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West Ham confirm Rice will leave the club

West Ham have confirmed they will allow Declan Rice to leave the club this summer and expect bids to be lodged imminently.

Arsenal have been in contact with the England international for months and have been waiting for the player’s season to be over before firming up their interest.

Rice drew a line under his Hammers’ career in the best possible fashion last night, leading the team to glory in the Uefa Conference League final to end a 43 year wait for a major honour.

Speaking to talkSPORT this morning, chairman David Sullivan revealed: “We promised him he could go. He set his heart on going.

“You can’t ask for a man who has committed more to us this season. In due course, he has to get on and we have to get a replacement – or several replacements.

“It’s not something we want to happen. We offered him £200,000 a week 18 months ago [and] he turned it down. It’s cost him £10 million to stay at West Ham in that time.

“He wants to go. You can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to be there.”

He added: “I think the offers will start to come today.”

Arsenal aren’t the only club interested in signing Rice. The former Chelsea player has also been contacted by Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

All the same, if the Gunners’ can match West Ham’s asking price – thought to be in the region of £100 million – it sounds as though he’d jump at the chance to move to Emirates Stadium.

The midfielder wasn’t giving anything away in the aftermath of last night’s 2-1 win over Fiorentina in Prague.

“Obviously there is interest from other clubs but ultimately I’ve still got two years left at West Ham,” he said.

“I love this club, I love playing for this club. There hasn’t been anything yet. My focus is playing for West Ham, enjoying tonight and seeing what happens. I’m captain of this club and absolutely love it to pieces.

“I cannot speak highly enough of this place, let’s just see what happens.”

As things stand, it looks like Granit Xhaka’s future is tied to whether the Gunners can get a deal done for Rice or an alternative of similar stature. The Switzerland international has agreed personal terms on a four-year deal with Bayer Leverkusen.

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Mick Malthiuse

Just pay it and move on to the next one!!


He’s good, no doubt about that. But is he good enough to take us to a higher level? I haven’t been convinced of that watching him this season. Then again, Arteta might see in him something that West Ham were not able to bring out.



People make me laugh when they diss Mudryk; they forget that he’s not actually linking up with Odegaard and Co at Chelsea…..



That’s that BT Sport interviewer put in her place.


In other words… let the bidding war commence!


Avoidable if Edu submits a realistic (in terms of current market forces) bid.

Anything short of £100m is going to get rejected flat by West Ham – and THEN you’ll have a bidding war.

Let’s see what happens. Now is NOT the time to low ball and waste everyone’s time..

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The first offer will probably be a really low ball (or low blow) just to see how hardball they play.

Something like £50m + £30m in add-ons.


I bloody hope not!! 🙄


It really doesn’t have to. Lodges a 100M quid bid and be done. He wants arsenal, we want him. The only way this gets fucked up is our usual shenanigans haggling over a few Million Quid here and there. Not my money, just the money of a rich Yankee wanker, with way too much of it because he’s a greedy, immoral asshat. Get it done tomorrow Stan, you clown.

Moronic Inferno


freezedawg of sweden

£300M should be enough. Show some ambition and get it done. Arteta out

Hella Badid

Too funny! Arteta out Moses in?



Silly Arteta identifying world class talent. what does he know? Doesn’t he understand that we don’t go the extra mile at this club?

Let’s use that £100m to buy in seven Lokongas to really add depth.

And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of ‘Forward’ and replace it with;

Nos Mediocris Bang

”We Are Bang Average”


I honestly don’t think Stan and Josh are the problem here. I think the (potential) problem will stem from a still-learning-his-job Edu, e we go may once again be tempted into thinking he is being big and clever by low-balling and submitting bids that anyone with half a brain will expect to be rejected flat. He did this in January – and we missed out on both Mudryk and Caicedo. If he does it again, serious questions will need to be asked about his suitability for the role. I love Edu to bits; he was a great player, a member… Read more »


Disagree. I think Edu and Arteta have done really well. I questioned Arteta’s appointment at the time due to inexperience, but I also said when we signed him we have to stick by him because it’s a long term play. I always said I think he will be a good manager, but his first job being at Arsenal was too early. Early on it was a struggle particularly with big egos like Auba around. We got through it and he got his experience and credit it to him for playing hard ball with some of the clowns we had on… Read more »


You’re not getting my point. I’m not for one moment criticising Arteta – and the money is clearly there from the Kroenkes. My concern with our purchases, as ever, is our worryingly predictable habit of low balling when attempting to buy the marquee players we really need. That isn’t on the Kroenkes or Arteta, that’s on Edu. With these potential signings of Rice and Caicedo, we need to in with what West Ham and Brighton are initially (Note I said initially) are asking for. Low balling and dragging these transfers out only opens the door for the stupid money clubs… Read more »


*who may once again

Heavenly Chapecoense

With Kante leaving Chelsea to go to Saudi Arabia, Chelsea will add themselves to the bidders. We never win when plenty of top clubs want the player.


Chelsea are shit though. Mudryk was forced to go there but that was unusual.


Mudryk went to Chelsea because Edu didn’t bid what Shakhtar Donetsk were asking for.

Instead, he thought he being clever by low balling.

He wasn’t.


We were pretty close.

Stupid figure for an unproven player that age, as we have seen this season. Shakhtar were greedy and Mudryk wasn’t worth it.


Rice is certainly proven, let’s see what we do with him


We were pretty close in the title race too.

Go figure…..


And what a miss Mudryk turned out to be. It would have been the best 100 million we ever spent.


Now watch Poch get the best out of him…


* he was being


Given MM’s form since January I think we can reserve judgement on Edu’s cleverness.




The boy just one the right to play in Europe next season… which is more than Chelsea can claim. Given that he wants to stay in Prem, stay in London, probably play at the top table of European football and… based on this season evidence.. not join a mid table team going backwards… I’d say Arsenal are prime candidates.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He rejected 200K offered to him to extend his contract with West Ham. Anything less than 225K offered by Arsenal will be uncivilized and knowing our de facto wage structure rules, I am as confident as our players in games against Man City.

A Different George

I think you’ve missed the point of his rejecting the West Ham offer.


Wrong. In the summer of 1983, Charlie Nicholas, 21, was the hottest and most wanted property in British football. He had hit over 50 goals in the previous season for Celtic, had already cemented his position in Scotland’s first XI and was now looking to join an English top league club to further his career. The media – who, as always, were always right about these situations, had him going to either big spenders Ron Atkinson and Manchester United or to the year in year out Champions of England, Liverpool. But after a chat with Terry Neil and Ken Friar,… Read more »

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Declan Fried Rice with Egg name change incoming…


I won’t believe the move is official until I see your name change to this


Reading that actually made me order in a curry last night!!! 😂

The power of advertising. 😉

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

A bit underwhelmed by this signing. I’m sure he would improve the squad, but 100m is too much. Surely we can find 2 quality players for that amount


If he is gonna be the next Gerrard, let it cost even more than 100m.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Gerrard at 21 was better than Rice, at whatever age he is now


gerrard played a different position at this stage in his career and was being carried by other players in a stronger side so his mistakes were not as obvious. have a look at him falling over and failing miserably in the PL when he was moved deeper into the midfield and asked to anchor the entire team and you’ll find he is not as prolific as rice is in tackles, pressures, duels won, or headers

Billy bob

Basically Gerrard is 💩


That so-called Golden Generation were all utter shite.

Gerrard, Lampard, the Nevilles, Terry, King, Owen, Rooney, Calamity James, the fucking lot.


Rice, at 24, is infinitely better than Gerrard ever was.

The Beast

Tbf we haven’t signed him yet for any amount. Prob best to sit back & see what unfolds.


“This signing.”

We haven’t even tied it up yet! 🙄

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Thanks for your much needed input


Glad it wasn’t too underwhelming for you.


Nice how much you care for Stan’s billions, he’s such a nice guy out must make him feel great that gooners out there care so dearly for his monies.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Obviously the club has an endless amount of cash, for transfers this summer


A broken game, played in a broken economy, all the breaking done by greedy billionaires. I just don’t give a fuck what they pay, I just want to watch arsenal play and win footie. You all act like arsenal are the Saints of football. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t we one of the first jumping into Superleague? Courtesy of our own fine up standing billionaire’s greed? Pay the money and get a world class player in to improve the team, or be happy spending another season complaining about how injust football is because one team can pay players… Read more »


I’m sure that if the nurses, teachers, supermarket workers, wildfire fighters etc. had the talent and application they’d be playing football, entertaining millions of people worldwide and earning their just rewards. You seem a sad, bitter person.

The Beast

Instead those idiots chose to use their talent & application to keep us alive. Some ppl eh?


You seriously just called Nurses, teachers, fire fighters, scientists, etc. untalented and unapplied/undedicated?! And I’m the sad bitter person…lol. Good one!

Emi Rates

This retired firefighter wasn’t offended by that remark. I worked with many guys who were just short of good enough for the top tier of their chosen sport, a lot of footballers obviously, and all of them very proud of their athletic achievements as well as their service to the community but also regularly mentioning what could have been. Why wouldn’t they?


We don’t need an endless amount.

£100m for Rice.
£80m for Caicedo.
and £70m budget for a RB and possibly a right winger to cover for Saka.

£250m is well within this club’s resources.

If we get in £30m for Tierney, £13m for Xhaka (conservative figures) and £7m for one or two of the other dead wood such as AMN, that’s £50m back.

Net spend of £200m is well within this club’s capabilities.

Perhaps we’re too big time for you now….?


Certainly, when you consider Stan is worth $10.7B. Quite a laugh how much chaps here, all probably scrapping away like the rest of us to get by for our families care about Stan and his Billions. Clearly there is no meaning to FFP, so what’s the problem with dropping $100M of some rich wankers money on a player that will improve us? And people wonder why governments and politics are so broken? [hint…who are the major political donors? … it’s not Frank the butcher].


Who are they?


Frank Butcher… Dear departed Mike Reid… Went to see Mike doing his live stand up once at the Apollo Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue. Mrs Q and I had front row tickets, it was a surprise Birthday treat for me, as she knew how much I loved old Reidy, who reminded me so much of my late father. Anyway, Reidy comes out, starts the show and asks for a light. (In the days before indoor smoking was banned) My wife duly offers him her lighter. Reidy says “Thanks darling. You on your own, sweetheart? Oh, you’re with this layabout? Married? (To the… Read more »


😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Trouble is I think you can only have 11 players in a team!!!!!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Here’s why I love this comments section. I learn so much, from comments like this


If only that were true.


its not your money, who cares how much players cost


Because we want more players not just rice.


Then tell Stan to get another $100M from is coffers (which value $10.7B) and drop on those players too…[shrug]


I expect all the “it’s not our money, who cares” brigade were also perfectly happy with £72m going on Pepe? Not our money right, so the amount doesn’t matter


the irony here is the “non-its-not-our-money-brigade” we’re perfectly happy with the Pepe signing, like everyone on here. It turned out to be a terrible signing. Are you feeling remorse for Stan’s money being wasted, you should write him a letter of love so he feels better about it.


👍 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Should put our bids in early and if not accepted move on. Do it early whilst manure are on the market.

We can do without a long drawn out saga that ends with him going to manure once sale goes through because they will simply offer more in fee and wages through there now usual acts of desperation.

Can’t see Bayern offering anything close to the asking fee.


Would it not be better to wait for others to put bids in and then see if we want to go higher?
If we go in first we’re going to start a bidding war.
If we wait for others to put in what they think is a fair price then we can match it if we want to.


Fuck knows how they strategise these things. I’m surprised no one on the inside of player trading has written a book yet. It’d be fascinating.

Personally I couldn’t bear another drawn out saga. I don’t believe we will win a bidding war (Mudryk) so it’s going to rest on what Rice wants.

Go in early. If West Ham want to play silly buggers and Rice can’t convince them to sell to us, we should move on.


If we go in first with a realistic bid of £100m+ we’ll do business.

Rice wants to stay in London and play Champions League football; he wants to come to us – make no mistake.

He won’t be happy if West Ham drive up the price for him to go somewhere that doesn’t meet his criteria.

It all boils down to Edu making a realistic and sensible bid of £100m+ and getting the deal done ASAP.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

“Realistic”. “Sensible”. “£100m+”.


Sensible and realistic In terms of MARKET FORCES, you ignoramus.

Is it your money we’re talking about here? No it isn’t.

Who would you buy then for less money, who can do exactly the same job as Declan Rice?

You hair shirt mob whinge about the figures, but NOT ONE of you can come up with an alternative.

A Different George

I think West Ham have actually made it pretty clear they won’t be an impediment to Rice going where he wants. Obviously, that doesn’t mean they will accept less than a fair valuation–but I don’t see them trying to create a bidding war. If it is true that Rice wants Champion League football next year, then he has only four choices in England and only one in London. Nothing is a certainty, but I think he will come to Arsenal quite soon and for about the money being discussed.


I hope your right mate.



Fucking autocorrect

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Without wishing to poison it I feel this is a done deal. The transfer of Bellingham to Madrid for £90m/£100m sets a realistic bar – 5/6 years younger so why should Rice be worth a penny more?


It’s a lot of money for sure but recoupable if he was to perform the way he has been over the last couple of seasons. He seemed to be particulary friendly with the Arsenal lads at the World Cup so hopefully he has already made his decision where he wants to end up!

Granit(e) hard!

I won’t be holding my breath on this one, won’t be surprised if Chelsea or Manu go offer 150 Mills or something stupid like that…truth be said, I wont be crying if that happens either because I’ll rather we use that money to go unearth our own gems, Brighton or Dortmund style instead of paying an inflated price

A Different George

We live in a world where every promising 20-year old in Paraguay is known to every scout in Europe. Man City and Madrid and PSG can find these “gems” as easily as Brighton–but they cannot let them play first-team football. If Macalister had been at City the last three years, do you think he would have started a single league match?


Westham offered him £200k to stay last season he turned it down. It begs the question of how much he’s willing to earn at Arsenal and if Arsenal are willing to pay him what he wants. Where did Westham get that sort of money to the extent that they were ready to break their wage structure? Why do I feel like this man is lying?


West Ham – for all their offers – couldn’t offer him Champions League football and a team challenging for the Premiership title.

We can. 😉


I wouldn’t expect him to get higher than that at Arsenal. He probably didn’t sign because he knew then he would never get chance to move like Zaha!
Make sense for West Ham to pay because they have no transfers fee. Transfer fees are just ridiculous now, that’s why Arsenal are given players like Eddie and Reiss big wages.


*Except when we sell*

Nainsley Aitland Miles

West Ham are the 15th highest revenue generating club in the world, with average attendances higher than Arsenal.

200k a week to their star player shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.


Please stop posting about Declan Rice, we don’t want to jinx this 😉


Seriously though, would be a cracking signing if we can get this done, top player that gets to leave his old club on a high.


Could we have put in for Bellingham?


Hold on Madrid and Dortmund, have you considered…£103,000,001??


We were never in the race for Bellingham, but the question is relevant. who is worth more, Bellingham or Rice? we know that Real Madrid sits at the top of the tree for many players, but how much more in fee and wages would we have had to pay if we wanted Bellingham?


Blimey, it’s enough to worry about whether or not Edu will stump up £100m – never mind £150m!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Jobe Bellingham perhaps.


If he wanted RM and they were willing to give BM what they want, then no.

Consider, why were there not bids from a host of other top clubs?


I’ve a feeling we don’t get him and our plan B will be even better😃…


Any thoughts on what this plan B might be…….?







He’s an attacking midfielder. An attacking midfielder who plays in the same team as Declan Rice.

In other words, he’s not a defensive/ box-to-box midfielder tasked with doing Declan Rice’s job.



The joke was we’re going for the wrong West Ham midfielder.

But if you have to explain it then it’s a swing and a miss I guess


We’ll bid 85. West Ham will say no. We’ll wait it out for several weeks because we have some false confidence he wants to join us and will somehow force a move. Chelsea will bid 100 million + on a 25 year contract and his dad (agent and chelsea season ticket holder) will convince his son to sign for that shambolic sack of shit down the road. We’ll get plan b, who will probably turn out to be very good. There you go arseblog, sorted the next few articles for you.


Who do you think would be ‘Plan B’….?


No idea…that spanish chap?



Manuel from ‘Fawlty Towers’….?


haha I hope not. We already had him in goal.


AMN, just like a new signing…


Caicedo ?

To be fair I don’t really watch any of these players, but I’m under the impression we’ll sign one or the other.


When I saw Rice lifting that trophy last night I remember thinking to myself: “Oh, yeah! That’s what elite football is all about!”

You could argue that even West Ham have had a better season than us.


No. Sorry, just no.


I’m sorry, you’re right!

We’ve qualified for a tournament that we’ve got no chance of winning. I suppose that’s better than actually winning something!

Silly me!


Ok i’ll bite. We’ve qualified for the one thing everyone wants to be in, which enables us to buy better players etc. Why can’t we win it? It’s not like clubs around Europe are in great shape right now. Secondly I am delighted for West Ham. Congratulations to them. But…nobody outside of the smaller clubs gives a fuck about that tournament. Nobody really even gives a fuck about the Europa League and thats a step up. We finished 15 points ahead of last season (which was already a vast improvement) with the second youngest squad and manager. We were the… Read more »


Jeremy, at the elite level football is about winning. In 50 years time the records will say: “West Ham United: Europa Conference winners 2023.”

WE won nothing this season. There are no silver medals in league football: you get nothing for second place in the Premier League.

We threw away the Europa League then bottled the title. And that’s a successful season?

Wake up

A Different George

At every level, including elite, football is–or ought to be–about the degree of satisfaction that the team gave its supporters–Wenger said it many times, more eloquently. With some obvious exceptions, most Arsenal supporters enjoyed this season. I know I did.


I agree. There are some united fans out there spinning the same narrative. We had a better season because we won the league cup and also finished in the CL places. Really? I know plenty of united fans and they didn’t enjoy this season half as much as we did. Our journey was fun, until it wasn’t right at the end…but it was long enough to suggest the next journey might be even better.


You enjoyed watching your team get into a fantastic position and then spectacularly choke and blow the title?

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I think if you asked any West Ham fan if they’d rather be challenging for the league or the conference league, the vast majority would choose the league. We just did that, West Ham did not


So…say we won the league cup and finished 5th. Or we dropped into the Europa conference league by finishing 3rd in the EL group, won it, but nearly get relegated like West Ham. Would you honestly say those outcomes are preferable to the one you got?


Hey Fatgooner, you should really check Giannis Antetokounmpo’s comment when a journalist asked him if his season is a failure. I think it’s a perfect reply to your comment.

Also, I sometimes worry about your life when I read your comment. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I don’t understand why you have so much anger in you.

It’s almost as if you’re either “satisfied” or “miserable and angry” and you’re not easy to satisfy.


ahhh, sorry! i thought you like the game…



That was West Ham’s first – FIRST – trophy since 1980.

42 fucking years without ANY silverware.

Yeah. Elite. 😂


“Silly me!”

This I can agree with.


Thanks Fats. Please remind us to come 7th next season so we can do a West Ham in a competition we can “actually win.” Guess that would be “progress” for you.


*You* could argue that. 🤪

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Your level of analysis is truly inspirational.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You will be happy in 2 months because we will win Emirates Cup and perhaps the Community Shield. We don’t choke for the FA Cup and these two.

The Beast

I mean just by definition the Europa Conference League isn’t elite football. Its not even 2nd tier European football.

I’m not throwing shade, a trophy’s a trophy but it’s hardly Istanbul 2005.


Or even Wembley 2020.

Jeremy Doveton-Helps

Slight change of emphasis Fats… ‘you could argue West Ham have had a better season.

And only you.


Ah yes, the conference league, where dreams come true! Glory to the conference league, the crown jewel of European soccer! Elite football everywhere you look!


It’s not all about the cumshot

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Liverpool signing MacAllister for £35m – the same fee we paid for Fabio Vieira – just seems a bit off.


Absolute bargain

They are good at this!


And Fabio Vieira was considered a bargain !

I don’t understand how they manage to do that. What they paid for Gakpo was also way below market value.


They bought MacAllister and also, for free of course, provided a treasure map to a location just outside their stadium where there was a chest full of gold bars.


Great shout, if Macallister is 35mill how can Rice be worth 100mil. No confidence in Edu getting our 1st choices in.


Not that I care, but that bald ahole presiding over that lot down the road could learn a thing or two from this – you shouldn’t keep a player who wants to leave. I.e. with their window licker striker who wanted out few seasons back, and still does.


My take…

Rice: “I love this club and have 2 years left”
Code for – “give me the club I want without a bidding war, after all I could stay longer and you won’t get that big transfer fee to re-spend”

WH chief: “Rice is leaving, it’s want he wants (unsavoury salary details etc)”
Code for – “you want to leave so you will leave and we’ll make sure we get top dollar, wherever you end up”


We should be the most attractive destination for Rice, and here’s why: -Arsenal are in London, the city where Rice and his young family already live -Arsenal are in the Champions League and would be a step up in Rice’s career -Arsenal would offer guaranteed playing time at his preferred position- increased playing time (and visibility) puts him in the frame for England captaincy when the mouth breathing dive expert is done -Arsenal have a manager who can improve Rice’s game, and one who played under Rice’s current manager -Arsenal would offer more money than Bayern or anyone on the… Read more »

Guess the club know what they’re doing, and it’s just one match, but apart from Bowen and Paquetta, West Ham (along with Rice) were utter shite last night. If it’s going to come down to choosing between him and Caicedo, I’d rather have the Ecuadorian.

I miss santi cazorla

Yesterday he was average at best.

Jeremy Doveton-Helps

I rather have Santi back for a swansong season!


I’m not bothered if we get him or not, if West Ham want silly money then we should move on, there are other good players out there. I’m not sure he’s all he’s cracked up to be and I find him really annoying. Maybe he’d be better in an Arsenal shirt but I’d much rather we got Caicedo and someone else.


Dec the halls with boughs of stans money, fa la Arteta, fa la la la. Tis not the season at all to dally, fa la Arteta, fa la la la. Don Edu now his BBQ apparel, fa la la la la la la la la. Troll the shit out of dumbass Boehly, fa lalalalala.


Oh the market outside is frightful,
But our squad needs to be Rice-full,
since we have mucho dineroooo,
Sign Caicedo, sign Caicedo, sign Caicedo!


Oh you better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why,
Don Edu bringing Rice to town!
He’s making a list,
He’s checking it twice,
He’s gonna find out,
If we brought in Rice,
Declan Rice is coming to town!
We all know Levy is sleeping,
The bald fraud isn’t awake,
He knows spuds have been bad not good,
So fuck off for goodness sake!


If Madrid only paid 88m for Bellingham, I don’t see where West Ham can demand 100m from?? Or is that just me?

A Different George

I think you’ll find that Bellingham’s quoted transfer fee is the minimum Madrid will pay–the amount they owe Dortmund if he’s utter shit and sits on the bench all season and Madrid get relegated. If Madrid manage somehow to get into the Champions League, I think they will owe Dortmund more. And if Bellingham sets foot on the pitch, etc. etc.

The Beast

Add about another £25m in add ons & about £10m a year in wages, that’s not insignificant.

Also, as fucked up as it sounds, prem league clubs like WH can probably drive a harder bargain as they benefit from being in the richest league in the world, which pays them tv money BD can only dream of

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Must be the 15% Premier League Experience tax.


Footballers are not widgets. If Bellingham only wants to go to Madrid, then there is no “market” and no “market rate.”

This same analysis applied to Haaland when Borussia Dortmund sold him to Mancheater City. £50M, or whatever it was, was a pittance for the best young striker in world football. Why so low? Well, he only wanted to go there because they were going to pay him ungodly sums each week in wages. BD did not have much choice–accept the low fee now or get nothing later.


I think Haaland negotiated a very low release clause when he signed at Dortmund. That was one of his conditions to go there, so that he was in control of where he would sign next.
So there was no possibility of a bidding war for him.


The CIES football observatory makes interesting reading.
Values Saka at £168,000,000 and Martinelli at £131,000,000
Also claims that Ramsdale is now the most valued goalkeeper in world football.
It does not value Declan Rice at £100,000,000
If West Ham should get a bid of £80,000,000 they should take it – its over £20 million more than he is valued.


We’re an inform club, I’m sure if Declan Rice had played for us last season and performed his valuation would be somewhat higher.

Flo Balogunner

CIES also values Balogun at €20 mil, so Arsenal should sell him for that?


Ha, ha!

You clearly no nothing about football, Leon. A player is worth simply what someone is prepared to pay for him. No more, no less.

Personally, I value Rice at about 70 to 80 million, but I expect things to become Mudryked: I.e. a stupid bidding auction until he becomes unaffordable. Arsenal should be prepared to look around for alternatives this summer. There are plenty of decent players in the world if you go looking for them.

Fireman Sam

Can’t believe I’m saying this…but I agree with Fats


I’m ALWAYS right, Sam 😛


Actually Fats, you make the right observation, but the wrong conclusion. Player market is closer to an auction than a supermarket. In a supermarket, if 99% of the customer think a product is worth 5£, it’s gonna cost 5£, even if 1% could pay that 6£. In an auction, if 99,99% of people think it’s worth 5£ and only one idiot thinks it’s worth 10£, then it’s gonna cost 10£. So it doesn’t matter how much YOU or arsenal think he’s worth. Only thing that matters is : will there be an idiot valuating it more than that ? And… Read more »


You’ve just said exactly what I said: but I was far more concise.


What do folks think of Tyler Adams? I’m surprised he hasn’t been linked with Arsenal much.


My gut feeling is Man U will shit the bed and pay enough to make him a Red Devil.

djourou's nutmeg

just for the record: i don’t like this. too much money for a single player. we’ve seen it’s possible to get world class players at a lower cost, we’ve done it ourselves last season. we’ve also seen how frequently those 100M moves end up being a complete failure. i’d rather we spent that money in the several key positions we need to reinforce than in a single player, or at least in a world class player, which rice hasn’t proved to be yet.

Fireman Sam

So let’s see if we can get him for 60-75m range. Can’t be worse than Pepe


Rice looks like a cartoon to me

Aleksander Włodarz

Who knows where Rice ends up… if it was all done he’d already have been paid for and raring to wear the shirt… let another transfer soap opera begin… 🤔


The transfer window isn’t open yet mate.


I’m far more interested in the progress on Caceido. Rice is a good player but nowhere near the 100mol price tag.
Caceido will fit perfectly into MA’s philosophy.
If we can get them both …fine…but if it’s choice it has to be Caceido.

Blackpool Albert

To get Rice, Barca can pull another lever…the one between my legs.

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