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Confirmed: Arsenal sign Jurrien Timber from Ajax

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Jurrien Timber from Ajax for a reported fee of €41 million plus add-ons.

The Holland international, 22, has penned a five-year contract at Emirates Stadium that will earn him a minimum of £90,000 per week. He will wear the number 12 shirt.

Comfortable both in the centre of defence and at right-back, and blessed with a much-hyped passing range, he’s set to compete with William Saliba, Ben White and Takehiro Tomiyasu for a starting place.

Timber was handed his Ajax debut by Erik Ten Hag in 2020 and has been a mainstay in their starting lineup, making 121 appearances in all competitions.

Along the way, he’s picked up a couple of Eredivisie titles and been named the league’s Player of the Year and the Johan Cruyff Talent of the Year in 2021/22.

Timber earned his first cap for Holland just before his 20th birthday and featured in four of their five matches at the World Cup in Qatar.

He joined up with his new teammates for the first time today and will be on the plane to the United States on Sunday. We now wait to see if the seat next to him gets filled.

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It’s going down


Welcome to AFC my man


you cant say this often enough. i really hope we will hear the crowd at the emirates yelling ‘timber !!!!’


Finally TIMBER!!! welcome to the club.
Now, where’s RICE???

Moronic Inferno

Its all coming together…


I wonder if they’ll be looking at signing anyone else now this is done. Do we have any players lined up? Not heard a sniff in the papers. This one came out of nowhere!


I assume you are being sarcastic. 😂😂😂


I was indeed 😉


Welcome 🤗

The ghost of championships past

He is going to give us so many options at right back and center back.

More rotation, more competition and much harder for opponents to predict.

Really, really exited about this transfer!


well this came out of nowhere



Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’ve heard quite a bit about this lad, recently. Apparently, he’s a decent footballer


Welcome to the family

Kampala gooner

I can dig that”?,,:;;


This is a great signing… but we need tree more.


I woodn’t bank on it




soooo bad


I know : )


Don’t start speaking like Roy Keane….

karl g

Great signing and possibly even more important with Zincheko getting some worrying injuries.

Bergkamp 3:16

Can’t wait till we sign his brother Shiverme


First of all, I’m chuffed with this.
Secondly, how on earth does Ajax’s academy churn out so much talent at such relentless frequency. It’s seriously impressive


They’re the Man City of the Netherlands. Biggest budget etc. They pick-up the best talents from around Holland, and have a good youth setup+scouting.


Not entirely sure that’s true Eddie


As a Dutchman i can tell you it is


I’m curious as to why this got voted down since my (admittedly very superficial) understanding of Ajax is that this is to some extent how they are perceived within the Netherlands. I think a lot of their popularity stems from the fact that we only ever really consider them in a European context from seeing them in the Champions League, where they’re seen as a small fish able to punch above its weight with intelligent youth development. But domestically (where they actually play, you know, the bulk of their matches) they are very much the big fish in the small… Read more »


Same way as us 😉

Determination Cultured

High fee for a back up. Maybe we are selling tierney and tomi bscks up LB white timber white and saliba competes for 2 spots. Good signing overall to ensure we dont throw away the title like last season when saliba and tomi were out


We can’t complain about depth of the squad and the drop off in talent between the starting 11 and the rest, and then moan about the price tag when we do sign stronger players. Personally I would love a team of 18-19 first 11 quality players who are all valued at 100m+


No it’s not.

You could argue that the loss of both Saliba and Tomi cost us the title last season. Having to rely on Rob Holding was a nightmare. Now we have some quality cover in that position.

Poor defending over the second half of last season hurt us badly. I’m sure that Arteta has looked at this. Hopefully, we’ll keep Tierney and with Tomi fit too that give us a strong group of defenders to work with.

I’d still like to see a quality striker come in too.


Poor defending and dropping trossard, the man was on fire.


Zinchenko being nutmegged at Anfield, Saka’s London Stadium penalty miss and Trossard’s injury time cross bar twanger against Southampton. Prevent the first one and convert the other two and……ahhh fuck it. It’s gone. Like Nigel’s Wembley miss in ‘88 against fucking Luton, it’s gone. Gone gone gone.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’d say Xhaka losing his head at Anfield while 2 nil up, and Liverpool scoring from the resulting free kick, is where it started to fall apart.
Well, that was then, so lets move on from that


Yep, best to look forward. hopefully last season was just the start of something special.
btw a Utd fan gave me 10/1 odds that Arsenal would finish above UTD. I could only put on £50 unfortunately. What they smoking up there?!!!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I would have taken out a 10 month loan, with those odds

Gooning from US

Can I get in on the action? Haha


Welcome, finally, JT🎉🎊!! May your years (a minimum of 10yrs!) with The Arsenal be filled with LOADS of trophies! As an aside, each time that I see “The transfer is subject to the completion of regulatory processes” on the official website whenever a transfer (incoming) is announced, I always say out loud, “Hey! Don’t spoil the fun!!” #COYG

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Hopefully he’s not a horrible cunt, like another well known JT, and I don’t mean Justin Timberlake


Why is this being downvoted? Do people actually want him to be a nasty piece of work like Terry was/is?


Welcome son, delighted to have you continue the lineage of legendary Dutch players who’ve played for The Arsenal, joining Bergkamp, Overmars, and… some other dude whose name escapes me.

Oh yes Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Daz Pants

What about Glenn Helder?!


You sir are a gooner through and through. Not exactly “legendary”, still I welcome him on the list ahead of any other Dutch player who might’ve played for us from 2004 to 2012, though I’ve no idea who that might be

A Different George

Yeah, the way he left wasn’t good–but like Alexis and Ozil after him, he kept us in the Champions League.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

When I read Ebo’s comment, I thought of Helder immediately.
I read your comment and thought “who the hell is he talking about”.
The snake was permanently erased from my memory, until now.


Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

When I read Ebo’s first comment and last comment, that should have said.
Hopefully this stops any confusion

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

The greatest ever Dutch gooner.
Assister for the 2nd greatest Dutch gooner’s, first goal



Houston gunner

Anyone else wondering what will happen with Brooke Norton-Cuffy now? Seems like he’s had two great loan seasons and should be involved more, but with a new RB looks like he won’t get a chance at the moment…


Bnc probably doesn’t yet have the defensive awareness necessary to play in this team. Maybe a loan to a club abroad will improve his standing, or maybe we’re looking at him for another position? Or maybe he’s going to be sold? Using the academy kids to generate revenue is an area we’ve needed improvement in for a while now.


BNC is more of a wing back rather than a RB and as such there’s no space for that postion in our current set up (much like Tavares). I suspect he’ll have a couple of more (succesful) loans through which his price tag should rise and then we’ll sell accordingly

Teryima Adi

Wow. About time. Welcome on board the Arsenal, Timber. Your days here shall be glorious.


Ofada in!!!🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿. Where is Basmati???!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Frog In Ze Room

His ball retention under pressure is unbelievable. He is here to replace Partey.

Jamie Ryan

Always knew he wood sign for us. May he never leaf.

Red Arrow

Welcome to the Arsenal. Excited to see this guy in action. Seems to have it all , pace, dribbling and long passing ability (according to various reports).


Some vintage Fred Quimby ‘Tom & Jerry.’


Classic!! Give me Fred Quimby over Chuck Jones anytime !


Yeah. Chuck Jones was shit. No old school vaudeville Hollywood slapstick like Quimby, just soulless silent 60’s kitsch. Utter tripe.

The Fred Quimby ones are still so funny. Tom serenading the little white female cat by singing ‘Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?’ to her whilst playing the double bass with his feet – classic. 😂


Welcome to The Arsenal, J. Timber! He looks a unit & very talented. Cannot wait to see him in the preseason tour.


Cracks me up how long we take to announce a new signing, never heard of him til we began talks, takes the excitement out of it. Welcome though my son


What’s funny is, when I first bought FM23, the first three players I bought for Arsenal were Declan Rice, Moises Caicedo, and…Jurrien Timber. They all played over a decade and were mainstays.

Guess I should have been a football director. Maybe I was in a past life.

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