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Arteta: I believe we can win the league

Mikel Arteta believes that he can lead Arsenal to a long-awaited Premier League title, but admits the challenge is more difficult than ever due to the quality of clubs and coaches.

The boss did an interview with Spanish publication Marca, and was asked if he was convinced – having come so close last season – if he could deliver the big trophy.

If not, I would not be sitting here,” he said. “That is our ambition. We know the difficulty: it is the best League in the world and next season is going to be the most difficult league in history.

“Why? Last year it already was. I’ve been here for 22 years and I’ve never seen a competitive level like that. So much quality, so much organization, so many resources, such good coaches… and now Pochettino and Iraola have arrived.

“The level is that and to win the Premier you must be the best. That is why we have to strengthen.”

The Gunners have been linked with a number of high profile players this summer. The pursuit of Declan Rice continues, while German international Kai Havertz completed a medical this weekend and is set to become the first signing of the summer.

On the plans for the summer recruitment, Arteta continued, “We have already regenerated the squad, with a very young average age to generate performance and value.

“We have the owners aligned with us: build a winning team that is sustained over time, without so much investment.

“But the demand is increasing and you have to go to the market to find what we don’t have to continue improving.”

And after some links to PSG, Arteta made it clear how much he is enjoying life in North London.

I can only say that I am happy at Arsenal,” he said. “I feel loved, valued by our owners, Stan and Josh, and I have a lot to do here at this club.

“I am happy and tremendously grateful to be at Arsenal.”

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Long may you stay oh legohair god!




Great ‘positive energy’ as always, can’t fault him on that.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Positive energy until six games to the end of next season? Hope Rice is not cooked at the end of season.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I think it’s pretty clear from the interview that positive energy alone wasn’t quite enough to get us over the finishing line…


That’s why we need signings, that’s the point Arteta’s making.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

And I think he is backing this up with signings


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky … dreams are free Mikel, but Rice is not. Get in there sunshine


Actually, in many of the best Asian restaurants they give you rice for no additional charge.

You might say, well West Ham isn’t a good Asian restaurant, and you would be correct, but by the time you said it I’d already picked up my coat and am long gone


This up there with the “maybe he just really likes cones” comment for me


Were you getting a takeaway?


Was gonna ask the same. All I get is free popodums, and even that’s only after I’ve impressed the waiters with my fluent Urdu.


What are you doing at a restaurant if you have flu?
That’s very irresponsible, man!


No sir, I’m talking authentic Chinese and Korean joints, not your local take out on Brick Lane. Charging extra for rice is a thing they mostly do in the west for some reason.


I’d gladly pay for rice. I do it every time. It becomes an issue only when it costs more than double the actual price when I’m clearly the only customer who’s interested in eating it.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

In Mikel Arteta, I trust


One game at a time Mikel old chap


Of course we can.. leicester did it, Chelsea did, Man City did it back to back, I cant remember if Liverpool ever did it but We can definitely do it


I drop a tear each time he talks about his feeling about Arsenal. He is us, fans. He’s not a mercenary! We love you right back Arteta.


This gives me hope, and excitement for the next season. We came close last time around, Arsenal can still be a force to be reckoned with.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

A few final pieces to the jigsaw to add old boy

Gooney Tunes

Loved him as a player. Love him even more as the gaffer. Since he walked back in the door I’ve felt he “got” the Club, both in terms of how we see ourselves (class, tradition and good football, at least since Arsene took over) and also how we came to be perceived by outsiders (banter club etc… wasn’t always incorrect tbh). Mikel, his staff and obviously the players deserve the utmost credit for last season. Lessons can be learned, sure, but if you’d asked me after the Sp*rs loss in 21/22 whether I’d take 2nd in 22/23… well, we’d all… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Problem is how do we manage the 10% well next time? This needs to be discussed extensively.


He’s just discussed it in this interview – by making more signings. He says it was “3 or 4 key injuries” which cost us.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Good managers do not target the players although Pep does and gets away with it (Cancelo and Walker cannot play in our system etc.). At the end of the season, top performers like Saka and Odegaard were cooked and did not deliver as usual. Even Martinelli, Jesus, Trossard and Ramsdale underperformed to a lesser degree. Zinchenko should have been on the bench. The injury to Saliba was months before the end of season, plus Holding and Kiwior did a decent job, we need to fair to them.


Chill mate. Last season is long gone. And there’s no point being fair to Holding and Kiwior if you’re slandering Arteta, Saka, and Odegaard, who held the club high for most of the season.


Mate – we know, every single, red-blooded, one of us – where we lost that title. And make no mistake, so do Citeh. Deep down, they know that, whilst they beat us (stole it at the Emirates and fair/square at Yeti’sHat), it was us who handed it to them, and NOT the other way round. And that will count for something this season. I’ll say this here – if we can turn ’em over just once this campaign, we’ll take it. Why? Haaland is unlikely to have another worldie season… the odds dictate it simply cannot happen. And take away… Read more »


our collective hope!!


This team is preordained for greater things.

Emi Rates

“I feel love”

Top tune!


May the owners continue to support our manager the way they have done since last couple of windows!


He mentioned Iraola and Ppch… but not the bloke that came in at that lot this summer! My fuggin manager.

Yeah, I know, he has to much grace to be that petty… but I don’t!

Determination Cultured

Well if we sign, caicedo, rice and timber i think we stand a great chance. If we continue go shop at the bargain store and pick up chelsea’s old clothes then we aint making it

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

No point adding rice AND caciedo – one or the other will suffice. Both would be great but we only need one no.6, £200m for one position is excessive


I disagree. We need them both, esp if we’re loosing our 2 first choices.


We need ONLY ONE!

This is the kind of comment fans on Twitter have been making… do you guys understand how real life works?! In what planet would Arsenal be able to afford both Caicedo and Rice in one season… after signing Havertz?!

At the end of the day, if we don’t meet this fantasy of yours #Eduout starts trending on Twitter.

Just try and be realistic.

Smell My Schue

Honestly, I think they could afford the three players. Money isn’t really the problem. League winnings, CL money, sponsorships, etc. are all there. Let’s assume a conservative transfer budget is 100 million this summer. Havertz’s deal makes it possible to sign more, far more. He’s only accounting for 15 million of this year’s budget, albeit there’s three more years of payments. However, you still have 85 million to play with. West Ham nor Brighton likely want a structured deal but throw them a large down payment and the rest in installments, as has been done before, and it’s possible to… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I appreciate your opinion but you’re wrong


Yes, it is the most competitive league in the world and it will be incredibly difficult to become champions next year. The way things seem to be unfolding, a successful window will see us sign Rice, Havertz, Timber, and Lavia, while losing Xhaka, Partey, one of Nketiah or Balogun, and probably Tierney. Those gains weighed against those losses do not impress me as a substantial net upgrade in our team. Even if you believe we are stronger with that group of signings, have we strengthened enough to fight on two fronts: the most competitive domestic league on the planet and… Read more »

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