they had two legitimate chances in the first half – Calvert-Lewin and Doucorre. Apart from Saka beating Pickford but alas not Coady, we squandered our chances.

Exit the Lemming

Odegaard should have done better with the shooting chance he had laid on for him 2nd half after some sublime play on the left from Eddie.

The Arsenal

I think he thought it would be futile anyway as we no longer have that type of striker. The overlapping Fbs usually have to cross the ball on the run so cutbacks are not on so it would have to be floated or whipped in balls which we are sorta terrible at since we sold Giroud.

Baichung Bhutia

Surprised to see ratings above 5.5 for everyone. Some of them were very poor – just a one off but still poor.


The team looked leggy today. I’m guessing they went up to Liverpool last night and stayed in a hotel.
Too many passes incomplete today and lack of composure in front of goal.


Also – Everton did that deep corner nearly every time – why did we not manage to deal with it? Would like to see Ramsdale collect from corners a bit more than he does – which is almost never.

Petit's Handbag

Jorginho very lucky to get a 5.5.
He has a lot to do to shake that “I played for Chelsea” tag.


word. a LOT

Exit the Lemming

Why create an even bigger hurdle for him to overcome with all this prejudicial crap?


Now more than ever we need to be behind our boys. We’re still top of the league and have the youngest squad in the league. Bounce back next game!! #COYG


Spuds going to beat Shitty today… oh when the Saints….

Exit the Lemming

If Spurs invested in graveyards people would stop dying.


Youngest squad no more with the two of the three newbies heading towards geriatric


It happened… Learn and restart… We can and we will…No qualms about any of the lads…COYG…

The Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunners

What a poor performance, we gave the ball away too many times. Very upsetting. Oh well, lets bounce back against Brentford. Come on You Gunners!


Benjamin White can put in a distinctly odd performance every now and again. Around 25 mins he gave Odegaard no help at all in the sequence which ended with our captain hobbled on the ball. Then on the 80 min mark he barely trotted up behing Saka in support when we were on the attack. Very underpowered today.


Ben hasn’t seemed right since the World Cup, I’ve been wondering if he’s carrying an injury or if something bad happened that’s upset him and impacted on his focus. He’s a good player so I’m sure he’ll come right but maybe Tomi for the Brentford game would be better. That’s one position where we’re blessed with two top class players.


I have thought the same about ben


Was his girlfriend’s birthday on Friday… maybe a bit too much celebrating?


I fucking hope not, he should have more respect than that.

Aleksander Włodarz

⚽ being the game of sequences (after losing to City) I hoped it to be a draw. Everton found the right combination under Dyche to stifle the Gunners and make OTHER competing teams very happy. Brentford now looks like a very important game!

The Arsenal

Feared the worst when i saw Dyches (cunt) lineup….Odegaard is a magician but still struggle’s against targeted physicality which is what he went for today. Onana, Gueye AND Dacoure…Proved to much for a half fit Partey and not up to standard showing from Xhaxa and Odegaard. Very important time in the season, if we bounce back quickly from this i think the title is ours. Thought the front four could have been a bit smarter. Both Saka and Martenelli where being doubled up on like the Newcastle game and we haven;t really come up with a way around this.


Loss. Could have been much worse. We clearly miss Jesus, and now we have 3 out of 4 previous halves with a somewhat disjointed gameplan from Arteta, and an unclear vision of our squad. Only he can know what he was thinking, but it’s confusing as a fan. Biggest question in my mind is Odegaard, this was his match to lead us forward, and he did not. White is another. Seems like his Man City missteps and frustrations were not a one off. Eddie for a full 90 w/o a breakthrough feels like we’re banging our head against it. Needed… Read more »


White needs a break – give Tomi a run now, especially since teams are increasingly going to try to set up a full block and double-up on our wide threats. Xhaka needs to come off late in games where we’re chasing and need energy/pace out wide to stretch a packed defence. Would have preferred Trossfor Xhaka, to tap-dance with Martinelli – would have been interesting against a tiring Everton defence. Would’ve shifted Ziiiiinch into the mid for Partey (he was spending most of his time there anyway!) and brought Tierney into his position – giving even more energy and pace… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Agree that KT’s combative physicality, better honed defensive instincts and crossing ability would have been a better option at left back


Arteta had a big part to play in this defeat. For around 10 mins Arsenal had Everton on the ropes. So for what ever reason Arteta decides at this point to disrupt Arsenal’s flow with substitutions. Low and behold we concede within a minute. Very poor decision I feel.


I second that. Arteta went full pep mode and made some stupid subs.

Exit the Lemming

Moving the ball ineffectually around a well organised back-line and failing to create any clear scoring chances because you are incapable of penetrative passing is hardly ‘having the opposition on the ropes’ now is it?. I don’t blame Arteta for making the changes as he had to do something to try and salvage the game.


Everyone got a half-point more than they might have deserved, because I love them


Don’t want to sound like a cunt but signing that Chelsea cunt is the only reason we fucked it. He’s poison, no fault of his own other than being a disgusting Chelsea cunt. Bad vibes.

Exit the Lemming

Too late. You just sound like a cunt


That’s exactly what I was going for, funnily enough


This was a game for ESR, hope he comes back fully ready soon

frank page

With 70% possession, it was disappointing that we created so little. Everton deserve credit for their organisation and for playing the game on their terms.

Trossard for Martinelli was an odd one for me. I think Trossard is likely to be best as a number 10. We had so much possession that we should have risked the extra attacker.


More than the loss the performance was a bit worrying. Against a team that went for it hard, doubled up on our wide players and put crosses in to test our organisation while defending, we looked second best. We had the possession but didn’t do much with, more teams will follow these tactics and Arteta needs to come up with the solutions soon. Coyg 💪.


Everton, like Burnley, like to press and foul and time waste and fly into tackles and poke fingers in people’s eyes. The way to stop that is to play the ball fast and accurately, which we couldn’t do because the pitch was like a dry, lumpy field. Dyche is probably the manager I hate most after Pulis; as much as I detest him I have to admit that he’s very good at what he does, and at Everton he’s got some better players than he had at Burnley. His big lumps ran themselves ragged closing us down and we couldn’t… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

We’ve now kick started their season three times in a row. They must send a reminder in the mail when the fixture comes around

Exit the Lemming

Let’s just hope this was the stinker we had to get out of our system. The scoreline flattered Arsenal yet everything Everton did could have been predicted by coaches with just one tenth of Arteta’s nous: Double up on our wingers, longs balls up to DCL, long diagonals behind our (dreadful) full backs, get physical and have the pitch prepared like a new manager bouncy castle. Patek Philippe are to launch a new ‘Jordan Pickford’ watch where every minute lasts 90 seconds and is shock resistant when the wearer collapses full length to the ground. Zinchenko should know better than… Read more »

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