Monday, February 26, 2024

Leicester 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

A goal early in the second half for Gabriel Martinelli was enough for Arsenal to take three points in a 1-0 win over Leicester.

The Gunners had a goal disallowed in the first half, and an obvious penalty on Bukayo Saka ignored, but while their dominance should have seen a more favourable scoreline, it was all about taking three points and that’s exactly what we did.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Leicester 0-1 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Leicester 0-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Bart 1

They are our GRINDING BASTARDS though!


10/10 Arseblog for the quick updates.. 3pm blackout FFS.


I have been seeing “team of the season so far” posts without big Gabi in any of them. He has been immense this season (especially in away games). But he is still overlooked, for some reason. He surely should be in the conversation for best CBs in the league.


very happy with him but he has an error in him quite regularly. not sure he’s top2 of the pl’s CB based on that


Considering he basically covers left back as well, I think that’s makes him the #1

Paul McCarthy

For sure. He plays 2 positions.
Not enough credit.


I think that he’s got a lot more solid the longer the season goes on.


Think you might have mistaken Big Gabi for another Brazilian CB D.Luis

Exit the Lemming

He’s been great for us but on occasion can be a bit too ’emotional’ in certain situations and crafty strikers will learn to exploit this


I’ll take none of our players being in the team of the season & wining the league 😂.
Big Gabri has been very good, agreed.


Only one award matters! And fuck it will be sweet when we do it! These cheating FA fucks are getting desperate.


Agreed. He’s been immense so far


Gave everyone a 7.5. Superb.


As always with these kind of things, it takes a while for the media narrative to catch up with what us fans see week in week out. Annoyingly my social media algorithm constantly gives me those sort of lame ‘team of the season so far’ posts in my feed too, and it’s always the same outdated crap. Throw Haaland, Saka, Odegaard and Saliba in with a bunch of Newcastle players who’ve been basically irrelevant since the world cup. Give it a couple more weeks of these performances, and big Gabi will get the plaudits Saliba’s been getting until this point.

Exit the Lemming

Why would anyone even care if any of our players make someone else’s team of the season?


Saliba gets more of the credit it seems but Gabriel especially since the return from the World Cup has been immense for us. Love both our CBs though and they have been the best CB pairing in the division this season for me


Saliba read the game brilliantly again yesterday… but

yet another sloppy pass giving the ball away in a dangerous position. It’s really the only reason that we’ve lost the few games we have this season. Pretty much unforced rrors in possession by certain players.


Champions find a way to grind out a win. COYG!!❤️

Johnny 4 Hats

They do. But today I thought we were totally dominant. Leicester’s xG was 0.01, the lowest since they started recording xG in 2017. Although we were biting our nails a bit, the stats will tell a different story. In truth it never looked like anything other than 3 easy points. But our Arsenal PTSD makes us think that we had to grind out a win. I’m loving how common these wins are becoming where we just shut up shop and don’t allow anything to come near our goal. So happy with that. Already looking forward to the 17 Arsenal podcasts… Read more »


Zinny was everywhere again in this game. Pity his goal didn’t get in, but what this guy does is so undervalued. This same foxes team has given major top half teams (and Sp*rs) the run around recently and we utterly dominated them. Zinny is just such a key cog to our tactics and also more direct play in possession. He makes sublime passes.


He didn’t slow down the ball today. Easily his best for the past few weeks.


Just a week ago they had 19 shots at Old Trafford & here we are, restricting them to 1 in the 75th minute


Come on you bustards! Oops! sorry I meant you gunners!!


Bastards even!*


Bustards is better


I think I’m partial to bustards…


Open top Bustards come May

Boe Sharkey

Away game MONSTERS


No Nketiah rating? I thought he did well when he came on. Had some great touches and was very physical when we needed him to be


I feel sad for Trossard’s beautiful goal being disallowed.


I can understand the decision but only if the same standard is applied to attackers who are held in the penalty area, especially when they are in a position to score. The lack of consistency is baffling.


Baffling? Nah, it’s bent.


Watched it frame by frame… an utter bollocks decision by VAR (again!)…
Ben actually lifts his arm seconds before keeper’s arm comes in against his side – it’s a totally natural movement. Then, for a SPLIT second, his arm comes down to cover the arm keeper’s arm but it’s actually the Leicester defender who is also making contact with the keeper…
Very, very soft decision – and they can SEE that, but not the rugby tackle on Saka??? Not the two offside players from Brentford???

VAR is a a shambolic joke. Dermot Gallagher was scathing about that decision on SKY.

yaya gunna

To be fair I think it was bennys other hand holding on to the keepers arm that drew the foul not the arm pinned down at his side

Exit the Lemming

It was a foul. Albeit a sneaky subtle one. Let’s not fall into the trap of agreeing we should let the ‘really clever burglars’ escape justice. Had Iheanachodone the same at the other end you would be asking for the Home Office to deport him. I didn’t think the Saka ‘collision’ with the defender was enough for a pen


Where’s Nketiah?


Trossard’s strike was total class. He’s fitting in so well.


All of a sudden, Odegaard and Xhaka have become shot shy. Good result tho.
Trossard is quality!! #COYG!


Gabriel 8* surely !! ❤️

Streaming is so shit. If they are not showing the games on TV why the fuck are they stopping the streams?? Grow up.

Soon someone will realise there is a massive worldwide fanbase that would pay a subscription to watch ALL of their teams games….work it out 🙄


I have him at 8.5. beast. Saliba too. They didn’t have a shot on target right?

djourou's nutmeg

im from argentina and i can see every arsenal match through espn and directv sports, all in the same platform. it’s ridiculous that i get to watch more matches than english fans. i hope that 3pm rule changes soon for you


Same here, I’m from Brazil and get to watch every game through ESPN and Star + (Disney Streaming Plataform that has ESPN content). It’s really stupid that the fans from England don’t get the same treatment. Unbelievable…
Kind of scared of writing that and things changes for us here, instead of correcting for you…
People tend to do stupid things …
In a place that there’s basically “war” to get hands on a ticket, the reasoning is yet to get by…


I get them all in the USA through NBC Sports and their Peacock streaming app.


all matches shown live in portugal by elevensports…


Had two highlight reel goals called back which is a shame, but boy these one goal leads late are so nerve wracking. Glad to see Arteta go wtih Trossard and Martinelli together, you can really see the impact Trossard can have against a packed in defense. He drew a number of fouls and is so crafty with the ball, fits right into the style of play of Arsenal so well, too bad his goal was called back as would have been one of the goals of the weekend. We do need to clean up the numerous bad passes across the… Read more »


Agreed. There’s always an error or three to keep us all on edge but love seeing 11 players behind the ball in a split second to recover and start again. Great team!!


I love this team. They get shit done.
Looking forward to seeing highlights (fuck Saturday 3pm KO’s)

Man Manny

Jorginho and Trossard; what astute signings they are turning out to be.


Big ups to Edu for bringing in two solid pros, Trossard and Jorginho. This is the type of game against this type of opponent where Jorginho shines.


Why was Zinchenko captain today?

Mayor McCheese

Today was the anniversary of the start of Russia’s (unprovoked, senseless, and bloody) invasion of Ukraine.


Look at NATO expansion since 1990, then tell me it’s unprovoked, bot.

Mayor McCheese

Thanks for the heads up, Joel. So yeah, I’m looking at NATO expansion, and I still don’t see a reason to murder Ukrainian women and children. You?


Great, thanks for the hyperbolic strawman. Always appreciated.

My point is, preemptive invasions can be justified. If Canada and Mexico formed a coalition with China, and then had troops and nuclear weapons being set up at the US borders, do you really think the US wouldn’t preemptively invade?

Nobody likes war. I don’t like it. But to pretend like this conflict doesn’t have a historical buildup that came directly from NATO expansion into the east is ludicrous.

Mayor McCheese

Nah, you still sound like a Putin apologist. “Nobody likes war, but” lol


Sheesh, you’re literally programmed to say the same things over and over again. It’s like you have zero original thoughts whatsoever.

Well guess what, reality is a little more complicated than the good vs evil fairytales that you’re used to. Treating Putin as the big bad guy tells me that you’ve gotten all your opinions from tabloids, and that you lack a comprehensive understanding of the conflict and geopolitics in general.

Stick to football. That’s what you’re better at talking about on here.


inb4 all the downvotes come in, I welcome them all. It only proves my point that everyone lacks serious critical thinking skills when it comes to this conflict.

If anyone else here actually wants to test their objectivity, entertain the aforementioned hypothetical: If Canada and Mexico formed a coalition with China, and then had troops and nuclear weapons being set up at the US borders, do you think the US wouldn’t preemptively invade? Furthermore, do you think preemptive invasion can ever be justified?

Mayor McCheese

A Putin patsy complains about zero original thoughts. Rich. You have nothing to say about the invasion and killing of Ukrainian civilians other than to take issue with my use of the word “unprovoked.” Telling.


Does this feel like a conversation to you? I genuinely want to know.

You’re not acknowledging anything I’m saying. Do YOU think that preemptive invasions can ever be justified? Yes or no.

Mayor McCheese

You wanted a conversation? So the way YOU start a conversation with someone is by calling them a “bot”? You’re funny.

Yes or no? I thought you were beyond such fairy tales of moral absolutes, oh wise one.


Based on my engagement, it’s fairly obvious that I’ve been trying to get some kind of response out of you that goes beyond “You’re a Putin patsy!” and “You love that Ukrainian children are getting killed!”, to paraphrase.

Why can’t you answer a simple question without responding with a logical fallacy?

Mayor McCheese

No, it’s not been obvious at all. Your initial response to my comment was not a question nor a sincere call for engagement. As for your demand for a simple answer to a simple question, clearly the answer is “it depends,” but also that any answer one gives says nothing about whether you think the particulars in this instance justify Russia’s invasion. Your rhetorical naivete is stunning. The fact that you go straight to the abstract and demand that I go there with you, despite knowing very well that the praxis is right in front of us, is one example.… Read more »

Mayor McCheese

And look, Joel, you’re likely a Russian troll. The focus on NATO conveniently distracts the conversation from the fact that Putin wanted to reunite or regain the fantasy of the Soviet Union, that he said it was justified because Ukrainian leaders were Nazis, that Crimea was his, that Ukrainians really wanted to be Russian, that he forced Ukrainians to vote at gunpoint after taking them over, etc. Only Russian trolls want to distract the conversation from those realities and the realities of the Ukrainians (and Russians) dying in the service of this incredibly misguided agenda.

Mayor McCheese

(I’m now reflecting on the irony of you calling me a “bot” while you’re doing everything a Russian bot would do, which is to treat the NATO issue as definitive. It’s like you’ve never read anything else Putin has said about why he felt justified in this, what did he call it, “military exercise”?)

Exit the Lemming

The prevalent narrative that ‘little innocent defenseless Ukraine’ is the cuddly bunny here is just plain vanilla tiresome. I don’t condone the actions of Russia as the aggressor in any shape or form but there’s plenty good reasons Ukraine’s not in NATO: corrupt elections, far right militia in their armed forces and failure to reach prerequisite economic, political and military standards. I just wish Arsenal would avoid stepping into politics in this fashion and just pick a captain on merit.


Invading the recognised sovereign territory of another nation can NEVER, ever be justified. It’s why countries have borders and has to remain an absolute. Your flimsy logic suggests that Russia has some divine right to dictate to other countries how they should govern their own terrotories, who they should align with, and – ludicrously – whether they can decide to join global organisations? So Ukraine is ‘not allowed’ to join the EU nor Nato – because Putin is paranoid?? FACT – of the two nations, only one has ever been the aggressor on the others sovereign territory. You talk about… Read more »


Strawman and hypothetical are very very different. One invites interaction the other tries to shut interaction down through lies. Nobody could engage with the hypothetical argument because it’s too obvious no EU nation would ever invade a sovereign state… Lets just label Putin evil and not reflect on anything that led to a loose cannon firing… and then it will never ever happen again. On the hypothetical question you propose – I don’t think it is a fair comparison. In 2010 Ukraine passed legislation not to join a military bloc, then Russia invaded Crimea. So first of all you have… Read more »


Probably the anniversary of the Ukraine war beginning


I’d say that’s right and a quality gesture on the part of Odegaard and the club


What about Elneny and Ozil? Double standards, my one gripe about this club. If it wasn’t a football club and was a business etc, I’d have moved onto an alternative a long time ago!


Brilliant ratings read today 😁👏😁


Kudos to Jeorgino and Xhaka. They were in battles today and came through strong. Warriors!


Didn’t see the game today. Anyone that saw it, how was Trossard up top?


He was excellent up there ! Scored a great goal which was disallowed ???? Made Martinelli goal with a nutmeg pass and generally linked play well ! Great buy !

Teryima Adi


Exit the Lemming

He was great. Dragged defenders into areas they don’t want to go and but for a bit of skulduggery from Ben White would have scored a banger


Great win on the road. Especially sweet when we grind it out!

My wife and I were furious over VAR… I just dont get it when VAR comes into play, when they decide to draw lines.. why do they show the VAR review on the big screen sometimes and not the other times? I thought even the first foul on Saka was a penalty shout, BrunoF would have gotten that.. but it was never replayed, never VAR reviewed despite being a penalty incident.. just dont get it.


As with the disallowed goal for Saka in the 2nd half. Why did we never see the lines as it was bloody close on the replay?


I legitimately think that our central defenders deserve 9-s or even 10s this game. They might not have made many active defensive actions, but if you consistently position yourself perfectly, it requires some recognition. I think about 4-5 times Leicester had quite dangerous counter attacks and almost every time Saliba and Gabriel positioned inch-perfectly to delay the attack until our team got back into it’s defensive positions. Though, mad kudos for everyone running back into position like crazy as well. An immense defensive performance, imo.


Yeah exactly. They only were “Not troubled” because they were flawless.

Ungrateful Beyotch Hotline

Couldn’t agree more.


I generally have no time for conspiracy theories but when you see the calls that go for and against us on VAR it’s hard not to be very aware all the referees are from the same part of the country…

Master Floda

I loved that sneaky foul from White. Too bad he got caught.


The keeper made absolutely no effort to pull his arm away. White hardly had him in a vice grip did he?


Mad to see Arsenal fans calling that a foul


Look at it closely and you’ll see the the Leicester defender was as much in his own keeper’s way as Ben was…


That was a dumb foul to me in this day of VAR when you are attacking. Cost Trossard a great goal


Var Again makes the game less understandable. Yea, saka shh a penalty. In white’s defense his foul is of a type that has never been called because no one could see it and because the gk has to try harder. I mean what was his arm doing there anyway. Shb above his head.


That was a neat kung fu move from Ben holding the keepers finger. You can’t get out of that very easily haha.


Was the foul on saka even checked by VAR! It’s becoming a bad joke. How the ref missed it is beyond incredible. It was a rugby tackle.


Dermot crucified that VAR decision at halftime on SKY… how does VAR managed to become yet more incompetent every week??


Jorgingo looked a bit tired toward the end? Knackered more like. Still.

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