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Report: Arsenal 1-1 Brentford (Inc. Goals)

Result: Arsenal 1-1 Brentford
Competition: Premier League
Date: 11 February 2023
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Partey, Xhaka, Ødegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah.

Subs: Turner, Tomiyasu, Holding, Tierney, Kiwior, Jorginho, Vieira, Trossard, Cozier-Duberry

Arsenal slipped again at the top of the Premier League as they drew 1-1 to Brentford at home. A first Gunners goal from Trossard wasn’t enough to claim all three points. Manchester City may well be licking their lips at the prospect of closing the gap against Villa on Sunday, before their trip to the Emirates midweek.


Arsenal returned home for the first time since the win against Manchester United in January, needing a win to bounce back after the disappointing loss to Everton in the last league game.

Arteta named an unchanged side for the sixth consecutive game in the Premier League. The only notable absentees being Elneny, Jesus and Smith-Rowe – with the latter being closest to a return.


Arsenal started very brightly, moving the ball quickly and with purpose. They nearly sliced through Brentford in the first two minutes as Nketiah broke into the box, but couldn’t quite lay-off Martinelli.

Brentford hit back though, with Toney crossing for Henry, who made a mess of the finish. The Gunners defenders were asking questions of one another after that chance.

Zinchenko had a half-chance on eight minutes, as a corner was headed down and he had time and space to hit the ball on the volley, but fired high with his weaker foot. Wasteful in the end.

Martinelli looked far more lively than he has in the previous few matches, appearing to roam infield more – enabling him to combine with Arsenal’s midfield more effectively.

After a quarter of an hour, Saka had a half-shout for a penalty as he exchanged a one-two with Ødegaard, before receiving a little nudge from Henry in the box. Saka was almost too honest, as he tried to stay up and get the shot away.

Brentford came closest to scoring so far on 25 minutes, as Toney sonnected with an Mbuemo cross, but shook the bar with a powerful effort. Despite dominating the game, Arsenal were beginning to ride their luck.

Arsenal’s play seemed to slow down as the half wore on, as they struggled to play through Brentford’s low block – often resorting to crosses. But one such cross from White reached Xhaka, who nodded it down to Martinelli who volleyed with his left foot, just over the bar.


Arsenal started the second half with intent as Saka linked with Martinelli and Xhaka to open a gap on the left near-post but his shot was well saved by Raya. It was then Ødegaard’s turn to test the keeper as a sweeping move ended in a clipped cross from Nketiah finding his captain, who faired hard and low, but straight at Raya.

Nketiah continued to try and make amends for a poor first half showing, as he closed down Raya to block a clearance. Much to the delight of the Emirates faithful.

Brentford came close again 10 minutes into the second period as Arsenal’s defenders failed to win a couple of duels before Toney was teed up to shoot, but fired just wide.

With an hour gone, Arsenal made their first change of the game as Trossard came on to replace Martinelli on the left-hand side.

Remember how Nketiah was trying to compensate for a slack showing? Well he managed to hit a hopelessly desperate effort on the half turn from outside the box. Not what was needed.

And then on 65 minutes, Arsenal made the breakthrough they so badly needed. It was new boy Leandro Trossard, who had come on to make an impact and he did just that by tucking in at the back post after some great work by Saka. 1-0 to The Arsenal.

But Arsenal’s lead didn’t last long. Toney managed to squeeze the ball in from a free-kick after Ramsdale and his defenders failed to clear the ball. It looked offside in the build up, but VAR appeared to take a look at the wrong phase and the goal was given. 1-1.

Arsenal kept trying more long shots and kept failing to hit the mark. It reeked a bit of desperation as they missed some real dynamism and inventiveness.

As the full-time whistle blew, nerves jangled around the Emirates. A draw isn’t a loss, but it felt like a real set-back. Another poor performance and piles on the pressure for the Gunners’ next game: Manchester City at home.

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I didn’t want to be too pessimistic last week, but it’s obvious that we’re losing the plot now. Three games on the trot we’ve looked clueless. Lacking ideas up top, shaky at the back. Simply not good enough in any department really. It’s not even just the results, it’s the manner of the results, and I think the opposition can sense it now. Serious rethink needed from Arteta prior to Wednesday.


Nah. We did enough to win the game but the PL clearly rigged it up just to heat things up for Wednesday. Now watch how they’ll go all in to make City win against Villa.


Stop blaming FA for everything it’s not as if Arsenal did much to win the game. We can’t jump to defend a corner kick and Ramsdale went to the ground too early for the Brighton goal, he should have stayed on his feat a little longer. I think it’s high time we started Trossard in home games, Martinelli is out of his depth. Ben White too should be rested.


Stupid argument. Ramsdale’s decision would be redundant if the offside would’ve been correctly called. That’s the whole point of VAR yet they don’t use it.


I’m frustrated and angry at VAR for their goal but then I’m reminded of the first half foul by Mbeumo on Gabriel which should’ve been a goal. The refs are just bloody incompetent.


Daft of you to instantly assume Mbeumo would score. He was thru on goal, no guarantee he would score. The offside goal on the other hand, is already wrongly given as a goal.


Well said.

The downvotes of subservient sheep ignorance. 🙄


It looked like the old Arsenal for a while. Passing around the box, static.


It’s fair to say that Brentford played well today, especially in the air. We were lucky not to concede in the first half. We need something new in the attacking front with the midweek game agaist city looming. Come on Arsenal!


Good teams do not become bad teams overnight.

We have not ‘lost the plot.’

A minor setback, no question, but there’s still a lot of football to be played yet.

Alan Sunderland

there you go, big game Wednesday. to me the biggest game since the champions league final.


Nah. Even if City beat us on Wednesday, we’re still in this title race.

Our biggest game since Saturday, that’s what Wednesday is.

Eric Blair

We’ve clearly hit the skids and talk of the title needs to be over until we’ve managed to get back on track.

Teams have figured us out, it had to happen eventually. Arteta now needs to earn his grain by figuring a way out if this.

But we’re malfunctioning in all departments at the moment, especially defence, the Brentford goal was absolutely shocking from a defensive point of view. I’m a little afraid about Wednesday.


The way out of this is to keep calm and stick to our game plan – high press, lots of possession and move the ball quickly.

We’ve shown already this season that we should fear no one. Respect them, yes, but only up to a certain degree; on our day we can beat anyone, even this City team.

Keep the faith mate. 😉


Against these “physical” teams a back 3 with more attack minded full back staying wide would allow Saka & & Martinelli/Trossard to get on the ball more centrally to commit & run at those deep lying centre backs. Just a plan B coz at the moment we are getting wide but carrying no real threat centrally with Eddie too isolated
Just a thought different tactics against Orc sides !


We continue this way we will lose the league.


If City get in front, I just don’t see us catching them. Absolutely huge game on Wednesday now.

Boy Bastin

City have been around this course so many times before in recent seasons, but it’s all new for us (players and manager). If they don’t slip up against Villa, I think we can all guess what Pep’s team talk is likely to be on Wednesday – “We’ve done it before, we can do it again”.

I don’t think we can afford to let them get ahead having led so long ourselves. We’re not at that point yet of course, so fingers crossed.


‘And manager’…..?

You might want to rethink that one.

Zinchenko and Jesus have been around the Premiership block too. 😉


We have to beat Manchester City. Ferguson would have said and it would have happened


FFS! They lost to sp*rs the other day. That proves they can drop points anywhere at any time this season.


I know.

He has you tearing your hair out, doesn’t he?


Its offside. Clear as day. I saw it real time and theres now photos circulating.


Have to accept that we have been off the boil rhese last 2 weeks, but why do refs keep fuckingus up like this? Toney was the one pinning Saliba down with his hands behind his back, yet he got a freekick. That was the exact same way he won a pen against Bournemouth last month; you’d think refs are wiser to that trick now. And look at rhe fools showing us a better angle of the “offside” after already giving.a.goal… why didn’t they show thay VAR during his check?

Shit refeering week in, week out. Pissed


Because our fans for some reason think they’re high and mighty and can’t blame the refs, at all. They’re on their high horses saying the players should do more even when it’s daylight robbery.

It was a bad game, expected after a bad loss against Everton. We did enough to win the game and the ref gifted Brentford the goal. From the foul that never was to the offside goal.


Spot on.


Deluded? We had a soft soft foul on Gabriel given


We also had a perfectly good goal disallowed that, through no fault of our own, cost us two points.

Two points that may yet cost us the title.

Wake. Up.


Yes, there are questions which need to be asked about ourselves at this point, and I have my concerns for sure. But this is the second game in a row with 5+ minutes of added time, during which the ball was in play for about 20 seconds of them. Just. Fuck. Off.


It is absolutely terrible

Emi Rates

I’m glad we at least didn’t lose but this was still shit.

Boy Bastin

Yes, I agree. I think too many Gooners are scrabbling around looking for other factors (excuses really). We have gone off the boil, that’s plain to see if we look honestly. It’s not the end of the PL title world (yet) but we can’t afford too many more “setbacks” while hoping that other teams will help us out.

It’s a real test now not only for the players but for Arteta and his staff. You’re measured by how you perform when things aren’t going well. We’ll see.


Well at least we scored a goal


Our bench continues to be so weak. We only have 1 sub who can come on and make a difference. 2 if he’d send in Tierney, who should have come in for Zinny today. In reality, lucky to not have been down 0-3 at halftime. Have to be sharper Wednesday.


This is an unpopular opinion: but I think Arteta needs to trust his bench more sometimes. Why not throw in Tierney and Tomi in today and try to counter Brentford’s tactic of doubling up on our wingers?

I liked the Viera for Xhaka sub… but Vieira still needs time. It’s just a shame Jesus had to pick up such a lengthy injury. And how we miss The Smith!


That free kick by vieira at the end was absolutely shocking


I only saw the 2nd half. Xhaka doesn’t look as ace as he used to. Saka was again quiet, seems teams have worked him out by double marking him.
Zinchenko really slows the game down at times and he was terrible towards the end, every ball failed.
Another game where I don’t think Eddie has enough magic to get a goal whereas Jesus does. He can’t come back soon enough

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Now starting to feel the loss of Jesus. Nketia not at level we require. Always thought we would see more games like last week and today from him. He did well but Ulithi may cost us big time.


Thanks Tim for the live updates but please find someone else next time.


Thanks Tim! Great coverage. Gave a great feel of the game.


The wheels are coming off


Time to pick it up boys ! Time to get back on it we’re six (yes six!!!) points clear but the hoof and hopers have worked us out a bit ? The plan B needs to be better & it needs to be different to plan A ! Winning ain’t all about technique we’ve got to battle to earn the right to play ! Disappointed but not downhearted


The VAR officials have one thing to do. How can they look at the wrong phase of play. Total incompetence. Offside isn’t a judgement call yet the premiere league officials still blow this.


I think a point is a more than fair result. If we beat City on Wednesday (which we will) it’s on. COYG!


I’ll tell you what would have been fair… The referees giving an offside, that’s fair. Not our fault they couldn’t score with their chances until then.


I mean fair in the way the game went.


A lot of football still to be played yet.

😉 😉 😉


Played poorly over 90 mins.. However no reason why that offside wasn’t given??


Forget not given, I don’t think it was even checked. The sooner we move to semi-automated offside the better.

Man Manny

The team ihas definitely been found out by the mid and lower table teams. We needed more presence in the box; Nketiah tried but he is not of title winning quality if I am being honest.
I don’t know what surprises Arteta can spring going forward. City, Villa, Leicester and Everton are the four games ahead!
Daunting if you ask me.

Boy Bastin

But it shows that the danger can come from those teams that you don’t expect will do well against us just as much as those closer to the top.

Points dropped are points dropped regardless of where the opponent is in the table.


We can moan about VAR and time wasting all we want. We can’t control that. We can only control our own performance and we weren’t good enough today. Too slow. Too predictable (including the starting line up). To side-to-side. Too little. Too late.

Tuntun Flavour

Exactly,same starting 11 every week, same tactics and same sideways passing? what’s the point in having a squad if you are not going to use it? Tomiyasu and Trossard should be starting on Wednesday, but we know its going to be the same 11 again. If we actually play well then we wont have to scapegoat the refs and var.


Again, stupid argument. We kept it at 0-0 when Brentford was barraging us in the first half. Made a couple of subs at 60’ and one of them scored. If that’s not doing enough I don’t know what is. If the goal wasn’t gifted to Brentford everybody would sing our praises instead, “Champions win games when they play bad.” And all that stuff.


I think at this point, it will take a miracle to win the league…it’s becoming obvious that we have a psychological problem playing the second half of the season while we are top. And Arteta can’t seem to solve it, 3 games in a roll, 1 goal…for a side that want to win the league that just poor.
I don’t know how Arteta wants to turn this around, but I’m not convince he can. Except ESR and Jesus can coke back from injury to safe his ass…then nothing will change. What a pity…



Freudian slip? Judging by the rest of your post, I think it might be……


Hard not to be disappointed by the result, but shit like this happens. I can remember plenty of disappointing draws en route to the title before – and that off course, included the Invincibles. Going to leave it at that and I’m not going to slate either the team or the manager, who have both been superb this season. Three points against City now seem more vital than ever, to keep Utd at bay as much as them. Not our day today. It happens. The good news is that the next match is sooner rather than later, a week would… Read more »


So the annual bottle begins. The refereeing was terrible, favouring Brentford far too much, but the defending on their goal was unforgiveable. There needs to be punishment for that shite.
And Vieira should be nowhere near the first team after that god awful final ball.

I felt Martinelli and Zinchenko were rather poor today, Zinchenko in particular seemed to be inhibiting alot of our attacks, far too slow. We needed Tierney’s drive to get at them.


Finally! Someone saw it the way it was. We were too slow in phases, allowing Brentford to recover . And I thot Zinny slowed the game down a lot too!


he has been holding the ball much too much. Which is why tierny needs to be brought.

Boy Bastin

Simply not good enough really. Brentford were always going to be a difficult side to beat – I think they had a ten game unbeaten run going into the match this afternoon – but we just couldn’t do the necessary when it mattered. We’ve stil got a cushion at the top of course and Villa may do us a favour although I wouldn’t hold your breath – Pep’s “everyone is against us” comments may just have come at the right time. It’s only a few weeks ago that some Gooners were suggesting we had only to win the next three… Read more »


Can we agree that Ramsdale was at fault for the goal? He had no reason to rush out. If he stays on his goal line, it is an easy pick for him. He needs to trust the defence more and this is not the first time that his rushing out is getting us into trouble. We paid the price today but he needs to be a lot more careful


Good, at least someone finally agrees with me.


I feel a bit okay with this result than the Everton one. Brentford are one of the best teams on form. I think Ramsdale should have done better with their goal though. There’s no point coming off your line if you’re not certain you’ll get to the ball.


That Man Utd win is beginning to feel like the win against Leicester when Welbeck scored in the final seconds. We all thought that was it and we’d go on and win the league but then the wheels fell off. I don’t want to he hyperbolic but not only have results dipped, so have the performances and that’s the most worrying aspect of it all. Doubling up on the wingers and packing the box has really found us out and we need to work on solutions to this and quick. I also think not having someone to step in replace… Read more »

Boy Bastin

But surely our painful experience at the end of last season, with only a handful of games left not half a season’s worth, should have told us something about looking too far ahead. If ever “Take one game at a time” is relevant, it’s now isn’t it.


Football is a game to be enjoyed; nothing wrong with Arsenal fans allowing themselves to dream a little with the current side.

Save the ‘I told you so’s for the end of the season.

As you keep reminding us, there’s a long way to go. A lot of points still up for grabs.

That’s as much a positive as your persistent patronising and barely concealed doom mongering.


Arteta has been targeted with top 4. He’s on target and 6 points clear at the top after 21 games.

djourou's nutmeg

if we gonna throw crosses, then we should have bought a striker who can be at the end of them. if we gonna play with an average height of 6’0 against effing brentford then we should keep the ball at our feet. boring performance and missing jesus badly

Der Kaiser

Afraid a Ramsdale error. If you go for the ball like he did, he had to get it (wrong decision). If had stayed on his line, easy take. Needs our support though. Brentford wasted at east 3 mins of the extra 5 mins and fourth official / ref did not add on sufficient time for the time wasting. Offside and phases of play confuse me. Arsenal are still playing well though and hopefully result (win) will come on Wednesday


I feared we could lose our draw this game if we didn’t score two goals. We were too slow in transition, allowing Brentford to recover easily. And I thot Zinny slowed the game down a lot too!


In the 7 PL games since the WC we’ve picked up 14 points. Given we’ve played Brighton away, Spuds away, Man U and Newcastle we probably would have expected to drop some points in some of those games, it just so happens we’ve dropped them against teams we wouldn’t have expected to. Thing is, we all keep saying at some point we’re gonna drop points, and we are doing, so we can’t get too bent out of shape about it.


If VAR gets it right, we still should have lost 1-3. Everton had at least one really good chance that i remember. City probably won’t be so wasteful and we’ll lose Wednesday by 2 or 3 goals.


Can I also say to the doom mongers that after 13 matches we were one point behind Man City with a game in hand. After 21 matches we’re 6 points clear of them. We’ve earned the right to have a sticky patch (so long as it doesn’t last for much longer) but still be firmly in the running for the title.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Their goal was offside, guy who provided assist.


I agree with Arteta. We were robbed by awful refereeing again. Remember Man U?


Hey y’all. Save yourself the heartache. The title is not happening. Sorry. We’ve reached peak levels.


Keep your negativity to yourself.

Have a nice day, now. 😉


Annoyed by the lack of overlapping. Needed to keep the pitch wider and counter the doubling-up on Saka / Martinelli. Should have hooked Zini earlier and put tierney on. Don’t panic though, this league is tough, plenty of ups/downs to come.


Why do my comments go for moderation and are never posted, while everyone else’s post straight away, it seems?


Still a long way to go. Regroup and focus. Get the shitty defending out of the way and start getting clean sheets in. City play Brentford away on the last day. Keep going Reds!!!!

Johnny 2 Bad

For me, Tierney should come on for Zhiv. I think they’ve worked out that tactic now and are exploiting it. We couldn’t get through the middle, so why not go round the back?


Every team has a rocky patch whoever they are ! Let’s not lose sight of how far we have come over the last 3 seasons, the fact arteta and his staff have us involved in a title race right now shows we are building something for the future and I for one think they deserve a lot of respect and credit because of this, the total over reaction from sections of our support because of two fucking results is laughable and let’s be honest fucking typical of this fickle shortsighted fanbase! Keep up the good work Mikel 👌

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