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Report: Edu makes two appointments as Arsenal gear up for busy summer

Ahead of what is expected to be another busy summer at Arsenal, Edu has undertaken a reshuffle of the “Football Intelligence” department that supports him.

According to The Athletic, Jason Ayto, on the club’s books since 2014, will become assistant sporting director while James Ellis, who joined from Fulham in 2021 as first team scout in the UK, is being promoted to head of recruitment. Their duties will cover the men’s, women’s and academy teams.

The news was originally reported in March by @Gunnerblog and is the next phase of revamping a scouting department that was gutted back in 2020.

After securing a place in the Champions League for 2023/24, Mikel Arteta is expected to be handed a sizable budget to upgrade his squad in several areas.

It’s been widely reported for months that Declan Rice will be the number one target. According to The Telegraph, Arsenal could also reignite interest in Moises Caicedo and Ivan Fresneda – both targets in January – and we’ve been sniffing around Chelsea’s out-of-favour midfielder Mason Mount.

In terms of outgoings, there are question marks over the future of Kieran Tierney and Reiss Nelson, as well as most of the players currently out on loan, including Nuno Tavares, Pablo Mari, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Sambi Lokonga, Nicolas Pepe, Cedric Soares and Folarin Balogun.

On the contract front, Arsenal are expected to announce a new deal for Bukayo Saka and are working hard to tie down William Saliba. After a positive season on the pitch, other Arteta favourites, including Aaron Ramsdale, could also be rewarded with bigger pay packets.

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Bill Hall

Be absolutely crazy to let KT go because if you do we are back to square one where we need world class cover for Zinky again. Need to find a way to keep them both happy and playing games. Especially with CL football next season!


And let’s face it, Zinchenko has been the darling of the terraces this year but there are certainly weaknesses to his game that Tierney doesn’t have.

Having both gives us tactical flexibility.

Sadly looks like KT doesn’t fit Arteta’s plan


Arteta’s plan? We only had Europa League football this season – and KT played 6 times.

Why on earth would Arteta change a fit White, Saliba, Gabriel and Zinchenko when they’ve helped us get to the top of the Premiership pile and stay there…?

Johnny 4 Hats

It’s really tough but I’d be okay with letting Tierney go. He’s an excellent left back and clearly a great lad but he is looking so out of place in this side. And I’m sure we have our eye on a few LB’s that operate a little more like Zinchenko. Tierney still has a positive reputation so can command a really decent figure this summer. But another season on the bench and his value will quickly tank. I think when Zinchenko plays badly we automatically demand KT. But I haven’t seen loads from his performances that makes me think he… Read more »


Come on mate, we need to keep KT – unless someone comes in with £90m+

We’re trying to build a decent squad?

How many more painful defeats and draws do we have to suffer before the penny drops? Our squad depth is nowhere near deep enough.

We hold what we have and add to it.

Johnny 4 Hats

KT has been fit all season and Arteta won’t play him.

There’s no point having a player the manager simply doesn’t fancy.

That’s not squad depth. That’s a pointless extra player.


So what? Are you KT’s agent? What’s more important here, his career or Arsenal? Mate, we’ve not had Champions League football this season – and anyway, why shouldn’t we now have two quality players for each position….? This relentless refusal (albeit subconscious I’m sure) from some to accept that we have moved up a level and now require a big squad is really baffling – especially in light of Wednesday’s nigh embarrassing showing of how thin in numbers of quality and limited in genuine quality tactical options we are. I don’t get it with some of you. We’re Arsenal Football… Read more »


Zinchenko picked up an injury early on in the season – and Arteta was more than happy to deploy KT in his absence for five consecutive matches. He has also featured seventeen times this season on the bench During Zinchenko’s absence, KT clearly played his part in helping us build, game by game, a very healthy position in the league (top) In addition, he has played 6 Europa league games, 2 in the FA Cup and 1 in the League Cup. Hardly a ‘pointless extra player’ If City can call upon Kyle Walker as a rotating second choice fullback, then… Read more »


Tomi played very well v Liverpool….but he also played pretty poorly in the next 2 games after that – Southampton & Leeds. (our worst two performances of the season to that point)


Most of us would have given our hind teeth to have him play the last four games.

We might have shipped a few points, but we sure as hell wouldn’t have shipped 9 out of 12.


Will KT’s value ‘tank’ if he is used in the Champions League to keep Zinchenko fresh for the Premiership? Or vice versus?

Or will his stock go higher if he plays well?


* Vice Versa

Fucking autocorrect…


Honestly, there is no way KT will be at the club next season. He would be bonkers to stay.



We’re a club that could be Premiership Champions/ Runners Up, so we’ll definitely be challenging again next season and there’s the small matter of Champions League football.

Why would he be bonkers to stay?

Bet you don’t answer, because you’re nothing more than a troll.


If you read my subsequent comment instead of scatter gunning replies all over the shop, you would see I have already answered why I think that is the case.


What’s more important here, KT’s career or Arsenal’s strength in depth. Do you think City fans cry about the amount of bench warming Kyle Walker, Phil Foden and Kalvin Phillips engage in? Honestly, I wish people would quit using their Europa fucking League heads and start looking at next season and how we’re going to cope with a Premiership Title challenge, Champions League group stages and two domestic cup competitions. “Oh let’s move Quality International Player X on, he’s not getting picked to start every single week, so Arteta clearly hates him, the poor unfortunate lad. Best for all that… Read more »


‘What’s more important here, KT’s career or Arsenal’s strength in depth.’

I hate to give you a reason for yet another one of your hysterical, illogical over reactions……but to KT………KT’s career is probably more important !


Oh, so we put all our squad building aspirations second to KT’s career?

FFS, some of you are hard work.


genuinely curious why people are downvoting this ? I would love him to stay…..but he has started 5 league games this season, despite being fit for almost all of it. For a player who would be first choice LB at the vast majority of PL clubs, that must really hurt & the only sensible thing to do for his career is to move. That’s all I’m saying.


To be fair, he’s been fit all season because he hasn’t played all season 😁


5 full PL games, 17 sub PL games, 6 Europa League games. 2 FA Cup ties and 1 League Cup tie.

That isn’t really a case of not playing all season, but I get where you’re coming from in terms of his staying fit.

El Mintero

Spot on mate. No way KT will be at Arsenal next season. Be ridiculous to keep him – both from a team perspective and the player’s perspective. He doesn’t fit Arteta’s plans and he’s too good to be a back up to Zinchenko. Sell him for good money and both parties will be happy!! Fkn simples…

Charles Charlie Charles

Yeah. On FIFA23


I seriously don’t understand why gooners will think for one minute that KT will still be here next season. This is one of the best left backs in the league Sitting on the bench, obviously not suitable for the gaffer’s plans. This isn’t FIFA, and folks are ignoring the emotional element- KT isn’t only unhappy he’ll most likely be pissed. What should happen is obvious; sell him for good money then buy a replacement that suits Arteta’s ideas better.


God give me strength…..🙄


Totally agree with this. Would be idiotic to let him go if we can at all help it. It’s the drop of in quality of ‘’back up’ players that has hurt us this season. And there’s an argument that KT is more than that.

Of course, he may need a lot of persuading to stay given his lack of game time this year.

Eric Blair

But Arteta doesn’t really fancy him it seems. If he hardly gets a game it would make sense to replace him with someone Arteta trusts to do the job he wants at lb.


It’s not that Arteta doesn’t like KT, it’s Zinchenko’s ability to get forward and attacking link play – which has worked extensively well this season and helped keep us top of the pile.

Only recently has Zinky gone off the boil, but he’s not the only one – all of the lads have fluffed their lines recently.


Stick Zinchenko in midfield and strengthen our porous defence with KT at left back.


Would that be the porous first choice back four defence that has seen us top the league all season…..?


Lots of sentiment here! Head says KT needs to go. He’s an amazing traditional FB, but doesn’t fit our system now, and we want to keep progressing, right?? We need the right type of depth, not just bums on the bench. Sign a replacement that can play inverted, simple.


Spot on Bill.

You don’t see Man City fans crying about the amount of time De Bruyne is missing from their Premiership starting XI or the amount of bench warming that Kalvin Philips, Phil Foden and Kyle Walker engage in.

They sleep easy in their beds at night in the knowledge that they have at least two top quality players covered in every single position – meaning the so-called ‘genius’ can shuffle his pack and practice his pitch side kneeling displays at the same time.


Sell all those on loan players, even if it’s at a loss. We don’t need garbage anymore. I want first team players. I want to look at the bench, and feel amazed, and not “these guys can’t play in the first 11”. I want players that whenever then appear in the lineup, I want to feel confident. In other words, I WANT THE BIG!

Heavenly Chapecoense

I want fans who do not call players garbage.


That’s choice, coming from someone who criticised Saka and Odegaard.

El Mintero

That’s choice coming from someone who ran the “Arteta is a cnt get him out” campaign for his first two seasons.

Charles Charlie Charles

Q rightly criticised Arteta when he took us within reach of the relegation places in December 2020. He then got behind him when we finally managed to get our act together and was man enough to admit he had got the manager wrong. Perfectly reasonable response from a normal football fan. You, on the other hand, reckoned Jesus and Odegaard weren’t good enough for Arsenal. And now you also want Tierney sold. Not the sharpest tool in the box, are you?


Go get em Edu. Do your magic


I hope the last few weeks have been just as painful for him and Josh as the rest of us…

Time to splash the cash, boys.


If Arteta is smart, he should keep KT. We can’t always have just one option of inverted fullback.. tactical aside, we need 2 quality in each position. Assuming ben white stick to rb position, perhaps getting another quality cb? The gap btwn saliba-gabriel and holding-kiwior is just too big. Excited for the future.

El Mintero

KT will never accept being a back up.

Charles Charlie Charles

You’ve spoken to him about it, have you?


Why the hell do we still hear nothing about cover for Saka? All we hear is midfield and right footed attackers and fullbacks.if we’re looking to maintain our style I think this is important and worrying to me it doesn’t seem to be in the works. Same goes for left back actually if KT goes.


Have a read of Tim Stillmans (the best Arsenal football writer in the business) this week on the main blog


Trossard and Jesus can both cover Saka. What we need is another striker who can push for 1st place. Eddie and Balogun off for cash. A CB capable of challenging, central midfield.


And a tall one at that! To mix things up

El Mintero

Sell Eddie…keep Balogun!!

Charles Charlie Charles

Keep them both.


I guess it is just very difficult to find a left footed attacker. Reyes was the only left footed attacker in the Invincibles.

Man Manny

If KT goes, I’ll put that on Arteta. He could have managed him better. There were games he could either have given him starts, or brought him on when there was no more risk of losing but he did not.


Particularly if we let kt go for a song to a club owned by a nation state

Gaylord Focker

And then see him played a big part in beating us ….it would hurt….I dont like that scenario

El Mintero

Tierney won’t accept playing second fiddle to Zinchenko. He’s a good player but he has his limits and doesn’t fit Arteta’s system. Sell him for decent money while we can and bring someone else in as quality back up that fits Arteta’s tactics.

Charles Charlie Charles

KT is staying. Just accept it.


Surely we can do better than Mount


Don’t often agree with you, but on this occasion you are spot on.

Mason Mount is shit.

Tired of us wasting good money on fucking Chelsea rejects.


Mason Mount is an excellent footballer, but I think there’s a better player in the making at our club- ESR. And he’s one of us.


Arteta doesn’t fancy ESR or Tierney which is heart breaking. Hate to say this but I think he’ll move both on in the summer



Not so long ago the Sell Sell Sell brigade were trumpeting that Arteta apparently hated Martinelli…..


13 goals and 16 assists last season, seems worth having if the price is right


We’re back in the Champions League, we need top drawer players now – not sniffing around Chelsea’s ‘bargain basement’ yet again.

Those days are (should be) well and truly over – and good fucking riddance to them.

El Mintero

He’s a fkn England international. And a good one. Hardly “bargain basement” ffs.

Charles Charlie Charles

And he can’t get a game at Chelsea.

Charles Charlie Charles

No. Q’s right, Mount is shit.


Agree entirely 💯 % with the other posters here – KT (ditto ESR, ditto Nelson) must NOT be sold unless stupid money skywards of £80m – £100m is being offered.

FFS, we are trying to build a squad finally capable of challenging again for both the Premiership and the Champions League (and the domestic cups too) – as well as going toe to toe with City and rest of the cunts.

Good to see Edu acting proactively nonetheless.


Alan Sunderland

agree with keeping all of the above, we need to add to the squad, the last few weeks should have been all the evidence of that anyone needs. pepe lokonga soares and others are all more likely candidates to leave. We need to be replacing them with players capable of starting.

El Mintero

Disagree. Sell KT for decent money. Sell Nelson. Sell all loan players. Keep ESR. Keep Balogun. Invest in quality back up that fits Arteta’s system.


“Sell all loan players – keep Balogun.”

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Stay strong mofos, haven’t been here for years, enjoy the ride. All I ask is don’t do a midweek interview talking about heart and not turn up on the day. No bullshit, win the next 5


Letting Tierney go only makes sense if we’re looking for an upgrade on Zinchenko, and I imagine most of us think we have much more pressing issues to address. Also think Reiss Nelson has done enough for an extension.

Imo, the priorities are a CM and a DM to upgrade on or challenge Xhaka and Partey, and either a RB or CB or ideally someone who can play both positions well.


Arsenal was beaten on Wednesday because they knew exactly how Arteta would play the game.
Top players will improve our chances of winning games like that but if they know how the game will play out the result will be the same – we just need to shake the tactics up a bit and make ourselves more unpredictable – give them something to think about.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Don’t you think Arteta knew how Guardiola was going to play? Did that help? Soon City will face Benzema, Vinicius, Kroos, Modric and we will see if they can get the same result.


At last, you post something decent.

Keep it up. 👍


Did you read De Bruyne’s comments after the game? They knew we would play from the back and utilise man to man defending so they played two No 6’s (defensive midfielders) which nullified our pressing game, and the man-to-man tactics would stretch us as a consequence. This allowed De Bruyne and Haaland to target Holding and Gabriel more effectively – we had no answer to it. I think you need to be more unpredictable to get a result against teams like Man City and of course you need the players to do that – with no disrespect to Rob Holding… Read more »

A Different George

FFS, it took about three minutes to see what City were doing. It was a very minor tweek to what they’ve doing for months, ever since they began playing four centre-halves. The key to what de Bruyne said were the following nouns that he used: Gundogan, Rodri, Haaland, De Bruyne. It wasn’t their “plan” that won, it was their players.


You can only ‘shake the tactics up’ ala Pep, if you have the squad depth in the first place.

Substituting tried and trusted first XI for hitherto bench warmers and fringe players in a smaller squad ain’t quite the same….

So sick and tired of people wedging the tongues up Guardiola’s backside.

The bloke’s been bankrolled up to his teeth; he’s nothing more than a bald bearded Mourinho.

Eric Blair



Arsenal are one of the biggest spenders – not on the Chelsea or City scale but certainly enough to say we have been bankrolled ourselves.
You need to read before you comment – had you done so you would have seen that I said we need to invest in players so we can be more flexible.
I am no fan of Pep Guardiola, but I imagine a lot of his experience and knowledge rubbed off on Mikel Arteta and we are benefitting from it right now.


Oh behave mate. Our spending over the past decade is nowhere near the obscene amounts that City have spent – nowhere near.

Honestly the arguments that some of you lot put forward truly are laughable.

El Mintero

The dude’s the biggest troll on here which is quite funny considering he’s only just learned how to use Google in place of ceefax.


Why don’t you try telling us all again about how Odegaard and Jesus aren’t good enough for this team? Now that’s funny. Gripe water.


Arsenal were beaten at City for the same reason they drew at Liverpool, West Ham and at home to Southampton.

William Saliba’s calming influence on Ramsdale, Zinchenko, White and, most of all, Gabriel – has been missing.

I haven’t given up hope of the title and will refuse to give up hope whilst it’s still mathematically possible.

That said, am I confident about our prospects in these final few games?

Not really….


The best signing that Edu could make is a specialist defensive coach. Over the second half of the season our defending has been awful. Elementary mistakes including the inability to defend corners and free kicks have cost us dearly. If we don’t tighten up at the back we’ll win nothing again. Title winning teams are ALWAYS great defensive teams.

And Ramsdale needs to cut out basic mistakes with the ball at his feet and learn how to save penalties. I’d invite Seaman back as a goalkeeping coach. He was the best penalty saver I’ve ever seen.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Did you pick this comment from the Wenger section of your archives? Wenger said it was disrespectful even suggesting to him to hire a defensive coach. Arteta will go one step further, threatening to resign. We’ve always had defensive problems. Remember when Sir Alex was saying of Wenger that either he doesn’t like the defensive role or doesn’t know how to select good defenders?


If you took two first team defenders out of any squad (in City and Chelsea’s case, let’s make that four ‘first XI’ defenders) they would struggle too.

We haven’t sat top of the league all season due to a shit defence.


It would be a very interesting transfer window. Every player that comes in has to have a player that goes out. Given that nearly every player is a Arteta signing would be interesting to see how the club handles the transition. If we can sign 3 top players while retaining everyone that we want to retain it would be great. Probably set us up for 3 great seasons. Saliba, Saka contracts Tierney retention ESR situation Lokonga, Tavares, Marquinhos and Folarin returning from loans Not sure what positions should be prioritised. Would be very interesting to see if the club is… Read more »


Nelson is also there.

If we can sell smart we should be able to spend 130 million pounds on transfers this season.

Eric Blair

130m net? Then I would agree, but not 130m total spend.


Need a no.6 (caceido), no.8 (rice), a plan B Striker, Saka backup.

Eric Blair

Plus a better Backup for Saliba.


Kieran Tierney is a Must Keep. Arteta, don’t be funny please. He is irreplaceable and keep him happy playing. There is a flaw in Zinchenko’s play I saw last Wednesday when we were smashed. Another sign of arrogance by Arteta is that he I’s deciding to get rid of Balogun because he can’t fit him in our lineup. Think again: Jesus is no longer the gem we thought he was after returning from World Cup injuries. He did f…all last Wednesday so why let go of Balogun? Thomas Partey is not the grinding machine we made him to be. Maybe… Read more »

Kentish Gooner

A few of these ‘players we should let go’ are players Arteta simply doesn’t know how to use because they’re not in his ‘Plan A’. We’ve seen also season that there’s no ‘Plan B’. Yes, we’ve made subs that have changed the game – ala Reiss Nelson against Bornemouth. But they’re always a like for like swap. Arteta also needs to improve on his managerial skills – he’s young and still learning – like most of our squad. He needs to develop to help integrate the players that ARE good enough, but that don’t fit his ‘Plan A’. Players like… Read more »


hopefully we finish the deals early this time and not wait until the last few days of transfer.

we know very well all the past 20 summers needed to be busy. and with CL money in the frame, i hope that CL money is not the only priority, which it was (and is) with the owners.

Jeff Febus

Any concern that Saliba might need summer back surgery and could be sidelined into the 2023-24 campaign?

Eric Blair

It’s definitely a worry.


if arteta keeps the no rotation policy and only know how to play one way like he has in the past 3 years, next season will quickly fail by the 2nd half.

El Mintero

You would rather he rotated holding in on a regular basis? Lol.


Love Arsenal but occasionally I like to walk down to the local pond and launch myself into it, spending the day as a duck…..


If you enjoy diving, you should play football dive for Manchester City.

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