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Report: Patino to leave Arsenal this summer

According to a report from The Athletic’s David Ornstein (£), Charlie Patino is set to leave Arsenal on a permanent basis this summer.

The 19 year old has spent this current campaign on loan with Blackpool, making 36 appearances in all competitions – scoring three goals and providing four assists, but his contribution was not enough to prevent relegation to League One.

His desire to play regular first team football has been acknowledged by Arsenal who will not stand in his way should the right kind of offer come through.

Central midfield is an area the club are targeting for at least one high profile summer signing, with Declan Rice and Moises Caicedo both heavily linked. With other senior players in the squad, the pathway for Patino to play as much as he would like is a difficult one, so a move makes sense.

The reality of playing Champions League football next season also makes it more difficult to blood young Academy talent. As the level goes up, it’s harder to make the breakthrough, and it now seems unlikely he’ll add to his two senior appearances for the club.

If he does go, let’s hope we sell well, with good sell-on clauses included.

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George Peace


Hail Gus!

Thanks Spock

George Peace

I’m trying to forget about The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Hail Gus!

🤨 fascinating

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m flabbergasted.

I read a quote that he was considered the brightest prospect to ever come from our academy. And I thought he was tearing it up at Blackpool.

What the hell? I thought he was a future superstar.

I’m guessing we insert a buy-black clause.

Man, I’ve got the gooner blues right now and this has not helped.

Spanish Gooner

He’s done fine in the Championship but “tearing it up” would be an exaggeration. The key question for me is would any of us be happy if Patino was the midfield reinforcement for next season? No? Then selling him now is a good option, providing we can get a decent offer.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, I’m still struggling to understand how Jorginho and Elneny get minutes next season if we move hard for Rice and another CM. I think I was wrong to be so damning of our pursuit of Jorginho but he has been the player I expected him to be – fine at doing a job but not anywhere near dynamic enough to make a real contribution. And a really good CM addition in January could well have made the difference. And I get your point. If Charlie is stuck behind them, it makes it very difficult for him. I thought he… Read more »


I think some might say that he has bottled it…

(Not me)

Johnny 4 Hats

This whole “bottling” thing.

Who gives a damn? We aren’t lifting that beautiful trophy. That’s all I care about.

“I’m sorry to say your brother died”.


“It was either a stroke or a heart attack.”

“We really need to know which.”

Who gives a fuck. It sucks. Period.




3D Chess and a little ‘nourishment.’

Then get Scotty to beam you down, go and kick it off with some aliens amongst some polystyrene rocks and rescue Jim Kirk and his damaged quiff, last seen with a rip in his jersey and a designer gash on his forehead, snogging a woman with neon green skin.

Get him back safe and sound to the Starship Enterprise in less than five minutes, because Starskey and Hutch are on the other side at 8.00pm.


I think Mr Spock now plays in the Spurs Women’s team.


Hope he gets a gig at the top-end of the Championship at least so that he can climb into the Prem. This confirms how serious we are about Rice if anything.


That fair. We’re in a different place now as a squad. Patino doesn’t have the speed and athleticism for PL football yet, in a position that’s already so hard to master. Don’t see Arteta playing him for a couple years. He’s an arsenal boy so his heart will want to come back. Let’s get him back in 4 years to be Declan’s before he can begin to take over. I still think he has it all, except time.


Getting back a player we’ve let go very rarely happens though. I can’t really remember any returning. Sometimes I look at Eze and think I’d like him to have made it at Arsenal. Anyway, good luck to Charlie, he’s a good player.


Keown. Lukic

Eric Blair

Henry, Campbell, Lehmann.


Keown is a good example, the others came back short term at the end of their careers. It’s not the same as Gnabry returning.




The fact we haven’t done it doesn’t mean it’s not done. Happened big time with Pogba at Man Utd, with CR9 and many others. It’s unlikely because a lot needs to happen – that the player becomes so good that he can start for us, that the player wants still wants it and isn’t tempted by other clubs, injury/health status and so on. I do reckon if we wanted Iwobi or Willock or Bellerin or Fabianski back they’d be up for it, but none of those players have gone and become so good that they’d be much of an upgrade… Read more »


Very surprising decision considering the age profile of our current midfield, specifically Xhaka and TP. With an option to extend his contract by a further two years I would much prefer to see another loan.


A buy-back clause would ease my fears of allowing Patino to go. Seems quite parallel to a player like Ismael Bennacer– ho didn’t make the leap to the top-flight or first XI right off. We could have used Bennacer last season and this.

Keep a string attached to Patino.


Bennacer isn’t good enough. Patino isn’t as good as Bennacer.

Spanish Gooner

Bennacef is the perfect example because he became as good as he is by moving somewhere else and getting regular, consistent game time at a club invested in his development. He would not be starting for Milan if we’d bounced him around different clubs each year on loan until he was 22, which is what people seem to want to do with Patino.

Another Paul

And Donny Malen likewise…


Seems we don’t feel he’s ready and we need more midfielders now, hence we are trying to sign other players. Maybe if he were a year or two further ahead he could slot in.

I guess Balogun is in the same boat, we already signed Jesus.


Bit gutted by this, but I understand it

A Different George

From the club’s viewpoint, it would make sense to keep Patino and use him in the League Cup, etc. and see how he develops in the next couple of years. But that’s not what he wants and–likely–that’s not best for his career. I am happy whenever I see players like Joe Willock do well (in his case, this is mixed with dislike for the owners) and I will be happy for Patino too.


Sigh. I was hoping that we’d be moving on from Partey to allow us to keep him and fit Rice and Caicedo

Merlin’s Panini

You’d want to move on from our best midfielder?

Eric Blair

His age profile and injury record since joining makes me wonder if we’d cash in now and pick up two replacements, maybe Rice and Caicedo. He’s a brilliant player on his day and is probably out best midfielder, but injuries have really robbed him of putting it all together consistently. I understand he’s been playing for a while carrying an injury and at times it’s shown.


I have a feeling Partey will move on this summer, though more to do with putting some unsavoury allegations behind him and getting a fresh start in a new league than age/injury. The constant boos from morons every away game must be getting on his nerves by now.


A bit surprising, but if true then it may point to some interesting midfield arrivals this summer, hopefully…


It wasn’t that long ago that we were talking of him being the big breakthrough player – the best that Hale End had produced for years.
To be honest, I would much rather see Patino come into the squad and enjoy the same meteoric rise that Saka has enjoyed than spend £80 plus million on a player from West Ham whose ridiculous valuation is as much to do with his nationality as it is his talent – the same level of talent would cost £30 million if he came from Serbia or Belgium.

djourou's nutmeg

then again there aren’t many serbian players with homegrown status and six full premier league seasons under their belt, are they? it’s crazy times for football, a random ukrainian kid is worth 100M, price tags don’t mean anything anymore. in any case the english bias applies to everyone. how come saka is the best player in the galaxy and martinelli is just very good? englishmen love other englishmen, can’t blame them.

Spanish Gooner

Saka is the biggest talent Arsenal has produced in decades. He’s an outrageously talented and hard-working player who made the guy signed for £70m in his position completely irrelevant and he is not somebody that should be used as an example for all academy products because he’s much better than all of them.

Merlin’s Panini

Exactly. Saka is the best player we’ve produced since Tony Adams, in my opinion.


is his contract up? if not include him in the rice deal?


I think this is a positive move. Everyone moaning about Vieira being a lightweight would have even more problems with Patino, who isn’t nearly ready for the Premier League and doesn’t want to sit on the bench. Take the money, put in a decent sell on clause, let him play, and bring in someone who’s ready to help us challenge. A win win situation. As much as we all love a Hale End graduate we can’t keep wasting money on players like Maitland Niles who should’ve been sold long ago, and Nelson who reportedly won’t sign a new contract and… Read more »


Yeap, but we paid 30 mil for a player that has gotten more than enough chances just to confirm that the money essentially has been waisted. At the same time our own academy product that has got more or less same physicality was loaned out and did more than fine in the championship. I agree that maybe he is not ready yet but what worries me more is that for all the talk about young talents Arteta doesn’t seem to fancy our own academy. We’re still strugling to have decent replacement for Xhaka and TP while certain Joe Willock was… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

To me it would make sense, before making the decision to sell, to have him back in preseason and see how much he has developed in terms of how he fits with our squad instead of how he’s done in a poor Blackpool team. If after a few games the answer is “not enough”, then let him go. But if Ornstein is saying it, it’s pretty much going to happen. I hope we put a ton of clauses in his contract because he is a gifted player. However we’ve seen other outstanding talents fall behind before and virtually disappear. Like… Read more »

Man Manny

Understood. Absolutely no pathway for him in the emerging Arsenal. Thanks to the brilliant run this season, the bar has been raised a few notches. It will take a Saka-esque level of delivery at Hale End to have any chance of breaking in.


Watched him the other night and he was ordinary at best.


Just read somewhere on the internet that Patino is being mentored by Rio Ferdinand at New Era agency. Ferdinand hates Arsenal and is praising Patino for making the “brave” decision to leave the club he’s been at since eleven years old. Patino being sold will make Ferdinand and his mates some money, Patino being patient earns them nothing. Go figure………….


Still getting over selling Charlie George to Derby…stopped going for season 😭

Public Elneny

Given the age profile of our midfield, surely there are one or two gaps that will open up in 24/25 or 25/26? He seems like a natural successor to Xhaka in terms of style of Patino has been good at times this year, but inconsistent. Which is absolutely fine and to be expected for a 19 year old in his first season of senior football. He hasn’t really grown into his frame yet, but he does have a good frame. And when he gets a bit more pace and power he could be a totally different proposition It seems way,… Read more »

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