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Edu: We’re in the middle of the process

We don’t often hear from Technical Director Edu during the season so Sky Sports have down well to collar him for a quick chinwag on the red carpet at the London Football Awards that are being hosted by the Round House in Chalk Farm this evening.

As a key player in Arsenal’s progress in the last couple of years, the Brazilian is clearly enjoying the fact the Gunners are flying high at the top of the table but he maintains the club still have lots of work ahead and they are only in the middle of the fabled ‘process’.

Here’s what he had to say…

On Arsenal’s progress…

I think when we started, we were talking a lot about our process and people were making jokes about our process. I think we were quite clear about all the steps what we went through. We knew we’d go through some challenging periods because we had to make some important decisions and sometimes unpopular decisions which were going to cause some instability. But, importantly, we internally were together in terms of understanding the process and then we are, where we are. I know there’s a lot to do. I think we are in the middle of it [the process], there’s still a lot of things to do and carry on doing but also we’re very happy and proud to see where we are at the moment as a club.

On recent results…

Mikel is doing a great job, we as well have chosen players with the right mentality, with the right spirit, to be in the squad. We have a fantastic staff around us, we always had to make sure of that because when you’re talking about a team, you know, we need everybody to be really good to make the players perform. It’s unfair to judge on just one or two things because to perform the way we are performing it’s a lot of subjects to make us good and to make us feeling good. As I said, there’s still a lot of things to do, we want to keep the feet on the floor because we understand there’s a lot of games ahead of us. Also, we have to enjoy our moment and be happy with what we’re doing at the moment.

On recruitment…

Listen, as I always said, we have a lot of people working to help us, me and Mikel, to make the right decisions. When we go to the summer, when we go to the winter, we are really prepared to make those kind of decisions. We’re really happy with him [Leandro Trossard], we are happy with the players, really happy with the squad and the staff at the moment so let’s enjoy it but also, let’s keep the feet on the floor because there’s still a lot to go in the league. We want to finish in the best way possible.

On whether the club are starting to believe they can win the title…

To be fair, we internally never mentioned about the title really. We always talk about performing, how can we perform better every week. Mikel is sending those messages every week, ‘Guys, I want to be better, better, better every week.’ Then let’s see how we’re going to finish. We cannot dream if we’re not really living the moment we’re living right now. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing at the moment and let’s see at the end of the season where we’re going to be.


For the record, Arsenal have a number of nominees in contention for tonight’s awards.

Premier League Player of the Year
– Martin Odegaard
– Bukayo Saka

Men’s Young Player of the Year
– Bukayo Saka
– Gabriel Martinelli
– William Saliba

Goalkeeper of the Year
– Aaron Ramsdale

Manager of the Year
– Mikel Arteta

FA Women’s Player of the Year
– Beth Mead
– Kim Little

Goal of the Season
– Laura Wienroither vs Manchester United

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Olawale Olayemi

What award ceremony is this even?


the London Football Awards that are being hosted by the Round House in Chalk Farm this evening. Apparently.


Nice comments guys but I don’t suppose anyone happens to know the name of this award ceremony?


At least we’ll be allowed to celebrate now, since we actually won something


Won everything. Clean sweep.


What happens when the process is complete? Does everyone go home? Is there a new process? Is this process updated and amended? If so, what will it be called?

And if Arteta being at the helm is the process, does that mean Emery at the helm was the amateurcess?

Me head hurts.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

It’s clear you don’t understand the process.

Cobbler No1

I’m not sure you need to understand it, you just have to trust it.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Nice to hear as a gooner.
Probably not so nice to hear for the other 9 teams

Mikels Artetai

Who’s laughing now?
Top of the league!

Billy bob

If arsenal are in the middle of the process, top of the table too, then what will things look like at the end of the process? Lick lips time?


Well that is the question isn’t it


Back where we started. It’s a circle of life thing.

Bukake Saka

At the end of the process we’ll win the Superbowl!!


…champions league…?


Arteta did say at his appointment that he was looking to win the Champions League in his first five seasons 🌝

I’m just saying… 🌝

John Wilson

Edu is right. He often is. At the beginning of the season I thought top four was the principal target but, more importantly, getting the balance of the squad, and the personnel right. And, all this, within clear financial parameters. No dodgy stuff, no bending of FFP. Given the excess baggage, insufficiently talented, disruptive, that Edu and Arteta had to get rid of, off the wages bill, this has been an outstanding season, way beyond the project’s best timeline. As well as managing outgoings, the signings have been brilliant – all for a clear purpose. And the football is now… Read more »

Gab Gab Gab

That’s Edu smartly taking the pressure off Arteta and the players. If we don’t win the league , we are in the middle of a process. Much like Arteta’s contract renewal last season before he could secure Fourth. Super Edu?


Keep the floor on the feet.


Obviously ahead of the curve, but who cares. Top of the league and St totteringham day loading. Happy days

One beat off

Ahh, St Totts, a day I rate higher than my birthday.

Man Manny

The process is like a ring: it is an endless circle of chopping and changing and the years go by. In the next two seasons, noises about Xhaka and Partey’s successors will become louder, and the process continues.

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