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Arteta tells players every day matters as Arsenal chase title

Now that the final Interlull of the season is done and dusted, Mikel Arteta and his players can focus on trying to win Arsenal a first Premier League title since 2004.

There are 60 days and 10 matches of the season remaining. Stay ahead of Manchester City and they will secure a place in Gunners’ folklore. Drop their standards and rivals will write them off as “nearly men”. Pressure doesn’t come much bigger.

Ahead of the return to action against Leeds United on Saturday, Arteta has outlined how his squad navigate the next two months.

“I think it’s going to be what we do every single day, that’s what is going to decide our outcome,” he told Sky Sports.

“We cannot control the outcome of other clubs. What we can control is what we do every single day, how we behave, how we train, how we communicate, how is our energy, the messages that we send to our people as well.

“Now it has to be about enjoying the last part of the season with enthusiasm, with energy, with a real hunger to do and continue to do what we’ve done and, if possible, better.”

Not even the most optimistic Arsenal supporter predicted a serious title challenge in the summer. As the months have rolled by, even the manager has admitted his players are hitting targets ahead of schedule.

He credits a unity between players, staff and supporters for the way momentum has been built and continues to be nurtured.

“We have really good people and obviously, we have really good players,” he said.

“We have people and players that are curious all the time to improve, to learn, to be better. We have the right level of competition and cooperation because they really want to help each other but they have to challenge each other as well to benefit the team and lift the standards that we want.

“The secret, probably, is the unity and togetherness they have between them. They love to spend time with each other, they love to play with each other, they love to play in front of our people and they have that sense of belonging for the club and that’s very powerful, I think.”

He added: “I really liked what I saw the first day when we got back from holidays, that people were hungry.

“The signings that we made a big impact in the team, generating belief, taking the team, the ability, the quality, the leadership to a different level.

“Then it was every single day trying to build that up to a level where you actually believe you can be at the top and you can sustain that level.”

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I am so hopeful! Will go to my workplace with AFC jersey if they win it!


Which I hope isn’t in the Spurs club shop… 😉


Actually that would be even funnier


That would have been really funny! BTW I live in Australia and it will raise a few eyebrows if I do!

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

Can we pay their staff to wear an Arsenal shirt?


Good on ya mate

djourou's nutmeg

wear it even if we dont win it

Trex d' Gunner

We have 10 finals to go, with an 8 point lead against the most expensively assembled football team in the history of the game. We’ve exceeded all expectations, and without an iota of doubt we are the best team in the league and deserve our top spot.
The premiership is ours to win or lose. We are definitely winning it, no doubts what so ever.

Eric Blair

All things being equal Man City could better us over 10 games, but they will (hopefully) have 16 games to play over the course of our 10 and I think that will help swing things in our favour.


the most expensively assembled football team in the history of the game”
Over the last five years that would be #1 Chelsea, #2 MU, #City, #4 Arsenal. Arsenla only 22million less than City in total expenditure, much higher when considering net spend.

Similar picture if you go back 10 years, Chelsea #1, City #2, MU #3, Arsenal #4

Our players are so good that we make our rivals players look better. We had a Saka assist for Kane, Tierney assist for McTominay, Trossard assist for De Bruyne. 

Interesting to note that Kiwior played left-back for Poland. 

Hein played both Estonia games but never plays for our U21’s, and Hillson was 3rd choice in the Lisbon games. What’s going on there, is he out of favour? 


This time last season a top-four place was almost guaranteed… then we collapsed and lost five of the next nine games and finished fifth. Have this team learnt from that debacle? For me, this is the great worry. Do these players have the mental strength to get over the line? We’ll soon find out. Both City and ourselves will drop points. We just have to make sure we don’t drop too many. I’m pretty sure that seven wins and a draw should be enough to finish top. A point at the Etihad would make things much easier. Every game now… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It’s not really the same group of players needing to learn from 12 months ago as the squad has significantly changed since then.

Last season we were trying to get 4th with Cedric, Tavares, Lokonga, Lacazette, Pepe, with 3 or 4 academy players on the bench in each game.

Now we have Saliba, Zinchenko, Jesus, Trossard, Jorginho, Vieira.

As was mentioned in another article, most of our players have won a league before so mental strength shouldn’t be of much concern either.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

I have such a strong feeling that if we go to city with fit squad we will beat them. We had 64% possession in the home defeat that came about through two terrible defensive errors. We are better than them. Believe

Eric Blair

Agreed, I wouldn’t say I’m confident of a win there but I’m certainly not as pessimistic as some who seem to have already written that one off as a home win.


When people say “yes but City can go an extraordinary winning run” I see only one team already on that winning run and it’s The Arsenal! Keep the faith…

A Different George

I am pretty optimistic and I am much less worried about Arsenal collapsing than some people. But I look at the past few years: Liverpool had one of the best teams in the past 20 years or more, played brilliantly–we all know they were miles above us in that period–and amassed an extraordinary number of points. And they only won one title. I fear that this the “new normal,” that in most seasons 90 points will not be enough to defeat a team with a great coach, brilliant players–and a few hundred million barrels of oil.

Emi Rates

Meanwhile Spuds lose their sporting director or whatever his title is, assuming he’s their Edu, over improprieties during his time at Corruption City aka Juventus. Oh how it must suck to be a spud.

Santi’s Thigh Grab


Man Manny

Many a pundit is backing City for the title in spite of the gap. Their reason mainly is the experience City have garnered over the years. The few who think Arsenal will nick it say so with the proverbial handbrake on; the lingering doubts in their heart show in the tentative smiles and the noticeable lack of firmness in their voices. For me, it is City’s experience versus Arsenal’s desire – a fiery drive that has been there all season, epitomised by the Villa and Bournemouth wins. In fact, the Bournemouth win was a watershed moment for me. I believe… Read more »


The most beautiful thing is happening.


I think we can do it. But taking into account that this season’s aim was to finish top 4….job already done. Can we beat city head to head? Absolutely. Can we beat them overall? Absolutely. My worries? Injuries. Injuries we already have and potential injuries or burnout. Bukayo is being played into the ground. Too late to rest him now. But burnout with him is a huge worry. Particularly as he is voicing his tiredness. He is not a prima Donna, he doesn’t whine or moan he is just stating a fact. I hope he gets through it all…because he… Read more »

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