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Jesus revved up for “the best part of the season”

With 10 games remaining and an eight-point lead to protect at the top of the table, it really is squeaky bum time for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal.

If we can navigate a tricky set of fixtures after the Interlull, including trips to Liverpool, Manchester City and Newcastle United (venues that yielded a sum total of zero points last season) the Gunners may well end a 19-year wait for a Premier League title.

For supporters, it promises to be a stomach-churning eight weeks. For Gabriel Jesus, a man who has been there and done it on several occasions, the pressure is apparently nothing to be feared.

“Now is, I think in my opinion, the best part of the season,” he told the Evening Standard in the aftermath of Sunday’s 4-1 win over Crystal Palace.

“When you have deciding games, big games as well, away and at home. Now is the time we have to play the same, don’t change, be together and then we will see.”

After three months sidelined by knee surgery, Jesus is clearly champing at the bit to contribute now that he’s back to full fitness.

The Brazil international has made three promising appearances in the space of a week and now has a couple of weeks to hone his sharpness in front of goal before Leeds United visit the Emirates.

It’s been a long road back but at no point did the striker feel completely out of the loop.

Reflecting on his time on the sidelines, he said: “I was injured but in my mind, I was involved. I was like, I need to talk, I need to try to help them with something by talking and seeing the games – so that’s why.

“Over my life, I want to help as many as I can. That helped me a lot. My family as well, my wife, my daughter, my mum, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, everyone close to me helped me a lot. And also here, the people at the club, the players, the staff, the manager helped me a lot.

“I think the most important thing was my mind. I tried to keep focused, keep strong and then come back fully fit.”


Arsenal are set to release a multi-part documentary about Jesus’ recovery from surgery which should shed a little more light on things.

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Sounds good from Jesus, he can definitely have an impact (Trossard too, having a big impact so far, so Jesus has some competition).

One of our biggest threat is injuries, so good he is coming back at a time that we really need him.

Good luck to him and the rest of the team, making sure they keep their performance levels high (and hopefully injuries low).




Totally agree with you! It is funny though because in a way, I also feel that the system, structure and each role is so clear that we have never been this well prepared to handle injuries before. It feels like someone always can step up when called upon!

When you read pieces like this you get goose bumps, you can really feel the togetherness, I love it!


I gather we have 9 league title winners in our team, far more than I had ever thought. Hopefully that number will be higher at the end of the season.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I was really intrigued with this stat so I double checked it out myself, seems like there’s actually 11 league winners in our squad.

Zincheno/Man City.
Jesus/Man City.


Interesting stuff, thanks. Puts a very different view on the youngest side in the PL!


I think the Leeds ones don’t count under the number C.B. cited given that’s second tier, so not a real “champion of the country” and those clubs care much more about promotion than finishing first. If you count those out you end up with 9. That said the Championship is probably a better league than the Swiss or Croatian first tiers, so there’s something to be said for that.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

True but the point is really about the mentality it takes to win a professional league.

The fact we have so many who have been there and done it before is reassuring.

I was surprised it was that many. Off the top of my head I thought only Jesus, Zinchenko, and Tierney as they had all won multiple leagues.

Crash Fistfight

I think that would go back to Ebo’s point, rather than the other way round. Winning the Championship isn’t really as big of a deal as simply gaining promotion, which you can do by finishing in 2nd.

I think there would be much less stress in trying to finish 1st in the Championship than trying to win a league in Croatia or Switzerland, even if they may be weaker.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

How many of those were in teams that are underdogs. Probably none.
That makes a big difference


Massive boost for us at a key time in the season


I love that you used “champing at the bit” correctly 🙂


The champs are gonna champ!

(Although I know your comment doesn’t have to do with the pun.)


Oh man, I’m so excited and nervous!! This where Jesus experiences will really help.


You said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus!

Arthur vanwagenen

Calmer than you are, dude!

Usually unreliable sources say the title of the upcomingdocumentary is something like: JESUS – THE SECOND COMING


If we win the league he deserves another *rgasm.


Is an rgasm something you get when you nail down some awesome code using the R-project script?


I finally believe our soft underbelly days are truly gone. The culture has changed completely. These group of players are a different breed. It took me a long time to get rid of our past insecurities, but i am convinced now.

mick bendtnaar's cat

^^This is the way!!!



Win to Liverpool,
Draw/loss to Man city,
Win/draw to Newcastle,
I think those are decent results to keep title hopes alive.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I think we’ll win at Newcastle but I would take two draws at Anfield/Etihad.

Arsh4vin Baptista

I honestly don’t care about what happens in the season, I just really want to see Arsenal absolutely humiliate Liverpool. Just embarrass them in the worst possible way. I can’t stand the fckin scousers, Salah, Henderson, Trent, Robertson…. Want to see all of them failing miserably.
And bonus points for trashing Southampton too, which for me it’s still the most annoying result of the season.
And extra bonus for another convincing victory over the Saudis who are getting too cocky.
Do that, and the title will come

Haha I can tell you really hate Liverpool, your user name being the two players that scored 4 goals each at Anfield.

We are due a win there, it has been over 10 years since we won at Anfield in the league.

Teryima Adi

We may as well draw all the game.

Mikels Artetai

3 wins right there



Yes, it’s time to show our dominance. Our lads are absolutely capable of winning all those three.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

We will win at city. Stop with the fear. We fear no one.


A draw at City, Liverpool and Newcastle (Which it is possible we can get more than a draw) and a fight to win the remaining games especially at home to Chelsea and Brighton is a guaranteed title performance.

My earnest prayer is that we get a better April than January and a better May than March.

Champs Loading…

It will be interesting to see who plays #9 against Leeds.

Trossard is on decent form with 6 assists in 5 league games.

Man Manny

I would go with Trossard against Leeds. He hasn’t put a foot wrong recently. His MOTM display against Fulham and his brilliant reverse-pass assist for Xhaka yesterday cements his place at the moment. Jesus can continue with the cameo roles yet.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Jesus all day long. He’s got two more weeks to get fitter. Trossard has been wonderful addition. Jesus offers more constant threat in game.

Man Manny

A hattrick as a parting gift to your fans at the Etihad would be great.


Off topic, but can anyone tell me about the anti sp*rs chant to the yellow submarine melody yesterday? Heard it on TV but couldn‘t figure out what they were singing and Blogs said it was about Sp*rs in his piece today, so i‘m curious.


F*** you Tottenham, we‘re gonna win the league 🎶

Teryima Adi

Three draws at Anfield, the Etihad and Saint James’ Park and wins in 7 of the other league matches and the EPL is ours.

Teryima Adi

A draw each***


Big one will be not losing at Etihad I think. If we go there with 5 point gap, and leave with at least 5 point gap it will be huge I think. We are going to have to play a lot better than what we did against them at the Emirates though.

Unfortunately City’s remaining 10 fixtures look easier than ours in my opinion.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Cheese and bread, stop with the fear. We go to city we win at city. Believe


City do have the ‘easy run in’, but I hope Liverpool put in their last good performance of the season and beat City to keep the gap at 8 points. Then I hope we batter them at Anfield.


I thought he looked good for the first half against Sporting. He was constantly harassing the defence and keeper, trying to force mistakes. And his movement to link up play was there too. All that energy was driving the players around him.
That Arteta took him off at half time speaks volumes about MA’s priorities- keep him fit for the PL run in.
I look forward to seeing defenders in panic at his constant harrying presence. #causechaos

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m expecting many red thumbs now.
Jesus talks about just getting on with it and coming back strong.
On the other hand, these English players, get injured and talk about mental illness. I know society has made this latest generation of men soft (or even into women), but also I’m sure they also use “mental illness” as an easy way out. Which I think is disrespectful to people with genuine mental illnesses

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Might be worth looking at your own issues. Just a thought.

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