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Jonas Eidevall reacts to 1-0 defeat to Manchester United

Arsenal lost 1-0 at Manchester United in the WSL on Wednesday night with Alessia Russo scoring the winner for United on a night when Leah Williamson went off in the first half with a serious looking knee injury. Jonas Eidevall spoke to the press post-match, questions three and four are from Arseblog News.

On what frustrated him the most about the game…
That we were forced to do another early substitution for Leah. I think that disrupted us a lot, it was in a position where we really didn’t want to have to make an early substitution. I thought that put us in a very difficult situation today.

On the latest on Williamson’s injury…
I don’t have that information. I have other people connected to the medical information on that at the moment. I haven’t seen her yet.

On what he said to his players at the end…
I was emotional, I felt the team deserved more from an attitude perspective. I thought they were brilliant. They did everything i could ask them to do in a really, really tough game. They stuck together, they stayed positive, they tried to find solutions, they tried to express themselves on the ball. They were there for each other. I told them after the City game I was proud of them, maybe today I am even more proud of them, with the attitude they show. I tried to praise them as much as possible because that was how I felt.

On the move to a back three at half-time…
We wanted to get more control of the ball and to not let United press with direct opponents. We wanted to put players in positions where they don’t have natural players. And also to put on Jen Beattie because I thought leadership was really important. We wanted to maximise leadership as much as possible in the second half to keep the spirit and calmness and belief. It was due to wanting to be more composed on the ball but it was also because I really wanted Jen on the pitch.

On whether he feels cursed with the injury situation…
First and foremost I feel for the players that are injured, that is always the biggest thing. I am not going to lie, it is difficult. But it isn’t going to change, I pride myself on to always look forward and find solutions, that is my job. It is a difficult situation but that is why I am here, to find solutions.

On how he lifts his players for the Wolfsburg game on Sunday…
You need to be process oriented. It is about focusing on what we need to perform. It is a very different game, it is over two legs and we will have some other players available. There will be some coming in and some out due to squad registration rules. We need to use every hour we have to refresh but to take good decisions about what the starting eleven is going to be.

On the situation with Frida Maanum who looked like she might come off in the first half…
I only had one piece of information that she could stay on, I wouldn’t want to risk anything for it. There is a risk management element and there was 0% risk and that was important to me when I spoke to medical and when I spoke to Frida, to make sure. We all understand we can’t lose her also, there has to be a limit.

1.Zinsberger; 26.Wienroither (5.Beattie H/T), 3.Wubben-Moy, 2.Rafaelle, 16.Maritz; 13.Walti, 6.Williamson(c) (20.Gio ‘15, Taylor ‘72), 12.Maanum; 21.Pelova, 22.Kuhl (7.Catley H/T); 25.Blackstenius.

Unused: 14.D’Angelo, 18.Marckese, 29.Goldie, 59.Agyemang.

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Man it seems like as soon as one player falls, there’s a serious injury coming… At this point, soon we won’t have anyone to put on that pitch. We need to investigate why are we getting so much injuries.
Overall, I just want us to get the top 3 and challenge in the champions League. I can’t ask more given the circumstances


Agreed, can’t just be bad luck with all these injuries?

Fun Gunner

Agree with Jonas 100%. I really like what he said about being process-oriented. Quite right too. Every player takes responsibility for carrying out her part of the plan while knowing how it fits in with the whole picture. Nobody has to try to win the game on her own. It takes pressure off the players and gives them an anchor. Poor Leah, though. I knew something like this would happen, not necessarily in this game, of course, but before the end of the season. Playing in midfield means you take a lot more heavy tackles, you change direction a lot… Read more »

Salvador Berzunza

First I wish Leah had nothing serious, the girls show a big team spirit also the good job in the training field, they stayed focused and determined to give their best. Now some cold reflections I reckon Pelova should have stayed in the left wing and bring Kuhl to midfield, Stina to right wing and bring Agyemag in the box, the coach team needs trust in the young players, we can make this last 4 games in the ligue productive and build some confidence in the teens, because team depth is crucial, also I hope in the summer window all… Read more »


I agree. I really wanted to see Agyemang in this game. She is a special talent.


Thought Arsenal were the better team. Pelova looks like a cracking player. don’t know how many blows this team can take this season. Let’s hope Leah is okay. Still a chance for glory.

Fun Gunner

Ditto. I have the same feeling I had after the Bayern Munich away game – we’re better than they are and they know it.
And also agree Pelova is terrific!

Salvador Berzunza

yes, that’s why I reckon Pelova must stay at the wings, because Stina was very Isolated for 2 or 3 defenders. at the beginning of the match, Blundel struggle with Pelova, Zelem went deep to support her and Stina was freer, until Leah incident.


Difficult circumstances, would have taken the point. Bitter to concede just before HT because of a moment switch-off.
Main upside is that Pelova looks like she has arrived. Feel a sense of anticipation when she gets on the ball.


Such a shame with this pile up of injuries, to be honest. That the ladies can still hold their own despite all that is testament to their attitude. Proud of them.


Recently I’ve noticed that most of the bigger games (thus, most of the arsenal games) are not being streamed on the FA player as they are being shown on BBC/ Sky. Earlier all games were streamed o nteh FA player.
Is there any way to watch these legally outside the UK?


It depends on where you are I suppose. It was on Viaplay in Denmark, so I watched it on that. Where are you based?


no such legal streams here other than faplayer 🙁


In the US (Colorado), when it’s on the BBC, It’s usually on Paramount+


Best wishes to Leah for a speedy recovery.

Adrian Scott

I was so impressed with our girls and the way they played. However we were unable to find the back of the net. The closest we came was when Zinsberger in a last ditch effort kicked the ball millimetres over the bar.

I do hope that Leah recovers quickly for Arsenal have not just lost a vice captain but England may have lost it’s World Cup captain! I wish her all the very best for a speedy and safe recovery.


With so many enforced changed, I felt we were looking at what the team could look like in two seasons’ time. That gave me real hope.




I have immense admiration of AWFC through all levels – management- coaching – and all the players. They get knocked down, they get back up again.
One proud supporter.

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