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Arsenal confirm Laura Wienroither ACL rupture

Arsenal have confirmed that Austrian right-back Laura Wienroither has torn her anterior cruciate ligament. She becomes the fourth player in the squad to suffer that injury this season after Beth Mead, Vivianne Miedema and Leah Williamson.

Wienroither was a second-half substitute during the UWCL semi-final against Wolfsburg and her leg buckled awkwardly when chasing a loose ball towards the end of normal time.

A statement from Arsenal read, “We can confirm that Laura Wienroither suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in our match against Wolfsburg at Emirates Stadium on Monday evening.

“Laura was substituted in the 82nd minute of our UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-final and has subsequently undergone testing to determine the extent of the injury. Laura will undergo surgery in due course and will be sidelined for an extended period. Everyone at the club will now be supporting Laura and working hard to support her recovery and return to action.”

Everyone at Arseblog News wishes Laura all the best in her recovery.

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What the fuck is going on?? Somebody really needs to take a step back and look at our training methods


wow incredible! My theory about those ACL injuries is that they play too much football. We need either to reduce the amount of games or rotate more (and for that we need more players)


The women’s team play 22 League games, and a few cup games. I doubt it’s because of the schedule. The training methods, pitches and similar circumstances should be looked into.


I saw an article about Adidas maybe working on women specific boots to better fit female feet.
There seems to be something inherent in women’s body shape and structure that make these injuries more likely.
One would hope increased coverage and money in the game will lead to more quality gender specific research.
It is mad though. I don’t know enough to say our numbers are more than others, but it certainly feels that way.

Bill Hall

This is taking the piss now 😢
Four players this season!

At those rate we will be on the subs bench!


Think you might have to lose the beard Bill if you are fancying your own reverse National Velvet moment.

Fun Gunner

Poor, poor Laura. How devastating for her. We all expected this but you always hope you might be wrong. Another fantastic player who will miss the World Cup.
Wishing her a speedy and smooth recovery.


Unbelievable, we need so much more research done,can’t be just one cause,fortunately she wasn’t going to the world cup,Austria didn’t make it. Hopefully everything goes well in her recovery, she’ll be able to get plenty of first hand advice from the other girls!

Fun Gunner

Thanks for the correction! I should have checked.


Absolutely gutted for her, she’s had such a great season until now.
And can’t believe the awful luck of this club at the moment. Obviously questions will be asked about training/ conditioning etc but I can’t believe we do anything substantially different to the other big clubs. Is it just cumulative injuries and the ever greater strain on a small core of players?


This is very odd. So many ACL injuries. There probably needs to be a lot more research done into this and how loading effects different groups. It has long been recognised teenage players need their training intensity and playing time to be carefully managed, so maybe the same applies here.

Fun Gunner

Yes, that’s definitely thought to be one of the issues – that the difference in intensity in youth and women’s football is too great. That sounds very plausible to me. Also the lack of boots for women. All shoe templates are based on a male foot. Women’s feet are not just smaller and narrower overall, they are proportioned differently – the toes are shorter, the heel is narrower and the arch of the foot is slightly higher. There is concern that standard boots don’t give support to the foot which then translates to problems in ankles, knees, etc. The Q… Read more »

Fun Gunner

And Astroturf pitches – some are pointing the finger at them.

Tim Stillman

Would say this is unlikely to be down to Arsenal’s methods. Barca and Lyon had three ACLs last year, as did Villa and Spurs. There is and has been loads of research into increased prevalence of ACL injuries in women’s sports but it’ll take time to foment and the level of resource in women’s clubs is not the same as it is for male athletes. This is another symptom of women’s sports being ignored for so long that research and intervention is not mature yet and clubs don’t have the resource to properly support players.


Indeed. It is said women in certain sports are 5-10 more likely to suffer ACL injuries but there is no real reason established – and this has been going on for years. Maybe clubs should be more putting funds into research.


Is there data on ACLs per club? Your list could suggest more injuries at the well resourced clubs but I guess they’re just the ones you know about. USA national team also suffering. 4 in one team in one season seems very high

Adrian Scott

I was so sorry to see Laura go down. She has been a wonderful addition to the squad. There are far too many of these injuries and I agree with Fun Gunner’s remarks. Something needs to be done by the boot manufacturers urgently.

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