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‘We knew it would be tricky but it was harder than we thought’ Jonas Eidevall on January striker search

Arsenal Women boss Jonas Eidevall admitted that it was a disappointment not to land a striker in the January transfer window. The Gunners brought in attacking midfielders Katherine Kuhl and Victoria Pelova, goalkeeper Sabrina D’Angelo and recalled Brazilian winger Gio from loan.

However, they tried to bring in various other forwards, including Debinha, Cloe Lacasse, Signe Bruun and made two world record bids for Manchester United’s Alessia Russo in the last 48 hours of the window. Eidevall admitted there was no hiding that it leaves his squad short for the remainder of the season.

“I think I was clear in the window that we needed another forward. We identified targets, I know the club worked hard, but it was very difficult transfer window, not to find players to want to join Arsenal but to find clubs that want to sell quality players in this window.

“That was very tricky, we were not successful, and of course we are disappointed with that. Now we have to look forward and make the best of the situation. I still have a squad with a lot of qualities, that I believe a lot in. We’re short in numbers, we know that, that can be a potential problem but we have to work together and do it as good as possible to reach our goals.

“Without going into detail on who our targets were, we searched globally for our players. Our discussions were on the global market, so it’s not a WSL thing. It was a very tricky window to find clubs that want to release players because it’s an immature transfer market where if they release a player they have a really hard time finding a replacement.

“We knew it would be tricky but it was harder than we thought. I think you can have results or excuses, I don’t think you can have both, I’m going to try and stick with results.”

Arseblog News asked Jonas Eidevall whether there were likely to be any morale issues within the squad, with Chelsea bidding for Katie McCabe in the final days of the window and well-sourced reports that Stina Blackstenius was offered to Manchester United in part-exchange for Russo on deadline day.

“No, not inside the club but I think like you’re saying, if people believe there is a general thing and people keep saying it then it becomes a thing. The Katie McCabe thing, there was no chance of that happening. That was a no brainer, no question, and that’s not only with our response to the bid but also with my conversations with the player. That was nothing.

“The reports of players going out, that’s nonsense. We were thinking about adding players, of course we’re not in a position to talk about losing players, especially top players in top positions.

“My role is not to be directly involved in transfers, other people do that bit, but of course when it comes to key decisions, if a player is going to come to us or if a player is going to leave us I’m very much involved and we were never ever at any point in this transfer window at a point of any other player leaving us than the ones that did.”

This is the second consecutive transfer window where Arsenal, by the manager’s admission, feel one player short of what they wanted. Arseblog News asked Jonas Eidevall whether an internal review was required on transfers.

“I think recruitment is key if you’re going to be a successful team. Last summer we got one player too little, and we did that again in January. So obviously there are things we need to look at in order to be better because over time these things have a big impact on how we perform and the ambitions we have.”

The Gunners play away at West Ham United at 6.45pm on Sunday, a full match preview will be available on the site on Saturday evening.

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I think our squad has a lot of quality to end the season with at least one trophy, we just have to hope that no player gets injured

Gunner H

Absolutely agree – the 3 new recruits look really promising & I feel the failure to land a striker is being overdone, even by our manager.

It is important that injuries are at a minimum in the 2nd half of the season.

We beat Lyon 5:1 and can beat Barca & Wolfsburg too!


I feel the same. The current squad is plenty good enough to win trophies. As long as the tactics are right and the belief is there we’re capable of beating anyone. Obviously we need some fortune with injuries, but that goes for every team. Even Chelsea with their excellent squad depth would struggle if Kerr were to get injured.


Beating Lyon when half their starting players were out injured, that’s what we’re clinging to?

Mo Red

I am sure if Lyon beat us while we had injuries you would be over the moon about how they are the best team in the world. Same as when Wolfsburg beat us or Man Utd nicking a last gasp win while we were riddled with injuries and missing key players. Or when Barca slapped us up while playing full backs and inexperienced defenders as Centre Halves. Or when Chelsea annihilated us in FA cup final without Leah in the back line. Point i am trying to make is that when we get fisted up while injured or playing inexperienced… Read more »


So where did the information of Katie McCabe being open to talking with Emma Hayes come from? I also thought that teams in England aren’t allowed to approach players from other WSL teams during this window. We have to question these “well sourced reports”, because the Arsenal fan base knew that Jonas wanted an additional forward. So the reports on Stina were very confusing.

Gunner H

The media have their own agendas and we can be far from sure that the truth, or even a “bent” version of the truth, is being reported.


You have to consider McCabe has played less this season, some fans don’t consider her a starter. Add to the fact Arsenal are offering more money in their contracts, Leah, Viv, Beth, Stina, Lina, the new players. McCabe signed her contract before that influx of cash to other players in the squad. Doubt she’d move to Chelsea but it’s now widely known she’d consider leaving Arsenal for the right price. That smacks of agents trying to get a payday for their client. McCabe still has 18 months left and Arsenal should make her see it out with the terms she… Read more »


Again, where is this information coming from? You making bold statements with no evidence behind it.


not to find players to want to join Arsenal but to find clubs that want to sell quality players in this window.” – Jonas
Deb choosing not to sign with Arsenal as a free agent had nothing to do with any fees or any other club whatsoever. it had to do with facilities. that includes pitch conditions and training facilities, according to the player herself. WSL needs to standardize those aspects of the division as soon as possible as standards all across the globe rise.


I don’t recall reading anywhere that she rejected Arsenal because of our facilities. Was it a matter of her rejecting Arsenal’s facilities or just prefering to stay in the US?

Fun Gunner

All we do now is look forward. I am very excited about seeing what Pelova especially can add to the squad.


I too see much cause for optimism. I was very impressed with Vicky Pelova and Kathrine Kühl against Leeds. OK, we were against a team from a much lower tier but it still takes a lot to overcome committed players in a 10-0-0 formation. Frida is playing the football of her life and we have a world-class back four.

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