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Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal lost 1-0 to Nottingham Forest at the City Ground this afternoon, a result that means the home side stay up and that Man City are champions.

To say the Gunners were not at their best would be an understatement, we were dreadful, and we could still be out there now with the Forest players celebrating and we still wouldn’t score.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Arteta’s rating?

The second season in a row where we have collapsed when it counts. There ought to be huge pressure on Arteta next season. At a serious club with “standards” and “culture” as we hear so often, that is.

djourou's nutmeg

he had the “pressure” to qualify to champions league and succeeded at it. if you’re having higher standards right now it’s only because of him and others at the club have set those standards. he dedicates every minute of his life to this project and he’s over performed, give him a break would you?


We need a lumpy target man in a situation like yesterday, doing sideway passes wouldn’t give anything.


France’s all-time top-scorer for a paltry 1 million quid, anyone?


I will find it very difficult to forgive Edu for not snapping up HFB 2.0 when he had the chance… on a bloody plate!
And, btw, he only went and banged in a hat-trick for Milan yesterday


If, at the start of the season, someone had told you we would be a genuine title contender, missing out by a few points to an unstoppable Man City machine that destroyed everyone in their path including Real, would you have said that?

Or are you being hyperreactive and fickle?


Missing out by 10 points mate hardly close in the end. We always fizzle out in April and may


Closer than anyone else. Amazing season. Given their resources, City should expect nothing less than a quadruple each season and have failed again.


We can be sure of one thing though: we’ll never beat City with their own rejects. We need players at the top of their game, who are not being sold to us because they don’t fit the bill at their current clubs, but because they’ve outgrown them or we want them more.


If we win our last game we finish 6 points shy of the Incredibles total. And you’re still moaning.

Jamie Singleton

We’ve had 15 years or more of league mediocrity, and after we’ve finally had a decent season, you’re giving the manager unreasonable stick? Jeez…

The Arsenal

Apparently not despite the evidence.


Arteta has earned the right to be there next year and make the changes you can only make with champions league to offer to top tier players . That said he has to improve on his tactical changes when it’s not working…. But I think you give him the chance to show he can improve. You gain nothing with constant coach turnover.

Morrisey fan #1

I’m hurting too but we secured second place like two weeks ago and when I think about that I’m over the moon. More experience and ability to grow. Arteta is still incredibly young for a manager, he isn’t going to get worse!

Believe my friend.

Alan Sunderland

Lee gooner in the house.


Why with Arsenal is it always next season?


That’s football

Exit the Lemming

Not just them. Plus the other 18 teams who don’t win the title


It’s not next season. THIS season we had an extraordinarily successful compaign, better than anyone could have possibly hoped preseason.


Maybe he makes a bit too much about the energy stuff? MA seems like he has some anxiety to him. I know, how can any PL manager not be an anxious wreck. But he talks about transmitting energy all day the time: I wonder in crunch time if he’s too keyed up or makes it too much about his singular lessons. Sometimes less is more. Maybe we just played above our heads all season and the crash to reality stings so much I’ll find any explanation. I’m praying there’s not a hangover effect to start next season.


His season rating: 9/10
This match rating: 4/10. Our team looked under-prepared for the change in formation/personnel. Partey started at RB totally crippled our wing play on the right, yet that remain unchanged the whole match. We play with handicap on the left where Kiwior looked lost the whole first half.
We need better in-game tweak and I’m sure Arteta and the team will work that out.


Season rating is a 7.5 out of 10 realistically


Stand back, Arteta is objectively the manager of the season. Comfortably.

Prem is usually ordered approximate to wage bill.

Arsenal finished 2nd with the 6th highest wage bill, a fraction of City’s. Leicester will likely ge relegated with pretty much the same wage bill as Arsenal!

Amazing season, onwards and upwards!


Arteta looked the manager of the season but he might not win it in the end. The last few games stand in the way obviously, but maybe even more importantly, Pep outplayed him in both games against ManCity.


Well, you have to have luck as well. When you start bench fillers, they will need a couple of matches to get up to speed. Jesus’ return from injury has been catastrophic, but this was not easy to predict. Arteta also attempted to rehabilitate Holding, instead of giving Kiwor playing time. Everybody needs a couple of starts to settle in, and I think Kiwor is doing great. Jorginho, Viera, Trossard.. they do merely an ok job, they don’t lift the team. To do that, they would need playing time and I think many of us doubt if they really have… Read more »


Harsh on Tierney but yeah.


I don’t like Jesus

Johnny 4 Hats

I think he’s going to always be this player. Sometimes he feels like he runs this team. And sometimes he just feels so ineffective.

I can’t think of another player with such a large wave as regards performances. Some days world class, some days barely recognisable.

I almost feel like he’s a really good sub. If Vlahovic isn’t up to much he comes on at 60 mins and harries and chases and causes chaos.

But watching him wrestle with 6’3″ centre backs over and over again is getting a bit frustrating.


His performance this season has been excellent, from every perspective and especially advanced metrics. He’s one of the main reasons we’ve taken the leap from ‘hopefully got a chance at top 4’ to ‘genuine title contenders’ in *one season*.

This seems like another very reactive take.


Jesus he’s not he was absent for most of the season and Arsenal did just fine SAKA MARTINELLI and ODEGAARD have carried arsenal a lot this season. Jesus for me is too immature to lead this team we had an immature clown before in Auba as a leader doesn’t work, he needs to be a serious player he also does too much wants to be everywhere and wants ppl to think this team is built around him and its not. Yes I agree we need a strong tall striker but its not Vlahovic that guy cannot control a ball his… Read more »


„ its not Vlahovic that guy cannot control a ball“ 👍🏻


The problem with the team is also obviously its defense. Shocking amount of goals conceded in the last 8 games


As soon as he was fit, he came right back in the team and Trossard disappeared. Trossard was killing it and Jesus has been poor. I think this is a big reason for our collapse (Saliva/Tomi injuries had largest impact), and is a prime example of Arteta’s mismanagement.


Jesus came back strong, scored goals. I disagree that he has been poor, he re-started pretty strong but was on par with the rest of the team for the rest of the season, which means not very good. I do agree with your general point though: Trossard should have played more.

Alan Sunderland

he’s the reason saka and martinelli scored so many goals.

Reality check

He is everywhere but not where he should be.


feel like this is the central issue with Jesus. Pre injury he rotated on the left side and it was great. Now he just runs around. We need to find his “game” and make him stick to it. Arteta seems wedded to the chaos factor he brings but it’s too on/off without control.

The Arsenal

No he played like this, but the team was firing on all cylinders. The structure of the team was actually better with Nketiah (in form) and i felt that some players took up more responsibility without Jesus there, Its an annoying problem because he is supremely talented.

Emi Rates

“Now he just runs around.”

He also Fernandeses a lot and it’s getting annoying.

Crash Fistfight

He did that before he joined and whilst we were doing well. It just seems annoying when he’s not putting in good performances for our team.

The Arsenal

Why he rarely played through he middle at City. Does everything except his actual job.


So he should be nowhere?


No better than Lacazette I’m afraid!


Exactly…..I said this earlier in the season and I was nearly lynched on here. You can’t move on from lacazette, a striker we all agreed offered everything except goals, and move on to Jesus with the exact same trait. A striker should primarily be a goal scorer and any other thing is an advantage. Not the other way round. Not everyone can be a Haaland, but he sticks to his role and does it excellently. 5 touches, 2 or 3 goals says a lot about being at the right place at the right time….I think there’s a thing or 2… Read more »


You should be afraid because you’re losing your eyesight/judgement. In the past year, Gabriel Jesus is, amongst forwards in the “Big Five” European leagues, 90th percentile or above in: Non penalty xG, non penalty xA, assists, shots creating actions, passes completed, pass completion percentage, progressive passes received, successful takeons, touches in opposition box, tackles, interceptions and blocks. Focusing purely on tangible actions-which arguably *undersells* his impact because of how elite he is in other less tangible aspects like moving defences around to account for him- he’s one of the best forwards in world football. He’s a key reason we’ve gone… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Shouldn’t this be on a FIFA 23 forum?


Why, because it’s related to stats? Stats tell the story of what happened in the game.

Exit the Lemming

Without context statistics are meaningless. Remember Mustafi heading aimlessly from inside our own six yard box and Martinelli running 70 yards to score v Chelsea in the 19/20 season? (Mustafi was given an assist) One man’s perceptive interception is another’s wild shank straight to an unsuspecting opponent. Momentum and dynamics can change in seconds from the way the crowd respond and the atmosphere changes and many of the players are affected,but there is no statistic to explain this aspect of the game. Marcus Rashford’s heatmap at Anfield this season would have just been a dark patch around the centre circle.… Read more »


Lacazette was more of a CAM10 and 2nd striker who developed into a striker at Lyon in his youth he played in midfield as a 10 not a striker and then also as a winger but ended up as a 9 this is why Laca was so good at linking up and delivering a killer pass. Those games he played as a 2nd striker to Auba was some of his best games in Arsenal shirt Jesus is not a 2nd striker he’s a winger who wants to play as a striker because he played there in his youth but I… Read more »

The Arsenal

Think we have seen why he never was a starter at City or why he played wide. Extremely talented player but so inefficient and very ineffective at his actual job alot of the time.

El Mintero

Back in July last year I pointed out Jesus was not the goal scoring machine this team needed and we should not get carried away with his signing. I was roundly pilloried for this. Now you see what I’ve been saying all along. However, I do actually think he was excellent for us first half of the season – but again we needed a big target man next to him to really get the best from him. Unfortunately the injury fkd his second half of the season and he’s been non existent. But I don’t blame him. He’s not the… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Why do we need a ‘goal scoring machine’ so badly when we are the 2nd highest scoring team in the Premier League?. I think our main issues are in midfield and at the back. The attack is fine


Since Saliba went out, this team has hemoraghed goals. That is the real problem. Utterly dominated the Scouse until we gifted them a way back into the game… DEFENCE. Asleep vs Bournemouth… DEFENCE. Botched 2-0 leads, handed Saints the initiative, fell apart vs Brigthon… ALL DEFENCE.

Yes – Saka has clearly been over-played and running on fumes for at least a month now, but the real reason we killed the 8 pt cushion, was the goal-fest we handed to successive opponents over the past 2 months.

Crash Fistfight

I was down on the signing too, but have been blown away by all the stuff he does beyond scoring. I think you’re being harsh in saying he has not been good for the 2nd half of the season.

It’s more like the last 3/4 games. He actually went on a good goal-scoring run up until the Southampton game.


Dpends on your religion

Exit the Lemming

He forgives you

Steve Cleverly

We have already gone on holiday.
Hope the players give back their wages for this match !

Naija Gooner

Well, the only good thing is that We are above Spurs, and they are STILL wankers


Some things never change


And Before Man U, which is even better. AND spurs missing out on cl leauge.


Who would down-vote this? Stalker spuds?

Emi Rates

I’ll throw in Chelsea there too just so we have all the wankers covered.

Exit the Lemming

Wouldn’t they be even bigger wankers if they were above us?


Can’t blame you for forgetting Xhaka played


Viera came on, that was it, what is going on with ESR? Got to be better than Viera?

El Mintero

I’m very worried ESR will be shown the door soon. He is a fantastic talent and should be starting for us every game. If we sell him it will be a fkn disgrace.


If he was that good he would be playing.


💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩

Exit the Lemming

My thoughts exactly


How is Saka still starting and not given a rest for players who desperately need minutes.

John C

Yes, he should have been dropped weeks ago but the truth is we should have had more rotation in the forward line all season if we’re going to be critical.

Trossard could have played in place of Saka more often, Smith-Rowe for Martinelli and Vieira for Odegaard all should have happened more often. Not all at the same time but more often then they have.

It’s probably been the major criticism of Arteta’s management this season.


100% agree. It’s like he has this weird line in the sand. A bit obtuse and naive if you ask me.

John C

Compare their premier league minutes to the City players and they’ve played much more.

Hopefully it’s a lesson he’ll learn next season.

I do think greater strength in the Partey and Xhaka positions will help in that regard though

The Arsenal

Vieira proved on many occasions he is not up to standard. I think we should get rid but maybe he will prove me wrong next season.
I have heard that ESR despite being back from injury is being carefully managed as not to trigger it again.

Emi Rates

I’d give Vieira one more season to settle in. If there’s no improvement then then it’s time for him to go.

Exit the Lemming

Maybe you’re right. I think there’s a player in there but the Arsenal coaches have been unable to coax him out of hiding very often


I truly hope not… but I feel another Pepe coming on.


Because we failed to sign effective cover for the position for two consecutive windows. Same as the midfield. Edu should be shouldering as much blame as arteta for the collapse this year.

Alan Sunderland

because he’s our best player.


Does Odegaard have a twin brother, like in that movie “The Prestige”?


I wonder the same thing about Thomas Partey

The Arsenal

Partey has effectively been Space Jammed.


Thomas Partey is the biggest disappointment of the season. We even had a physio travel with him to ghana on international duty to make sure he’s fit and ready only to come back and be completely sht

El Mintero

Careful, you’re not allowed to criticize MO on here…he’s the fkn second coming after all…

Exit the Lemming

As told by Doubting Thomas Partey


Everyone but Ramsdale deserves a 5.


Ramsdales mistakes have cost us big time too this season I know we all want to pat him on the back for having great saves this season his saves have covered over the huge clangers and mistakes he’s made that have cost us big time as well so lets not get started with rams dale

Exit the Lemming

We’d be 9th without Ramsdale’s saves.


Tactics today I just didn’t get. But to bring on viera when Smith Rowe is on the bench. Arteta you’re making yourself look like an idiot. Second season serial bottler. I’m just gonna come out and say it, I wouldn’t mind if we let arteta go and got someone in with a bit more tactical experience.


Smith Rowe’s agent has been saying that they’ve had a big fall-out and he’s played his last game.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

A link to this source please?


I told him. My mate told me, and he knows someone that knows someone that did some work for the agent’s gardener.

Exit the Lemming

The agent’s gardener’s got a dog and he and Win went through puppy training together. FACT


Jordan Wise – but I’m not giving you his number.


You’re absolutely right, if we’re serious as a club, we need to let Arteta leave. How on earth can a club challenging for the title lost 12points within 4 weeks, it’s disgusting and shows our coaching crew naivety. Saka has been below par since the draw with Liverpool and you keep starting him weekly. SMH


I voted you thumbs up even though most supporters don’t want to hear the truth.

Martin R

You mean the truth that Arteta is arguably the best young manager in the country and has taken us close to the title. Hope fully he will be with us for many years to come.


The truth is we bottled if again at the end of the season simple as that, with relegation form in our last 9 games. Arteta doesn’t have a plan b to play away at teams like Man City. I feel he doesn’t rotate our squad anywhere near good enough which is why key players have been looking spent in the run in. And whatever his idea of a tactic tonight against Forest was just a joke.


Come on, are we really going back to “Arteta Out” after he pushed possibly the greatest team in Premier League history to the limit this season? Sure, lack of rotation is an obvious problem and he needs to trust his squad players more, but the key issue is that we don’t have the back-up. Which is why this summer is so important. And with his and Edu’s excellent track-record in the transfer market, I’d bet on them to bring in some quality signings now that we’re back in Champions League.


Why give up on Arteta? There’s improvement all over, from set pieces and scoring in the run of play. He’ll have to learn from his mistakes. Maybe he’s starting to believe those “manager of the month” awards are confirmation of his genius. Today’s formation was a terrible idea. It’s his first job at the top and I don’t see why we’d think he wasn’t going to get better.

Exit the Lemming

He’s also competing against clubs that have much larger transfer budgets and sometimes have the financial muscle of entire countries at their disposal. Question: How do you actually fail one of the FA’s ‘fit and proper person’ tests?


OMFG! How can anyone say Arteta has not done well??


its not artetas fault that the silly players decided to randomly stop attacking after they went 2 up against west ham and then dropped 2 points its not erteta fault that ramsdale made a huge mistake very very early against Southampton he takes some blame as well for some his selections and decisions like playing holding instead of kiwi against city like not adapting quicker to the problems of the team Thomas Partey should be CB not RB its basically the same position just drop back but him playing RB is a different skill set. Arteta blunders things like this

djourou's nutmeg

ten months top of the league, celebrating the teams wins, then you have a bad month and they turn their back on you. bloody football fans man. can’t stand breathing the same air as some of you.

Alan Sunderland

best comment I’ve read on here for weeks, fair play to you.

El Mintero

True dat…my own personal goal for Arteta was CL qualification this year but then we had this amazing run and it was soooo good. But then we bottled it. We did. There’s no argument with that. We bottled it. And it takes the shine off his achievement this year, which is a shame. But I think he’ll bounce back and we’ll be even better next year and then who knows…

Mach iii

Panic stations


It seems so. 🙂

Gab, Gabbie and Gabriel

Squad management, squad management! Arteta has to learn real quick on how to keep the 23 players involved so that, when they are called upon, they have what it takes to handle the pressure. Tierney goof player but seems lost due to barley playing. Trossard not given enough opportunities even after demonstrating how good he was. Anyway I hopefully our young manager can learn from this drop in form at the end of the season. It is worryingly becoming a pattern.


Should have included a mark for Arteta. I think he got a lot wrong today. 3/10. He needs to learn from his mistakes.


I don’t want to see Partey again at RB, it doesn’t feel or look right


Take out the words “at RB” then I agree

Exit the Lemming

In other news: Thomas Partey has become the latest lightning rod for criticism by the ever increasingly mercurial Arsenal fan base. Next week: ‘Win the brown labrador’: is she just too slow and one pawed for a training ground pet?


Or anywhere, overated in my opinion! Been saying it for ages, a crock as well.


Partey’s had some great games for us. He’s not at his best recently, and maybe he’ll never hit the heights again, but he did a lot for us this season.

El Mintero

Partey has been a key player for us 80% of the season. So this level of criticism is BS. It’s obvious he’s been carrying an injury last 6 weeks but we have no real cover for him so he plays. Fkn simples!

Exit the Lemming

Yeah, turn him into dog food for Win


Partey would do better at CB than RB his distribution and position sense would be better suited at CB but I don’t know what ARteta is thinking playing him at RB

Magpied Piper

Jesus is a good facilitator, but surely we cannot go on to win anything significant with him as our primary number 9 and Nketiah as backup.


True. I remember all the yammering about needing a “Plan B” in the late Wenger era, but it’s truer now. There’s a Giroud-shaped hole up top.

Exit the Lemming

What about Ollie Watkins?


Which Edu coulda filled for just 1 million quid… with guess who??!!

Alex Nagy

Clear to see a bunch of burnt out players in need of a rest and a time out of the media’s attention. Looking forward to seeing how we strengthen and refresh our squad over the summer, its a huge task but I trust in the process. Its a shame to see us limp over the line in this manor after such an excellent season but there’s soo much good that has come from this season, lets continue to build on it Gooners!

Exit the Lemming

I’d love to know what it is exactly you understand by the expression ‘the process?’ I can see we are improving (8th 8th 5th 2nd) but apart from spending a lot of money on better players for the manager to select, I’m not sure I can discern any method to his coaching? e.g. sometimes we press high, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we play out from the back, sometime we don’t, sometimes we play a back 3, sometimes we don’t, some players play poorly for several games but are never dropped etc


Arteta’s quite open about it. It’s a number of things. He wants to develop the players he’s got, and it’s fair to say results are mixed there but largely positive. He recruits, with Edu, and that’s gone reasonably well. He wants a closer, better relationship with the supporters, and mission accomplished. He’s got the players trusting in each other, and until recently when we ran out of gas, it paid dividends. He has a system that the players have bought into. Personally, I think he needs to be more flexible about that system, but when a squad with the fifth… Read more »


Not sure how to feel to be honest. Poor performance again but better season then last year. Team looks tired and subs have all been poor. Some of the players are not at the required level needed to be champions and that is definitely something we need to correct in the summer.


These games are those games when Arsenal becomes Boresnal. Not sure what Arteta was thinking before the match, in the match and after the match. Whatever it was, it was sh*t.

Alex Manninger

partey is moving so annoyingly slow


He always has done, too many touches, slow decisions and faffing about I’d rather sell him than Granit.


The horseshoe crab side-to-side stuff, standing still on the ball, no movement in front…this looked like a game circa 2021. Whatever Partey was doing I didn’t get it and he should have been subbed at half-time for Tierney and White going back to RCB. Lots of gesturing and pointing by the players. We were not ever really in the game and the stats will probably back that up. It looked like we had a frustrated squad out there today, one that did not click. So very different from most of the campaign, which was and has been lovely as a… Read more »


Exhausted small squad. All things considered we did well this season. Need to put some real men amongst these boys.

Public Elneny

By quantity our squad certainly isn’t small By quality it’s hard to tell as so many of our squad players had nowhere near enough game time to realistically expect them to find match fitness and form Arteta has improved so much and improved us so much, but he really has to figure out how to rotate effectively, especially with the tough CL group stage fixtures in place of the straightforward EL ones. He has to trust his squad next year no matter who he has at his disposal We could spend £200m on backups to the starting XI, but if… Read more »


The boys are growing up. But yeah, they are tired. Arteta needs to do some serious thinking about changing up his tactics. He was too dependent on certain players (Zinchenko, Gabriel, Saliba) and when they aren’t there or not clicking he doesn’t know what else to do.

El Mintero

Not that he doesn’t know what to do but rather he doesn’t have anyone else that can do it…

Exit the Lemming

I know what you mean but that smacks of a limited mindset on the manager’s part. One of the main reasons we dropped so many points in the latter part of the season is that when the players to execute Plan A are not available, we don’t have a plan B that suits those left to replace them


Yes, that’s it. I understand why he wants Holding to be able to marshal speedy forwards high up the pitch, for instance, or Tierney to play the midfield role, but I don’t understand why he thinks that’s going to work. We’d be a good team playing a true 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1when we have the players for that, but not when we do the phantom left back thing when the personnel for that isn’t there. I believe these guys can absorb more than one mode of play, if Arteta’s up for teaching it to them.


Still, they can take Win for a walk to make them “happy” again.


Perhaps the hesitation and lack of progressive touches reflects guys in unfamiliar roles. Hindsight is 20/20, but would have preferred if we’d stuck with 4-3-3 with White and KT at right and left bac. We missed the chemistry of White-Odegaard-Saka on the right and Trossard didn’t get much service from Kiwioe or Jorginho.


Did Xhaka play? No rating


That was fixed.


Odegaards face says it all.

Public Elneny

If Vieira is going to be as slow and weak as he is, firstly he’s got to be tenacious, which he isn’t. And secondly his technique and decision making have got to be top tier – like Cazorla level – which they aren’t. I like that he favours low % but high reward passes when the opportunity presents but it’s nowhere near enough. And realistically he isn’t going to improve significantly with the game time he gets Please just play Smith-Rowe instead, his ceiling is far higher and he has a connection with the fans which is invaluable especially during… Read more »

El Mintero

I agree with you…and even doing an ESR – Viera comparison is so insulting to ESR…

SLC Gooner

Ramsdale and Gabriel were decent. Everyone else should be embarassed by that performance. Top of the list Arteta, who got both the motivation and the lineup wrong today.


When all said and done, they have been the most consistent players, they, played most games and minutes and Gabriel hardly put a foot wrong, man of the season so far

Public Elneny

Is it weird that Gabriel has been my favourite current Arsenal player basically since he joined?


Not weird at all, Big Gabi is awesome.

Public Elneny

I feel like fans get on his back a bit for his errors, and I know he makes his fair share. But he’s tasked with so much heavy lifting that I can’t help but want to defend him whenever he makes one. With Zinchenko only nominally playing at left back, Xhaka pushed high up the pitch and neither having much in the way of recovery pace, he’s frequently both CB and LB in defence. So many dangerous counters where he has to cover vast swathes of the pitch he snuffs out each game. We’d be properly stuffed without him I… Read more »


The loss of the title is bad enough, but the lack of fight these last few games is the sign of a broken team. There is real danger that a crisis of confidence is setting in, and we will start next season on a low.

Exit the Lemming

I didn’t think we would challenge for the title (Kudos to Arteta and the team for coming so close) but the way we just handed it to City after being in such a strong position was pitiful. Not bothered about not winning it, just the meek surrender and lack of fight sticks in my craw.


What does everyone think of Edu and whether he can produce in the offseason. We need more starch in the midfield and players unlike Fabio Viera. What does he offer?

Everything was poor today. Arteta’s selections: Kliewer and Partay out of position, Tierney not starting, Saka tired and unable to use his right foot and take it to the line, Jesus unable to play a point man, poor tactics with 80 percent of the ball, ESR on the bench, others on the bench that would at least offer something different from what obviously was not working and no quick transitions.

Barry Middleton

I blame Arteta, he hasn’t used the bench nearly enough this season. Players became tired and stale. Too late when you get to the end of the season. If he wants to emulate Pep, he’s going to have to make use of the bench like Pep. Many good, useful players left unused each week, while players like Saka and Jesus became noticeably tired and much less sharp.


Anthony Taylor had a huge game for forest. Probably getting a summer home in Abu Dhabi for his efforts this season.

Exit the Lemming

We were shit ergo the ref must be corrupt and so entirely culpable for our own shortcomings? Grow up. I’d hate to be the defendant if you were on jury duty.

Lee Johnson

Millionaires just seeing the season out. Holidays soon.


Unfair. They’re professionals and were not just phoning it in. They weren’t good enough yesterday and it hurts them more than us.