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Arsenal 4-1 Leeds – player ratings

After Man City spanked Liverpool 4-1, the pressure was on Arsenal to respond, and we did exactly that by spanking Leeds by the same scoreline.

Gabriel Jesus scored his first goal since October to put us ahead, before quickfire second half goals from Ben White and Jesus again made it 3-0. Leeds got one back, but Granit Xhaka’s 8th goal of the season gave the scoreline a dominant look – the Gunners’ second 4-1 win in succession.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 4-1 Leeds report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 4-1 Leeds – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Emi Rates

Loved the assist from Trossard for the third goal. That boy just keeps giving!

Nice to see Jesus get some goals in as well!


Interesting times ahead for the Liverpool game. Who is going to the bench between Jesus, Trossard, and Martinelli?

Good headache to have.


Has to be Trossard surely but god, you feel just awful leaving him there don’t you? He’s made himself pretty much indispensible in these 2 months.

On the other hand what a luxury to have someone like that to sub in when the game’s on the line…


Actually he could be in instead of Xhaka as well at some point (and same for The Smith), seen his defensive work rate today


I mean Trossard has a hat trick at Anfield this season already…….I might be tempted to start him and bring Gabby Jesus on. It will be an intense game so have Leo create havoc and use his Midas touch at Anfield then bring on Jesus against a tiring defence…sounds perfect.


Maybe we’ll get to hear something like ” ̶A̶n̶d̶r̶e̶i̶ ̶A̶r̶s̶h̶a̶v̶i̶n̶ Leandro Trossard at Anfield Again”


Dude, your name carries the day 😅
You’ve got to love how Xhaka finds Jesus’s head. He just needs to find better direction to hit crazy numbers of goals.


it may come down to who you want to leave in reserve to change the game later. might be better to start trossard and save martinelli as a super sub.

French for va va vroom Bobby?

And Eddie

Mr positive

Am blessed to be alive, supporting a club like Arsenal. Long may this joy continue.


My Chelsea mate is despairing at my Trossard gloating ✅


Haha fantastic


My only regret is that I can only give this one thumbs up.

Chuck Felsea

How is that Mudryk dude doing anyway? I am asking for a friend.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Pepe was a better bargain with more output. We dodged a bullet. He will be in the bargain bin in a couple of years and Mikel will pick him up for cheap.


His control is so good. More than any of our players I routinely think how in the hell has he kept the ball there.


Bloody bargain of the season, our Trosser!


Jesus has risen again, Benjamin was saintly.


and Gabriel M was angelic


and the other Gabriel (not sure whether you refer to Martinelli or Margalhaes) was devilish.

Exit the Lemming

…and the good Lord punished the wicked Kane for slaying his brother by sending him to the Land of Nod (Spurs Armitage Shanks Stadium)


Well, watcha expect mate… it’s Easter (almost!)



Skinny Ricki

At the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious: this is a very special team, with a remarkable manager, heading into the final stages of a season that could go down in the history of this great club.

Exit the Lemming

Whatever happens between now and the end of the season they will have given their own fans and supporters of every other Premier League club more entertainment than anyone could reasonably expect to be entitled.


So Jesus was out for four months, came back and scored two goals before Richy gets even one?! Poor old Spurs



Exit the Lemming

Poor Little Richie Rich

Leyden Williams

Poor boy!


Awesome game. Enjoyed end to end. That Ben white goal is something you want to see time and again


Hopefully this new trick of Ben charging late on the far post is another string to our right flank bow… and pretty handy it is too.


Fair play to the lads. I’ll be honest I was rattled after the early game, great to support a team that plays without fear.

Ye olde bill

That xhaka goal was a pure strikers goal. You could watch that and think it was giroud. Martinelli is amazing, odegaard had become my favourite player of the last decade, and I always liked trossard with Brighton but I had no idea he would be this good inserted into this side. What a team we have here. If we can keep them together for the next ten years. Wow!


I pray to see Xhaka get sent off aged 40

Exit the Lemming

In an Arsenal Legends fixture where he punches the ref and defecates in Gary Neville’s mouth


And the ref has GOT to be Mike Dean.


Arsenal fans will pay good money to see Mike Dean, “Game Of Thrones-ed”.


Grannie’s finish was ice-cool, but the real poetry there was that stub-chip from the Viking… just ridiculous skill to stop, see Xhak’s run, and then stomp that cross in, pin-point perfect, with almost NO backlift… he’s a ridiculously gifted player.


Great performance overall but I really think Ramsdale should be rated even higher, his saves and distribution in the first half were crucial. Even though we’re struggling for clean sheets, he’s been immense lately.

Giuseppe Hovno

Yeah he’s just phenomenal


“Struggling for clean sheets”. I was thinking that earlier until I saw that he’s tied for first in them. How our standards have changed, eh?

Exit the Lemming

There are dysentery sufferers with more clean sheets than Bournemouth’s ironically named ‘Neto’


Gave him 8.5 and could easily have been a 9 – the impact of a quick 0-1 shock may well have changed the entire complexion of the game.


What a wonderful game today. I know he wasn’t the best man on the pitch today, but I think Holding did well. We are gonna need him at his most confident, as long as Saliba is out.

So glad to see Jesus truly back. Another 4-5 goals from him this season and I think we got it


Holding could be the Cygan (with hair though) who filled in crucially during Invincible season. Not the best but a willing understudy.

Exit the Lemming

That’s a bit harsh on Holding (but I agree Cygan was better than most of his critics would have you beleive)


Holding takes a little too long on the ball for my liking. Get rid of the ball, and let Zina or Partey be the distributor. Other than that he was good.

Exit the Lemming

We’re not Stoke

Man Manny

The international break disruption was there for all to see in the first half. But by the second half, the engine was warm and normal service resumed. Sad about the loss of the clean sheet but who cares really. Three points are all that matter at this point. Anfield should hold no fear for the lads at this point. We can get three points from there if our forward line play as we know they can. That Liverpool defence is creaking at the moment; a front five of Martinelli, Jesus, Saka, Ødegaard and Xhaka could prove to hot to handle.… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Judging by Liverpool’s pitiful capitulation at the Etihad on Saturday I hope you’re right but we always struggle at Anfield and I’d be happy with a point


Fuggin’ scouse… deeply unreliable bunch.


It’s more losing the chance to the goal-diff back by yet another, that bothers me – clean sheet no biggie, but this season may just come down to goal diff.


I love Jesus


Jesus loves you too

A Different George

Lack of intensity and a bit of a fog for the first half-hour, then a pretty dominant performance. All three at the front, plus Xhaka and Zinchenko (and Odegaard, as usual) looked like they were playing every position, going anywhere they needed. Oh, and Bukayo Saka was on the bench!


Surely we don’t need to have this debate every week. Put Trossard in the current Chelsea setup and he likely doesn’t produce the stats he does for us. Same with Mudryk and current Arsenal.

Mudryk might! have higher ceiling, but Trossard was always morelikely to have an instant impact. Let’s just be happy with the outcome.


Sorry, my previous reply was supposed to be linked to a different comment.

Exit the Lemming

Mudryk will go on to have a distinguished career. Just maybe not at Chelsea.


Starting to look like we dodged a bullet by NOT getting Mudryk. Trossard is 10 times the player he is, which is ironic because he cost 10% of what Mudryk did. Nice symmetry, that.

Emi Rates

Not sure if anyone cares or acknowledges this but we’re past the mark where Chelsea can catch up with us.

St Chelsingham’s Day here we go!


34 points ahead of Chelsea already! Mind the gap.


I wrote this post right after I saw the dude blow a one on one with the keeper that I’m pretty sure any of our front four (maybe call it six because Xhaka and Partey seem like they know how to score this season too) would have buried 99% of the time. It’s why they are 11 and we are 1.

Also, saw a stat on the broadcast that Xhaka has 5 goals this season after scoring 3 total in the previous 4 seasons. If you need proof that Arteta is a magician, that’s it.

Gaby! Gabi! Gabé!

St Stammerford’s Day?



Exit the Lemming

Firmly in the couldn’t give a flying wet one camp here (Q: How can you spend that much money and still be shit? A: Ask Man Utd)

Hair on Ram's Tail

Before the kick, the keeper kept shoving White in the chest, while White was just standing there, not moving. The ref came over to separate and the keeper shoved White again, in front of the ref. No wonder White fought back.

Exit the Lemming

I think that exchange was very tongue in cheek. Both players were smiling the whole time


Ya don’ fuck weet Benni Blanco!

Bill Hall

I would like to see Leo get a couple because he fucking deserves it. Such a great signing from Brighton!

Steve Vallins

Arsenal took there time knowing Leeds weren’t going to be able to play at there early pace for more than 45 minutes , we wore them down , very similar to the Everton game , once in front the result was a conclusion ,


I would happily marry Martin Odegaard. My wife can move out, we’ll share the kitchen utensils, and me and Marty can spend nights watching his YouTube videos and eating Nachos.
She’ll understand.


Seems like a fair few fans of the wife here…


Or Martin Odegaard just created 9 profiles to down vote this?

(Not a fan of nachos)

Exit the Lemming

Eating Nacho Monreal’s savory snacks?


Tierney’s cameo again illustrated imo how useful he can be against low block teams. Holding did well and only once did something he should not try to do.

I imagine arsenal won’t start so lethargic next week.


What’s so great about Trossard is that he only has one goal since joining in January, but his impact has been immense and like Jesus makes everyone better around him and does so many of the little things that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet (though he does have a ton of assists that show up, it’s the things beyond the assists he does like the defensive work or being an outlet for others to get keep possession).


I’ll say it again – bargain of the season.


Leo Trossard looks as though he’s dated many girls but never found the right one to settle down with & love forever? Then he found Arsenal we win the league then we all live happily ever after ! Not so much a fairytale now guys ? What an inspired signing he’s truly been, once upon a time !

Exit the Lemming

Glad he came to his senses and gave Rapunzel (Cucarella) the elbow


Moment of the match for me was the penalty, or at least what surrounded it. Saka being on the bench meant it devolved to Odegaard to take it, but it shows his Captain’s instincts to give it to Jesus. In part because he won it, but more to give him the goal. Scoring gave Jesus so much confidence and benefited the team


Didn’t know Gabi had a worse than 50/50 pen record… ENORMOUS cojones from Martin to make the call and Gabi himself to bury it.


Actually I think ödegård stepped up to take any possible banter, I’ve seen other teams do it anyhow

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