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Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle pushed back a day

Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle United will be played on Sunday 7 May, a day later than originally scheduled, after it was selected for broadcast in the UK by Sky Sports.

The match at St James’ Park – our penultimate away game of the season – will kick off at 4.30 pm UK time. Manchester City will host Leeds United in the 2pm slot.

In a statement, the Premier League apologised for rearranging the fixture so late and pointed blame at the coronation of King Charles III which takes place that weekend.

“The Premier League apologises to supporters for the delay in announcing these fixtures and understands fans’ frustrations. Finalising these particular broadcast selections took longer than expected due to complications around the scheduling on the weekend of the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort.”

The Gunners’ home match with Brighton and the trip to Nottingham Forest – currently planned for 13 & 20 May respectively) could also get moved in the next couple of weeks.

TV selections for those matches will be made on 6 and 14 April.

The final game of the season against Wolves at Emirates Stadium is locked in for a 4.30 pm start on 28 May.

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Could be a key match, looking forward to the final run-in but very nervous too!

Eric Blair

Do we get presented the trophy before or after the Wolves game?

I jest, I jest, one game at a time etc…

Nainsley Aitland Miles

That would be quite the scene – weren’t Wolves the team who kicked off the whole anti-Arsenal celebration police debacle.


Ah yes.. it was Reuben Neves who started finger wagging and tut-tuting at our celebrations.

Eric Blair

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.



A Different George

It would be pretty funny: “They’re celebrating as if they just won the league. Oh, right.”


Somehow I think that we will beat Newcastle relatively easy, as with Fulham away. They frustrated us at home, were lucky to get a draw, they haven’t developed their game much in this period so we should just have too much in our arsenal for them.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

They setup defensively at the Emirates and did a fine job, but I doubt they will play that way at home.

If they’re still in the run for a European spot, they may need the 3 points, which will suit us as an open game.


It’s football, so we can be proven completely wrong on just about anything with our predictions (the most confident I was of getting an easy victory this season was Bournemouth at home, which pretty much says it all 😅). But I share your optimism with the St James’ game. I look at everything coming together for this group of players, the style of football we’re consistently playing with, and nearly 30 games into the season it’s inescapable at this point as far as I’m concerned- we are genuinely the best team in the league. I fear the City and Liverpool… Read more »


difficult to get results at all 3 away games in run in, Geordies being are best bet to get 3 points, happy to take draws with other two, London derby v Chelsea at home is another hurdle to overcome, if we can smash our way through these games we would deservedly be crowned .


King Charles messing with our football?! Off with his head! 😉

Eric Blair

Well, the Queen already screwed us out of 3 points. So much for being an Arsenal fan.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Didn’t we beat Everton 4-0 in the rearranged fixture?

Eric Blair

You’re right, my mistake! Apologies to ma’am.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Sky Sports would have selected this game for TV anyway. It’s the pick of the bunch of the fixtures that weekend.

Positive pete

Apparently we’re historically more successful as a club under a monarch who is King.Interesting.Bring it on Chas.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I decided to check that as I couldn’t see how that’s possible since we’ve been winning trophies since the 1930’s and Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne since the 1950’s.

That would only have left a 20 year window of Kings.

We’ve won 47 (major) trophies in our history;

32 under Queen Elizabeth II.

9 under George V.

1 under Edward VIII.

5 under George VI.


Must be at least 18 incoming major trophies we’ll be getting then, under King Chaz III / Mikel, for Positive Pete’s theory to be correct. Sounds good to me

Eric Blair

Of course, who can forget those lean years in the 16th and 19th Centuries.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The last time Sp*rs won the league, King Charles was 12 years old!

Eric Blair

Charles 1st or 2nd?


After what happened at towards the end of last season it would be extremely satisfying to go to St James’s Park and win, especially if it denied them a top-four spot. But this will be tough game. Newcastle are very hard to score against.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

If Newcastle get a top 4 spot, it would mean three clubs out of Sp*rs, Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea missing out, which would be absolutely fine with me.


Fingers crossed for a really good run in by the likes of Brighton or Brentford to finish the job.

Emi Rates

I’m hoping Chelsea miss European football altogether next season. After having spent the equivalent of a small country’s GDP on players that would be so funny.


United will finish third. Spuds are in meltdown and will finish about 10th. Liverpool will get fourth.


So funny.
Sp*rs finally get a top manager who really understands the club, its history and everything it stands for and what do they do?
They sack him.


He’s not gone yet but will be very soon.

He’s actually sacked himself. Attacking your own players publicly can only lead to one outcome. My guess is that Conte just wants out and is preparing his excuses already.

But he IS right: Spuds are shit.


He’s hardly a top manager- the guy is getting millions for players and cannot develop anyone.

Naked Cygan

Off topic I think Conte should get manager of the month for his great work at sp*rs and telling us what he thinks of sp*rs(Shit)!!

Jeff Febus

Hopefully it is something along the lines of a stress reaction in spinal bone rather than a disc injury. Talk of surgery however doesn’t point towards a spinal fracture but rather something a bit more ominous. Hoping for the best for William!

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