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Ramsdale thanks fans as he puts pen to paper on new deal

When Arsenal’s interest in Aaron Ramsdale emerged in the summer of 2021, there was – it’s fair to say – a lot of reaction.

Many people wondered about the price tag for a goalkeeper who had suffered two relegations from the Premier League, and as ever there were idiots on social media who sent abuse directly to the then 23 year goalkeeper.

However, since he was installed in the first team at the expense of Bernd Leno at the start of last season, he hasn’t looked back.

Overcoming those initial assessments was something he had to contend with, and speaking to the official site after signing a contract extension, he thanked Arsenal fans who were willing to judge him on his performances rather than preconceived ideas.

“Deep down I knew that there was a lot of negativity around,” he said. “I also knew that no-one had probably actually watched me other than the three or four games I played against Arsenal.

“I was just ready to get on with it, really ready to just show what I can do. It was a great fight between me and Bernd last year and that’s what you need as keepers – you need the competition.

“When I played in my debut against West Brom, that negativity went away because the fans knew to give me the chance and to give me the backing, which I needed. The fans that night were amazing for me; they sang my name and I was ready then to just kick on.

“As soon as you put that Arsenal shirt on, they’ll give you every chance to try and perform. I knew I could win them over at some point – and thankfully I did that quite early really.”

He also spoke of his pride at earning a new deal, cementing his position as number 1 at the club.

“It’s a huge amount of pride,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at the club for a month or for four years, you always want to get the next one and push on with the team.

“I’m buzzing. It just means I can concentrate and keep my head down, and hopefully after a few more years I’ll get another one and carry on living the dream at the football club.”

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Anders Limpar

This lad has the potential to develop in to a world class keeper with us. We hopefully have a future legend on our hands, maybe even a statue – On that note I have to say it’s about time Safe Hands had a statue of his own.


Well, we’ve had 1 or 2 goalkeepers before that were statues and I wouldn’t want to go there again!

Seriously though, if he keeps doing what he is doing he certainly could become an Arsenal legend, as of course could a number of the current players.

Anders Limpar

Hahaha very nicely put!


Ok folks. Your WORST Arsenal ‘keeper. Let’s have some fun. I’ll get the ball rolling (into the Arsenal net) George Wood. In the 80’s Scottish keepers were as funny as Eddie Murphy. And George Wood was a big reason for this. During 1982/83, Arsenal made it to two Domestic Cup Semi Finals – the League Cup and the FA Cup – and lost them both to Man Utd due in no small part to the antics of George, who threw himself around in a comedic mix worthy of Frank Spencer and John Noakes. The FA Cup debacle came hot on… Read more »

Anders Limpar

I’m not sure he falls into the worst category but Stuart Taylor was one of the most disappointing, he had so much potential.


Best GK since prime mad Jens… Hands down. I’d put him pretty close to that level. He’s such a rounded GK. Great to feel secure between the sticks after almost 2 decades of worrying about inevitable fuck ups.

Martin R

I wouldn’t have written off the first 3 years of Cech who was excellent in my opinion.


Proud to say I’ve backed him to do well from day one. But he has exceeded all expectations and then some, especially with his character! Great news.


Sweet. Now lock in the Big Ø!


Sorry, for me he is overrated. Some very good stuff and some very sloppy stuff. An average keeper by his stats. Love him as a personality but I wouldn’t rely on him. Can’t understand the hype. Watch the exceptional keepers that are around. He does not compare favourably.

Mr Dob Bobalina

He has shown some inconsistency but he compares very favourably to keepers his age. He has all the base ability and he just needs to improve his reliability. I would like to see the stats for home Vs away because I suspect he performs better on the road at the moment. He’s won the club a few points in certain games for sure. With his passing ability, which is very important to how Arsenal play, there are not many you could replace him with. If he’s not among the very top keepers with his consistency at the end of another… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m no goal keeping coach, but I think he would be a much better keeper, if he just calms down a bit


I think you’re going to come to regret this comment.


He should already…


It’s an opinion. No one dies. I might well be wrong but you already are. Zero tolerance for views different than yours? Very modern.


Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.


I don’t think he showed intolerance for your view just by suggesting you would regret it – that’s just a disagreement, which is perfectly healthy. I think more the problem is that when you voice an opinion and a lot of people disagree with it it’s very easy to feel insecure, and as a result you perceive people to be treating you harshly or to have an agenda against you. But no-one has an agenda, consolsbob, my guy, and no-one is being intolerant – they just broadly and healthily disagree with what you said. You can accept that, and accept… Read more »


I hear what you say but I disagree! See comment below… being in a minority seems to be an issue.


Oh, and the one above.


FFS. This fanbase never fails….

You’re in the minority mate. End of.

Man Manny

If he keeps his feet firmly on the ground, he’ll be our first team keeper for a decade and more. Congrats Ramsdale, and my respect to Arteta for insisting on signing him.


If he keeps his feet firmly on the ground he will be sacked – he won’t get to crosses.

Man Manny

Nice one.


Oh, this is the best bit of fucking news this week!

The best ‘keeper we are lucky enough to have had since Crazy Jens.

He absolutely bleeds for this club – there really isn’t anyone else I would rather see between the sticks than this guy.

Great stuff!

Naked Cygan

He definitely had some FK ups this season, specially the Southampton game, but overall since he joined us he has been amazing and a solid 7.5 almost every game. Hopefully with time he will get better too and claim the number one spot in the England team.


I don’t understand this “I hope he becomes England keeper” that I hear all the time. I mean, I’m not english, but.. playing for England seems 95% like putting yourself up for a bunch of hate when England drop out of tournaments. I can easily understand why he, personally, would like to claim that spot, but as an Arsenal supporter, I can’t see the advantage. He may get better, it may raise his level, but he’ll travel more, be unavailable more, could get injured more, and could be the next target for abuse as the England fans look for their… Read more »

Anders Limpar

I get where you are coming from, but for most players international football is a validation of their footballing prowess. Psychologically I think it’s a massive boost for players to play internationally and be recognized as “the best” in the country.

Bill Hall

Long may he stay and refine his game. World class potential!


Really good article of a Ramsdale interview in the guardian… would put up a link but think that’s not allowed here

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