Thursday, June 20, 2024

Report: Arsenal and Ajax agree Timber fee

Dutch outlet De Telegraaf report that Arsenal and Ajax have agreed a fee over the transfer of defender Jurrien Timber.

The two clubs reached agreement on a €42m deal this afternoon (Thursday), with the potential for that to rise to €47m via add-ons.

Timber is a versatile defender, comfortable at centre-half or right-back, who made 121 appearances for the Amsterdam club. With Arsenal seeking cover and competition for Ben White, his arrival would add real depth and quality on that side of the defence, and having already agreed terms with the player, only the medical remains before he seals his move to the Premier League.

The Gunners have already added Kai Havertz to the squad, the German international joining from Chelsea, and are expected to finalise a record deal for West Ham captain Declan Rice in the coming days.

After finishing second to Man City last season, Mikel Arteta made it clear how important recruitment would be as we try and improve again next time around.

“We have to nail everything that we do,” he said, “and we have to seek excellence in everything that we touch and participate in, to have a big impact at the club.

“In order to do that, we have a really promising plan.”

It seems Havertz, Rice and Timber are the first part of that plan, and we’ll wait and see what the rest of the summer holds. It’s believed that outgoings might become the focus after these initial arrivals, with the likes of Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding, Nicolas Pepe, Cedric, and Folarin Balogun likely departures.

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“I used to pray for times like this…” – Some American Rapper

Bleeding Gums Murphy

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time.


It can’t get no worse

(Just put that in there for Fats)

Bleeding Gums Murphy


Johnny 4 Hats

Today’s and yesterday’s arsenal news could have comfortably been spread over two months.


True. Arteta wants them in place for pre-season. No dilly-dallying about this club anymore. No working the media or the fans. Just straight up, getting shit done to be as effective as possible.

I’ve got mates who think United and Pool will finish above us, despite seeing our progress in the last two years, and moves in this window. It’s funny the sheer level of disrespect Arsenal endure from rival fans. Their delusion is really befuddling.


Total disrespect, I agree.
Maybe we need to win the league to appease the begrudgers, or maybe not. They would say it was a fluke.
You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time.


You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t extract all of the self-inflicted railroad spikes from the frontal lobal retreads.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think if we have a tough season and Liverpool are good again, there is a world where they finish above us.

But in reality, us and City are clear of the pack by a fair margin.

It just takes idiots a long time to change their opinions, if they ever do. I still hear people speak of this latest Arsenal season as this strange fluke.

Ah well. We’ll show the cunts. And yes, I’ll happily allow this comment to sit in moderation for 6 hours because of that slur.

They are a bunch of cunts.


I’ll be happy if Pool, Utd, Spuds and Chavs improve just enough to take points enough City, but without the ability to do it on a consistent basis over the campaign.

Master Floda

I wouldn’t rule out ManU. If that takeover goes through, they’ll be on a shopping spree, with a manager who actually knows his shit. And don’t forget the Saudis, who also have a good manager and basically unlimited funds, but seem to be spending them quite well, unfortunately. I’ve been watching Tonali since his time at Brescia, I think he could be the bargain of this summer.


I also saw fans of all clubs calling Rice overrated and below average suddenly. Spuds and Mugsmashers crowing about how they won the best value trophy for Maddison/Mac Alister, etc. Chelsea fans boasting about how they got Utd to pay over the odds for their once academy star. Look, we are all a tad delusional. That’s what gives us hope. That said, football fans for the most part are slabs of meat with sawdust between the ears. They believe what suits them and lack the intelligence to think of anything outside of the narrative which has been fed to them.


I was thinking of this today and hearing about Saudi Arabia looking for a successful bid to host the world cup, many people may boycot. But many are too ignorant to care.


I boycotted the last one, I’ll boycott a Saudi abomination as well. Where next, North Korea?


u missed the best world cup by a mile,
all because of selective memory

u gonna miss the next one by the biggest bullies in the world


I’m just glad you and I have been proved wrong regarding Rice.

I honestly didn’t expect City to leave the room after our third bid, but then again I suspect not many of us did – and those who say they did are lying through their fucking teeth.


I honestly thought we weren’t able to do deals at this level. So happy to be wrong. Well done to everyone involved, I am v excited.


They’re all jealous – and shitting themselves.




Other fans for some reason cannot see what we are building.

Sad for them. They don’t know ball.


I’ve also got united and pool fans going absolutely insane. Saying we are wasting our money etc etc and how cannot I see that arsenal are buying duds.. usually I like a good debate but I think they are rattled.


Ill confidently say that international football fans are a tad bit more objective in regards to Premiership than english supporters. For the first time in my 20 years of being an international Gooner i can feel the admiration from non arsenal supporters around me. Not only for the philosophy and the pure approach to the art of the game. Real admiration for what is about to come. Youngest team in the league. Rookie coach who was the captain of the team just a few years ago. Inovational football with rejuvenated individuals in the role of team leaders. And were not… Read more »


This latest bollocks about City not actually wanting Rice.

Yeah, like you put down £90m on the table for a player you don’t want.

The Spuds are additionally treating the Maddison signing like the second coming of Hoddle (who was, all jokes aside, a genuinely gifted player way ahead of his time – ask Wenger).

Cannot wait for the next NLD. Would be nice to smash them 6 or 7 nil this time.

Mikels Arteta

I had people telling me Saka shouldn’t be in the England squad pre world cup. They clearly hadn’t watched any of the Arsenal


I foresee yet another disappointing transfer deadline day.


We’ll just save the obligatory 17 year old attacking player for deadline day so we have something to do 🤣


Another Brazilian wonder kid like Martinelli ? Ho hum, go on then if you insist.


I feel like I’ve suddenly become a passenger on an ultrasonic jet plane. I’ll need at least a week to catch my breath after all this is done.


Yeah. Since when did we become so efficient! Such an unreal feeling. I have this strange irrational fear that something will mess up because all of this is too good to be true.


“birthdays was the worst days; now we sip champagne when we thirsty” – some other American rapper

VAR will solve all the problems

“We have to seek excellence in everything we touch…” it’s called the Mikel touch!


I am worried that we might make some controversial Sales to balance the books.
I pray my intuition is wrong


2 of our starters in Partey and Xhaka


Out of curiosity, who would you consider a controversial sale? GK – Runnarson, Heim/Okankwo (1-2m) FB – Tierney, Nuno, Cedric (47-57m) CB – Holding, Trusty (5-7m) MF – Xhaka, Sambi, TP5, Patino (50-62m) S/W – Pepe, Balogun (35-50m) Total (138-178m) We have already banked 11m from Leno’s add on’s and Mari. Realistically, we could hit 160m plus in total sales. If all of the above leave, we would still need another MF and a FB to round out the squad of 25. If we keep Tierney and TP5, that drops 55-75m out of the total sales number. GK – Ramsdale,… Read more »


Excellent post, very well written. 👍🍺


Thanks QT !


I like your optimism but I think you do have to factor in that our inability to sell well in recent years plus the obvious need to sell these players does work against us. Xhaka is a banked £10m, Tierney and Balogun should go for minimum £30m each, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to sell. Holding may have more value than that due to being home grown, while you’d like to think Trusty has a sellable profile. Beyond that, you’re talking about players for whom the wage package (Pepe, TP5, Cedric) and/or profile (Sambi, Nuno) is likely to be prohibitive… Read more »


I think the difference is we have desirable assets for a change. Nobody wanted our players because they were on terribly high wages for their level of performance. We bought Nuno for 8m and Sambi for 18m. We should see a breakeven or better on them in total (I think we will gain a bit on Nuno and lose a bit on Sambi). Tierney, TP5 and Balogun should bring 90+ at a minimum. I agree on Holding and Trusty, we could gain more there but those gains might only peel off a few million and equal out the lower end… Read more »


Holy shit we are not fucking about


Seriously, some statement stuff the last few days. Do we still chase Lavia? This trio of additions (and locking down a massive prospect the Giants of European football all want) should have this team buzzing. Fans certainly are! Bring on the footie!


My feelings about Arsenal’s transfer policy – I used to hate ya, now I Lavia

Merlin’s Panini

I would assume Lavia coming in would depend on Xhaka and Partey both departing.


Mostly Partey since Kai is Xhaka’s replacement with ESR and Fab being the competition over 8


I know he wants to go and he doesn’t want to be on the bench, but I would happily keep xhaka. I think he’d still get allot of minutes


Xhaka stays he plays


we’re gonna rock it


Excellent. I don’t know that much about him but he’s generally reported to be an excellent young player, and I do have a soft spot for players that are so keen to join Arsenal. This is becoming a very good transfer window indeed.

Hi there

Very good and calm on the ball, good passing and versatile (CB and RB). One on one not on his best and his length/strength might be a problem against strong PL strikers.


Interesting, do you see him fitting better in the Ben White role?

Hi there



Good time to be a gunner.
I am impressed by the swiftness , determination and efforts to get these signings done.


If Balogan leaves then they need to also get a back up or replacement for Gabreil Jesus. Not enough goals coming from the no 9 position at the moment.


Jesus missed 3 months and still managed double figures, I don’t think that’s bad at all. If he can avoid a serious injury next season, he’ll do even better. Back up is another story, though I’d prioritise cover for Saka first.


Jesus for all his positives is a bit of liability in front of goal. Trossard should of never been taken out of the starting 11 so fast on his return.


Should have


I think Havertz is also Jay-suß’ backup.

Big L HoP

I think Reece will be a good back up next season. He’s actually a very effective player and I think he’s going to thrive surrounded by top quality team mates next season. If it doesn’t work out he’s on a healthy contract that means we’ll be able to sell him to a prem club for a decent fee. More smart business from Edu/Arteta


I saw Nelson as Martinelli back up rather than Saka, he’s more similar and has the same stronger foot. But it could work, with Trossard the other side possibly.


That seems to be the latest thing people are calling for, but I really don’t get it myself. I know City achieved great things with Haaland as an out and out goalscorer (probably more to do with the fact he’s Haaland, rather than deciding to build around a goalscorer per se) and their ability to play a more direct approach. So there’s a desire to have a similar profile in our squad. But you look at the way we shared the goals around our ‘front 5’ last season, think what a difference Havertz could make to that, and I just… Read more »

VAR will solve all the problems

In fact Pep did build it around Haaland. Basically he finally adopted a Mourinho style. Long balls to Haaland and knock downs to Gundogaan or Silva or any arriving midfielders. But it was built on defensive solidity with 4 center backs. They only started playing effectively once he switched to the 4 CB formation.


Oh I agree that was something Pep intentionally did. But my point was his success in doing so came from the fact it was Haaland, rather than solely the move to build around a ‘classic’ number 9. There’s no way City achieve what they did with a lesser quality player in that position. Just think that’s something to keep in mind for those out there who look at City’s approach, and would prefer a more conventional striker than Jesus leading our front line.

Crash Fistfight

There is possibly a middle ground between a striker who’s just there to score goals a striker who does lots for the team but who misses an awful lot of good chances, though.

Cranky Colin

It’s funny that the shites at old Trafford focused a lot on Dutch talent over the last decade, but it’s been a mare for them thankfully.
In this case I confidently predict that The Arsenal have done their homework.
This guy will be a success.


I’m getting dizzy.

Cranky Colin

“🎼🎼🎼 my head is spinning 🎼🎼🎼”


I’m highest in the room




The Arsenal are behaving like a Euro Giant for the first time ever. Eat you hearts ot Bayern and Barca. Have come a long way since PHW said “We’re not going to break the bank to keep Robin Van Persie at the club. Timber is a super talent. Brilliant defender, great box to box carrying capability.


Totally agree, excellent post.

I just wondering how many downvotes I’d have got if I’d posted it though. 😂




Excellent work, what a time to be a fan of this colossal club.

Tom 007

Can’t wait for the pre season. Optimism at it’s highest. Bring in a left footed right winger and we are Gd to go….


Arda Guler. Available for 17.5 million. Can play in the Saka and Ode roles. Young, great dribbler and passer, and he puts in commendable defensive numbers too. I’m surprised we aren’t really in for him. Barca seem to have their teeth in him, but they are strapped for cash now. Why don’t we go in with 20 million and force his club’s hand? Will depend on the player wanting to come here, though. We aren’t Chelsea. Mikel spoke about only signing players who wanted to be here, so, if he wants Barca, there’s no point trying to hijack the deal.… Read more »


Great departure list there. Balogun my only concern but if he wants to go then he wants to go. Good window to be an Arsenal fan 💪


Thank you! I agree on Balogun and Arteta has made it clear he only wants players who want to be here. That team unity is quickly becoming a trademark of this team and it’s exciting to think of the levels they can reach as they grow into their full potential.


I think Balogun is a bit too gobby for Mikels liking, he’s very demanding for someone at the beginning of his career. The last player to issue an ultimatium about what he wanted was Maitland Niles and we know what happened there.


If the kid really wants to leave this manager, this squad and this club NOW, then, seriously, the dude isn’t a team player and we should (only) sell to the highest bidder. I’ve hitherto been very supportive of him but if he can’t (or point plank refuses to) see the opportunity that is there for him now at Arsenal and in the Premier League, then – how can I put this? – fuck him! I STILL want him to stay, because there is a world class talent waiting to be tapped, but if he wants to be a big fish… Read more »

Death by 300,000 Passes

Ah, so THIS is what Josh was talking about back then when he said to “Be excited”…


He certainly wasn’t kidding


* Hums ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever.

The Kroenkes are right up there now with The Empire State Building, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Starsky and Hutch’, ‘The Rockford Files’, ‘Cagney and Lacy’, ‘Miami Vice’, ‘The Dukes of Hazard’, ‘Jaws’, KISS, ‘Close ‘Encounters’ and the Wimpy Bar.

May we all have a nice day. 😊🇺🇸


I forgot ‘Wonder Woman’….!

Sheeeeesh, HOW could I forget ‘Wonder Woman’

Lynda Carter. Responsible for more explosions in the mid to late 1970’s than bonfire night.

Anteneh Ademe

What a time to be gunner. Looking forward to our midfield partnership of O.R.H.


Got wood!


He will log many minutes on the pitch and turn our opponents to pulp. He’s turning over a new leaf in his career, he can really branch out from here. He’s a good defender, not a lumberer like Maguire.


and in 10 years time, with multiple trophies in tow, he can head to MLS for the Portland Timbers



Hi there

De Telegraaf

Pete lloyd

I have watched him on youtube.He seems very fast at intercepting balls which are goal bound.

Announce Bendtner

Welcome to the Artetverse. The multiverse where Arsenal get things done


The glory days have returned. Happy to be a gunner. In other news, I saw a report saying Dembele has a buyout clause of £50 mil. Won’t mind seeing him in an arsenal shirt.


Question is Which Dembeele?


love how dembele is like the most ambiguous name in football if you don’t provide a first name

Crash Fistfight

Even then, it’s not obvious.


I think he brings competition to both Saliba and White.
If Tierney is sold, we will have Tomiyasu playing as LB? He is too good to be playing as 3rd option at RB & LB is not his natural position. Surely Arteta has some plan on best utilizing each of them


Yeah, I’m curious too about where this leaves Tomiyasu


recovering from major injury and surgery?


compete for RB and CB with Timber and White, compete with Zin and Tierney at LB


Mind that Holding is probably off so we needed another Right Defender


Incredible, so in one shot we killed the two birds of getting backup to both White and Saliba. And also competition for both. Happy flowers!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Wer’e working towards a strong squad, not just an 11 and 2 or 3 others.
We really need a Jesus upgrade, but that will have to wait until the end of the coming season


A Jesus upgrade? Surely God is a bit past it these days?


and the holy ghost isn’t great in the tackle


He can scare plenty of defences though.


Pray for the best


Well, we were in for Moises. But he plays in the wrong position.

Nacho de Montreal is Tasty

Now Arteta need to make sure all these guys integrate the team well. I watched a very long interview Pepe gave this week. He said that on the pitch his teammates made him feel like, “you cost all that money, now do it all on your own”. Also, for him, not speaking English well hampered his relationship with the English players. He was in the club and living in London for three years and still was unable to communicate functionally with his teammates on the pitch. Said that on the pitch, he used to ask Laca instead of talking directly… Read more »


I felt sorry for Pepe, he’s a very shy person and that stupid transfer fee killed him. The refs allowed opposition teams to just about break his legs with no punishment, and I don’t think he ever really wanted to leave France. Strange that Sanllehi was big mates with the executives at Lille and Nico was sold for big money when they were in financial difficulties. He’s been a poor signing for Arsenal but I think both Nico and Arsenal were stitched up by that deal.


we might have overpaid for pepe, but we underpaid for gabriel, so it evens out in the long run.

El Mintero

Pepe showed a lot of potential under Emory. He was pretty good for us the season before Arteta took over. Just doesn’t fit arteta’s style of play…he’s not a bad player.


Emery openly saying he asked the club to buy Zaha but was given Pepe. How humiliating for the Pepe to hear that.

Public Elneny

I’m so glad we didn’t get Zaha. Like Sanchez with a fraction of the final product and a greater tendency to never lift his head up

Same histrionics and wavy arms at teammates, wildly inconsistent effort levels, dribbling down cul-de-sacs and into defenders legs over and over and over.

He’s clearly been a good player over the years but I just can’t stand watching him play, whether I’m watching us against Palace, or rooting for them against a rival


Other than steal Arteta’s ‘instant Brick Freeze’ hair gel, I can’t think what else he could have done to upset him so much.

We shall never know. (Until the book comes out).


Arteta always said Pepe’s workrate was great. He tracked back but no good at winning the ball. Not his fault at all – hope he does well wherever he ends up.


BBC ran an article a few years ago listing the biggest young talents in world football, including players like Bellingham, Gravenberch and Gvardiol, and Timber was one of the eleven.


Here’s the article, talking up his move to City/United:


we now have mem of Timber and Saliba


We now have men of Timber and Saliba


So important to get these transfers done early like we are so the players can have a full preseason to integrate into the team. Great signing and one with loads of potential growth still. Will be interesting to see how he is most used, wonder if he would play right back and come into the middle while Tomiyasu plays left back and stays in the more traditional positioning (esp if we are looking to sell Tierney). I think he could do a good job at defensive mid too if we ever play Rice higher up to spell Odegaard or Havertz.


True, I’ve lost count how many players down the years had a crap first year because they “didn’t get a full preseason”.

In many ways worth paying extra to get the deal done early.


Its happened again…


It’s going down…


Least we’ve already got his song lined up

Kampala gooner

ohhh there’s no stopping this gravy train. it’s keeps on giving. This almost feels like Christmas morning rushing to find out what’s beneath the Xmas tree.


The strength in depth is magical. I think we are very well stocked in all places, may be apart from center-forward and defensive-mid. Hopefully Lavia and the returning Balogun can address that. ALso, we should not let Xhaka and Partey leave unless they are crazy offers.

Dr. Gooner

Fantastic profile: massively technical, physically robust. Will obviate the need for Rob Holding, provide a like for like alternate for Ben White, and still has lots of room to improve. The defense looks set for years, with Gabi M, Saliba, White, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, and now Timber. That’s 6 options for 3-4 spots, and that’s championship winning level quality and depth. I suppose Zinchenko could be included in that group, but he is so unique that I consider him his own category, not so much a part of the back line as a deep lying playmaker who moonlights off the ball… Read more »



The club are behaving like my wife when I let her use my my new Amex card!

Mr Dob Bobalina

Arsenal exist


I hope she had her scouts in the market just like Arsenal, else it’s gonna be a mess in West

Dr. Gooner



It was the shock!


Did she buy you some pies?


You need to tell her about FFP then.


Competition for White or Holding upgrade?



Dr. Gooner

I have a longish comment about Timber’s fit in the squad in moderation. Until then, let’s recap the summer for Arsenal so far: 1. Bukayo Saka signs a new contract. Best player locked down. 2. William Saliba (reportedly) signs a new contract. Best defender locked down. 3. Kai Havertz refuses to sign a new contract at Chelsea, spurned interest from Bayern because he only wanted Arsenal. 4. Declan Rice bid accepted for new British record. Despite being pursued by Man City, the player only wanted Arsenal. 5. Ethan Nwaneri signs a new deal despite strong interest from multiple clubs because… Read more »

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Forgot Martinelli.


In all this excitement it will still be a shame if Tierney goes. I always wondered why the defence can’t shuffle over the other way and have White as the inverted full back.


Because white can’t really play that role. He’s not that press resistant, Timber is. Tierney isn’t getting sold. We’ll need him more than ever with this many games

Dr. Gooner

Tierney definitely is getting sold.


Please keep KT


Buzzing of the quality acquisitions we’re making. Statement signings and we’re bringing it even bigger next year for sure. Just wondering what the gag is with Tomiyasu if both White & Timber covering right back? 🤔 I love Tomi, I know he’s had his injury probs this last year but the boy is top quality when fit. I know he played left back against Leeds last year, wonder if the plan is to sell Tierney (Bloody love KT too 😐) and Tomi is Zinchenko’s cover on the left? Nice headache to have and the kind of squad depth that champs… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

Tomiyasu will be the defensive minded alternate to Zinchenko at LB and a depth piece for RB.


Rice… Timber… This transfer window has yielded a good Havertz

4 non blondes

It’s going down, I’m yelling timber~~

I miss santi cazorla

Still weak at the backup left back.


Versatility is the name of the game. Obviously Zinchenko as first choice, Tomiyasu as extremely high quality back up and Kiwior able to do a job there too (apparently. I’ve never seen him play there, only read that he can). White and Timber at RB. Gabriel, Saliba, White and Kiwior as centre backs, with Tomiyasu able to play there too. That seems pretty strong to me.

Public Elneny

I’m wondering whether Timber is being signed as competition for Zinchenko. Apparently his weakness in the air makes him unsuitable as a PL CB (in a back 4 at least), and he’s a natural dribbling and passing through tight central areas as opposed to powering down the flank and picking out a cross/pass from wide. Sounds the ideal candidate to me, especially with his superior recovery pace and 1-on-1 defending

Certainly seems more suited to the inverted LB playmaker role than Tomiyasu to me, although he’s still the guy you’d want to mark a Salah or Mahrez out the game


I really like that the club has prioritised these early buys. A strong pre season is a must. There used to be a time when we waited for the right offers for selling players before doing any sort of buying. This is decisive stuff!! love it. And defence is key!! Welcome Timber to our grove!! 🙂


From a non native english speaker, soft harted dreamer, since 7 years old Arsenal supporter from Croatia
Get in sounds like a proper statement


Fuckin get in!! A new force is rising, we can win the league. Believe gooners, fuckin BELIEVE!


It’s nice to see Arsenal are no longer lumbering on the Timber deal. Who wood have believed it could happen?


David deGea for free anyone?
Reminds of Jim Leighton, experienced Man U keeper turns shit – we signed him as our no2 and it worked out well.

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