Monday, June 17, 2024

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal continued their title tilt after a hugely impressive 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia’s WWE outfit.

The Gunners went ahead in the first half through Martin Odegaard, while Newcastle were allowed to boot us up and down the pitch. The home side hit the post in each half, but we hit the bar, and ultimately they are twats, we are not, and when Fabian Schar escaped a red card for an elbow on Gabriel Jesus, he got his just desserts when he scored an own goal.

A massive win.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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If you can’t give Ramsdale a 10’ you have to give him an 11.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yeah I would have given him a 10, what more could he have done.


Score? lol


This keeper goes up to 11.

Exit the Lemming

De Gea’s goal tally (‘the gloved Haaland’) must be affecting Aaron’s confidence

Finsbury Park Gooner

How many points has Ramsdale given us this season??! Absolute monster player.

Reality check

Schar could’ve had a brace if not for him..

Exit the Lemming

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (a brace for Schar’s teeth if there’s any justice…)

Morrisey fan #1

Best part was when he gathered the cross, got fouled but unlike other “top goalkeepers” didn’t complain and roll around, got straight up. Brilliant.


Gotta give credit to the Newcastle players, with that performance they deserve a contract in the UFC, or at the very least a couple of cameos in the WWE alongside Tyson Fury and Brock Lesnar.

Brazilian Gooner

Guimarães with a 6 yellow card performance


Thank god we didn’t waste money on him.


Reminded me of a slightly classier version of Pulis era Stoke City.


Classier??? Their fans booing Ode off after the game – zero class there mate!

Exit the Lemming

Dirty, diving, conniving cheating cunt’s yes, but Pulis long ball bollocks? no. Newcastle have some quality flair players: Isaak, Almiron, Guimaraes, Gordon and Murphy plus a great keeper in Pope.That said, Howe’s squeaky clean housewives choice of a son-in-law image won’t last much longer if he continues to send his charges out to kick the living shite out of the opposition


I can’t believe there are so few yellow given even when the challenge hit the head of the players. Newcastle should have 5-6 yellow cards.


Toon are the new Stoke… let’s just call ’em The Stoon until further notice.




I prefer Slagpies


Giving Xhaka a 10 for that slide tackle in the penalty box in the second half. Class


Xhaka was absolutely fanstastic today, not only because of his contributions but also his composure after being kicked and aggravated repeatedly. Top professional.

Exit the Lemming

I’ve often criticized him in the past for his indiscretions and errors on the field but he’s been a model of consistency for most of this season and was my MOtM versus Newcastle. When Granit channels that natural competitive aggression in the right way he’s more than a formidable obstacle to our opponents (even if he only manages to get inside their heads)


I never ever wanted to see him slide in our box again, but wow, 10/10.


Indeed, that was marvelous! As blogs put it, he got under Newcastle’s skin, fought back, and most importantly didn’t go over the edge! I think there was another important defensive intervention from him in the first half.


That was a Kieran Gibbs tackle


Xhaka looks to always be our standout performer whenever opposing teams make mistakes to think that we are the other Arsenal of Rosicky, Hleb and Walcott. He covered Jorginho brilliantly


Overrated Zinchenko again would have cost us a goal that would have made 1-1. Arteta really needs to think about LB position. However, no thanks to Zinchenko, outstanding win against a cheating diving twats.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I’m with you. Tierney should’ve been starting for the past 6 or 7 matches


Tierney did start at West Ham and we were awful with him. Hindsight is so 20-20 and you have no idea how we’d have performed with KT in those matches, especially vs. City and the last 60 minutes at Liverpool where we struggled to even get on the ball, would you really give up even more of our ability to get out of pressure and gain some control? Again, given we didn’t manage to control those matches it’s easy to say in retrospect we should’ve just played the guy that can defend better, but ahead of those matches I’m not… Read more »


But don’t play Tierney as Zinchenko , play him as Tierney…


Meaningless answer. Playing him as Tierney still doesn’t help us control the ball or get out of pressure as much as Zinchenko does.


What the hell are you on about?

Zinchenko has been poor for the last few weeks and Tierney deserves to start more games.

It’s really not that deep.


Maybe it is and just a bit beyond your capacity

It Is What It Is

High risk, low reward at times. Decision making, slows the game down, often indulgent/selfish/limited (like when Xhaka constantly refused to hit Martinelli on the break for about six games). He has his qualities on the ball, however, he is not suited to every game. Let us not forget, he isn’t actually a LB. Pep and Mikel just choose to play him there. Like Trent at RB.

Exit the Lemming

Trent has a rare medical condition which prevents him from running back in the opposite direction from where he started


Zinch has been having issues since the last minute Liverpool game tie. That goal affected him. He needs to watch KT get some game time. Also, KT is healthy, KT is amazing when he’s healthy. He’s just not always healthy. He should be able to start a game or two. Also don’t want to sell him as Zinch showing problems at the moment.


He has caused problems offensively before that.


It’s not 1-D bro… I too want Tierney over Zinchenko..I like them both, but overall I feel the offensive dynamics work with Zin in there whereas Tierney is a balanced guy overall..Guess we are on the way to get that proper lb situation..
Two nice players to have in the team

Ethan Hunt

Against low block smaller teams I go for Zinc, he add more variety to our attacking play. Against the big 4/6 teams with quality upfront, I’d go for Tierney, he is proper one-on-one defender and I just feel more secure with him in the team. For me Tierney is a top quality defender, as good as anyone I’ve seen in the PL. And over the years, imo he has shown he is also technically secure on the ball. The only thing lacking in him today is the vision and creativity of a midfielder. However, I see him as an intelligent… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I know this smacks of revisionism given his unfortunate fitness history, but given his age (25) an injury free Tierney has a higher ceiling than even someone like Andy Robertson and I hope Arsenal keep him long enough for us to be able enjoy watching a player reach his peak

Morrisey fan #1

I don’t think he’s over rated, I think there are teams where his presence is a liability. Newcastle, city etc are those teams. Needed defensive stability there today.




Yes agree, KT is needed when we face team of bullies, crybabies, cheaters, divers sob and thugs such as city, (now) Newcastle, MU


A clean sheet feels soo good today. Everyone played their part. Great win and a day off tomorrow to boot. Have a good bank holiday gooners!!

Pat Rice and Beans

Very very entertaining, no one holding us back.

Saka has been outstanding, but maybe Ramsdale doing his part to claim Arsenal’svPOTS gong.

Pat Rice and Beans

10/10 – KT old school style with his shirt tucked in


I love him…It would be a crime to let him go

It Is What It Is

KT: “You lot think this is grim, try Glasgow”.

Exit the Lemming

Wearing your shirt outside your shorts in Glasgow is considered an Act of High Poofery Aforethought and punishable by death.


I think Ødegaard as well has a shout for it.


It’s between Rambo, Ode, Big Gabi, Saka and Xhaka for me. Martinelli in discussion too. Says how good we have been that so many had standout seasons.


Everyone played well. But I wouldn’t single out Saka for special mention. There are other more deserving players.

Exit the Lemming

Saka’s form has dipped over the last few weeks but at his best he is up there with the very best


Crazy that the reff let them get away with so much. Made me worry.

The Far Post

We rightly complain about the dirty tactics of Newcastle, but I blame the ref for allowing that to go on all match. It’s like there are gangs roaming the streets and the constables just say, Have a good evening, gents.


He thought he was reffing a rugby match

Exit the Lemming

Is there a sin bin big enough to dispose of the entire Newcastle squad? Take out the trash


For once VAR was with us. Burn foul on Jesus first half on break deadset yellow but ref did let them play and Bonesaw dive late on was yellow too.
Let’s hope Brighton or Chelsea maybe or Brentford can smack down or draw with City after they lose 1-4 to Real M. The football gods were with us today COYG


It was almost as though he’d taken a bet with his mates at PGMOL that he’d get through the entire match without carding anyone. Never mind his instant decision to award that ridiculous penalty shout…
The fact that he didn’t give it even a few seconds of thought reflects so poorly on him – whatever he thought he saw, wasn’t there. Surely play on and use your ref-wire, mic-comm, thingy to get VAR to check?


Ethan Hunt

Yeah …I was in trepidation in the past few days awaiting for this game. I was hoping we can eke out a 1-0 win but I was not confident at all given how newcastle have been bombarding teams at home recently, in a similar vein they bombarded us last season. My mood did not improved at all when I saw Chris Kavanagh officiating and Jim Beglin commentating but now I am just glad we got out of there with a 2-0 win and very much ‘alive’, in more ways than one.

Exit the Lemming

Jim Beglin is a clueless co commentator certainly but he doesn’t change what happens on the scoreboard


I gave Tierney a 10. Brilliant in the minutes he played.


Needs to start.


Definitely underutilised this season. In my opinion, he is definitely defensively better than Zinchenko, and some games, or at least some points in games, call for that ability above the ball control and incisive passes that Zincheko provides. We should definitely use him more in the coming matches, and make sure that he is happy at the club moving into next season.


He’s going to leave. Arteta is blind and won’t play him enough. He will walk into every other PL team.


Zinchenko isn’t an LB, and it shows at times.
However, the composure and space he gives us in midfield is second to none, so it’s one of those “risk vs reward” scenarios, much like when we play out from the back. It can be heart in mouth at times but the reward can be soooooo gratifying!


No offence but any half decent midfielder who was allowed the indulgence of being a “spare” midfielder playing with less pressure on the ball without having to do the full time job of left back would probably do as well passing the ball.


I think people forget, because we haven’t seen him have a good run of games played, that Tierney is no slouch with the ball either. Obviously his game is different than Zinchenko’s but he’s a good passer and gets up and down the line, which frees up Martinelli more, and has good crosses and cutbacks in his wheelhouse. Tierney also has taken some solid shots from the corner of the box.


Agree I have been saying that since the fall zinc has skills but when you go to shut the barn door, it is Tierney

mike D

I think Zinny gives us a huge amount going forward – I’d start him and take him off as soon as we go one goal up!


Kiwior was brilliant today, very impressed. Tierney was so good when he came on and deserves to start the next game, Zinchenko needs a rest, he’s looked really poor the last few games.

Amazing performance. COYG! And fuck those dirty magpies.

Brazilian Gooner

That sequence from Zinny was one of the worst defending I’ve seen all season, looked like Trent with the physique of a 10 y.o child

Ethan Hunt

Newcastle at St James Park currently is as difficult as they come in the EPL and I thought Kiwior acquitted himself really well in this game and look really comfortable. I am hesitant cuz I might just be jumping the gun a little bit but I’d say we already got 3 top class centerback who can play a high line at the moment…… Still hoping we can add one more to juggle our Champion league commitment and for me to feel more secure there but if it didnt happen and we strengthen our base midfield with a younger incoming core,… Read more »


If Tomi was consistently available I’d say we maybe have 4? Can comfortably play CB but also allows White to slide inside if needed. Just seems to get injured at the worst times. Seems we might be going back in for Fresneda anyway.

Exit the Lemming

It’s one thing playing at centre half for Bologna and Japan but another thing entirely playing there for Arsenal.

Exit the Lemming

I’d swap out Saka and Zinchenko until the end of the season just to give them a well earned break.


Nothing makes me laugh more than remembering that Real Madrid sold Odegaard to us for a relative pittance, and would now have to pay three times as much to even think about getting him back 😂😂

El Mintero

But seriously – where was he against Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton and City??!! When we need him most he has a bad habit of going missing. Couldn’t give two fcks about him looking like KDB against Chelsea ffs. Do it against City then I’ll agree with you.


Weird? I’ll tell you what’s weird. Your refusal to see that Arteta has played a generational player like Saka into the ground.
The sycophantic way you totally avoid the criticism of Arteta is quite astonishing. Even Wrighty has voiced his concerns.
What you seem to miss is it’s concern for the kid’s health and future rather than tactical issues. Put the kid through the same thing next season as the last two seasons and he will crash.


Passive aggressive? I guess that’s an attempt at sarcasm?


Mate – you’re so far out of line, you’re in a different postcode? You seem to forget how carefully Arteta managed Martinelli into the player he is (and is still becoming)? How he’s mentored both Saka and Smith Rowe? He has made it clear that he believes professional athletes can – and should – be able to play every week, with the odd midweeker thrown in. One can as easily argue that younger limbs are more resilient, with faster recovery periods. The simple fact is that ONLY he, the back-room staff, and Saka himself know if he’s ready to play… Read more »

Bleeding Gums Murphy

No it’s not Albert. (That’s sarcasm 😜)


This I completely agree with. For some reason he rotates everyone else but not Saka, why is that? And is it me or is the perception among the fan base really so that he’s somehow significantly better than Martinelli? Can someone explain why Martinelli isn’t treated with just as much adoration and awe of his talent? I hesitate to bring this up but I also don’t want it to be the elephant I the room – is it him not being English? Saka’s position is one of the few where we do have some decent cover so I’d really love… Read more »


That’d be the same Jackie Wilshere who sees Saka on pretty much a daily basis, at Colney. Together with the coaching staff, physios, doctors, dieticians, etc who clearly are wildly irresponsible, nay negligent even, in their repeated mis-assessments of Saka’s readiness to play?

Take a breath, fella – the club is well aware of the rare treasure they have in Saka. They ain’t going to run him into the ground. To even think that, is either paranoid or ridiculous… or both!


Colour me paranoid. I think it’s fair to be that with the best homegrown talent we’ve had in a generation, if not ever. And I think it’s fair to wonder about that without being overly negative, you might be right and everything is fine and the club has experts and Mikel is listening to them and not prioritising present success over his future health. But there’s also at least a 5% chance that that’s not the case surely.


I’m simply advising a little calm. I think every red-blooded Gooner prays that Saka doesn’t get crocked every time he gets tackled! As an older fan, I lived through Abu and Eduardo and Ramsey and I still have nightmares about those. However – you have to also consider that, when you doubt the club, the manager, the experts, who’s very job it is to look after the lad’s physical and mental well-being… no, you’re NOT being fair… not to them, implying they’re placing points before players. I for one don’t believe the Arsenal… my Arsenal… would repeatedly do that. The… Read more »


Taking care of Santi and Jack after their career had basically reached its end isn’t the same as being intelligent and careful and having foresight while those players are still at their peak and able to help the team every week. I don’t doubt the club’s good will and impeccable values, that’s the biggest reason why I’m an Arsenal fan. My only doubts are whether the proper structures and analytical procedures are in place, and whether the manager respects them enough in spite of present pressure to win (if he doesnt he’d only be human) to make sure players’ long… Read more »

El Mintero

With respect, how is it “weird”?! When we need him most he tends to go missing. Generational talent etc etc means nothing when you don’t show up in the biggest games.

El Mintero

I said when we need him MOST…we’ve already lost the league barring a city implosion that won’t happen. So yeah, we all think of him as a gamechanger type player so to disappear like he did against west ham et al was hugely disappointing and as captain of the team he bears responsibility for that!


Well said Blogsta. One cannot underestimate the importance of the brilliant first goal vs the Toon! Away from home, in arguably the most partisan stadium in the League? And having almost gone a goal down in the first minutes (again!!!)?
That goal was a priceless spine-stiffener… a nerve-settler.
And Captain Fantastic put it past the Brown Dirty Cowpies at just the right moment.

Exit the Lemming

Notwithstanding the odd poor showing he’s been probably the most complete midfielder in England this season and pivotal to the reason we were at the top of the league for so long

Bleeding Gums Murphy

He was superb against Liverpool for 42 minutes and then the team lost their way. He was superb against West Ham for 35 minutes and then the tea lost their way. He got us back in it against Southampton. City we got battered, you have to be some sort of cxxt to hang that on him.


I don’t think Arsenal would take any amount of money for him honestly, but if they did it wouldn’t be less than 120mil. Are there 5 better attacking midfielders on the planet right now?


De Bruyne is the only one that could maybe start over him.


De Bruyne’s shelf life is, thankfully, moving toward the horizon. What’s he have-a couple of more years at this level. Odin, on the other hand, has yet to reach his prime years. May they be glorious!


Whoops Saka not Odin. To be fair it applies to them both. We are so fortunate.

It Is What It Is

It’s all relative, Madrid paid 3m for him.
Willock cost 35m, we turned that into MØ. Ceballos now plays for Madrid.

Ethan Hunt

Ode I thought in this match played the captain role to a tee. He was immense all over the pitch and I thought was hands down the best and most impactful player on the pitch for us. He is my MOTM ahead of Jorginho personally. That doesn’t mean I think less of Jorginho contribution who I thought was wonderful too. Regarding Jorginho I have to be honest…. ahead of this match I thought Partey would be the best choice to start this match. The thought of watching Joelington & the Gang shoving, barging and banging Ode and Jorginho to the… Read more »


Newcastle were a dirty bunch today, but the fight we showed was tremendous. We’ve been accused of being a soft touch over the years, but not this team.

Tomaury Bischfeld

10/10 Eddie’s push back at the end immediately met by chants of “Eddie Eddie Eddie”


I loved that push back. And warms heart the gooners in the stadium saluted that. What a special season, even if it doesn’t go exactly as we would ‘ve liked. WE GOT OUR ARSENAL BACK!!!!! COYG


I know Newcastle are known for being physical and that’s their brand, but should it mean the standards are different for them?

A Different George

It means that most English referees (with Oliver and Taylor the only obvious exceptions) favour the home side, sometimes to a ridiculous degree. As bad as he is, I am absolutely certain Cavanaugh would have shown Guimaraes an early yellow card if the match had been at the Emirates. And don’t think Eddie Howe doesn’t undertsand that.

Exit the Lemming

Guimaraes should have been booked for his nasty dig in the back on Odegaard (think it was the 2nd half?)


And another for taking off Saka’s boot with his studs.

10/10 for Tottenham being relegated from the Premier League 2 today.


In the summer.. we need to add 1 or 2 more generals/experience players into this team… Together w likes of xhaka, jorginho and zinc, we can really push all the way.


Anyone else keep looking at the remaining fixtures?
Brighton, Forest and Wolves, on paper Brighton is the tough game.

City have Everton, Chelsea, Brighton and Brentford.. all four seem like tough games.
Hoping City screw it up!

However, what a great win today, Kiwior looks really good, Jorginho played a masterclass and the Tierney sub was brilliant.

Iwobi’s Everton, Welbeck’s Brighton, Aubameyang’s Chelsea, and Josh da Silva’s Brentford. All signed under Wenger at one time or another, yep I’m really clinging onto all hope.


Weeeellll… now that you put it like that….


They need to either draw three games or loose one and draw another. It’s really unlikely but all we can do is our part.


i can see them only dropping points in the last two.
and thats a push still.


Aint over till it’s over. Keep believing!


Kiwor is the big news these two last matches. He still looked a bit nervous and maybe overwhelmed by the intensity and physicality against Chelsea, but today he made a big contribution to the victory.

We can probably win the last three, but I very much doubt City will drop five points.

Bill Hall

Remember when Emi Martinez scored an own goal at Villa? I never thought I would laugh that loudly again so thank you Fabian ×the elbow× Schar 🤣

Karma is a fucking bitch as Martinez should gave told you!

Skinny Ricki

All three signings in January contributing massively now. A superb transfer window, especially since some of our main targets eluded us. And as for today’s game: what guts, skill, spirit – what a team!


Kiwor is the big news these last two matches. He still looked a bit nervous and maybe overwhelmed by the intensity and physicality against Chelsea, but today he made a big contribution to the victory.

We can probably win the last three, but I very much doubt City will drop five points.

A Different George

Well, we have a pretty good midfield. Xhaka was fantastic against Chelsea but (as with Kiwior) it was difficult to know if that meant anything, given how terrible they were. Today was a genuine test, and he was great again (and again, same with Kiwior).

Oh, and Odegaard. Is there any team in the world–including Real Madrid–that would not be made better if it included Odegaard?


the officiating was especially bad today. it seems to be the attitude if that you are winning your players can get beat up. The FA could do a lot better by instituting the same system to officiating that is applied to promotion and relegation. Each week the performance of two referees should be evaluated by three randomly picked managers who teams didn’t get officiated by them that week. Each manager will vote that one referee was better that the other (for 3 points to the better manager) or they were both about equally shit (1 point to each) . At… Read more »


I am so delighted with our fighting spirit shown in this game! We rode our luck, they rode theirs but what a performance it was. For me Ramsdale, Jorginho and Tierney were absolutely brilliant! I really really really hope Tierney stays with us and Arteta learns to use him well. His speed, defensive instinct, and the fighting spirit is irreplaceable. And his speed paired with Martinelli’s speed. Good luck defending the left flank. When it comes to traditional left full back, I can’t think of many (any) better than him. If Arteta learns to use Tierney, just by a single… Read more »


Arteta doesn’t want to learn. He’s made his mind up. If Tomi wasn’t injured, KT would not have got on to the pitch. Great news for one of our rivals who will get to buy one of the best left backs there is in the summer while we play on with a guy who can’t defend properly.


So many positives. MOTM a toss-up for me: Ramsdale, Odegaard or Jorginho..Kiwior has shown he belongs.. Thought KT was brilliant after he came on , deserves to start given Zinny’s current form.. Good to see our guys weren’t intimidated by Newcastle’s dirty play.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short period of time under Arteta. This was the sort of physicality from which other less talented sides know we used to recoil and end up losing games. Not anymore. We now know that Arsenal cannot be bullied into submission (You’re going to have to outplay us and only City have done that this season)

Jesus of Sao Paulo

10 for Jorginho, 10 for Kiwior, 10 for Rammers, 10 for Ødegaard, 10 for Xhaka

Neál Martin



If Kiwior and Jorginho had came in from Liverpool we’d be top of the table. The difference between Kiwior and Holding us huge, also, personally I’d be playing Tierney from now on. Zinchenko is great when we have all the possession, playing low block teams at home, but when it comes to defending KT is streets ahead.


Hindsight is a bliss

Exit the Lemming

Yes, I think that apart from the Sporting Lisbon game, he’s done very well but the sample size you’re using for Kiwior v Holding is ridiculously lop sided in favour of the former to the point of slapstick


If we sell Tierney, I think we need to sign someone else just like him and actually bloody use them
in games like this.

Exit the Lemming

Selling Tierney would be madness (assuming he might still want to stay)


I have to be honest I don’t like Newcastle Eddie Howard with the baby face but he is breeding thugs!!

The refs in the EPL are either so incompetent or they are corrupt

And shearer thought it was a pen! what an arsehole!


The ref simply didn’t want a noisy crowd on his back, so chose to be excessively lenient. It’s the kind of poor officiating that can end in a very bad injury. If you demonstrate that you can’t control the game and protect the players as this ref did today you should be given an extended holiday without pay. Say a couple of years.

Exit the Lemming

His ignoring of the kicking and beating that Eddie Nketiah was getting at the hands and feet of two Toon thugs in the last couple of minutes down at a corner flag was sickening to witness.


I want the entire Magpie team drug tested. It felt like they all had roid rage the entire game. The ref has a wonderful future in WWF. He saw nothing, nothing untoward. It was a remarkable display of myopia.


“That last gasp challenge on Willock was incredible, ”
For me, Xhaka earned a 10 with that.. A very under appreciated player in Arsenal colours..Jorginho in this short spell has also showed how passionate and together the lads are..Love it..
Odegaard, no words… What a player… And how we got him for a bargain…
Cheers fellow happy gunners..

Exit the Lemming

Xhaka was my MOtM just for his never say die ‘f*ck you’ attitude throughout

Cool Papa Bellerin

Screw it, 10s all around. This was my favorite win of the season. I’ve gotten more joy out of how much I love this team and less out of how much I hate other teams lately, but man do I loathe Newcastle. I cannot overstate how satisfying this win was, and how hilarious that Schar OG was. I hope the entire Saudi royal family gets the drizzling shits tonight.

Exit the Lemming

Makes you wonder what do you have to do to fail one of the FA’s ‘fit and proper person’ tests: behead homosexual away fans?

Chigozi kpomasuru Tobin

It was brilliant game of football and the entire team played well


Slightly off-piste, but is anyone else as pissed off as I am that Sky and the rest of the media seem to think William Gallas has earned the right to run the rule over Arsenal? In my opinion he was an utter disgrace and a stain on our club. Sky especially don’t seem to give a damn about anyone other than ManUre and Liverpool


You should have seen BEIN sport’s, they split the view and cut audio to bring team news for the utd west ham game, at the EXACT point we went on a break with martinelli and shar turned it in. More money than sense.

Merlin’s Panini

Props to Jorginho today. He’s been solid and at time brilliant since he arrived. This lineup feels fresh again and Kiwior really showed he is quality too.
Arteta is learning. Shame it cost us a few points but this win nailed on 2nd place for us and kept up the pressure.


Blogs said in the Bonus Rating ” 0/10-Newcastle being allowed to kick us over and over and over again without a card. Absolutely abysmal refereeing, and I can say that after we’ve won.” It’s happened pretty much every game since mid December. There is a reason that this and most other Arsenal teams are not as peppy in March, April and May as they were through November. It’s because we get lumps kicked out of us without respite and it wears, wears, wears until we are nothing like the team of the first 20 games. It’s just crazy. This is… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

An exhilarating and entertaining first half was run and won by our technicians i.e. Odegaard, Martinelli, Jesus and Jorginho but it was our scrappers and scufflers who got us over the line in a feisty 2nd half ruined by Magpie shithousery and a clueless invertebrate ref i.e. Xhaka (my MOM), Tierney, Gabriel, White and Kiwior. I said some weeks ago that Pope was the best English keeper and am happy to admit that as good as he is, I was wrong. Ramsdale is world class. Hasn’t taken long for that ‘Head Boy/Prefect you’d love to introduce to her parents’ halo… Read more »


Big big game not only to keep pressure on M city but make a statement about doing it ugly if we have to. But doing it ugly with calm.
Jorginho brought that calm….massive game. Ode brought calm so did Kiwior, KT, and Rambo.
Definitely another growth point.


Statement win.
Perhaps we should have trusted the subs more. I had been calling for more Jorginho as Parteys form had dipped, but ho could have envisioned Kiwior could adapt so well so quickly. Eyes on him the next 3 games, lets see if he can do this consistently. Odegaard hs reached Cesc Fabregas levels of excellence, there is still time for him to score 20, no pens. He keeps getting better and now even he KNOWS it. Next season man. Next season.


Any of you still angry that we signed Jorginho???


Lol, right? Would still like a younger legged option next season, but adding a wily, veteran this year was brilliance.


I wasn’t angry that we signed Jorginho but I didn’t expect to like him, and now I really do. I guess even rival players are nicer in an Arsenal shirt! He really seems to have fitted in well and I’m pleased we have him. There’s talk that he might want to go back to Italy in the summer but I’d be happy if he stayed another season, I think this team with a couple of very good additions could be doing big things next season.


Mate – after Willian, the Chelski reject Gods owed us one!

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