Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arsenal add four-legged friend to training ground

Mikel Arteta spoke yesterday about the latest addition to the Arsenal training ground family: a chocolate Labrador named ‘Win’.

The Gunners have had a ruff week, but the boss says the addition of the dog is a symbol of the atmosphere he’s trying to cultivate among players and staff alike.

“We always talk about family, and being connected,” he said.

“A big family like we are at the club, and I feel like we are a family, we need a dog to represent that family. I think there are still things at the club that can be done to connect with people. To be more caring with people, to show love.

“I carefully chose the dog and in my opinion it’s the perfect representative of who we are right now. Her name is Win, we all love winning and Win needs a lot of love. So the love for Win, that was basically the feeling.

“The reaction from the players and the staff has been incredible, she is one of us. She is going to be on this journey with us together. It’s something that changes your mood like this [clicks fingers].

“She gives you all the love and suddenly you feel the energy of the place. It’s just beautiful and to me those things are very important.”

Some might say Arteta is barking up the wrong tree with this approach, but it sounds like the addition of Win has been a real pawsitive. Hopefully it will help the team focus when it takes a lead, and perhaps the addition of a midfield terrier will allow us to hound the opposition in games next season.

What a tail it would be to go one better in the Premier League next season, you could say it’d be snout of this world, but we don’t want to be a mal-tease about all this so we’ll leave it there for now.

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Big Mad Andy

Is this fur real?

Hopeful Gooner

Well done, Mik! It’s a positive development that will definitely silence those who thought this team was going to the dogs


At last, a team member that can lick any opposition!


Dogs do add a positive aura. I am happy that MA has gone for this move which is absolutely unheard of.

In another story here in Japan we slaughter all stray dogs / cats if the owner doesn’t come & collect back their lost pets within 3 days. It is a law, a shameful one too.


Honestly had to check it wasn’t April 1st and that I’d somehow travelled back in time.


We are not underdogs anymore!


Just dogs now


Just the kind of thing that’s certain to breed a winning mentality!

Goodly Morning

A signing of true pedigree…


Our opponents will have to get ready to lick their wounds


This should get an extra 8% effort out of the team. Oh canine%.



George Peace

Genuinely thought this was one of Andrew’s wind ups until I googled it. Arteta pioneering new methods, just like Wenger did before him. Fucking awesome stuff. Arsenal for the Win!

Can you hear the drums Patino?

Lukas Poodleski would be better


This sounds like the sort of thing Ted Lasso would do.


Next season we will be the up-dog

Eric Blair

Rumour has it we’ve also arranged a preseason friendly against Barking.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

But first we have a game today against Muttingham Forest. And if Luton get promoted we’ll have to visit Kennelworth Road.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Everyone has used up all the good puns so I don’t think we’ll re-sign Lucas Terrier or Nacho Mongrel.


Our nickname shall henceforth be the Rovers instead of the Gunners. Woof!


Apparently there was interest from city and chavski but she liked the pedigree of our club

SLC Gooner

Pics of the dog on the training pitch or it didn’t happen.

Actually, I believe…just want pics of the dog, being a Labrador owner myself.

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